A Conversation about a Language Course

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations
Spoken English-Telephone Conversations
March 6, 2021
Essential Grammar for IELTS Writing Task
Essential Grammar for IELTS Writing Task
March 11, 2021

A Conversation about a Language Course

A Conversation about a Language Course

A Conversation about a Language Course

Let’s learn a Conversation about a Language Course

Student: I want to know something about your English language course. Can you help me?

Student Counsellor: Yes, of course.

Student: When will the course start?

Student Counsellor: The course will start on 20th March.

Student: Who will conduct the course?

Student Counsellor: Mr. David will conduct the course.

Student: What is his qualification?

Student Counsellor: He is an MA in English and he is a TESOL trainer.

Student: Is he experienced?

Student Counsellor: Yes, he is.

Student: How long has been teaching here?

Student Counsellor: He has been taking classes in our language center for the last two years.

Student: Did he work anywhere else?

Student Counsellor: He worked in British Council before joining our language center. There he worked for five years.

Student: Is he a good trainer?

Student Counsellor: Yes, he is.

Student: Are the students satisfied with him?

Student Counsellor: Yes, they are.

Student: How long will the course last?

Student Counsellor: The course will last for 3 months.

Student: How many classes will be held?

Student Counsellor: There will be thirty classes.

Student: How much is the course fee?

Student Counsellor: The course fee is taka 6000.

Student: What is the minimum qualification for attending the course?

Student Counsellor: The minimum qualification is SSC.  Students who are waiting for the result can also attend the course.

Student: Thank you very much. I will come with my friends. They are also very interested in the course.

A Conversation about a Cricket Match

Interviewer: Now I call upon Habibul, the winning captain, to come over here and have a chat with me. Habibul how was the day?

Habibul: I think it was a lucky day for us. We started well by winning the toss. All the boys did very well.

Interviewer: Now that you have won the match, how do you feel?

Habibul: I am very glad. We needed a win very much. You know we have won a match after six months.

Interviewer: What was the turning point of the match?

Habibul: I think Rafique’s second spell of bowling was the turning point of the match. He took three important wickets in quick succession and I knew we were going to win the game.

Interviewer: How was the bating today? Wasn’t it a misfortune not to have a century after going very near to it?

Habibul: Yes, it was. After reaching ninety I became very defensive that ruined me.

Interviewer: Aftab has also played a very good inning. What do you think about him?

Habibul: Yes, his innings were very remarkable. It has helped us to get a big total. He is a fine young cricketer. I hope he will be able to contribute continuously to Bangladesh cricket in the coming years.

Interviewer: Thank you, Habibul. I hope you will come out successful in the next series, too.

Habibul: You’re welcome.

A Conversation about a Program

Ben Foster: Did you attend the program last night?

Luna Watkins: Yes, I did.

Ben Foster: How did you enjoy it?

Luna Watkins: We had a lot of fun. It was a very interesting program.

Ben Foster: Who organized the program?

Luna Watkins: Chittagong Lions Club organized the program.

Ben Foster: How many people were in the program?

Luna Watkins: There were about three hundred people in the program.

Ben Foster: Who performed in the program?

Luna Watkins: A famous magician named Jewel Aich performed in the program.

Ben Foster: How long did the program last?

Luna Watkins: The program lasted for about two hours.

Ben Foster: When did it start?

Luna Watkins: It started at 7 pm sharp.

Ben Foster: When did it end?

Luna Watkins: It ended at 9 pm.

Ben Foster: When did you return home?

Luna Watkins: I returned home at about 10 p.m.

Ben Foster: What was the price of the tickets?

Luna Watkins: Tickets were of different categories. The prices were tk.300 tk.500 and tk.800.

Ben Foster: What category did you buy?

Luna Watkins: I bought that of the TK.500 category.

Ben Foster: I hope to go there the next time the program takes place.

English Conversation- Buying T-Shirts

Shop Assistant: Good evening sir.

Customer: Good evening.

Shop Assistant: Are you being helped?

Customer: No, I’m not.

Shop Assistant: What types of things are you looking for?

Customer: I’m looking for some T-shirts for my children and myself.

Shop Assistant: Here are some T-shirts for children on the display. You may choose from them.

Customer:  I want this type of T-shirt for the children.

Shop Assistant: What size do you need?

Customer: My two boys are 6 and 10 years of age.

Shop Assistant: What colors do you like?

Customer: Possibly blue and chocolate colors.

Shop Assistant: These t-shirts should fit a child of 6 years of age.

Customer: I like this one. And for the children of 10 years?

Shop Assistant: You may choose one of these T-shirts.

Customer: This one seems good. Now show me T-shirts for me.

Shop Assistant: The T-shirts for grown-ups are over there. There are some beautiful T-shirts on the rack.

Customer: May I see this one?

Shop Assistant: Sure. Here you are.

Customer: Is it easy to take care of?

Shop Assistant: Yes, it is. This one will not fade or shrink very much. It is machine washable, too.

Customer: Please pack these three T-shirts for me.

Shop Assistant: Sure, sir.

Customer: Thank you so much.

Shop Assistant: You are most welcome.

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