How to Avoid Criticism

How to Become Winner from Loser
How to Become Winner from Loser
March 2, 2022

How to Avoid Criticism

How to Avoid Criticism

How to Avoid Criticism ? Have you ever encountered criticism? Surely! I believe that sometimes we all encounter some criticism in life. But if it is rarely to tolerate critical people, then it is acceptable. One of the two annoyances can be overcome. But if you get annoyed and criticized frequently you should not tolerate it! What if someone is annoying and criticizing the environment, life, and work around you?

Remember, the person who is criticizing you is doing the job to downplay you, to make you mentally disturbed. This criticism does not actually have any basis. On the contrary, when you go to protest he becomes happier because he understands that his purpose has been successful. But protest wherever there is a need for protest. Ask the person directly without any hesitation.

Although the number of skilled people in our society is less, the number of people skilled in the criticism is not less. Some of the main actions of some people are criticism but none of them thinks that this unnecessary criticism is sometimes very harsh and may scarify others’ minds. The list of critics is not only the people of the society but also the family members, and friends. Works, behavior, nothing is exempt from criticism. Sometimes criticisms are made for your good. You can correct yourself in criticism. But baseless criticism does not only cause trouble but also creates inferiority within the mind. Let’s take a look at three important things you can do in the case of intense and baseless criticism.

Do not Listen to Baseless Criticism

Ignore criticism. Avoid baseless criticism and critics. Why do not you just shorten the words that have no basis? Why do you think that people will be carelessly orthodox? Just as you know yourself, your friends and family also know you. What your friends and family think of you is important to you. Other people said baseless words; you do not care about this. On the other hand, your friends and family will not be unnecessarily criticized by you. Let them know the truth behind the criticism. In general, which criticism will listen to you and which criticism will not be paid attention completely depends on you. Listen to the person whom you think is important to you. Find out the reasons behind his criticism, and not anyone else. To avoid criticism say nothing.

Ignore Them

If you are not able to stop the criticism of annoying people even after trying these efforts patently, then clearly avoid them. It may be the most effective way to ignore or neglect someone. Responding to someone’s criticism, he finds reasons to repeat the same process. But if you do not show any reaction to his constant criticism, he will not find any reason to bother you again. Your silent behavior will make him aware of his behavior and hint, and perhaps his self-realization will happen. That is we should learn how to avoid criticism hatred and jealousy

Be Strong for the Needs

If the criticizer is not aware of the extent of his practice then force him to become aware. Make him aware by initially giving him some hints. Even if he is not able to understand your hint, then call him directly or make a phone call and make clear the outline between him and you.

Set Your Own Borders

Be clear about what you can bear and what you cannot bear. To be more explicit, be clear about what you should tolerate and what should not be tolerated. Then keep your distance from the critical and annoying people. Remember that you have a personal life and you have full rights to protect your personal life and environment.

If you fail to show the proper response to someone else’s behavior immediately, you will certainly be attacked by annoying people. Because the annoying people are not aware of their boundaries. So it is foolish to expect the highest from them. Keep your personality boundaries more than that. Otherwise, the behavior of annoying people will gradually narrow down the world of your independence and you will be hesitant.

Make Your Position Clear

If you are constantly disturbed by a person, tell him your position clearly, so that he is careful about contacting you later. Such people are not aware of their untoward practices. So do not hesitate to give him some instructions to explain his right to practice. Give this person some clear instructions straight away.

If the annoying person takes extra time than you need, then clarify your busyness and time shortage before meeting with him the next. This way you can predict their awareness of him. Even if you have communicated with someone via email, phone call, or social network,  make these points clear to them.

Remember that since annoying people are not aware of their abusive behavior, making them aware is not at fault, but it will reduce your annoyance. It is vital for us to know how to avoid criticism in life.

Do Not Waste Your Criticism by Criticizing the Critic

Many of the protesters want to protest immediately after hearing baseless criticism. Many people protest loudly and throw it. But it is more likely to increase rather than solve your problem. Remember, the person who is criticizing you is doing the job to downplay you, to make you mentally disturbed. This criticism does not actually have any basis. On the contrary, when you go to protest he is happier because he understands that his purpose has been successful. By giving you the opportunity to get criticized by critics expressing the trouble you have done by protesting inappropriately. Remember that whenever someone comes with a baseless criticism about you, it means they envy your progress or your position. The main reason for his criticism is that you are mentally damaged and you get rid of a good position. So do not fill someone’s mind by protesting unfounded criticism.

Do not Hesitate to Protest When You Need It

In some cases, if the situation is ignored, the damage is high. Keep in mind one more thing, if you keep your head down and quiet all the time, then the level of criticism will increase without you. Strongly protest in cases where your head is about to be raised. But do not hide it in the gossip, but instead, ask the critics directly. Want to know the reason for criticism against you unnecessarily. Be boldly confronting them with criticism whether someone is with you or not. If you do not learn to protest then it is your loss if you can protect yourself from such baseless criticism, then your respect will increase. Confidence will increase.

Not all people in the world are good, not all people are like-minded. So you have to keep your personality to yourself. The annoying people must initially try to solve them with a hint. If you do not work then you have to be tough. In no way you should lose your personality and position.

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