Gap Filling Activities with Clues for SSC

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November 7, 2021
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Gap Filling Activities with Clues for SSC

Gap Filling Activities with Clues for SSC

Let’s learn Gap Filling Activities with Clues for SSC


on rote to Proper By
then a speak    

Learning is (a)….continuous process. Learning a language depends on a process-based (b)…language skills. We need to practice four skills(c)…learn a language (d)….. We learn by listening,(e)…., reading and writing. But we have to learn not by (f)…but by understanding. We know that (g)….a child starts to learn its mother tongue (h)…listening and lisping and (i)….speaking. Native (j)… learn their language easily by listening and speaking.

Answer: (a)a  (b)on (c)to (d)properly (e)speaking (f)rote (g)a (h)by (i)then (j)speakers

SSC English Suggestion  All Board (2024)


between saying physical of On
participation personality for an beneficial

Sports are very essential (a)…us. There are various types (b)…sports. Among them, cricket, football, volleyball, swimming etc. are very popular. All types of sports are (c)…to us. There is a relation (d)….the body and mind. A sound mind lives in a sound mind-body is a wise (e)….in order to win success in life; we should have a sound health which depends (f)…regular (g)…in games and sports. Sports keep us (h)….fit. Sports exercise is (i)….important influence in forming one’s (j)…..

Answer: (a)for  (b)of (c)beneficial (d)between (e)saying (f)on (g)participation (h)physically (i)an (j)personality


numerous early suitable ages The
maintain make moreover fresh a

 Morning walk is an exercise(a)…for the people of all(b)…it gives us(c)…benefits.(d)…, people who wake up(e)…and go out for (f)…walk, can enjoy(g)…morning air.(h)…this exercise helps them (i) good health. Again, they can (j)…a good start of their work.

Answer: (a)suitable  (b)ages (c)numerous (d)the (e)early (f)a (g) fresh (h)moreover (i)maintain (j)make


the or of forward Appreciate
friend in for Entire  

Gratefulness is (a)…acknowledgement and the (b)…of help received from others. In the society we can not do all things. Sometimes, we need the help(c)…others. We are (d)…dependent on the society. a man may be in danger(e)….in problem at any time. it is a natural instinct in man to come(f)…to help the needy because of his fellow-feeling,(g)…and kinship. Gratefulness comes from (h)….depth of heart and find its manifestation (i)….books, words, and deeds of the grateful man. The grateful man feels highly obliged (j)….the benefit he has received.

Answer: (a) the (b)appreciation (c)of (d) entirely (e)or (f)forward (g)friendship (h) the (i)in (j)for


repent in the to Of
a sure do make Life

Man is the (a)…of his own fate. If he makes (b)…proper division of his time and (c)….his duties accordingly, he will(d)…improve and proper(e)….life. But if he does otherwise, he is sure,(f)….suffer when it is too late. To waste time is as bad as to commit suicide. In fact our (g)….is nothing but the sum total (h)…hours, days and years. If we waste (i)…morning hours of life, we shall have to (j)…afterwards.

Answer: (a) maker (b) a (c) does (d) surely (e) in (f) to (g) life (h) of (i) the (j)repent


forward at up in Move
a for the number  

Traffic jam is (a)…problem in all towns and cities (b)…Bangladeshi occurs where a (c)..Vehicles crowd so close that (d)….becomes impossible(e)…sometime. It is more common where (f)…streets are narrow and have many bends. Weak traffic control system is also largely responsible(g)…it. It is very annoying and time killing. When caught in a traffic jam, we simply get stuck(h) one place. We can neither move(i)…nor backward. We have to wait and look repeatedly(j)…our watch.

Answer: (a) a (b)in (c)number (d)movement (e)at (f)the (g)for (h)up (i)forward (j)at


Blessing to harm from Children
a the debate on of

The issue(a)…using cell phones at school is (b)….matter of recent (c)…..many schools are struggling(d)…prevent their students(e)…..using cell phones. Guardians also have different views on allowing their (f)….to use technological devices such as cell phones, video games and (g)…internet. there are some guardians who do not want their children to use technology as it might cause (h)…to them.(i)…the other hand, some guardians do not want to deprive of the (j)…technology.

Answer: (a)of (b)a (c)debate (d)to (e)from (f)children (g)the (h)harm (i)on (j)blessing


with at a bread Dislike
responsible to of privilege In

We live in society. so we must learn how to live(a)….peace and amity(b)…others. We have to respect others rights and (c) and liking and (d)…as we expect others to respect us. We have (e)…lot of duties and (f)…in society. Education should aim (g)….making each individual fully aware (h)…these duties and responsibilities. It is true that one has (i) learn how to earn the (j)….

Answer: (a)in (b)with (c)privileges(d)disliking (e)a (f)responsibilities (g)at (h)of (i)to (j)bread


too favourable peole soon An
motherland grow buy in Become

our (a)…Bangladesh is(b)….agricultural country. Most of our(c)…are engaged(d)…….cultivation. Many cultivators are (e)…poor to (f)….and use modern tools. Still they can (g)….bumper crops if the climate is (h)…we hope to(i)….a developed nation(j)….

Answer: (a)motherland (b)an (c)people (d)in (e)too (f)buy (g)grow (h)favorable (i)become (j)soon


in develop without remove Of
between do The    

education(a)…our ignorance and gives us light(b)….knowledge.(c)…respect(d)…imparting education, there should be no discrimination(e)…man and woman. Education is one of the human rights. If we deprive women of (f)…right of education, almost half of our population will remain (g)…darkness. No (h)…can be brought about(i)…participation of women. So government is (j)…everything to educate women folk.

Answer: (a)removes (b)of (c)in (d)of (e)between (f)the (g)in (h)development (i)without (j)doing

Gap Filling Activities with Clues


of for a afford And
expensive the Influence    

Travelling has a beneficial (a)…..on our minds. The human mind always craves(b)…change. This is(c)… travelling in new lands. There is none who does not feel(d)…thrill of joy at the new sight(e)….experience. Travelling gives us an opportunity to enjoy (f)….most charming scenes(g)…nature. Though it is (h)…, it can bring a change both in body (i)…mind. Thus travelling can help one to complete his knowledge and can be (j)….perfect man.

Answer: (a)influence  (b)for (c)afforded (d)a (e)of (f)the (g)of (h)expensive (i)and (j)a


of the for at Which
adulterate hardly or Into  

The issue of food (a)…has drawn the attention (b)…general people. We(c)…find any food in our country (d)…is not adulterated in one way (e)…other.(f)…present, sub-standard foods are sold in most of (g)…hotels. Very recently government has directed a mobile court to look (h)….the matter of food (i)…they are catching dishonest hoteliers red handed (j)…using unhygienic food ingredients.

Answer: (a)adulterate (b)of (c)hardly (d)which (e)or (f)at (g)the (h)into (i)adulteration (j)for


for successful need of In
sure put careless About a

A stitch (a) — time saves nine. This is (b) — very well known proverb. Some people don’t care (c) — anything. They (d) — off a job (e) — tomorrow, thus they are not (f) — whether the day will come. In this way, they can’t finish a work when they (g) — it. Then they say, ‘Alas! If we were not (h) — about our jobs, we had a lot (i) — time and we could be (j)—.

Answer: (a)in (b)a (c)for (d)put (e)for (f)sure (g)need (h)careless (i)of (j) successful


about accurate dominate the Wonder
a towards energy of Substitute

The modern world is undoubtedly a world of computers. It has brought (a) — a great change in our way of life. Its work as a (b) — for human brain. It has enabled us to perform any difficult work (c) —in a few seconds. In the field (d) — medical science, printing, education etc. computers are doing (e) — jobs. In (f) — western countries, computers (g) — every sphere of man’s life. Our country is also gradually moving (h) — a computer culture. It saves both our time and (i) —. If we make a constructive use of it, it can render (j) — great service to mankind.

Answer: (a) about (b) substitute (c) accurately (d) of (e) wonderful (f) the (g) dominate (h) towards (i) energy (j) a


modern great to of Read
give the do    

The benefits of (a) —newspapers can hardly be exaggerated. Newspaper is (b) — storehouse of knowledge. The chief business (c) — a newspaper is to (d) — us news which we need (e) — know. It tells us what happens at home and abroad. The (f) — civilized people cannot (g) — without newspaper. Newspaper plays an important role in the lives (h) — a nation. It makes the world smaller and provides a (i) — benefit (j) — us.

Answer: (a) reading (b) the (c) of (d) give (e) to (f) modern (g) do (h) of (i) great (j) to


to a for in Work
prepare the by    

It is useful (a) — students to take part (b) — social service. (c) — taking part (d) — social service they can benefit themselves as well as (e) — nation. Student life is (f) — period of (g) — for future life. If the students do some social (h) —, they will be better prepared for giving service (i) — the nation on completion of their education. As the students have no family burden and as they get enough time during the large vacation, they can do (j) — great deal of work for the people.

Answer-(a) for (b) in (c) By (d) in (e) the (f) the (g) preparation (h) work (i) to (j) a.


up an and useful From
a in to    

There is a close relationship between man(a) — nature. Man has established (b) —– friendship with nature. It helps us (c) —— many ways. Similarly trees are closely related (d) — our life. Trees play (e)—- important role in our life (f) —— economy. Trees are very (g)—– to us. We get oxygen (h)—- them. They are (i) —- great source of food and vitamin. They meet (j) —- our local demands.

Answer: (a) and (b) his (c) in (d) to (e) an (f) and (g) helpful (h) from (i) a (j) up


in for of life A
the when reap Sow  

Youth is (a)….best time of (b)….this is the time(c)…it is most important(d)….one to remember the maxim. As you(e)…,so shall you reap. one must sow(f)…seeds of industry, truthfulness, honesty and other virtues (g)….this season to(h)….the harvest of prosperity ad happiness. Whatever takes root in(i)….man at this time lasts throughout the rest(j)….his life and moulds his future.

Answer: (a)the (b)life (c)when (d)for (e)sow (f)the (g)in (h)reap (i)a (j)of


develop to fear Conscious  
both punish for Be  

Nowadays parents are very (a) _____ of the harmful effects of (b) _____ on children. Child psychologists think that (c) _____ physical and mental punishment can be disastrous (d) _____ a child’s growth and (e) _____. It may lead to (f) _____ and hatred of the person who (g) _____ the child. Again, if a child (h) _____ punished, he may lack initiative. He may also feel hostile (j) _____ others. So, rude behavior may gradually (j) _____ in him.

Answer: (a)conscious (b)punishment (c)both (d)for (e)development (f)fear (g)punishes (h)is (i)to (j)develop


of fear with A  
in get The    

a good man is (a)…man of character. His polite bahaviour is (b)…great asset because he can win the heart(c)….other people around him, no matter whether he is rich or poor. He also(d)……the admiration(e)…all he deals with. he behaves well(f)…even those who are rude towards him because he hates to behave rudely. One, who pretends to be polite can not be polite (g)….all circumstances. But (h)…man who is really polite does not (i)…anybody whatever be(j)….provocation.

Answer: (a) a (b)a (c)of (d)gets (e)of (f)with (g)in (h)the (i)fear (j)the

Fill in the blanks with suitable words for SSC


in dark the from An
worthy learning often Our  

A teacher is (a) —- compared with (b) —- architect. He is called (c) —– architect of a nation. He is the light of (d) —- and makes the illiterate people  (e) —- citizens of our country. But it is a matter of regret (f) —- the teachers are not held (g) —- due respect in (h) —- society. They lead a humble life in the midst of want. Still they keep the light of education burning in order to remove the (i) —- of illiteracy and superstitions (j) —- the society.

Ans ; (a) often (b) an (c) the (d) learning (e) worthy (f) that (g) in (h) our (i) darkness (j) from


a the precious for Great
have wise which Off  

Time is a very (a)—thing. Time (b)—is lost once is lost forever. There is (c)— proverb, ‘Time and tide wait for none.’ It is time which does not (d)— the relative feelings. It does not wait (e)— anyone if it is not used (f)—. It is really essential to realise (g)— importance of time in our life. Those who have become (h)— would make proper use of time. They never put (i)— their work for tomorrow. That’s why, they have contributed (j)— lot to the society.

Answer: (a) precious (b)which (c)a (d)have (e)for (f)wisely (g)the (h)great (i)off (j)a


give a symbol To be By
last in but the cultivate

A flower is (a)…best gift of nature. It is a (b)…of purity and beauty. It(c)…us pleasure. There is nobody (d)…loves a flower. But it is (e)..matter of sorrow that a flower does not (f)….long. It blooms (g)…the morning and fades away very soon. Nowadays flowers (h)…cultivated in our country. Many people earn their livelihood(i)….flower(j)….

Answer: (a) the (b)symbol(c)gives (d)but (e)a (f)last (g)in (h)are (i)by (j)cultivation


Their constructive in write his Difficult
To of which exceptional and or

Man is the Supreme Being (a) — all creatures. Man has courage by (b) — he can do anything destructive or (c) —. In (d) — mind there is the fascination of conquering anything (e) —. Hillary and Tenzing were not also an (f) — from it. They were not daunted by difficulties (g) — dangers. All the dangers were overcome by them to conquer the highest peak (h) — the world. For (i) —courage and hardship, their names have been (j) — in history.

Answer-(a) of (b) which (c) constructive (d) his (e) difficult (f) exception (g) and (h) of (i) their (j) written.


in farm differ the Be
by for A    

Self-employment means to create job opportunities (a)…oneself(b)…one’s own effort. Various government organizations (c)…trying to create(d)…congenial atmosphere for self-employment.(e)…NGOs have also rendered their help. Livestock rearing, agricultural(f)…., poultry raising are some of (g)…sectors. There are many opportunities(h)….self-employment(i)…Bangladesh. One can easily engage oneself(j)… these jobs.

Answer: (a)for (b)by (c)are (d)a (e)different (f)farming (g)the (h)for (i)in (j)in


improve boon the eradicate Joint
hinder ban undoubted to Lag

Illiteracy ‘is not (a) — to us. It is (b) —a curse. It hinders(c)– all kinds of development of a country. Illiteracy causes great harms (d) —  us. Since we do not know  (e) — ways of development,  we cannot take steps to  (f) — our poor condition. As a result, we are (g) — behind. We have to depend (h) — the foreign aids. So, all should come forward (i) —-to remove illiteracy. Then, the (j) — of our country will be possible.

Answer: (a)boon (b)undoubtedly (c)hinders (d)to (e) the (f)improve (g)lagging (h)the (i)jointly (j)improvement


Come main achieve prepare a
afflict by help participate  

The (a)—– pursuit of students is to study and (b) — qualities that will make them (c)—— for the life (d) — ahead. But when the country is (e) — with a natural calamity like flood, famine etc. they should (f) — forward and stand (g)—— the suffering humanity. Even in normal times they should (h) — in many acts of social service with (i) — view to (j)—– their fellowmen.

Answer:  (a) main (b) achieve (c) prepared (d) coming (e) afflicted (f) come (g) by (h) participate (i) a (j) helping


in the Enjoyment interest struggle
a continuous matched both  

Without effort, there can be no progress (a) — life. Life loses its (b) — if there is no struggle. Games become dull if there is no (c) — in them and if (d) –result can be easily foreseen. No matter we win (e) — game or lose it. The keener the contest the greater the (f) —. A victory is not (g) —real triumph unless (h) —- the sides are equally (i) —. Whether we like it or not, life is on (j) —– competitive examination.

Answer: (a) in (b) interest (c) struggle (d) the (e) the (f) enjoyment (g) a (h)both (i)matched(j)continuous


The without Mind To  
of A sleep duties  

Sleep is one of (a) — most important factors (b) — human life. (c) — sound man cannot go (d) — sleeping. Sleep is (e) — healing medicine of the troubled (f) —. It relieves physical and mental pain. The night is the proper time of (g) —. But if (h) — man has to pass a sleepless night, he never feels well. He loses energy and peace of mind. As a result, he becomes indifferent (i) —-his (j) — and responsibilities.

Answer:  (a) the (b) in/of (c) a (d) without (e) a (f) mind (g) sleep (h) a (i) to (j) duties


The A know Of an
But not Today By  

English is (a) — international language that must be learnt (b) — all the people of the world. One is blind (c) — the knowledge of English. English (d) — persons’ get a privilege (e) —.Today English is (f) — only the language of (g)— English. It is now (h) — global language. Moreover, there are now many kinds of English (i) — the English is still (j) — best.

Answer: (a) an (b) by (c) of (d) knowing (e) today (f) not (g) the (h) a (I) but (j) the


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