HSC Article All Board Question

Pronoun Reference HSC-Board Question
Pronoun Reference HSC-Board Question
October 12, 2021
Echoes in Empty Souls -A True Realization
Echoes in Empty Souls -A True Realization
October 16, 2021

HSC Article All Board Question

HSC Article All Board Question and Answer

HSC Article All Board Question

1. Bangladesh is (a)____ independent country. We won freedom on (b)____ December 16, 1971. This freedom was won as (c)____ result of great sacrifice.

HSC English Suggestion All Board (2024 )

(d) ____ great many people laid down their lives for (e) ____ freedom of the country. (f) ____ man who loves his country is (g) ____ patriot. (h) ____ real patriot loves his country more than his life. Being patriots, we all should try to make (i) ____ effort for the welfare and (j) ___ progress of our motherland.

Answer: (a)  an (b)× (c) a (d) (e) the (f) the (g) a (h) a (i) an ( j)the

2.William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564, in (a) ____ village of Stratford-on-Avon in (b) ____ country of Warwickshire. His father John Shakespeare was (c) ____ farmer’s son who came to (d) ____ Stratford about 1531, and began to prosper as (e) ____ trader in corn, wheat, leather and agricultural products. His mother Mary Arden was (f) ____ daughter of (g) ____ prosperous farmer, descended from (h) ____ old family of mixed Anglo-Saxon and Norman blood. It is generally believed that neither (i) ____ poet’s mother nor his father could read or write. In 1582, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, the daughter of (j) ____ peasant family. She was eight years older than Shakespeare.

Answer: (a )the (b)the (c)a (d) × (e)a (f)the (g)a (h) an (i) the ( j)a

3.Patriotism is (a) ____ noble virtue. It inspires (b) ____ man to dedicate his life for the freedom of his (c) ____ country. (d) ____ man without patriotism is no better than (e) ____ beast. A true patriot is honored by (f) ____ his countrymen. He thinks for (g) ____ betterment of his country. On (h) ____ the contrary, (i) ____ unpatriotic man thinks only of his own interest. Those who die for (j) ____ country are true patriots.

Answer: (a )a (b)a (c) ×  (d)the (e)a (f) × (g)the (h) (i) an ( j) the

4.Truthfulness is (a) ____ greatest of all (b) ____ virtues which makes (c) ____ man really great. If we do not cultivate the habit of speaking (d) ____ truth, we cannot command (e) ____ confidence of others. (f) _____ man whom nobody believes can never be great in life. We might succeed once or twice by telling (g) ____ lie but it never brings a good result. (h) ____ lie never lies hidden. Today or tomorrow it comes to light. Then (i) ____ real character of (j) ____ liar is revealed and nobody believes him.

Answer: (a ) the(b) × (c)a (d)the (e)the (f)a (g)a (h)a (i)the ( j)the

5.The process of learning may very well be compared to (a) ____ undertaking of a journey. The learner or the student is (b) ___ journey taker or traveler. Just as a traveler has to undergo all (c) ____ botherations of buying his ticket, booking his baggage, showing up his ticket, taking care of things, boarding a train or a bus, and suffering every other item of (d) ____ tedious journey to reach his (e) ____ destination, so a learner has to manage his learning affair himself. It is (f) ____ laborious process and no one can undertake (h) ____ journey for another. There is no trick or magic in it. It cannot be acquired second hand. Just as a traveler he can enquire here and there in case of doubt and difficulty. However, the journey is (i) ____ passenger’s own concern. In (j) ____ same way, learning is entirely the concern of the student or the learner.

Answer: (a )an (b)a (c)the (d)a (e) × (f)a (g)a (h)the (i)the ( j)the

6.In (a) ____ last 25 years (b) ____ world has lost one-third of its natural wealth, according to (c) ____ International Conservation Organization World Wild Fund. (d) ____ earth’s forest, wetlands, seas, and coasts are in (e) _____ worse state today than they were before. Forests are cut down. Moreover, they are being burnt indiscriminately resulting in (f) ____ increase in carbon-di-oxide and ultimately is (g) ____ water level rising as a consequence of global warming. It is anticipated that (h) ____ new century will face (i) _____ overwhelming environmental (j) ____ catastrophe.

Answer: (a ) the(b)the (c)the (d)the (e)a (f)an (g)the (h)the (i)an ( j) ×

7.‘Rifle Roti Aurat’ is (a) ____ first Bengali novel on (b) ____ Liberation war of Bangladesh. This unique novel is written by Anwar Pasha, (c) ____ professor of Bangla department at Dhaka University. He wrote this (d) ____ novel between April and June in 1971. The main character in this novel is Sudipta Shaheen who shares his dream of (e) ____ new country. Professor Anwar Pasha was picked up from his Dhaka University residence two days before (f) ____ victory. Sensing imminent defeat, the members of (g) ____ notorious killing squad Al-Badr picked up (h) ____ novelist Anwar Pasha and many other intellectuals and brutally killed them. According to (i) _____ Banglapedia, around 991 academics, 13 journalists, 49 physicians, 42 lawyers, and 16 other intellectuals, were killed during (j) ____ liberation war of Bangladesh.

Answer: (a )the (b)the (c)a (d) (e)a (f)the (g)the (h)the (i) × ( j)the

8.Robi is (a) ____ indigent boy. He comes of (b) ____ needy family. But he is diligent and upright. He has (c) ____ unique vision for life. He believes that honesty is (d) ____ keys to success. Moreover, he has (e) ____ deep sense of patriotism. Being imbued with these ideals, he shapes (f) ____ dream of his life. From (g) ____ dawn to dusk, he works hard. He never squanders time, wastes money, and dissipates (h) ____ energy. His only aim is to reach (i) ____ apex of success. We need (j) ____ ideal boy like Robi.

Answer: (a )an (b)a (c)a (d) the(e)a (f)the (g) (h) × (i)the ( j)an

9.Truthfulness is (a) ____ greatest of all (b) ____ virtues which makes (c) ____ person really great. If we do not cultivate (d) ____ habit of speaking (e) _____ truth, we cannot command (f) _____ trust of others. The man whom nobody believes can never be famous in life. It may be that we may succeed once or twice by telling (g) _____ lie but it never brings about (h) ___ good result. A lie never lies hidden. Today or tomorrow it comes to light. Then (i) ____ real character of (j) _____ liar is revealed and nobody believes him.

Answer: (a ) the(b) × (c)a (d) the(e)the (f)the (g)a (h)a (i)the ( j)a

The most crucial Articles Exercises with Answers

10.What (a) ____ surprise it was! Robin got (b) ____ first prize in (c) _____ competition. I was really (d) _____ amazed at his success. Of course he was trained by (e) _____ expert coach for (f) _____ time. He always obeyed (g) ____ instructions given by (h) ____ coach. Even he was not found outside (i) ____ camp during a practice session. (j) ____ boy like him is always appreciated by the people.

Answer: (a )a(b)the (c)the (d) × (e)an (f)a (g)the (h) the(i)the ( j)a

HSC Article All Board Question and Answer

11. Michael Madhusudan Dutt was (a) ____ popular 19th century Bengali poet and dramatist. He was born in (b) ____ Sagardari on (c) ______ bank of (d) _____  Kopotaksho river, (e) _____ village in Keshobpur Upazilla under Jashore district. From (f) ____ early age, Dutt aspired to be (g) ____ Englishman in form and manner. Though he was born in (h) _____ sophisticated Hindu family, he took Christianity arousing (i) _____ anger of development of Bengali literature.

Answer: (a ) a(b) × (c)the (d)the (e)a (f)an (g)an (h)a (i) × ( j)the

12. Every student wants to do better in (a) ____ examination. But it is not (b) ____ easy work. (c) ____ student has to do something for this. From (d) ____ very beginning he must be serious. He should read (e) ____ texts again and again. He must not memorize (f) ____ answer without knowing the meaning. He must not make notes from (g) ____ common source. He should have a good (h) ____ command of English. By doing all these things (i) ____ student can hope to make a good (j) ____ result.

Answer: (a ) the(b)an (c) a(d)the (e)the (f)the (g)a (h) × (i)a ( j) ×

13. Literacy as (a) ____ skill was first institutionalized in Mesopotamia, Syria, Egypt, and China soon after (b) ____ art of writing was invented. Education then was not for (c) ____ general people but (d) ____ privilege for (e) ____ chosen (f) ____ few who took on strategic roles in (g) ____ running of (h) ____ state and in religion. In Greece, education became more widespread in about the 5th century BC. (i) ____ Greeks, however, sent only their (j) ___ male children to school.

Answer: (a ) a(b)the (c)the (d)a (e)the (f) (g)the (h)the (i)the ( j) ×

14. My mother is (a) ____ ideal housewife. She is (b) ____ affectionate lady. She manages (c) ____ family very nicely. She hopes to see me happy at (d) ____ cost of her own life. She does not enjoy (e) ____ wink of sleep if I fall sick. She is very kind to (f) ____ poor. She is also (g) ____ very religious lady. She advises us to follow (h) ____ path of truth and honesty. (i) _____ woman like her is very rare. She bears a good moral (j) ____ character.

Answer: (a ) an(b)an (c)the (d)the (e)a (f)the (g)a (h)the (i)a ( j) ×

15. There is a saying that sincerity is (a) ____ key to success. (b) ____ person can prosper in life by doing hard work. The man who does not follow (c) ____ rules of sincerity can never go (d) ____ long way in (e) ____ world. Many (f) ____ man is not conscious of (g) _____ importance of (h) ____ sincerity for which they don’t have (i) ____ benefit of (j) ____ success. However, we should be sincere to our work if we want to achieve anything notable.

Answer: (a ) the(b)a (c)the (d)a (e)the (f)a (g)the (h) × (i)the ( j) ×

16. Kamal is (a) ____ HSC examinee this year. He is not (b) ____ attentive to his lessons. He is very weak in (c) ____ English. Moreover he is (d) ____ lazy. So his preparation in English is not good. (e) ____ month ago before his examination he managed (f) ____ short suggestion and learnt it. On (g) ____ day of examination he started for the examination hall (h) ____ happiest men in (i) _____ world. But his (j) ____ idea was wrong.

Answer: (a ) an(b) × (c) (d) × (e)a (f)a (g)the (h)a (i)the ( j)a

17. Once there lived (a) ____ poor cobbler. He had (b) ____ rich neighbor. (c) ____ neighbor possessed (d) ____ ill-health. So, he was (e) ____ angry man. He was always (f) ____ unhappy man. Once he used to think (g) ____ richest men to be (h) ____ happiest men in (i) ____ world. But his (j) ____ idea was wrong.

Answer: (a ) a(b)a (c)the (d)an (e)an (f)an (g)the (h)the (i)the ( j) ×

18. (a) ____ morning walk is a good habit for all classes of people. It is (b) ____ simple exercise and good for health and (c) ____ mentality. In the morning (d) ____ air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution. This pure (e) ____ environment makes an effect on (f) ____ walker’s health and mind. When (g) ____ man enjoys (h) _____ beauties and solemnity of (i) ____ nature in (j) _____ morning, his mind gets refreshed.

Answer: (a ) × (b)a (c) × (d)the (e) × (f)a (g)a (h)the (i) × ( j)the

19. Industry is (a) ____ key to success. (b) ____ industrious can prosper in life. (c) ____ man who does not undertake (d) ____ hard-work can never go (e) ____ long way in (f) ____ world. Many (g) ____ man is not conscious of (h) ____ importance of (i) ____ diligence for which they can’t reap (j) ____ benefit of success.

Answer: (a ) the(b)the (c)a (d) × (e)a (f)the (g)a (h)the (i) × ( j)the

20. Long long ago, (a) ____ mirror was found in (b) ____ paddy field by (c) ____ farmer. Neither this farmer nor anybody else in (d) ____ area had ever seen (e) ____ mirror. So, when (f) ____ farmer looked into (g) ____ mirror, he was surprised to see (h) ____ man looking straight at him. Now, this farmer very much resembled his father who had died (i) ____ years ago. He thought that it was his father inside it and saluted him with (j) ____ love and respect.

Answer: (a )a (b)a (c)a (d)the (e)a (f)the (g)the (h)a (i) × ( j) ×

Articles Exercise with Answers

21. Mr. Bright is (a) ____ European. As he is (b) ____ Englishman, he knows (c) ____ English well. He is (d) _____ honourable to everyone though he is (e) ____ one-eyed man. One day having (f) ____ SOS, he went to (g) ____ USA. His brother Johnson living there joined (h) ____ army last year. He is (i) ____ younger of the two brothers. When Bright met his brother, he could not but shed (j) ____ tears.

Answer: (a )a (b)an (c)× (d)× (e)a (f)an (g)the (h)the (i)the ( j) ×

22. (a) ____ discipline is seen even in (b) ____ nature. Every morning (c) ____ sun rises in (d) ____ east. Day follows (e) ____ night, birds sing and (f) ____ plants blossom. Everywhere in (g) ____ nature, there is (h) ____ harmony. If there was no discipline in (i) ____ nature, there would have been (j) ____ chaos everywhere.

Answer: (a ) ×(b) × (c)the (d)the (e)× (f) × (g) × (h)a (i) × ( j) ×

23. Television is (a) ____ part and parcel of modern life. At present we can enjoy various TV channels through satellite. Among these, (b) ____ Discovery Channel is my favourite one. This TV channel is very interesting and attractive. I think both (c) ____ young and (d) ____ old get pleasure from this channel. When I watch this TV channel, I forget (e) ____ everything of practical life. The introducer narrates everything in (f) ____ most appropriate way. He turns our attention to (g) ____ unknown and mysterious world of (h) _____ history and animals. (i) ____ sea-view is excellent. I think it attracts (j) ____ attention of all kinds of viewers.

Answer: (a )a (b) × (c)the (d)the (e) × (f)the (g)the (h) ×(i) the ( j) the

24. Life is full of (a) ____ unfavourable circumstances. (b) ____ great men in (c) ____ world bravely faced (d) ____ adverse situations. These situations bring out (e) ____ man’s latent qualities. (f) ____ people in such circumstances learn many virtues like fortitude and bravery. Only (g) ____ virtuous and brave men can conquer (h) ____ obstacles of life. (i) _____ adverse situations have glorified (j) ____ mind and character of great men.

Answer: (a ) × (b)the (c)the (d)the (e)a (f)the (g)the (h)the (i) the ( j) the

25. The process of globalization obviously requires (a) ____ common language for international (b) ____ English has achieved (c) ____ prestige of being that (d) ____ language because it is (e) ____ international language. It is no longer (f) ____ unique possession of the British or the Americans or other native-speakers, but (g) ____ language that belongs to (h) ____ world’s people. This phenomenon has led to (i) ____ bewildering a variety of (j) ____ English around us.

Answer: (a )a (b)× (c)the (d)× (e)an (f)a (g)a (h)the (i) a ( j) ×

26. Ferdousi, (a) ____ great poet, began to write (b) ____ Shahnama and the Sultan promised him (c) ____ piece of gold coins for each (d) ____ verse. (e) ____ epic contained sixty thousand (f) ___ verses. But instead of gold coins, he offered the poet only sixty thousand silver (g) ____ coins. So, the poet refused to accept the silver coins and left the court with (h) ____ broken heart. He was (i) ____ aggrieved man. Later on, the sultan realized that he had made (j) ____ blunder.

Answer: (a )the (b)the (c)a (d)× (e)the (f)× (g)× (h)a (i) an ( j)a

27. Humayun Ahmed (1948-2012) was (a) ____ great novelist, screenwriter, playwright, and film-maker of Bangladesh. He went to many (b) ____ schools in Sylhet, Comilla, Chattogram, Dinajpur, and Bogura as his father lived in many places upon official assignment. He passed (c) ____ S.S.C Examination as (d) ____ student of Bogura Zilla School in 1965. Later he was admitted to Dhaka College and passed (e) ____ H.S.C Examination is 1967. He initially planned to study (f) ____ Economics but suddenly changed his (g) ____ mind and got admitted into the University of Dhaka to study (h) ____ Chemistry. He passed both B.Sc (Honours) and M.Sc with Later, he went to (j) ____ United States to do this Ph.D.

Answer: (a )a (b)× (c)the (d)a (e)the (f)× (g)× (h)× (i) a ( j)the

28. (a) ____ idle man and (b) ____ active man cannot be equal. We know (c) ____ story of (d) ____ ant and (e) ____ grasshopper. (f) ____ ant was industrious. On the other hand, the grasshopper was really (g) ____ lazy. The ant knew that (h) ____ industrious shine. On (i) ____ contrary, (j) ____ lazy suffer in life.

Answer: (a )an (b)an (c)the (d)an (e)a (f)the (g)× (h)the (i) the ( j) the

29. Poverty is (a) ____ acute problem in (b) ____ LDC like Bangladesh. Many people live below (c) ____ poverty line here. They regard (d) ____ poverty as (e) ____ great evil. It degrades (f) ____ dignity of (g) ____ individual as well as (h) ____ nation. But (i) ____ poverty alleviation is (j) ____ mammoth task.

Answer: (a )an (b)an (c)the (d)× (e)a (f)the (g)an (h)a (i) × ( j) a

Articles Exercises with Answers pdf

30. Recently a detective watched (a) ____ well dressed woman who always went into (b) ____ large store on Monday morning. One Monday, there were fewer people in the shop. So it was easier for (c) ____ detective to watch her. The woman first bought (d) ____ few small articles. After (e) ____ little time, she chose one of the most expensive dresses in the shop and handed it to (f) ____ assistant who wrapped it up for her as quickly as possible. Then the woman simply took the parcel and walked out of the shop. When she was arrested, it was discovered that (g) ____ sales assistant was her (h) ____ daughter. The girl gave her (i) ___ expensive dress once (j) ____ week.

Answer: (a )a (b)a (c)the (d)a (e)a (f)an (g)the (h)× (i) an ( j) a

31. The 16th December is (a) ____ red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day we achieved (b) ____ freedom through (c) ____ long, bloody battle. (d) ____ new nation named Bangladesh came into (e) ____ being and made a place in (f) ____ world map as. (g) ____ independent country. Every year this day is celebrated is (h) ____ enthusiastic atmosphere. We remember (i) ____ great sacrifice of our heroic sons who died for this country. We also pay (j) ____ great tribute to them.

Answer: (a )a (b)× (c)a (d)a (e)× (f)the (g)an (h)an (i) the ( j) a

32. Though newspaper is not always (a) ____ unmixed blessing, it is (b) ____ most useful thing in our life. We rarely think of (c) ____ day without reading (d) ____ newspaper. Reading newspapers is one of (e) ____ good habits of a man. We shall be like (f) ____ frog in a dark well if we neglect to develop this habit. However, some people prefer (g) ____ electronic media to reading (h) _____ newspaper. But (i) ____ newspaper offers more to its readers than (j) ____ electronic media.

Answer: (a )an (b) the (c) a (d)× (e)the (f)a (g)× (h) a (i) a ( j) the

33. Mosquito menace is one of (a) ____ most talked topics. (b) ____ fear and nuisance of mosquito is called (c) ____ mosquito menace. For (d) ____ city dwellers it is (e) ____ constant nuisance. Particularly at (f) ____ night, it becomes more when thousands of mosquitoes start singing around (g) ____ us. Even during daytimes, we are not free from (h) _____ attack of mosquitoes. To prevent (i) ____ nuisance caused by mosquitoes, we have to be alert and work in (j) ____ assorted efforts.

Answer: (a )the (b) the (c) × (d)the (e)a (f)× (g) × (h)the (i) the ( j) ×

34. Adnan is a brilliant student. He is (a) ____ asset. One day he may be (b) ____ engineer or (c) ____ doctor. He makes (d) _____ best use of his time. He makes a proper division of his time and does his duties accordingly. He knows that youth is (e) ____ golden period of (f) ____ life. He has (g) ____ aim in life. He knows that life without (h) ____ aim is like (i) ____ ship without (j) ____ rudder.

Answer: (a )an (b)an (c)a (d)the (e)the (f)× (g)an (h)an (i) a ( j) a

35. (a) ____ morning walk is (b) ____ good habit for all classes of (c) ____ people. It is (d) ____ simple exercise and good for health and (e) ____ mentality. In the morning, (f) ____ air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution. This pure (g) ____ environment makes (h) ____ effect on (i) ____ nature in (j) ____ morning.

Answer: (a )× (b)a (c)× (d)a (e)× (f)the (g)× (h)an (i) × ( j) the

36. A library is (a) ____ part and parcel of (b) ____ education institution. It is (c) ____ unique place where books of different subjects are kept for (d) ____ reading. It enables (e) ____ readers to read books of their choice that create (f) ____ enthusiasm for learning. Students should pay (g) ____ visit to (h) ____ library regularly. They can borrow books for (i) ____ certain period and return them after (j) ____ given time.

Answer: (a )a (b)an (c)a (d)× (e)the (f)an (g)a (h)a (i) a ( j) the

37. Galib works in (a) ____ nationalized bank in Dhaka, (b) ____ capital city of Bangladesh. Being (c) ____ sensitive young man and (d) ____ ex-student of (e) ____ English literature, he takes the job as (f) ____ source of pleasure. As (g) ____ honest officer, he tries to give his best to (h) ____ clients. Every day hundreds of people come to (i) ____ bank and Galib happens to come across many of them with (j) ____ smiling face.

Answer: (a )a (b)the (c)a (d)an (e)× (f)a (g)an (h)the (i) the ( j) a

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