Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

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March 4, 2021
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Essential Grammar for IELTS Writing Task
March 11, 2021

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

 Spoken English-Telephone Conversations

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations-A

Receiver: Hello, 626566

Caller: Hello, is that Mr. Chowdhury?

Receiver: Whom do you want?

Caller: I want Mr. Chowdhury

Receiver: Mr. Robin Chowdhury or Mr. Jevin Chowdhury.

Caller: Mr.  Robin Chowdhury.

Receiver: Who are you speaking?

Caller: I’m Ben Foster.

Receiver: Please hold on. Let me see if he is available. Sorry, he is not at home. He is out now.

Caller: Could you give him a message for me?

Receiver: Sure. What should I tell him?

Caller: Please tell him to call me tomorrow at 9 a.m. I’ll be waiting for his call.

Receiver: I will.

Caller: Thank you very much.

Receiver: That’s all right.

Spoken English-Telephone Conversations-B

Receiver: Hello. James Finlay.

Caller: Hello.  I want to talk to Mr. David

Receiver: Who is calling him?

Caller: My name is Paul.

Receiver: Wait a minute, Mr. Paul. I’m putting him through.

Conversation between Rony and Customer Service on Flight Booking

Rony: Hello, this is Rony. I’m looking to book a flight and I’m a bit overwhelmed with the options. Can you help me out?

Customer Service: Of course, Rony! I’m here to assist. Where are you flying from and to?

Rony: I’ll be flying from New York to Los Angeles.

Customer Service: Great choice! What dates are you considering?

Rony: I’m thinking about flying out next month, around the 15th. Flexible with the return date.

Customer Service: Perfect. Flexibility helps. Let me check the best deals for you. typing sounds Okay, found a few options. Have you considered flying during weekdays? It tends to be more budget-friendly.

Rony: Weekdays work for me. What about the baggage policy?

Customer Service: Standard policy is usually one checked bag and a carry-on, but it varies by airline. I’ll make sure to find one that suits your needs.

Rony: Thanks. Also, any tips on snagging a good seat?

Customer Service: For a small fee, many airlines offer seat selection. I can help you with that too. Anything specific you’re looking for?

Rony: An aisle seat would be great. I like to stretch my legs.

Customer Service: Noted. Let me finalize this for you. more typing All set, Rony. I found a good deal with an aisle seat. Shall I go ahead and book it for you?

Rony: Absolutely! Thanks for your help. You’ve made this process a breeze.

Customer Service: My pleasure, Rony. Have a fantastic trip, and feel free to reach out if you need anything else.

Rony: Will do. Thanks again!

English Conversation between Jony and the Admission officer on University admission

Jony: Hi, this is Jony. I’m interested in applying to your university and had a few questions about the admission process.

Admission Officer: Hello, Jony! I’m happy to help. What specific information are you looking for?

Jony: Firstly, are there any specific deadlines I should be aware of for the application process?

Admission Officer: Absolutely, Jony. The regular application deadline is March 1st, but I’d recommend submitting your application a bit earlier to ensure you have ample time.

Jony: Got it. And what about the required documents? I want to make sure I have everything ready.

Admission Officer: Good question. Along with your application, we’ll need your high school transcripts, standardized test scores, a letter of recommendation, and a personal statement. Make sure to check our website for any program-specific requirements.

Jony: Perfect, I’ll gather those. How about financial aid or scholarships? Any advice on that front?

Admission Officer: We offer various scholarships and financial aid options. Once you submit your application, you’ll automatically be considered for any applicable scholarships. Additionally, check our financial aid office for specific opportunities and requirements.

Jony: Great to know. Lastly, any tips for the admission essay or personal statement?

Admission Officer: Certainly. Be authentic and highlight your unique qualities. We want to get to know the real you. Take your time, proofread, and make sure it aligns with your career and academic goals.

Jony: Thanks for the guidance. I feel more confident about the process now. One last thing – any campus tours or virtual events coming up?

Admission Officer: We offer both! Check our website for scheduled tours and virtual information sessions. It’s a fantastic way to get a feel for our campus.

Jony: Awesome. Thanks for your help. I’ll start working on my application.

Admission Officer: You’re welcome, Jony. Best of luck with your application, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.

Spoken English-At the Post Office

Customer: Excuse me!

Postmaster: Yes, please. How can I help you?

Customer: I want to send a letter.

Postmaster: Where?

Customer: To USA

Postmaster: How much does it weigh?

Customer: I think it is below twenty grams. But I’m not sure.

Postmaster: Let’s see.  Give me the letter.

Customer: Here you are.

Postmaster: That’s twenty-five grams.

Customer: How much does it cost?

Postmaster: 30 dollars.

Customer: I also want five stamped envelopes.

Postmaster: Here you are.

Customer: So, how much do I have to pay?

Postmaster: 40 dollars in total.

Customer: Here you are 50 dollars.

Postmaster: Here’s 10 dollars change.

Customer: Can I drop the letter in this box?

Postmaster: Yes, you can.

Customer: Thank you.

Postmaster: Welcome.

Spoken English-Television Interview

Interviewer: Now I am going to talk to contestant number 7. At first, I will ask him to come over here. Please take your rest.

Contestant: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: Your name, please.

Contestant: Javed Omar.

Interviewer: You are a student, aren’t you?

Contestant: Yes, I am

Interviewer: Where are you studying now?

Contestant: I study biology at the University of Chittagong now. Now I am in the third year honors class.

Interviewer: What do you do for fun?

Contestant: I play chess and listen to music in my spare time.

Interviewer: What is your future plan?

Contestant: I want to be a scientist.

Interviewer: That’s a good plan. Why?

Contestant: I think our country needs more scientists.

Interviewer: In your family, who are you most intimate with?

Contestant: My mother. She is my inspiration for everything.

Interviewer: Do you use a computer?

Contestant: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: What things do you do with your computer?

Contestant: I can operate some package programs such as ms word, ms excel, PowerPoint, adobe photoshop, etc.

Besides, I play computer games and watch movies and songs on my computer.

Interviewer: What TV programs do you like most?

Contestant: I like “Ittadi” very much.

Interviewer: Do you watch our program regularly?

Contestant: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: If you were the prime minister of Bangladesh, what would you do?

Contestant: At first I would ensure education for every person in the country. Then I will eradicate corruption and terrorism.

Interviewer: Thank you very much, Javed Omar. It was nice talking to you. Now, I am going to talk to the next contestant.

Basic English Speaking-About a Journey

Molly: Hi, Polly how do you do?

Polly: Fine. Thank you.

Molly:  Have you recently made any journey?

Polly: Yes, I have recently visited Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world.

Molly: How was the journey?

Polly: The journey was very fascinating.

Molly: Did you enjoy it?

Polly: Yes, I did.

Molly: Was there any difficulty?

Polly:  No, there wasn’t.

Molly: How have you come?

Polly: I started my journey from Tongi. I got on a train at Tongi railway station. I got down off the train in Chittagong.

There I met some of my friends. Then I got onto a bus. I got off the bus at Cox’s Bazar and have just reached here by rickshaw.

Molly: How long has the journey taken?

Polly: The journey has taken about twelve hours.

Molly: How long were you at Cox’s Bazar?

Polly: I was at cox’s Bazar for five days.

Molly: When did you go there?

Polly: I went there on the 10th instant.

Molly: Why did you go there?

Polly: I went there to enjoy my vacation.

Molly: How did you like the place?

Polly: I liked it very much.

Molly: Did you go to the beach every day?

Polly: Yes, I did. I spent the mornings and afternoons on the beach.

Molly: How was the beach?

Polly: The beach was very amazing.

Molly: How were the people?

Polly:  The people of the place were exquisite.

Molly: Was the journey comfortable?

Polly: The journey was very splendid indeed.

Molly: How many days did you stay there?

Polly: We stayed there three days.

Molly: Thank you very much.

Polly: You are most welcome.


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