IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

Best High Protein Breakfast
Best High Protein Breakfast
October 17, 2023
University Admission English Suggestion (2024)
University Admission English Suggestion (2024)
October 27, 2023

IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

Describe a  car journey you went on

You should say:
Where you went?
What you did at that place?
Who you went there with?
Explain why you went on that journey by car. And explain how you felt about that journey.

In contemporary times, a plethora of transportation alternatives are available for individuals to visit their preferred destinations.

In the context of extended journeys, my personal inclination leans towards the utilization of public transportation. Nevertheless, there was a singular instance when I undertook a prolonged journey via an automobile.

The specific excursion in question involved my visit to the Manali Hill station, which was facilitated by the use of a private car. This particular voyage encompassed a duration of approximately fourteen hours for a one-way trip.

As a dedicated enthusiast of the natural world, a significant portion of my time was devoted to immersing myself in the embrace of the outdoors.

My initial pursuit involved an excursion into the realm of skiing. While this endeavor presented a formidable challenge at the outset, my unwavering commitment, relentless dedication, and strict adherence to discipline enabled me to master this skill.

In addition to this, Manali is renowned for its orchard farms. My exploration led me to numerous apple orchards, where I savored the delight of plucking and relishing fresh, succulent apples.

Furthermore, the bracing cold weather provided the perfect backdrop for frequent indulgence in a steaming cup of coffee. I was accompanied on this excursion by my close friend, Andrew.

The primary rationale behind our extensive car journey was to fully appreciate the scenic splendor along the way. Notably, the captivating hills of Himachal Pradesh beckoned with their picturesque allure, making it challenging to avail oneself of frequent halts when reliant on public transportation.

Hence, our preference for a personal vehicle. It is worth mentioning that both Andrew and I share a deep-seated fondness for driving, which influenced our decision to embark on this journey in our own vehicle, rather than resorting to hiring a taxi service.

I derived immense satisfaction from this journey, as it provided an opportunity to bond with Andrew. Furthermore, this expedition marked my inaugural foray into hillside driving.

Although I initially harbored reservations, I adapted to the terrain with remarkable ease. Despite the considerable duration of our drive, fatigue remained at bay, and my enthusiasm remained unabated.

The enchanting moments experienced during this trip have left an indelible mark in my memory. It was an exhilarating and invigorating adventure that has bestowed unforgettable memories destined to be cherished indefinitely.

Describe something you enjoyed doing in a group.
You should say:
what you did in a group
whom you did it with
when you did it

Participation in group activities provides an opportunity for individuals to collaborate and engage in collective efforts. Such endeavors prove particularly beneficial in the initial stages of team development.

Personally, I find value in both individual and group activities. In this context, I would like to reflect on a group activity I partook in three years ago at the collegiate level, an experience I found greatly enjoyable.

The specific activity in question was a team-based competition involving three participants. This competition centered on the exploration and presentation of diverse cultural norms and traditions.

I, alongside my peers Raman and Anu, collectively elected to delve into the cultural aspects of Punjab. Our time frame for preparation was limited to a mere two days, necessitating a division of responsibilities among us.

To ensure comprehensive coverage, we conducted extensive research on the lifestyle, attire, and customary practices of the elderly population within the Punjabi community, particularly during significant events such as weddings.

We documented our findings through photographs and gathered relevant clothing and traditional accessories for presentation to the judges.

As part of our preparation, I meticulously crafted a 30-minute presentation, offering an intricate account of our research.

On the day of the competition, we adorned ourselves in traditional Punjabi attire, which resonated positively with both the judges and the audience.

Our presentation succeeded in leaving a favorable impression, leading to our victory in the competition. This collective effort stands as a testament to the gratifying nature of group activities.


IELTS Speaking Topics (2024)  with answers

Describe a speech you gave
When and to whom you gave the speech
What was the speech about
Why you gave the speech
How did you feel about it

Although I have delivered numerous speeches throughout my lifetime, one particular instance stands out as distinct and noteworthy.

Approximately two years ago, I was cordially invited by the educational institution where I received my formative education to present an oration.

Without hesitation, I accepted the esteemed proposition. The subject of my discourse revolved around the principles of achieving success in life.

The school’s principal sought to inculcate in the student body a sense of determination, unwavering dedication, and a diminishing fear of academic challenges, all with the ultimate aim of excelling in their impending examinations.

Commencing my address, I imparted to the students the belief that the pursuit of significant achievements in life does not necessarily hinge upon grand gestures; rather, it should center on the consistent pursuit of incremental improvements on a daily basis.

I further emphasized that any transformations they undertake in their quest for success would not only redound to their benefit but would also accrue to the greater good of their educational institution and their parents.

In the culmination of my discourse, I expounded upon the paramount importance of consistency in the trajectory of one’s life. The attainment of considerable progress can be facilitated through the unwavering commitment to performing one’s tasks diligently and without prolonged interruptions.

This commitment not only allows individuals to maintain a competitive edge but also triggers a cascading effect over a defined span of time. Ultimately, it steers our life paths towards an impressive and sustained growth trajectory.

I delivered this speech as a token of appreciation for the unwavering support and guidance I received from my alma mater during my educational journey.

I regarded it as my solemn duty to reciprocate this support by inspiring and guiding the current generation of students. The resounding applause I received from the student body at the conclusion of my address was a source of great satisfaction.

Furthermore, the indelible memories I forged during this memorable experience continue to be etched in my consciousness.


IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

Describe A Time When You Lost Your Way
You should say:

When and where did it happen?
How did you feel when you were lost?
How did you find your way out?

Although I have lost my way umpteen times, one instance is unique and worth mentioning.

Two years back, I went on a trip to Goa with my friends. The primary purpose behind going on that trip was to spend quality time together because, due to the lockdown imposed during the corona pandemic, we all friends could not meet each other.

During the trip, we decided to do things beyond the conventional domain and visit the far-off beaches in Goa, where only a few people go.

While roaming one of the beaches, I boarded a boat to see an isolated island. To my dismay, one of my friends accompanied me because they were enjoying the swimming.

Although I enjoyed a lot on that remote island, I was in absolute disarray when I returned because I was absent from my friends.

Moreover, my phone and hotel keys were with them, and I did not know the name of the place where I stayed. So I was lost because I needed money and an idea of where to go.I felt terrible.

I worried greatly about my friends because I felt they were in trouble. Moreover, I have yet to have any further plan of action.

Luckily one policeman came to my rescue. Seeing my plight, he decided to help me. He checked the nearby CCTV cameras and learned that my friends had gone to a nearby restaurant to have food. Immediately I rushed there, and after seeing them, I sighed in relief.


IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

Describe an advertisement you don’t like. You should say:
where and when you first saw it
what type of advertisement it is
what product or service it advertises
and explain why you do not like it

Recently, I encountered a commercial that evoked a sense of dissatisfaction. This advertisement was broadcast during a commercial break in a popular prime-time television program I watched a few weeks ago.

The product under promotion was a weight loss supplement, asserting the capacity to yield extraordinary results within a brief duration.

The advertisement commenced by portraying an individual evidently distressed by their body image, struggling to fit into a pair of jeans.

It subsequently introduced the weight loss supplement, claiming that users could shed a substantial amount of weight within a matter of weeks without necessitating physical exercise or dietary adjustments.

The advertisement then proceeded to present before-and-after images of individuals who ostensibly experienced remarkable transformations through the use of the product.

Although my initial encounter with this advertisement was on television, it was also extensively promoted across various social media platforms and websites.

The assertive marketing campaign resulted in the advertisement frequently appearing in my online browsing, further intensifying my aversion towards it.

Several factors contributed to my unfavorable perception of this advertisement. Primarily, it endorsed an unrealistic and unhealthy perspective on weight loss.

The advertisement implied that significant weight loss could be achieved with minimal effort and without modifying one’s lifestyle, a claim that is misleading and potentially perilous.

Swift weight reduction devoid of appropriate dietary and exercise regimens may precipitate a multitude of health complications, and the promotion of such an idea is irresponsible.

Furthermore, the advertisement seemed to capitalize on individuals’ insecurities and reinforce negative body image stereotypes.

By featuring a distressed person grappling with their weight, the advertisement exploited the emotions of viewers who may be undergoing similar challenges.

This manipulative approach is exploitative and may exacerbate body image issues, fostering unhealthy relationships with food and body weight.

Finally, the advertisement’s credibility was questionable due to its lack of scientific substantiation or research corroborating its assertions.

The purported benefits of the product were primarily based on anecdotal testimonials, which are an unreliable measure of efficacy. Without verifiable information, the advertisement appeared more like a potential deception than a legitimate weight loss solution.

In conclusion, the weight loss supplement advertisement was objectionable and problematic for various reasons. Its impractical claims, emotional manipulation, and absence of empirical validation rendered it an advertisement that I vehemently disapproved of and could not endorse.


Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone
You should say:

Who you gave the advice to
What the advice was
Why you gave the advice
And explain how he/she followed your advice

Amidst the many individuals I’ve offered counsel, one particular person holds a distinctive position in my memory. I extended my guidance to a dear friend, Andrew, during a phase of his life when the fates were unkind.

The counsel I imparted was centered on the cultivation of his physical and mental well-being, a matter of utmost significance since he found himself with an abundance of leisure time and an absence of occupational commitments.

I encouraged him to dedicate a daily hour to the enhancement of his physical prowess, blending elements of cardiovascular exercise with weight training.

Furthermore, I urged him to immerse himself in the realms of self-improvement and business literature, in order to expand his intellectual horizons.

My motivation to advise Andrew stemmed from the profound camaraderie we shared; during my own tribulations, he had been a steadfast pillar of support.

Thus, when adversity cast its shadow upon him, I considered it my solemn obligation to extend a helping hand.

Andrew diligently constructed a daily schedule in accordance with my recommendations. Mornings were dedicated to rigorous physical workouts, while the remainder of the day was spent amidst the hallowed shelves of a library, perusing a plethora of diverse tomes.

Although the initial stages of his endeavor bore no fruit, the wisdom gleaned from his extensive readings gradually illuminated a path, leading him to pursue job interviews.

Ultimately, he secured gainful employment, boasting a commendable salary package. However, the rigors of the job demanded long hours and unwavering stamina. It was during these trying hours that his physical conditioning, a result of consistent workouts, proved its mettle.

The efficacy of my counsel became evident as his life embarked on an impressive trajectory of growth and accomplishment. In times of adversity, it behooves us to seek counsel from others, a practice that equips us to navigate the labyrinthine challenges that life presents.


Describe an important decision you made
You should say:

What was the decision
When you made it

How you made the decision

Why was it important

In the realm of decision-making, a particular acumen prevails—a prowess intrinsic to those enriched with wisdom and experience. The ability to make judicious choices at the opportune moment distinguishes the discerning from the disoriented. Individuals who falter in this regard often find themselves ensnared in the quagmire of unfortunate consequences.

There exists a spectrum of decision-making scenarios; some necessitate prompt resolution, transpiring in the blink of an eye during real-time exigencies.

Others, of profound import, merit contemplation, oftentimes in consultation with venerable mentors who grace us with their sagacity and skillful guidance.

I shall now delve into the intricacies of a pivotal decision, one that abstains from the allure of fast-food consumption. It was a period when my corporeal vessel bore the brunt of afflictions, and my well-being underwent a relentless decline.

It was then that paternal wisdom interjected, urging me to seek counsel from our esteemed family physician.

One fateful day, as I ascended a flight of stairs, a sudden onslaught of breathlessness assailed my constitution. Each step forward was a Herculean endeavor, prompting an immediate resolve to seek medical intervention.

Thus, my journey led me to the hallowed precincts of the hospital, where I anticipated an elucidation of the enigma besieging my health.

Upon a meticulous exposition of my maladies and symptoms, my venerable doctor lent a patient ear and promptly prescribed a battery of diagnostic investigations, including a comprehensive panel of blood assays and sundry examinations.

The findings from these meticulous inquiries laid the foundation for profound and far-reaching recommendations.

The prescriptive counsel, as delivered by my physician, constituted a veritable paradigm shift in my lifestyle. The contours of this transformation encompassed the exhortation to prioritize physical exertions and, notably, eschew the siren call of fast-food indulgence.

The gravity of this directive loomed large, for its defiance could potentially precipitate organ dysfunctions of dire consequence.

Yet, my ardor for a life imbued with vitality and well-being overshadowed any transient cravings for culinary hedonism. I committed to a regimen resolute in its adherence to home-cooked, health-infused fare.

In tandem with this dietary overhaul, an arduous regimen of rigorous exercise emerged as the linchpin of my pursuit of rejuvenation. With each passing day, my corporeal temple manifested tangible improvements, as vigor and vitality surged within.

Hence, this seemingly unpretentious decision, underscored by an unwavering commitment to wholesome living, assumes a paramount role within the narrative of my existence.

It stands as a testament to the transformative power of sagacious choices, elevating me from the precipice of infirmity to the pinnacle of wellness.

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