IELTS Cue Card Topic 2021

IELTS Writing Task 2 Samples 2021
IELTS Writing Task 2 Samples 2021
September 13, 2021
A Day with Nature in Autumn
A Day with Nature in Autumn
October 1, 2021

IELTS Cue Card Topic 2021

IELTS Cue Card Topic 2021

IELTS Cue Card Topic 2021

Describe a sea.

You should explain:

what is the name of the sea

where it is situated

how the area beside it looks, and

explain why you look like this river, lake, canal, or sea

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish

Here I am going to describe the Bay of Bengal. It is on the southern side of Bangladesh. I was born in Hatia which is an island surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. In my boyhood I passed a lot of time in Hatia, my grandparents’ house was on the seashore. Standing in front of the house I could see the boats, launches, trawlers, and steamers plying up and down the sea. The seashore was really exquisite. It was indeed very beautiful to see the setting sun standing on the seashore. If one stands on the seashore, he can hear the howl of the sea. Following each other, the tides roll in. The seashore is plane at some places and jagged at some places due to land erosion. The coastal area of Hatia is full of mud. So, it is not very convenient to walk on the wet seashore. But one can walk on the plane sandy parts of the seashore.

Discussion topic: Importance of Water Bodies

1. How would you compare water transport like boats and ships with other kinds? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of water transport?

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of water transport like boats and ships. The advantages are convenience and low cost. On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages such as low speed, delay, and dependence on weather.

2. How convenient is it for a town or city to be located near a river or the sea? Why?

If a city or town is located near a river or sea, it enjoys certain advantages. The advantages include good transport, communication, natural beauty, and tourist attraction. Even in this age of modern communication and transport facilities, the bulk of goods are transported by sea throughout the world. a seaport is still one of the most important resources a city may have. It facilitates international trade, as transportation by sea is comparatively much cheaper and convenient.

3. How has the number of jobs in the fishing and water transport industries changed over time? Could you explain why you feel this way?

I think the number of jobs available in the fishing and water transport industries has changed recently. The number of jobs available in those industries has risen though not in proportion with the increase in population.

4. What are the things that people enjoy doing when they are near rivers, lakes, and the sea? What do you think is the reason for the popularity of these activities?

When people visit rivers, lakes, or the sea, they enjoy bathing, swimming, and riding boats. These things are popular because people want to have as much as much fun as possible. They also want to be in contact with the water.

5. Why do you think people enjoy water sports? Do you think water sports provide benefits to them?

There are certainly some benefits. The first one is entertainment.  People have a good time in activities they enjoy in the water. The second one is physical exercise .swimming is a good physical exercise. It is good for health.

6. What are the different advantages of going to the sea or to a swimming pool to enjoy yourself? What do you think the disadvantages are?

By going to the sea or to the swimming pool people can have a good time, enjoy themselves and can take physical exercise by swimming.   There are also some disadvantages. Sometimes people fall into accidents while swimming or surfing in the sea.  Every year many people are washed away to the deep sea by the strong current of the sea. There can also be incidents like shark attacks.

IELTS Cue Card Topic 2021

Detailed discussion topic: Price Hike

1. It is alleged that prices of commodities are rising in different cities of the world. Do you think it is normal?

It is true that prices of commodities are rising in different cities of the world. I think it is a normal phenomenon. This rise should be acceptable if prices rise at a tolerable rate.

2. What things do you think are responsible for the price hike?

I think there can be many reasons. Inflation is one reason that causes a rise in the price index. That is when the supply of money exceeds the demand then the supply of extra money causes prices to rise.  Shortage of commodities also makes the prices of those items rise. The rise in fuel price causes the cost of transport to rise and subsequently results in price hikes as well. Moreover, a high rate of tax on imposed goods also causes the price of those products to rise.

3. How can the prices of commodities be controlled?

In fact, it is difficult to control prices in a market having free competition, as the prices of commodities are determined automatically in such markets. However, the following steps can be taken to control the prices of commodities:

a. Ensuring enough supply of commodities in the market

b. inflation needs to be controlled and kept at a reasonable level

c. Price of fuel has to be kept stable

d. High rate of tax may also be lowered in necessary cases

4. How will the prices of commodities be in your country after ten years?

I think the prices of commodities will be doubled in this country after ten years.

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