HSC English -Describing Graph and Chart
HSC English -Describing Graph and Chart
March 28, 2021
Ten Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh
Ten Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh
April 5, 2021




IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

Describe an advertisement that you have seen recently. In your answer you should include the following:

-Where you saw the advertisement.

-What the advertisement was about.

How effective the advertisement was.

What was special about the advertisement.

…………. And explain how you felt about it.

Recently, I encountered a compelling advertisement on television during prime time. It showcased a new environmentally friendly car model, emphasizing its low emissions, energy efficiency, and use of sustainable materials. The ad effectively blended captivating visuals, soothing music, and persuasive narration to create a narrative that highlighted the positive impact of choosing this car on the environment. The advertisement stood out by seamlessly integrating the car into picturesque natural settings, emphasizing the harmony between technology and nature.

What made this ad special was its commitment to environmental consciousness without compromising the car’s aesthetic appeal. Testimonials from satisfied customers praising the car’s performance and eco-friendly features added credibility. As a viewer, I felt a sense of admiration for the brand’s dedication to sustainability. The ad successfully conveyed the message that choosing this car was not just a personal preference but also a contribution to a greener planet.

In conclusion, the advertisement effectively promoted the environmentally friendly car by combining aesthetics, information, and emotions. It left me with a positive impression, prompting me to consider the environmental impact of my future choices. Overall, it was a memorable and impactful piece of advertising that skillfully conveyed the importance of making eco-conscious decisions.

1. Q: What is your name?

Ans: My name is Farhad Reza.

2. Q: What do you like about living in Bangladesh?

Ans: Bangladesh is my native country. So, this country, its people, and its language are the most familiar things to me.

I feel happy and satisfied living in this country. I like the country, its language and its people very much.

3. Q: Do you have vacations very often?

Ans: Not really. I have vacations twice and three times every year.

4. Q: Can you tell me about your last vacation?

Ans: Last time I went to Cox’s Bazar on vacation. My wife was with me. We passed three days in Cox’s Bazar.

We stayed in a good hotel. We had a lot of fun. Every morning and afternoon we went to the beach and spent some time there.

5. Q: Who do you like traveling with? Why?

Ans: I like traveling with my wife because we have a good understanding and enjoy each other’s company.

6. Q: Where would you like to travel to in the future?

Ans: In the future, I would like to visit Tajmahal. It is one of the wonders of the world.

Some of my friends have already visited the place and told me that it was really beautiful.

I have also seen the place on TV and in books and have found it interesting.

7. Q: What type of music do you like?

Ans: I like any music if it is melodious. In spite of that, I would like to mention Gazals especially.

I like Gazals by Pankaj Udas and Mehedi Hasan very much.

8. Q: Is music important to you?

Ans: Yes, it is. I like music very much and it occupies an important place in my daily life.

I listen to music in my spare time. I also take resort to music when I am exhausted, lonely, or in a downcast mood.

9. Q: What types of music do your parents like?

Ans: My father likes Rabindra Sangeet but my mother likes folk songs.

You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer: Recently I have seen an advertisement on TV. It was how a businessman flourished his supermarket and kept contact with his suppliers on the mobile phone.

The advertisement was telecast by all the TV channels of Bangladesh. It advertised the mobile connection of Banglalink, a mobile phone company in Bangladesh. 

It was a well-made advertisement. The models also performed well. The special about the advertisement was that it looked very natural and credible.

I consider it a good advertisement having a good story in it. The advertisement was pretty effective as well as after starting the telecast of the advertisement, the sales of Banglalink connections rose about 10% over the next month.

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-Your Favourite Transportation

I am going to talk about my favorite transportation. My favorite mode of transportation is a steamer. My native village is on an island named Sandwip and my family lives in Chittagong town at present. So, we usually go to Sandhip by steamer. a journey by steamer is quite safe though many people are afraid of any kind of journey by water. I like a journey by steamer very much because I feel a certain thrill while having a journey by steamer. The sea attracts me very much. When the steamer reaches the middle of the journey, there is only water all around. Then I feel an untold charm. I have had many trips by steamers. Still, every journey seems to be the first one and charms me as if it were the first journey.

1. How important is success in the life of a man?

Ans: I think success is very important in the life of a person. In most cases, success brings generosity and goodness to a man. A successful person gets appreciated by others and learns to appreciate others.

2. What is the role of failure in a man’s life?

Ans: Some failure does much good in a man’s life. Failure keeps one’s feet on earth. It is said that failure is the step to success. 

Failure makes a man realize the reality and get prepared accordingly.

However continuous failure without success can devastate any person. Hence failure is good only up to a certain extent.

3. How does present-day society measure the success of an individual?

Ans: Present-day society measures the success of an individual mainly in terms of money earned.

However, success is also measured in terms of the significance of an individual’s work or recognition earned.

4. How can we ensure that more people achieve their aims in life?

Ans: We can help people achieve their goals by making good education accessible to them. Moreover, a just and equitable society will help in this regard.

5. Where do you want to be successful—in your job or in your social life?

Ans: To me, success in my job is more important than success in my social life. if I am not successful in my job then success in my social life will have little meaning. Moreover, it will be difficult for me to maintain my success in my social life.

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