Spoken English-Daily Conversation

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Spoken English-Daily Conversations
February 18, 2021
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February 20, 2021

Spoken English-Daily Conversation

Spoken English-Daily Conversation

Spoken English-Daily Conversation

Spoken English- How to Quarrel

Rumy: Hey, talk to me. What do you want to say?

Simy: Nothing. I don’t want to say anything.

Rumy:  You said something. Tell me. What is it?

Simy:  You are selfish.

Rumy: What do you think you are? You are a miser.

Simy: You idiot! You don’t know what you are talking about. How dare you talk to me this way?

Rumy:  So what? You’re a miser anyway.

Simy:  And you are a bloody fool.

Rumy: You’re always picking a quarrel with me. Can’t you live in peace?

Simy: Okay, I apologize. It’s my mistake.

Rumy: I bet it’s your mistake.

Simy: All right. Let’s make friends again.

Rumy: That’s a good idea.

Spoken English -Mother and Son

Mother: Ranju, come here.

Ranju: Here I am, mom.

Mother: You look dirty. Wash your hands and face.

Ranju: Sure, mom.

Mother: You haven’t finished your lessons yet. Go and study.

Ranju: Not now, mom. I’ll learn them after my lunch.

Mother: No, I want you to learn them now. And listen! Change your dress. Put on some clean dress.

Ranju: Anything else?

Mother: Go to Rehana and tell her to give me a glass of water.

Ranju: Here you are, mom.

Mother: Thank you.

Ranju: You’re welcome.

Mother: These plants are dying for want of water. Please water the plants.

Ranju: By all means.

Mother: Now go to the store and bring four eggs and one-kilo sugar.

Ranju: Okay. Then?

Mother: Go to your reading desk and start studying.

Ranju: Right, mom.

Spoken English – Weather

David: Nice weather, isn’t it?

John: Yes, it is. I hope it will remain so for the next few days.

David: But last week was very inclement. The sky was gloomy and it rained every now and then.

John: Yes, it was. And it is sunny now.

David: I think there will be more rain next week.

John: I remember there were some thunderstorms in this month last year.

David: Yes. That usually happens during this part of the year.

John: The winter will start from the next month. It will be very cold then.

David: I suppose so. Every year the winter starts in October and lasts up to February.

John: I don’t like winter. It’s always boring.

David: But I like it. The food is fresh and tasty in winter.

Spoken English -Office Colleague

David: Excuse me! Are you Mr. Ben?

John: No, I’m not.

David: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m David.

John: I’m John. How do you do?

David: How do you do? I’m looking for Mr.Ben. I’ve come to know that he works in this office.

John: Yes, the name of our accounts officer is Mr. Ben.

David: Could you tell me where I might find him?

John: Well, he is now away. Wait a little bit. He’s gone to lunch. He’ll be back right after his meal.

David: Oh, I’m in a hurry. I’m leaving my business card here. Give him my message, please. Tell him to call me. I’m looking for him an urgent piece of business.

John: I will.

David: Well, I have to go now. See you again. Good bye.

John: Goodbye.

Spoken English-Father and Son

Son: Father, do you buy this TV?

Father: Of course not.

Son: You see it is very beautiful. The picture is also very nice.

Father: That’s right. But I don’t think we need another TV.

Son: Why don’t you?  You see our TV has become very old. The picture has become very hazy. It often disturbs. Why don’t you buy this one?

Father: Then you will pass more time with the TV.

Son: I won’t father. I promise. You can keep my word for it. You must really buy this TV.

Father: I’m not sure. I think.

Son: Please father, I’m sure it will be a good idea to buy another TV.

Father: Okay, I’ll consider it. But not right now. At present I am broke.

Spoken English- Fauci and Brad

Fauci: Do you watch this movie? It is very good.

Brad: I don’t think so.

Fauci: Look, David has watched it. He liked it very much. I watched it and liked it completely. I haven’t seen a better movie in years. You really must see it.

Brad: I don’t feel like watching it. Anthony Hopkins acted in this movie. I don’t like him.

Fauci: But you will like him here. You’ll find a new Anthony Hopkins. He is with a new looking, get up and style here. I’m sure you’d like it.

Brad: Then I think I have to watch it.

Basic English Speaking-Two Friends

Rony: What is the name of your father?

Jony: The name of my father is Ben Foster.

Rony: What is the name of your mother?

Jony: The name of my mother is Olivia Munn.

Rony:  What is your father?

Jony: My father is a service holder.

Rony: What is the profession of your mother?

Jony: My mother is a health worker.

Rony: How many brothers do you have?

Jony: I have three brothers.

Rony: How many sisters do you have?

Jony: I have three sisters.

Rony: What do your brothers do?

Jony: The first one is a lawyer, the second one is an engineer and the third one is a pilot.

Rony: What do your sisters do?

Jony: One of my sisters is a judge, another one is a singer and the other one is a writer.

Rony: Within your family who is you most intimate with?

Jony: Within my family, I am the most intimate with my mother.

Rony: Are you married?

Jony: Yes, I am.

Rony: Do you have kids?

Jony: Yes, I do. I have a son. What is the occupation of your wife?

Rony: My wife is a teacher.

Jony: Where do your brothers live?

Rony: One lives in Texas, the other lives in Dallas, and the other lives in New York.

Jony: Do you visit your brothers very often?

Rony: Not really. I visit them occasionally.

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