Spoken English for Kids(2024)

Essential Grammar for IELTS Writing Task
Essential Grammar for IELTS Writing Task
March 11, 2021
Right Form of Verbs
Right Form of Verbs Exercises
March 25, 2021

Spoken English for Kids(2024)

Kids Spoken English- Wh Questions

Spoken English for Kids(2024)

Conversation between Mother and Baby on Breakfast

Mother: Good morning, sweetheart! Did you sleep well?

Baby: (giggles) Morning, Mama! I slept gooood!

Mother: I’m so glad to hear that! Guess what? It’s breakfast time! What would you like to eat today?

Baby: (thinking) Hmm… cereal with strawberries!

Mother: Great choice! Let’s get you a bowl of cereal with lots of yummy strawberries. (starts preparing breakfast)

Baby: (clapping hands) Yay! Cereal!

Mother: (pouring cereal into a bowl) Here you go, my little munchkin. And look, I added extra strawberries just for you!

Baby: (excited) Strawberries! Thank you, Mama!

Mother: You’re welcome, sweetheart. (hands the bowl to the baby) Be careful, it might be a little cold. Blow on it, like this. (demonstrates blowing on the cereal)

Baby: (giggles and tries to blow on the cereal) Like Mama!

Mother: (smiling) That’s right! You’re such a smart little one. Now, let’s enjoy our breakfast together.

Baby: (takes a bite) Mmm, yummy! Cereal is good!

Mother: I’m glad you like it! So, what are your plans for today, little adventurer?

Baby: Play with toys! And nap! And play again!

Mother: Sounds like a fun day ahead! After breakfast, we can play with your toys, and then it’ll be nap time. What do you think?

Baby: (nodding) Yes, Mama! Fun day!

Mother: (hugs the baby) The best days are the ones we spend together, my love. Now, let’s finish our breakfast and start our exciting day!

Conversation between Mother and Baby on school homework

Mother: Good evening, sweetheart! How was school today?

Baby: Hi, Mommy! School was fun, but guess what? I got homework today!

Mother: Oh, that’s exciting! What kind of homework do you have?

Baby: We have to draw our favorite animal and write a little bit about it.

Mother: That sounds like a fun assignment! What’s your favorite animal?

Baby: I love elephants! They’re big and have long trunks. They’re so cool!

Mother: Elephants are amazing! So, what do you want to say about them in your homework?

Baby: Hmm… I want to write that elephants are the biggest animals on land and that they use their trunks to drink water and pick up things.

Mother: That’s a great start! Do you want to draw the elephant with colored pencils or crayons?

Baby: I think colored pencils! I want to make it look really colorful.

Mother: Excellent choice! We can go through your art supplies after dinner. Now, let’s think about what you want to say in your writing. How about starting with a sentence about why you like elephants?

Baby: I like elephants because they’re so big and friendly!

Mother: Perfect! And what else do you want to include in your writing?

Baby: Maybe I can write about their long trunks and big ears. Oh, and I heard they never forget things!

Mother: That’s true! Elephants are known for their excellent memory. You can definitely mention that. How about we jot down some key points before you start writing?

Baby: Okay! I’ll say why I like them, talk about their trunks and ears, and mention their super memory!

Mother: That sounds like a fantastic plan! After dinner, we’ll gather your art supplies, and then you can create a beautiful drawing and write about your favorite animal. I’m here to help if you need anything.

Baby: Yay! Thanks, Mommy! I can’t wait to show my teacher.

Conversation between Father and Daughter on Winter Vacation

Father: Good morning, sweetheart! How did you sleep?

Daughter: Morning, Dad! I slept great, thanks. I’m so excited for our winter vacation!

Father: Me too, kiddo! It’s going to be a fantastic time together. Any ideas on what you’d like to do today?

Daughter: Well, since we’re in a snowy place, how about we go ice skating? I saw a rink nearby.

Father: That sounds like a wonderful idea! I used to love ice skating when I was your age. Let’s bundle up and head out after breakfast.

Daughter: Great! And maybe after skating, we can grab some hot cocoa?

Father: Absolutely! A cup of hot cocoa will be the perfect way to warm up after being on the ice. Do you have a favorite spot for hot cocoa, or should we explore and find a cozy little cafe?

Daughter: Hmm, let’s explore! I like the idea of finding a cute little place we’ve never been to before.

Father: Excellent choice! It’s always fun to discover new places. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your scarf and gloves – it can get pretty chilly out there.

Daughter: Got it, Dad! I’ll make sure to bundle up. What about dinner? Any ideas for tonight?

Father: How about we try a local restaurant that serves hearty winter dishes? I heard they have the best comfort food around here.

Daughter: Sounds perfect! I’m already looking forward to it. Do they have any desserts you’ve heard about?

Father: I heard their apple pie is legendary. We can save some room for dessert after enjoying a delicious meal.

Daughter: Yum! Apple pie is my favorite. This vacation is already shaping up to be amazing.

Father: I’m glad you’re excited, sweetheart. These moments together mean the world to me. Anything else on your winter vacation wishlist?

Daughter: Well, maybe tomorrow we could build a snowman in the morning and then have a movie night in the evening?

Father: That sounds like a plan! A snowy morning followed by a cozy movie night – I’m all in. Let’s make the most of our time here.

Daughter: Definitely, Dad. I love spending time with you. This winter vacation is going to be the best!

Daily English Conversation for Kid

Parent: Good morning, sweetie! How did you sleep?

Child: Morning! I slept well, thanks. Had funny dreams!

Parent: That sounds exciting. What did you dream about?

Child: I was flying on a giant rainbow! It was awesome!

Parent: Wow, flying on a rainbow sounds amazing! What would you like for breakfast today?

Child: Pancakes, please! With syrup and strawberries!

Parent: Pancakes it is! While we eat, want to talk about what you’ll do at school today?

Child: We have art class! I want to paint a big, colorful dinosaur.

Parent: That sounds like a fantastic plan! After school, any ideas for what game or activity you’d like to do?

Child: Maybe we can play hide and seek in the backyard?

Parent: Great idea! After that, we can read a story before bedtime. How does that sound?

Child: Perfect! Can we read the one with the talking animals?

Parent: Absolutely! “The Talking Jungle” it is. Now, let’s finish up breakfast and get ready for an awesome day!

Child: Yay! Let’s do it!

Daily use english sentences for child

Morning Greeting:

“Good morning, sweetheart! Ready for a new day?”
Getting Ready:

“Time to brush your teeth and get dressed. Let’s pick out a fun outfit!”

“What would you like for breakfast? How about some yummy pancakes?”
School Prep:

“Pack your backpack, don’t forget your lunch, and grab your jacket. Ready for school!”
At School:

“Have a great day at school! Learn lots and have fun with your friends.”
After School:

“How was your day? Tell me one cool thing that happened!”
Snack Time:

“Let’s have a tasty snack. What do you feel like munching on?”

“What game do you want to play? How about hide and seek or building with blocks?”
Homework Time:

“Let’s tackle your homework together. I’m here to help if you need it.”
Dinner Conversation:

“What was the best part of your day? Share with me while we eat dinner.”
Bedtime Routine:

“Time to get ready for bed. Let’s pick out a bedtime story to read together.”
Goodnight Wishes:

“Goodnight, my love! Sweet dreams and see you in the morning.”

1. What class do you read in?

2. How many students do you have in your school?

3. Who is your favourite teacher in school?

4. Why is she your favourite teacher?

5. Who is your best friend?

6. Why is she your best friend?

7. How do you go to school?

8. When do you go to school?

9. When do you come back from school?

10. What do you do with your younger brother?

11. What do you take for breakfast?

12. What do you take for lunch?

13. What do you take for dinner?

14. Whom do you like most in your family?

15. How old are you?

16. How many books do you have?

17. How many hours do you study every day?

18. What time is it?

19. What do you know?

20. What will you do tomorrow?

21. Where do you live?

22. Where did you go yesterday?

23. Where do you go every day?

24. Who are you?

25. Whom do you want?

Kids Spoken English


26. Whose book is this?

27. Why will you do this?

28. What do you want?

29. When will he come?

30. When will you go?

31. Where will you go?

32. How will you do it?

33. How many books do you want?

34. How much money do you want?

35. How far will he go?

36. Why do you go there?

37. Whose office is this?

38. What do you think?

39. Can you play basketball?

40. Can you draw a picture?

41. Whom do you want to meet?

42. Who came yesterday?

43. What do you do in the morning?

44. What do you do in the evening?

45. What do you do after lunch?

46. What do you do on weekdays?

47. What do you do on weekends?

48. What do you do in your free time?

49. When do you get up in the morning?

50. When do you go to bed everyday?

Most Important Kids Spoken English

51. When do you study?

52. What do you do in the afternoon?

53. Why do you help him?

54. Whom do you like?

55. Whom do you trust and why?

56. Where do you take your lunch?

57. Where do you study?

58. Why do you like this car?

59. When will you go to school tomorrow?

60. When will you go to bed tonight?

61. When will you come here?

62. Why will you go to the doctor?

63. Why will you punish him?

64. How will you go there?

65. Who will help you?

66. Who will go with you?

67. How much money do you need?

68. How many books will you buy?

69. How far will you go?

70. How long will you work?

71. Whom will you help?

72. When will you help your friend?

73. How many brothers do you have?

74. How many sisters are you?

75. How is your father now?

76. Who is treating him?

77. Where are you going?

78. What are you doing now?

79. Is it raining now?

80. What are the children doing?

81. Who is waiting for you?


82. Can you speak English?

83. Can you speak French?

84. Do you listen to music?

85. Who is your favourite singer?

86. What is your mother cooking?

87. Is the bus coming today?

88. Are you watching the tv?

89. Are you eating something?

90. Are you sitting on the floor?

91. Are you feeling well?

92. What colour is your bag?

93. What is your brother doing?

94. Why are you looking at me?

95. Why are you late?

96. Can you drive a car?

97. What do you need?

98. Who is your class teacher?

99. How many teachers are there in your school?

100. Where do you want to go?

101. How long do you study every day?

102. Do you go to school by bus?

103. What are you reading?

104. What is the name of the book?

105. Why do you like it?

106. When will you go to school tomorrow?

107. What will you buy?

108. Whom will you help?

109. How long will you work?

110. How many books will you buy?

111. Who will go there?

112. Who will help you?

113. How will you go there?

114. Why will you punish him?

115. Why will you go there?

116. When do you play with your brother?

117. Where do you play?

118. Does your brother play cricket?

119. Where does your father work?

120. Do you like chocolate?

121. Do you live in a big city?

122. Do you often ride a bicycle?

123. How much does it cost?

124. Do you read the newspaper?

125. Why are you angry?

126. What color is your car?

127. Where is your mother?

128. Who is that man?

129. Are you hungry?

130. Who is that woman?

131. Why are you late?

132. Are you a teacher?

133. What do you like to eat?

134. Do you learn English?

135. When do you return from school?

136. Do you write a letter?

137. Why are you crying now?

138. What is she eating?

139. Is it snowing now?

140. Are you watching the tv?

141. What are the girls doing?

142. Why are you wearing a coat?

143. What is your sister doing?

144. Where are you going?

145. Who are you talking to?

146. What is Jessica cooking?

147. Why are you looking outside?

148. Do you live in a big house?

149. How many languages can you speak?

150. What does she teach?

Kids Spoken English Wh Questions

151. Do you work hard?

152. When do you drink coffee?

153. What is he playing now?

154. What are they practicing?

155. What are they enjoying?

156. What does Rosa want to buy?

157. What is she watching now?

158. How was the movie?

159. How is everything?

160. How often do you go to a restaurant?

161. Can you ride a bicycle?

162. Do you travel by train?

163. Where is your father?

164. Do you eat meat every day?

165. Do you do the same thing every day?

166. Do you take a lot of tea?

167. Do your parents speak English?

168. Where does your grandfather live?

169. Does your brother like football?

170. What does this word mean?

171. Can you play guitar?

172. Where does your father work?

173. Do you know that girl?

174. What is she doing?

175. Why are you laughing?

176. What do you have in your bag?

177. Do you like animals?

178. Which is your favourite animal?

179. How is the weather today?

180. What do you eat every day?

181. What can you do for me?

182. Whom are you looking for?

183. Are you hungry and angry?

184. Where are your parents now?

185. Which is your favourite place?

186. Where will you stay?

187. Where is your car?

188. Are you planning something?

189. Do you know him?

190. How can I help you?

191. Can we do something?

192. How big is the house?

193. How far is your school?

194. How do you study every day?

195. How many toys will you buy?

196. How much money do you want?

197. How often do you go to school?

198. How small is the car?

199. What type of book is this?

200. What kind of people are they?

Most Vital Kids Spoken English- Wh Questions

201. Where do you like to go?

202. Which car will you buy?

203. Whom do you dislike most?

204. Whose car is this?

205. Are you ready to go to school?

206. Do you support us?

207. How do you like my new car?

208. What do you do for pleasure?

209. Where are they going?

210. Does your best friend live near you?

211. Do you like cooking?

212. What time do the shops close?

213. Are you feeling all right?

214. Why do you go home early?

215. Do you want to read the newspaper?

216. When do you go outside for playing?

217. Why do you scold your brother?

218. How do you draw pictures?

219. Can you sing a song?

220. What will you bring for me?

221. Why are you crying?

222. Will you learn French?

223. Can you lend me some books?

224. Do you tell a lie?

225. Can you make tea?

226. Why do you respect your parents?

227. Can I borrow some books from you?

228. Can you please open the window?

229. Can you show me the pictures?

230. Can you spell your name?

231. How much money do you spend everyday?

232. Can you teach English?

233. What do you think about you?

234. Why do you work hard?

235. Do you listen to your parents?

236. When will you start your journey?

237. Will you help me?

238. What do you practice everyday?

239. Can you count money?

240. Where did you see him?

241. Can you cook anything?

242. What bothers you?

243. How many subjects do you have in class two?

244. How many books have bought?

245. Do you like playing video games?

246. Are you from Britain?

247. Where is New York?

248. Do you like learning English?

249. Do you like reading books?

250. When are you coming back?

Kids Spoken English – Questions

251. Are you busy at the moment?

252. Do you often go out in the evening?

253. Do you speak Italian?

254. Do you get up early and why?

255. How many cups of tea do you drink everyday?

256. Do you speak any foreign language?

257. Why do you beat him?

258. Will you wait for me?

259. Do you write letters?

260. Do you make a noise?

261. Can you return the book?

262. How do you feel now?

263. Do you visit your relatives regularly?

264. When will you begin the work?

265. How often do you brush your teeth?

266. Can you answer this question?

267. Can you find out the book?

268. When will you finish the work?

269. How long will you stay here?

270. Will you sell some books?

271. Do you catch fish?

272. Do you beat your younger brother?

273. Do you drive a car?

274. Will you give me the notebook?

275. Who disturbs you?

276. Who brings food for you?

277. Who saves you from disease?

278. Who takes care of you?

279. Who makes coffee for you?

280. Who protects you from criminals?

281. Who can draw pictures?

282. Who grows food for us?

283. Who usually cleans teeth?

284. Who can play music?

285. What color is the sea?

286. Why do people cry?

287. What do cats eat?

288. What do you wear on your feet?

289. What meal do you eat the morning?

290. What color is your teeth?

291. What do farmers grow?

292. What do you wear to stay warm?

293. What makes the food cold?

294. What do people need to sit on?

295. What thing tells the time?

296. What do we drink everyday?

297. When do people say their prayer?

298. When do we sleep?

299. When does school close or start?

300. When will the plane take off?

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