Spoken English-Daily Conversation

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Spoken English-Daily Conversations
February 18, 2021
IELTS Writing Task 2 Discussion Essay(Updated 2024)
IELTS Writing Task 2 Discussion Essay(Updated 2024)
February 20, 2021

Spoken English-Daily Conversation

Spoken English-Daily Conversation

Spoken English-Daily Conversation

Conversation between two Friends on the Future of Electric Car
Friend 1: Hey there! Have you been keeping up with all the buzz about electric cars lately?

Friend 2: Oh, absolutely! It’s hard to ignore the growing excitement around them. What’s on your mind?

Friend 1: I’ve been thinking about the future of electric cars, you know? It seems like they’re gaining more traction every day.

Friend 2: No pun intended, right? But seriously, yeah, it’s impressive how quickly things are evolving. What’s got you intrigued?

Friend 1: Well, for starters, the advancements in battery technology are fascinating.

It seems like every year, there’s a breakthrough that extends the range and makes electric cars more practical.

Friend 2: True that! Range anxiety has been a significant concern, but with batteries getting better, it’s becoming less of an issue.

I heard about some companies working on solid-state batteries that could be a game-changer.

Friend 1: Exactly! And with more companies investing in infrastructure like charging stations, it’s becoming more convenient to own an electric car.

I can totally see them becoming the norm.

Friend 2: Agreed. I’ve read about governments setting ambitious goals to phase out traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. That’ll certainly push the adoption of electric cars.

Friend 1: Oh, for sure. The environmental aspect is another big motivator.

People are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint, and electric cars are a cleaner alternative.

Friend 2: And don’t forget the performance! Electric cars are known for their instant torque, making them really fun to drive.

It’s not just about being eco-friendly; it’s about having a great driving experience too.

Friend 1: Totally. I can’t help but wonder, though, how the auto industry will adapt.

Do you think we’ll see a complete shift to electric vehicles, or will hybrids still have a place?

Friend 2: That’s a good question. I think hybrids might stick around for a while, especially as a transitional option for people who are hesitant to go fully electric.

But eventually, with the way things are progressing, electric might become the standard.

Friend 1: I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But one thing’s for sure, the future of transportation looks electric and exciting!

Friend 2: Couldn’t agree more. It’s a thrilling time to be car enthusiasts, and I can’t wait to see how things unfold.
Friend 1: Absolutely! I’m also curious about the impact on the automotive industry supply chain.

With the shift to electric, there must be a ripple effect on the production of components, right?

Friend 2: Yeah, that’s a great point. The demand for materials like lithium and cobalt for batteries is already high, and it’ll only increase as electric cars become more mainstream.

It’ll be interesting to see how manufacturers adapt to ensure a stable supply chain.

Friend 1: And what about the job market? With the rise of electric cars, there might be a shift in the skills needed for manufacturing and maintenance.

I wonder if there will be a surge in demand for workers with expertise in electric vehicle technology.

Friend 2: That’s a valid concern. I hope there are initiatives in place to retrain workers from traditional automotive roles to adapt to the changing landscape.

It would be a shame to see skilled workers left behind during this transition.

Friend 1: On a brighter note, have you seen the concept cars some companies are unveiling?

The designs are mind-blowing. It seems like the shift to electric is also sparking a wave of innovation in car aesthetics and features.

Friend 2: Oh, absolutely! The sleek and futuristic designs are a breath of fresh air.

And the tech inside these cars is impressive — from advanced driver-assistance systems to fully autonomous driving capabilities.

It’s like we’re witnessing the dawn of a new era in transportation.

Friend 1: I can’t wait to see electric cars become more affordable too.

Right now, some of the top models are a bit pricey, but as technology advances and economies of scale kick in, it’s bound to become more accessible to the average consumer.

Friend 2: Definitely. Once electric cars are more affordable and charging infrastructure is even more widespread, I can see them becoming the go-to choice for many people.

It’s not just a trend; it’s a shift towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

Friend 1: Well, whatever the future holds, it’s clear that electric cars are here to stay and shape the way we think about transportation. It’s an exciting time, my friend!

Friend 2: Absolutely! Cheers to the future of electric cars and all the positive changes they’re bringing to the automotive world. It’s going to be quite a ride!

Spoken English- How to Quarrel

Rumy: Hey, talk to me. What do you want to say?

Simy: Nothing. I don’t want to say anything.

Rumy:  You said something. Tell me. What is it?

Simy:  You are selfish.

Rumy: What do you think you are? You are a miser.

Simy: You idiot! You don’t know what you are talking about. How dare you talk to me this way?

Rumy:  So what? You’re a miser anyway.

Simy:  And you are a bloody fool.

Rumy: You’re always picking a quarrel with me. Can’t you live in peace?

Simy: Okay, I apologize. It’s my mistake.

Rumy: I bet it’s your mistake.

Simy: All right. Let’s make friends again.

Rumy: That’s a good idea.

Spoken English -Mother and Son

Mother: Ranju, come here.

Ranju: Here I am, mom.

Mother: You look dirty. Wash your hands and face.

Ranju: Sure, mom.

Mother: You haven’t finished your lessons yet. Go and study.

Ranju: Not now, mom. I’ll learn them after my lunch.

Mother: No, I want you to learn them now. And listen! Change your dress. Put on some clean dress.

Ranju: Anything else?

Mother: Go to Rehana and tell her to give me a glass of water.

Ranju: Here you are, mom.

Mother: Thank you.

Ranju: You’re welcome.

Mother: These plants are dying for want of water. Please water the plants.

Ranju: By all means.

Mother: Now go to the store and bring four eggs and one-kilo sugar.

Ranju: Okay. Then?

Mother: Go to your reading desk and start studying.

Ranju: Right, mom.

Spoken English between two friends on  Weather

David: Nice weather, isn’t it?

John: Yes, it is. I hope it will remain so for the next few days.

David: But last week was very inclement. The sky was gloomy and it rained every now and then.

John: Yes, it was. And it is sunny now.

David: I think there will be more rain next week.

John: I remember there were some thunderstorms in this month last year.

David: Yes. That usually happens during this part of the year.

John: The winter will start from the next month. It will be very cold then.

David: I suppose so. Every year the winter starts in October and lasts up to February.

John: I don’t like winter. It’s always boring.

David: But I like it. The food is fresh and tasty in winter.

Spoken English  between two Office Colleagues

David: Excuse me! Are you Mr. Ben?

John: No, I’m not.

David: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m David.

John: I’m John. How do you do?

David: How do you do? I’m looking for Mr.Ben. I’ve come to know that he works in this office.

John: Yes, the name of our accounts officer is Mr. Ben.

David: Could you tell me where I might find him?

John: Well, he is now away. Wait a little bit. He’s gone to lunch. He’ll be back right after his meal.

David: Oh, I’m in a hurry. I’m leaving my business card here. Give him my message, please. Tell him to call me. I’m looking for him an urgent piece of business.

John: I will.

David: Well, I have to go now. See you again. Good bye.

John: Goodbye.

Spoken English between Father and Son

Son: Father, do you buy this TV?

Father: Of course not.

Son: You see it is very beautiful. The picture is also very nice.

Father: That’s right. But I don’t think we need another TV.

Son: Why don’t you?  You see our TV has become very old. The picture has become very hazy. It often disturbs. Why don’t you buy this one?

Father: Then you will pass more time with the TV.

Son: I won’t father. I promise. You can keep my word for it. You must really buy this TV.

Father: I’m not sure. I think.

Son: Please father, I’m sure it will be a good idea to buy another TV.

Father: Okay, I’ll consider it. But not right now. At present I am broke.

Spoken English between  Fauci and Brad

Fauci: Do you watch this movie? It is very good.

Brad: I don’t think so.

Fauci: Look, David has watched it. He liked it very much. I watched it and liked it completely. I haven’t seen a better movie in years. You really must see it.

Brad: I don’t feel like watching it. Anthony Hopkins acted in this movie. I don’t like him.

Fauci: But you will like him here. You’ll find a new Anthony Hopkins. He is with a new looking, get up and style here. I’m sure you’d like it.

Brad: Then I think I have to watch it.

Basic English Speaking Between Two Friends

Rony: What is the name of your father?

Jony: The name of my father is Ben Foster.

Rony: What is the name of your mother?

Jony: The name of my mother is Olivia Munn.

Rony:  What is your father?

Jony: My father is a service holder.

Rony: What is the profession of your mother?

Jony: My mother is a health worker.

Rony: How many brothers do you have?

Jony: I have three brothers.

Rony: How many sisters do you have?

Jony: I have three sisters.

Rony: What do your brothers do?

Jony: The first one is a lawyer, the second one is an engineer and the third one is a pilot.

Rony: What do your sisters do?

Jony: One of my sisters is a judge, another one is a singer and the other one is a writer.

Rony: Within your family who is you most intimate with?

Jony: Within my family, I am the most intimate with my mother.

Rony: Are you married?

Jony: Yes, I am.

Rony: Do you have kids?

Jony: Yes, I do. I have a son. What is the occupation of your wife?

Rony: My wife is a teacher.

Jony: Where do your brothers live?

Rony: One lives in Texas, the other lives in Dallas, and the other lives in New York.

Jony: Do you visit your brothers very often?

Rony: Not really. I visit them occasionally.

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