Suffix Prefix Exercise with Answer SSC

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Best Short Story-The Face
November 20, 2021
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Glimpses of Paris Amsterdam and Brussels
November 27, 2021

Suffix Prefix Exercise with Answer SSC

Suffix Prefix Exercise with Answer SSC

Let’s learn Suffix Prefix Exercise with Answer SSC

1.Flowers are the symbol of love and (a) — (pure). They are (b) — (know) for their beauty and fragrance. Some flowers are (c) — (note) for their fragrance and same are for their beauty. But the rose is favourite to us for its colour and beauty. Its mother place is the city of Paris. The (d) — (Japan) are exceptionally famous for its (e) — (cultivate). At present most of the countries grow rose in plenty. It (f) — (general) grows from June to November. Its scent makes us (g) — (cheer). It makes people lively, lovely, (h) — (affection) and so on. By (i) — (grow) roses in plenty, we can export them and solve our (j) — (employ) problem.

Answer: (a) purity (b)known  (c)noted (d)Japanese (e)cultivation (f)generally (g)cheerful (h)affectionate (i)growing (j)unemployment

2.Trees are (a) — (use) to man in many ways. They are companion in our day to day life. It is (b) — (possible) to build our homes, furniture etc. without trees. Trees save us from flood and (c) — (nature) calamities. It (d) — (strength) the soil. If we cut trees (e) — (discriminately) there will be ecological (f) — (balanced). So tree (g) — (plant) programme should be extended for a better, (h) — (happy), (i) — (healthy) life and (j) — (peace) environment.

Answer: (a)useful (b)impossible (c)natural (d)strengthens (e)indiscriminately (f)imbalance (g)plantation (h)happier (i)healthier (j)peaceful

SSC English Suggestion  All Board (2024)

3.Early rising is the habit of (a) — (get) up from bed early in the morning. An early (b) — (rise) can enjoy the (c) — (fresh) of the morning air. He can hear the (d) — (melody) songs of the birds. Again, he can start his day’s work (e) — (early) than others. An early riser does not suffer from (f) — (physic) problems very often. So, he need not go to any (g) — (physic) (h) — (frequent). Thus, an early riser enjoys (i) — (vary) benefits and leads a (j) — (peace) life.

Answer: (a) getting (b)riser (c)freshness (d)melodious (e) earlier (f)physical (g)physician (h)frequently (i)various (j)peaceful

4.Life without (a) — (relax) and pleasure is dull. Life becomes (b) — (charm) if it does not have any time to enjoy the (c) — (beauty) objects of nature. (d) — (monotony) work hinders the (e) — (smooth) of work. Leisure (f) — (new) our spirit to work. Everybody knows that (g) — (work) is (h) — (harm) Leisure does not mean (i) — (averse) to work. It gives freshness and (j) — (create) to our mind.

Answer: (a) relaxation(b)charmless (c)beautiful (d)monotonous (e)smoothness (f)enriches (g)overwork (h)harmful (i)idleness (j)recreate

5.You should bear in mind that (a) — (confidence) assists a man to reach me. The lack of (b) — (determine) leads one to lose the confidence. You need it in order to (c) — (come) the problems of life. Fix a target and then try (d) — (sincere) to gain success. Don’t lose heart if you fail. Remember that (e) — (fail) is the pillar of success. Whereas, success without (f) — (complete) is not enjoyable. Determination keeps you (g) — (mental) strong and make (h) — (prepare) for struggling to reach the goal. Nobody can be (i) — (success) in his mission. Failure makes him more (j) — (determine) to work hard.

Answer: (a)self-confidence (b)determination (c)overcome (d)sincerely (e)failure (f)competion (g)mentally (h)prepared (i)successful (j)determined

6. (a) — (Kind) is a divine virtue. So we should not be (b) — (kind) to the people in distress and even to (c) —- (low) animals. Some naughty boys (d) — (joy) beating the lower animals like does dumb (f) — (create). They are (g) — (harm) beings. Some animals are very (h) — (faith) and they feel no (i) — (hesitate) to risk their lives for our (j) — (protect).

Answer: (a)kindness (b)unkind (c)lower (d)enjoy (e)irrational (f)creatures (g)harmless (h)faithful (i)hesitation (j)protection

7. Food (a) — (adulterate) is a crime. Adulterated food is (b) — (poison) and causes (c) — (curable) diseases. Some (d) — (greed) businessmen are responsible for this (e) — (wicked). The steps so far taken by the government against those (f) — (honest) businessmen (g) — (real) deserve praise. (h) — (present), the fraudulent businessmen are much alarmed. (i) — (Hopeful), we will be able to shun this (j) — (practice) very soon.

Answer: (a) adulteration(b)poisonous (c)incurable (d)greedy (e)wickness (f)dishonest (g)really (h)presently (i)hopefully (j)malpractice

Suffix and Prefix Exercises with Answers for SSC

8.Zahir Raihan was one of the most (a) — (talent) filmmakers in Bangladesh. He was an (b) — (act) worker of the Language Movement. He was also present at the (c) — (history) meeting at Amtala on February 21, 1952. All through his life, Zahir dreamt for a d) — (democrat) society, a society that will (e) — (sure freedom of speech and will. He made a — (legend) film Jibon Theke Neya based on the Language (g) — (Move) of 1952. He could see the (h) — (incept) of a free and (i) — (dependent) Bangladesh. And it’s a pity that this (j) — (dream) was missing at such a time when his dream came true.

Answer: (a)talented (b)active (c)historical  (d)democratic (e)ensure (f)legendary (g)movement (h)inception (i)independent (j)dramer

9.Load shedding is one of the most common problems of Bangladesh. Lives of our citizen are (a) — (serious) hampered for load shedding. Students feel (b) — (difficult) in reading during load shedding. (c) — (Industry) activities are also hampered. We should use electricity (d) — (honest) and (e) — (frugal) and should create (f) — (aware) among people to solve this (g) — (nation) problem. Government should take (h) — (effect) steps to (i) — (grade) our power station to mitigate the (j) — (advantages) of our people.

Answer: (a) seriously(b)difficulties (c)industrial (d)honestly (e)frugally (f)awareness (g)national (h)effective (i)upgrade (j)disadvantages

10.To become sure of doing well in the examination, you have to be attentive to studies. Regular practice can(a)—(sure) your better (b)…..(perform). But if you are (c)…..(attentive) and(d)…..(regular) you cannot expect to do so. Remember that (e)…..(regularity) will result in (f)…..(satisfactory) performance. Our students know this. But still many of them fail to show better (g)….. (perform) because they are (h) neglect of their duties we must believe that willful (i)…….(negligent) is a crime. So all the students should study (j)……(attentive).

Answer: (a) ensure (b) performance (c)inattentive (d) irregular (e) irregularity (f) unsatisfactory (g)performance (h) neglectful (i) negligence (j)attentively

11.Those who lead a (a) — (luxury) life, are always (b) — (different) to the miseries of the poor They enjoy life in (c) — (amuse) and (d) — (merry). They are (e) — (centered) people. They have little (f) — (realize) of the (g) — (bounded) sufferings of the poor. They remain indifferent to their (h) — (suffer). They feel (i) — (comfort) to work for their (j) — (better).

Answer: (a)luxurious (b)indifferent (c)amusement (d)merriment (e)self-centered (f)realization (g)unbounded (h)sufferings (i)comfortable (j)betterment

12.Agriculture is the soul of our economy. The farmers of our country are (a) — (literate). They are (b) — (ignore) of the scientific methods of (c) — (cultivate). Our agriculture is still a (d) — (gamble) in the hands of nature. Flood damages our crops and invites (e) — (fame). Sometimes drought makes cultivation (f) — (possible). Then (g) — (poor) is seen everywhere. Poor farmer cannot buy (h) — (science) tools for agriculture. The tools are not (i) — (avail) to byu them. It is said that (j) — (irrigate) is really costly in our country.

Answer: (a)illiterate (b)ignorant (c)cultivation (d)gambling (e)famine (f)impossible (g)poverty (h)scientific (i)available (j)irrigation

13.Smoking produces (a)…. (danger) effects on man. By smoking a man incurs both physical and (b)….. (economy) loss. Smoking is a kind of (c)…..(addict). Those who become(d)…..(addict) to drug first begin smoking which is the initial step of addiction. We should raise (e)…. (aware) among our people. We should (f)…..(courage) others to smoke. It is (g)……(possible) to stop smoking without (h)…..(unite) efforts. (i)…..(fortunate) only the (j)…..(wise) man can do such foolish work.

Answer: (a) dangerous (b) economic (c) addiction (d) addicted (e) awareness (f) discourage (g) impossible (h) united (i) unfortunately (j) unwise.

14.Every man does not have the same (a)…..(able). It differs from man to man. (b)…..(educate) can develop one’s ability, but yet the (c)….. (differ) remains. An educated man can do something that is (d)…. (possible) for an (e)…..(educated) man. It is because education can (f)……(able) him to do it.(g)………(academy) education is not enough for (h)…..(lighten) the mentality of man. But it is necessary for awarding certificates and (i)……(measure) of (j)………(know).

Answer:(a)ability (b) education(c)difference(d)impossible (e) uneducated (f) enable(g) academic (h)enlightening (i) measurement (j) knowledge

15.Man is (a)……(natural) curious to know the unknown. Newspaper is the best medium to satisfy this (b)…..(curious). It tells us what is (c)…..(happen) around the world. It is the (d)……..(supply) of all  sorts news and views. A   newspaper is a ( e)………(power) instrument of publicity. Government   (f)……(notify) are given  publicity through it. It is a good (g)…….(company) in our solitary hours. It helps the (h)………(grow) of public opinion. But it is not an (i)……(mix)  blessing. However, newspaper has made the world (j)… (small) and helps one nation to understand the others.

ANSWER :a) naturally b) curiosity c) happening d) supplier e) powerful f) notifications g) companion h) growth i) unmixed j) smaller

Prefix and Suffix Exercises with Answers

16. Facebook is a social networking site. It has gained much (a) …….(popular) among the young generation. Sometimes our young generation waste their (b)……(value) time by browsing facebook. So in this case (c)…….(parents) monitoring is a must. Many people (d)…..(fine)  facebook as an embarrassing (e)….(invade) on others (f)…..(person) privacy.  However, it plays a (g)……(significance) role in (h)……..(society) as well as natural understanding and (i)…… (operation). It has also brought a great change in modern (j)…… (civilize).

ANSWER: a) popularity b) valuable c) parental d) define e) invasion f) personal g) significant h) social i) co-operation j) civilization

17.As of famous (a) — (write) are put on sale in the book fair. Most of the (b) — (visit) buy different (c) — (publish). Almost no visitor returns from the fair without making any purchase. The (d) — (buy) like to buy at a fair price. Our book fair is always (e) — (crowd). As various books are (g) — (play) in a fair, the buyers get a scope to choose books. They buy (h) — (choose) books after a long search. This facility is (i) — (available) in any place other than a book fair. A book fair is always (j) — (come) to the students.

Answer: (a) writers(b)visitors (c)publishers (d)buyers (e)crowded (f)various (g)displayed (h)chosen (i)unavailable (j)welcoming

18. Student life is the (a) — (gold) — season of life. This is a (b) — (form) — period of life. This is the time for (c) — (prepare) — of future life. Students are the future (d) — (leader) of the country. They should have (e) — (patriot) —. They should achieve quality (f) — (educate) — and build themselves as (g) — (compete) — citizens. They should gain (h) — (know) — and learn the art of (i) — (behave) — and (j) — (interact) — before others.

Answer: (a)golden (b)formative (c)preparation (d)leaders (e)patriotism  (f)education (g)competent (h)knowledge (i)behaviour (j)interaction

19.Money cannot buy (a) — (happy). Money is a must for our life. But it is not necessary to bring happiness. Happiness is (b) — (absolute) a (c) — (psychology) thing. It is the name of a (d) — (feel). It means the (e) — (content) of the mind. He who has (f) — (satisfy) with what he has is (g) — (real) a happy one. Above all, we should keep in mind that (h) — (world) happiness is not all. If we want to be (i) — (eternal) happy and lead a (j) — (dignify) life, we have to earn money in an honest way.

Answer: (a) happiness(b)absolutely (c)psychological (d)feeling (e)contentment (f)satisfaction (g)really (h)worldly (i)eternally (j)dignified

20.Money cannot buy (a) — (happy)  —. Money is (b) — (obvious) — necessary for our life. But it is not the thing that (c) — (necessary) — brings happiness. Happiness is(d) — (absolute) — a psychological thing. Basically, it is the name of a (e) — (feel) —.It lies in the (f)— (content) — of mind. A poor man with mental(g) — (satisfy) — may become really happy in life. On the other hand, a man with a lot of (h) —(rich) — may not be happy. Their wealth becomes the causes of (i) — (happy) — because most of the time they suffer from (j) — (secure) —. So, they lead a life full of cares and anxieties.

Answer: (a) happiness(b)obviously (c)necessarily (d)absolutely (e)feeling (f)contentment (g)satisfaction (h)riches (i)unhappiness (j)insecurity

21.Bangladesh is an (a) — (dependent) country but she is burdened with poverty (b) — (population) (c) — (employ), corruption (d) — (deficient) etc. The present (e) —(govern) has aimed to making a digital Bangladesh to (f) — (come) most of this problem. The actual aim of (g) — (digit) Bangladesh is to establish technology best government which will emphasi“e the over all (h) — (develop) of the country. The country has (i) ready fixed its target of (j) — (achieve) digital Bangladesh by 2021.

Answer: (a) independent (b) over population (c) unemployment (d) deficiency (e) government (f) overcome (g) digital (h) development (i) already (j) achieving


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