English is Spoken- Talking about Eating

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English is Spoken- Talking about Eating

Spoken English-Talking about Eating

English is Spoken- Talking about Eating

Talking about Eating

Conversation A

David: What did you have for breakfast?

John: I had coffee, toast, and eggs.

David: How did you have your eggs?

John: Soft-boiled, as usual.

Conversation B

David: How about a cup of coffee?

John: That sounds good.

David: I always enjoy coffee after work.

John: I like it best in the morning.

Conversation C

David: Would you like to have an orange?

John: Thanks, but I don’t think so.

David: Oranges are good for you.

John: I know, but I had one about an hour ago

Conversation D

David: Where did you have lunch today?

John: I ate at the cafeteria with Jony.

David: Did you have a good lunch?

John: Yes. I had a hot roast beef sandwich.

Conversation E

David: There’s a cafeteria over there.

John: Didn’t you eat before we let?

David: Yes, but I’m hungry again.

John: Well, I’m still digesting my lunch.

Breakfast and Lunch at a Restaurant

Conversation A

David: I’d like to order breakfast.

John: What can I bring you?

David: I’d like coffee, scrambled eggs, and bacon.

John: I’ll bring the coffee first.

Conversation B

David: Please give me a ham sandwich.

John: Would you like it on rye bread or white?

David: Rye bread, please. With mustard.

John: Here it is.

Conversation C

David: I’d like a piece of pie now and coffee later, please

John: Do you want cream for your coffee?

David: Yes, cream but not sugar.

John: I’ll bring the pie right away.

Conversation D

David: A hamburger and a cup of coffee, please.

John: Here you are.

David: How much do I owe you?

John: Sixty-two cents.

Conversation E

David: What did you order?

John: I ordered a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

David: What kind of sandwich did you order

John: A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.

English is Spoken- Talking about Eating-Ordering Food

Conversation A

David: Could we have a table for four?

John: There’s a nice table right there by the window.

David: May we also have the menu right away?

John: You’ll get the menu immediately.

Conversation B

David: Would you care for some roast beef

John: No, I’ll  have sirloin steak

David: How do you like your steak?

John: I’d prefer it medium-rare.

Conversation C

David: Would you like to have soup?

John: Yes.  creamed onion, please.

David: Mashed, boiled, or French-fried potatoes?

John: I’ll have the French fried.

Conversation D

David: What vegetables would you like with your dinner?

John: Carrots, please, and corn with cream sauce.

David: What kind of dressing do you want on your salad-French?

John: I believe I’ll take Russian dressing tonight.

Conversation E

David: Would you like to order a dessert?

John: What kinds of pie do you have?

David: Peace, lemon cream, and apple.

John: I’d like lemon cream, please.

Having Dinner at a Restaurant

Conversation A

David: What’ll you have, sir?

John: May I have a menu, please?

David: A menu? Here you are, sir.

John: Now, I’ll need a few minutes to look it over.

Conversation B

David: I’ll have the sirloin steak listed here.

John: How do you like your steak well done?

David: No. I’d prefer it medium-rare.

John: I’m sure you’ll enjoy our steak.

Conversation C

David: Would you care for soup?

John: Yes, I would eat vegetable soup, please.

David: What would you like for your main course?

John: I’m going to have beef stew for my main course.

Conversation D

David: Would you care for dessert after your main course?

John: Possibly.  what kind of pie do you have?

David: Peach, banana cream, and blueberry chiffon.

John: I think I’d like to try the banana cream.

Conversation E

David: Coffee, tea, or milk?

John: Coffee-with the meal, please.

David: Do you want cream and sugar?

John: No. I’ll take my coffee black.

English is Spoken- Talking about Eating-Dinner Conversations

Conversation A

David: I hope you’re hungry tonight.

John: I’m sure I’ll have a good appetite.

David: There’s a menu right beside you.

John: Thanks. I see it.

Conversation B

David: What do you usually have for dinner?

John: Potatoes and some kind of meat.

David: Do you ever have anything else?

John: Oh, I have other things, for example, fish, rice, and vegetables.

Conversation C

David: The fish is delicious in this restaurant, I hear.

John: It’s a popular dish in this country.

David: But I always choose steak if possible.

John: Well, I’m going to have fish.

Conversation D

David: Do you like vegetables?

John: I like some but not all.

David: What kind do you like?

John: I like lettuce and radishes and a few others.

Conversation E

David: Do you always drink tea with your meals?

John: Not always, but usually.

David: How do you like your tea?

John: With sugar and lemon.


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