Ten Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh

March 30, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Ten Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Ten Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Ten Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh

It seems like there is something interesting to see in every district of this beautiful country. Tourists from all over the world come to visit every year.

There are many eye-catching tourist attractions such as ancient installations, mountain diving, boat trips on the river, lunar games in the green, and you can even get lost in the realm of clouds.

Cox’s Bazar: Located in the southeast of Bangladesh, this beach is the best in the world. This beach is one of the longest natural beaches in the world.

Cox’s Bazar is undoubtedly an attractive destination for travelers. A number of ancient installations can be found here as well.

St. Martin: In the world, St.  Martin ranks among the largest coral islands. St. Martin is a wonderful place. In the local language, St. Martin is also called Coconut Ginger.

The island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh and the best tourist place in Bangladesh. St. Martin’s Island is famous for its coconuts.

Delicious coconut water as well as the shells can be found here. Here you will be excited to see various marine animals including fishing.

Rangamati: There is an abundance of natural beauty in Rangamati, a district in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

In the district town of Kaptai Lake, a variety of interesting places surround it. Each season here has its own festive decor. However, the rain gear is completely different.

Khagrachhari: The Creator has decorated Khagrachhari with infinite beauty. The Mitali, Chengi, and Maini valleys and the diversity of tribal cultures are found here.

No matter where your eye goes, everything just gets greener and greener. This is one of the many tourist places in Bangladesh that is ideal for travelers.

Sylhet tourist spot: Sylhet tea gardens are some of the best tourist places in Bangladesh. Sylhet tea is incredibly fragrant, colorful, tasty, and a unique blend. Jaflong of Sylhet is known all over the country as the best tourist place in Bangladesh.

Bichanakandi: The city of Sylhet is a tourist haven. There are ample stone beds along the country’s borders and cold water stemming from the hills of Meghalaya.

There are many small and big hills surrounding this area. The stream of clear water that runs over the small and big rocks has created pleasant surroundings in Bichanakandi.

Sajek: Even though it is located in Rangamati, you have to go through Khagrachhari. This is one of the most astounding Rangamati tourist spots.

First of all, we need to get to Dighinala from Khagrachhari, and then get to Sajek via Baghaihat. Beautiful views surround the road from every direction.

The surrounding areas of the road are very mesmerizing and charming. Red-green houses on both sides of the road and a fair of clouds in the folds of the hills are found here.

Best Tourist Place in Bangladesh

Bhawal National Park: The nearest place of interest in the Dhaka district is Bhawal National Park. It is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Dhaka.

This park is full of biodiversity. Trees represent about 220 species, mammals represent 13 species, reptiles represent 9 species, birds represent 5, and amphibians represent 5.

Rangrang: If you can not reach the top of the hill of Rangrang, the enjoyment of the beauty of Rangamati will remain incomplete. The enchanting Karnafuli river flows through the hillside.

Located near Karnafuli, it lies in Barkal and Jurachhari upazilas. The beauty around you will come flooding in if you can reach the colorful peak!!

Bolding Khyang of Bandarban: The location of the waterfall is in Mongpru Para of Bandarban. There is a waterfall gushing a stream of rocky water beneath two the hills.

You will be surprised by how different the scenery is once you reach the top of the hill. Across the entire area, there is a blanket of white fog originating from the waterfalls.

Char Kachhpia: The location of this canal is at Gosaibari Ghat in Char Fashion, Bhola district.

It is a marvelous sight to run a boat in a canal while playing in the greens nearby. Deer and birds are found in winter here.

Lalbagh Fort: Lalbagh Fort is an architectural monument of the Mughal period. It contains the mausoleum of Paribibi, the courthouse, the hammam, the mosque, the fort, etc.

Construction of the fort was carried out in the second half of the seventeenth century. It is situated on the banks of the river Buriganga.

Nilgiris: Nilgiris is the highest tourist destination in the country. It is situated in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban city. When you mingle with the clouds, you have the opportunity to touch them. In the dry season, you can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the Nilgiris.

Nilachal and Shuvranila: It is located at the entrance of the Bandarban district. The skies are always cloudy in these tourist destinations atop 1800 feet.

From these two tourist centers built on top of this hill, one can enjoy an excellent view of the surrounding area.

Ten Best Tourist Places in Bangladesh

Beautiful Place in Bangladesh

Shuvlong Jharna: Shuvlong Jharna is one of the most fascinating locations in Rangamati. The fountain is always thronged by tourists.

In the wake of a long journey, the waterfall has finally reached Kaptai Lake. Shuvlongya is easily accessible, meaning that its beauty can be appreciated in all its fullness.

Ahsan Manzil: The location of this ancient empire is in the Kumartuli area on the banks of the Buriganga.

In total, the manzil consists of two parts: Rangmahal and Andarmahal. Above the palace, you can see many lovely domes. There is also a museum here.

Mahasthangarh: The traditional ancient antiquities are located in Bogra. The capital of Pundravardhana was present-day Bogra Mahasthangarh.

Additionally, Bogra had particularly important administrative functions while the Maurya, Gupta, Pala, and Sen dynasties were in power. It stands on the west bank of the river Karatoya.

Sompur Mahavihara: Sompur Mahavihara is located in Paharpur Vihara. Throughout the South Asian subcontinent, it is recognized as a Buddhist monastery.

Tourists flock to this destination most often because of its unique architecture. This place is popular with the people of the Indians Subcontinent.

Chimbuk: 26. Chimbuk: The third largest mountain in the country. Chimbuk in Bandarban may be a well-known name everywhere in the country.

The view of the hills on each side of the road to Chimbuk and therefore the view of the Sangu river are very beautiful. Cloud rafts are often seen standing on Capitol Hill.

Golden Temple: Mahasukh Temple. The Golden Temple is legendary for its golden color.

It is located on the highest of a high hill within the Balaghata area of Bandarban, a hill district of Bangladesh. Every full-of-the-moon night, thousands of earthen lamps are lit here in wonderful light.

Kantjiu Mandir: Kantjiu Mandir or Kantji Mandir or Kantnagar Mandir is an ancient temple located on the banks of the river Dhempa, 20 km north of Dinajpur city in Bangladesh and 7 km south-east of Kaharol Upazila Sadar in Sundarpur Union, west of Dinajpur-Tentulia Highway.

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It is also referred to as Navaratna Mandir because this three-storied temple had nine pinnacles or gems. A magnificent religious site built in the 18th century, the Kantjiu Temple is a great place of worship.

The temple is understood because of the temple of Kant or Krishna in Hinduism which is prevalent in Bengal as a spiritual tradition of the author Radha-Krishna.

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