IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- A Memorable Sporting Event

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IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- Favorite Movie
July 15, 2021
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IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021
July 31, 2021

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- A Memorable Sporting Event

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- A Memorable Sporting Event

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- A Memorable Sporting Event

1. Your name, please.

My name is Adrita Barua

2. Where do you live?

 I live in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

3. Who do you live with at your present house?

The family I live with consists of my parents, three brothers, and one sister.

4. Can you describe your room for me?

Sure. My room is very beautiful. It is neither very big nor very small. It is a medium-sized one. The room is painted blue. Blue is my favorite color. I chose the color myself. In one corner of the room lays my bedstead and in another corner is my reading desk. There is a bookshelf beside the reading desk. A wall clock hangs on a wall.

5. How do you pass your afternoon?

In the afternoon I go out for a walk. I also chat with my friends.  Sometimes I just stay at home and listen to music.

6. What sports do you like to play?

 I do not regularly play outdoor games. Sometimes, I play football and badminton. I usually play chess at home.

7. Who do you play chess with?

I usually play chess with my father. Sometimes I also play with my brothers.

A Memorable Sporting Event

I am going to talk about a memorable sporting event. Last month I watched an interesting game on TV. It was a world cup cricket match between Bangladesh and India. In the match Bangladesh, quite a newcomer in the test arena, beat India, one of the best cricket teams in the world. It was a very important match for Bangladesh as by winning the match Bangladesh was promoted to the super eight levels of the tournament. It was a great achievement for the Bangladesh team as never before could Bangladesh pass the first round of the tournament. This win brought great joy not only for the cricket team but also for the people of the whole of Bangladesh. I was also overjoyed at the event.  it was certainly one of the most pleasant events in my life.

A Memorable Sporting Event-Follow-Up Questions

1. How can international sporting events help a country?

International sporting events can help a country in many ways. Some of them are as follows:

a. International sporting events can improve the image of a country to the other countries.

b. Such events can also play a role in improving relationships between competing countries.

c. Sporting events can relieve international tension

d. Successful sportsmen can play roles like ambassadors of the country.

e. International sporting events make people of a country united.

f. Sporting events can bring a lot of foreign exchange for a country. Good players of a country can play in foreign countries and earn a lot of money. Besides by organizing sports competitions a country can earn a lot of money by attracting foreign spectators and selling TV transmission rights.

2. Governments spend a lot of money on international sporting events. Do you think such spending is justified?

I think it is essential for every country to spend money on sporting events like the Olympics and the world cup because the prospective benefits earned from these tournaments outweigh the expenses.

3. A big amount of money is spent on testing the use of illegal drugs in sports. What do you about that?

I believe it is important to keep international cricket events free from illegal drugs. If tests are not regularly carried out to check the use of illegal drugs, some sportsmen will be encouraged to use them and get an undue advantage.

4. Major sporting events and sports teams from different nations are sponsored by big companies these days. How could sponsorships of this nature be positive and negative?

Nowadays big companies sponsor major sporting events and sports teams. The positive aspects of such practice are as follows

a. International sporting events and teams require a huge amount of money. If the big companies did not sponsor the sporting events and teams then it would be very difficult to organize such events.

b. Due to the sponsorship of the big companies sports teams and star players get a lot of money. This encouraged young people to be successful in sports.

On the other hand, there are some demerits of such sponsorship as well. Sponsorship may put due pressure on the teams and sportsmen. Sometimes, this pressure hampers the performance of sportsmen and teams.


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