Everyday Spoken English for Kids

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IELTS Cue Card- Your Favorite Food
June 6, 2021
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June 15, 2021

Everyday Spoken English for Kids

Everyday Spoken English for Kids

Let’s learn Everyday Spoken English for kids!

Anna: What class do you read in?

Eliza: I read in class three.

Anna: What is the name of your school?

Eliza: The name of my school is Saint Marry’s School.

Anna: How many students are there in your school?

Eliza: There are about 300 hundred students in our school.

Anna: How many teachers are there in your school?

Eliza: There are twenty-five teachers in our school.

Anna: Is it a big school?

Eliza:  Yes, it is.

Anna: On what floor is your classroom?

Eliza: My classroom is on the first floor.

Anna: What is the education qualification of your headmaster?

Eliza: Our headmaster is an M.A B.ED.

Anna: Are the teachers qualified?

Eliza: Yes, they are.

Anna: When does your school sit?

Eliza: Our school sits at 10 am every day.

Anna: When does your school break up?

Eliza: Our school breaks up at 4 pm.

Anna: Does your school have a garden?

Eliza: Yes, it does. There is a garden in front of our school.

Anna: Is there a pond in your school?

Eliza: Yes, there is. There is a pond behind our school building.

Anna: How many stories are there in your school building?

Eliza: There are five stories in our school building.

Anna:  When was the school established?

Eliza: The school was established in 1990.

Anna: Where is the school situated?

Eliza: The school is situated at Technology Ave, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0LH, United Kingdom.

Anna: How far is your school from here?

Eliza: Our school is about two kilometers from here.

Anna: Do you go to your school by bus?

Eliza: No, I go to my school in a private car.

Anna:  Do you have friends in school?

Eliza: Yes, I do.

Anna: How are your classmates?

Eliza: My classmates are very good. We play together in school.

Anna: Does your school have a library?

Eliza: Yes, it does.  The library of our school is very large.

Anna: Is it an old school?

Eliza: Yes, it is.

Anna: How long have you been studying in this school?

Eliza: I have been studying in this school for the last three years.

Anna: Why do you love your school?

Eliza:  The teachers of this school are very friendly and frankly.

They take good care of us. They love us very much. So, I love them and my school very much.

Anna: I appreciate your time very much.

Eliza: You are most welcome.

Kids Spoken English

1. What’s your name?

My name is Ben Foster.

2. What’s your nickname?

My nickname is Jony.

3. What do you do?

I am a student.

4. What’s your father’s name?

My father’s name is Mark Eaton.

5. What’s your mother’s name?

My mother’s name is Britney Spears.

6. What’s the date of your birth?

My date of birth is 12.02.2010

7. How old are you?

I am 11 years old.

8. What’s your grandfather’s name?

My grandfather’s name is Marcell Ozuna.

9. Where are you from?

I am from Bangladesh.

10. Where’s your residence?

My residence is at Old Biman Office Jame Masjid. Biman Office By Lane, Jamal Khan, Chattogram.

11. What’s your father?

My father is a Professor.

12. What’s your hobby?

My hobby is gardening.

13. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I have one brother and one sister.

14. Who is your best friend?

My best friend is David.

15. When do you get up?

I get up at 7 a.m.

16. When do you go to bed?

I go to bed at 10 p.m.

17. When do you take your breakfast, supper, and lunch?

I take my breakfast at 7.30 a.m, lunch at 1 p.m, and supper at 9 p.m

18. Do you take exercise daily?

Yes, I take exercise daily.

19. How long do you read in a day?

I read for three hours everyday.

20. Why do you read?

I read for my pleasure.

21. What is your mother tongue?

My mother tongue is Bengali.

22. Which drink do you like most?

I like mango juice most.

23. Which newspaper do you read daily?

I read The Daily Star everyday.

24. Which is your favorite fruit?

My favorite fruit is mango.

25. Which is your favorite flower?

My favorite flower is a water lily.

26. Which is your favorite bird?

My favorite bird is the pigeon.

27. Which is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is a tiger.

28. Which is your favorite game?

My favorite game is football.

29. Which is your favorite color?

My favorite color is red.

30. Which is your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is English.

31. Which poet do you like most?

my favorite poet is Milton.

32. Can you speak English?

Yes. I can speak English very fluently.

33. Do you know how to sing?

34. Do you know how to swim?

35. Do you read the newspaper daily?

36. Have you ever been to London?

37. How many toys do you have?

38. Which flower do you like most?

39. What’s your present address?

40. What’s your permanent address?

41. What do you usually do on holiday?

42. What’s your nationality?

43. What’s the name of your police station?

44. What’s the name of your native village?

45……which is your motherland

46. What’s the capital city of Bangladesh?

47. What’s the name of your district?

48. What’s your national language?

49. Which country do you like most?

50. Do you know our national flag?

51. How many districts are there in your country?

52. How many divisions are there in Bangladesh?

53. Tell the name of the divisions

54. Which is our national game?

55. Which is our national flower?

56. Which is our national fruit?

57. Which is our national fish?

58. Which is our national bird?

59. Which is our national poet?

60. Which is our national artist?

61. Who is the president of your country?

62. Who is the prime minister of your country?

63. Who is the captain of your national cricket team?

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