Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

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March 4, 2021
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March 11, 2021

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations-A

Let’s Learn Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

Receiver: Hello, 626566

Caller: Hello, is that Mr. Chowdhury?

Receiver: Whom do you want?

Caller: I want Mr. Chowdhury

Receiver: Mr. Robin Chowdhury or Mr. Jevin Chowdhury.

Caller: Mr.  Robin Chowdhury.

Receiver: Who are you speaking?

Caller: I’m Ben Foster.

Receiver: Please hold on. Let me see if he is available. Sorry, he is not at home. He is out now.

Caller: Could you give him a message for me?

Receiver: Sure. What should I tell him?

Caller: Please tell him to call me tomorrow at 9 a.m. I’ll be waiting for his call.

Receiver: I will.

Caller: Thank you very much.

Receiver: That’s all right.

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations-B

Receiver: Hello. James Finlay.

Caller: Hello.  I want to talk to Mr. David

Receiver: Who is calling him?

Caller: My name is Paul.

Receiver: Wait a minute, Mr. Paul. I’m putting him through.

Spoken English-At the Post Office

Customer: Excuse me!

Postmaster: Yes, please. How can I help you?

Customer: I want to send a letter.

Postmaster: Where?

Customer: To USA

Postmaster: How much does it weigh?

Customer: I think it is below twenty grams. But I’m not sure.

Postmaster: Let’s see.  Give me the letter.

Customer: Here you are.

Postmaster: That’s twenty-five grams.

Customer: How much does it cost?

Postmaster: 30 dollars.

Customer: I also want five stamped envelopes.

Postmaster: Here you are.

Customer: So, how much do I have to pay?

Postmaster: 40 dollars in total.

Customer: Here you are 50 dollars.

Postmaster: Here’s 10 dollars change.

Customer: Can I drop the letter in this box?

Postmaster: Yes, you can.

Customer: Thank you.

Postmaster: Welcome.

Spoken English-Television Interview

Interviewer: Now I am going to talk to contestant number7. At first, I will ask him to come over here. Please take your rest.

Contestant: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: Your name, please.

Contestant: Javed Omar.

Interviewer: You are a student, aren’t you?

Contestant: Yes, I am

Interviewer: Where are you studying now?

Contestant: I study biology at the University of Chittagong now. Now I am in the third year honors class.

Interviewer: What do you do for fun?

Contestant: I play chess and listen to music in my spare time.

Interviewer: What is your future plan?

Contestant: I want to be a scientist.

Interviewer: That’s a good plan. Why?

Contestant: I think our country needs more scientists.

Interviewer: In your family, who are you most intimate with?

Contestant: My mother. She is my inspiration for everything.

Interviewer: Do you use a computer?

Contestant: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: What things do you do with your computer?

Contestant: I can operate some package programs such as ms word, ms excel, PowerPoint, adobe photoshop, etc.

Besides, I play computer games and watch movies and songs on my computer.

Interviewer: What TV programs do you like most?

Contestant: I like “Ittadi” very much.

Interviewer: Do you watch our program regularly?

Contestant: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: If you were the prime minister of Bangladesh, what would you do?

Contestant: At first I would ensure education for every person in the country. Then I will eradicate corruption and terrorism.

Interviewer: Thank you very much, Javed Omar. It was nice talking to you. Now, I am going to talk to the next contestant.

Basic English Speaking-About a Journey

Molly: Hi, Polly how do you do?

Polly: Fine. Thank you.

Molly:  Have you recently made any journey?

Polly: Yes, I have recently visited Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world.

Molly: How was the journey?

Polly: The journey was very fascinating.

Molly: Did you enjoy it?

Polly: Yes, I did.

Molly: Was there any difficulty?

Polly:  No, there wasn’t.

Molly: How have you come?

Polly: I started my journey from Tongi. I got on a train at Tongi railway station. I got down off the train in Chittagong.

There I met some of my friends. Then I got onto a bus. I got off the bus at Cox’s Bazar and have just reached here by rickshaw.

Molly: How long has the journey taken?

Polly: The journey has taken about twelve hours.

Molly: How long were you at Cox’s Bazar?

Polly: I was at cox’s Bazar for five days.

Molly: When did you go there?

Polly: I went there on the 10th instant.

Molly: Why did you go there?

Polly: I went there to enjoy my vacation.

Molly: How did you like the place?

Polly: I liked it very much.

Molly: Did you go to the beach every day?

Polly: Yes, I did. I spent the mornings and afternoons on the beach.

Molly: How was the beach?

Polly: The beach was very amazing.

Molly: How were the people?

Polly:  The people of the place were exquisite.

Molly: Was the journey comfortable?

Polly: The journey was very splendid indeed.

Molly: How many days did you stay there?

Polly: We stayed there three days.

Molly: Thank you very much.

Polly: You are most welcome.


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