IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

University Admission English Suggestion (2024)
University Admission English Suggestion (2024)
October 27, 2023
What Has The World Come to
What Has The World Come to
October 31, 2023

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

Describe a person who is helpful to others.
You should say:

who this person is
how you know him/her
whether you met him/her
and explain why you think this person is helpful to others

In the realm of benevolence and altruism, we all encounter individuals who stand out as paragons of selflessness and compassion.

These remarkable souls are the objects of admiration, universally acknowledged for their boundless kindness and empathy.

Allow me to introduce one such luminary, my cherished confidante, Nasrinβ€”a person who personifies the epitome of altruism and assistance.

Nasrin and I have shared an unshakable friendship since our earliest days in the scholastic milieu, having first crossed paths during our second-grade sojourn.

Throughout our enduring companionship, Nasrin has consistently proven herself to be an epitome of amicability, constantly attuned to the sentiments of those around her.

Her unswerving commitment to helping others has manifested in a myriad of ways over the years.

Throughout the better part of a decade within the educational confines, I encountered Nasrin on a daily basis, with our camaraderie remaining unblemished even after our high school graduation.

Personally, I have been the fortunate beneficiary of her benevolence and support during trying junctures in my life.

One of Nasrin’s most commendable traits lies in her unparalleled capacity to lend a sympathetic ear and proffer sagacious guidance.

She possesses an innate knack for approaching others’ tribulations from unique vantage points and furnishing ingenious solutions. This very attribute led her to assume the prestigious mantle of Head Girl in our school.

To this day, Nasrin remains ardently dedicated to philanthropic endeavors, engaging in altruistic undertakings with various non-profit organizations. Her vision extends towards establishing her own non-governmental organization, dedicated to uplifting the marginalized and underprivileged.

These are but a few compelling reasons why I ardently believe Nasrin to be one of the most accommodating souls I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, and I am honored to call her my dearest friend.

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

Describe a situation when you were late
You should say:

what the event was you were late for
what the reason was for being late
how you felt about it

Invariably, I strive to execute tasks punctually, yet occasionally unforeseen delays arise. Allow me to recount a day etched in memory when my tardiness cast a shadow on my academic performance, specifically during a critical biology practical examination.

During my scholastic journey, I pursued a scientific curriculum that entailed active participation in diverse practical sessions, with biology being a cornerstone. These sessions were invariably hands-on experiences, where precision in attendance held paramount importance.

Our instructor, a paragon of strictness, maintained a zero-tolerance policy for tardiness, and non-compliance was penalized with dismal grades. Alas, I found myself ensnared in this disciplinary web as well. The culprit was a tardy arrival for my final practical class.

I must emphasize that my tardiness was not deliberate; it was an inadvertent consequence of a fateful rainy day. Despite equipping myself with an umbrella, reaching school proved to be an arduous odyssey. The school was nestled at the city’s heart, whereas my abode was a distance of three kilometers.

The absence of public transportation compelled me to undertake a pedestrian sojourn, ultimately causing my delay.

As I entered the classroom, emotions ran amok within me. The instructor’s reprimand stung, as he remained impervious to my explanation that the elements were to blame.

His stance remained unwavering, maintaining that I, like my peers, should have been punctual. Regrettably, my father had left early that morning with the family car, depriving me of a potential solution to my predicament.

Coping with the aftermath proved to be an onerous task. The incident translated into a poor assessment of my classroom decorum, precipitating a decline in my overall semester grades.

Post-class, I sought an audience with the unyielding instructor, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. His intractable disposition was a prevailing sentiment among my fellow students, all of whom harbored a lukewarm regard for him.

His final verdict manifested as a low mark that cast a long shadow over my subsequent semesters. The lesson was learned, and I never permitted tardiness to mar my attendance in his classes henceforth. It was a lesson etched in the annals of my educational journey.

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

Describe an advertisement you like.
You should say:

what type of advertisement it is
what product or service it advertises
where and when you first saw it
and explain why you like it and think that this advertisement is effective.

More often than not, I contemplate the value of advertisements, perceiving them as a squandered pursuit that seldom confers any real benefits upon the broader populace. However, there emerged a moment when my perspective took an abrupt turn, a shift that mirrors an incident from a couple of years ago.

This particular advertisement revolves around the act of partaking in “tea.” Allow me to express that it constituted one of the most exemplary advertisements I had encountered in an extensive span, characterized by its adept articulation of a lucid message coupled with light-hearted banter.

Approximately a year in the past, I first encountered this advertisement on the television screen. It unveiled a well-arranged tableau, accommodating the convivial gathering of four individuals, encompassing two matrimonial couples.

Their interactions were marked by animated conversations and shared laughter, all while indulging in delectable refreshments. Subsequently, the evening rendezvous drew to a close, crowned by the ritual of savoring a steaming cup of tea.

As the ensemble busily garnished their tea with sugar, their actions converging on the brand insignia, they noted an anomaly.

One of the wives abstained from adding sugar to her cup. Inquiring about her omission, she responded with a smile, asserting her predilection for retaining autonomy over her sugar intake and her spouse.

This humorous quip elicited raucous laughter from the assembled company, culminating in the advertisement’s denouement.

This advertisement has left an indelible impression on me, primarily owing to its efficacy in conveying a transparent message to its viewers. It underscores the importance of monitoring sugar consumption to manage diabetes while deriving maximum enjoyment from the savory tea.

Furthermore, I admire the advertisement for its portrayal of a sweet, age-old rivalry between husband and wife concerning the dynamics of control within a romantic partnership.

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop IELTS Cue Card

Describe a bad service you received in a restaurant/shop
You should say:

When and where it happened
What happened
How it was solved
And explain how you felt about the experience

In a multitude of instances where I’ve been the recipient of subpar service, one particular occurrence stands out prominently. T

his incident unfolded just last month, during my visit to a nearby general store, a mission of utmost significance, with the aim of procuring essential provisions for my father who was slated to embark on a flight to Toronto the ensuing day.

Upon my arrival at the establishment, I was immediately confronted with a bustling crowd. Owing to the urgency of my situation, I took it upon myself to beseech the responsible attendant to accord precedence to my requisition.

Primarily, one would anticipate a more attentive response to such a plea. However, in the face of my unwavering insistence, the response I received was a directive to personally amass all the specified items, followed by a demand for prepayment for the same.

Returning to my abode, I was consumed with assisting my mother in preparing for the impending journey.

It was in the evening when I revisited the establishment in anticipation of acquiring my requisition. To my profound consternation, the order had not been readied, and the individual in charge nonchalantly suggested a postponement to the following day.

Faced with this disheartening prospect, I found myself overcome with a tumult of emotions, and there seemed to be no recourse available to me but to vocalize my discontent with vehemence towards the responsible party.

The receipt of the delivery was paramount to my interests, and I promptly sought an audience with the proprietor of the establishment, recounting my harrowing experience.

The proprietor, exhibiting commendable patience, attentively listened to my narrative, and in a reassuring manner, affirmed that the consignment would be dispatched to my location within the ensuing hour.

Much to my elation, the establishment’s owner indeed made good on this promise, and I received the coveted delivery at my doorstep.

The sense of discomposure I had endured was underscored by the expectation that, when remunerating for a product or service, the purveyor is duty-bound to honor their commitment with punctuality. The repercussions of such lapses invariably bestow a surfeit of unwelcome stress upon our lives.

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)


Describe an adventure you would like to go on
You should say:

With whom do you want to go?
When do you want to go?
What do you want to do?

As an aficionado of adrenaline-charged experiences, my life has been graced with a multitude of audacious exploits.

Yet, a novel escapade beckons, one that I eagerly anticipate embarking upon in the near future. This impending journey is to be undertaken in the delightful company of my fellow alumni from school.

The rationale behind this selection lies in the poignant fact that, due to the relentless grip of the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced into seclusion. Our hallowed halls remained deserted, and our camaraderie diminished.

Hence, a prolonged vehicular sojourn from Chandigarh to Goa, accompanied by these cherished companions, promises to rekindle the indelible memories woven during our school days. The blueprint for this escapade is to unfold amidst the forthcoming summer respite.

This protracted sojourn of adventure aspires to be an odyssey of manifold discoveries. Commencing our expedition, a pause shall be observed at the banks of the Yamuna River, where an invigorating aquatic rendezvous awaits.

Subsequently, a trove of adventurous locales in the regions of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat shall be explored. Activities that shall pepper our voyage include the exhilaration of river rafting, the audacity of bungee jumping, and the thrill of rock climbing.

IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

Upon our arrival in Mumbai, we shall dedicate a day to conviviality and the exploration of local gems that promise mirth and enjoyment. The subsequent leg of our expedition will encompass a traverse from Mumbai to the picturesque allure of Goa.

In the heart of Goa, we shall immerse ourselves in aquatic pleasures, partaking in scuba diving, jet skiing, and snorkeling. A

formidable challenge looms before us in the form of the extended journey, a daunting odyssey that demands dexterity.

To confront this challenge astutely, a cadre of six companions shall take turns behind the wheel, ensuring a secure and seamless passage to our destination.

Describe a kind of exercise you often do.
You should say:

what type of exercise it is
how you do it
where you do this exercise
and explain how this exercise helps you.


“I subscribe to the belief that engaging in physical activity is a non-negotiable element in the pursuit of a wholesome existence. Diverse categories of physical exertion exist, all contributing to the noble cause of robust well-being.

In this discourse, I shall elaborate on the specific form of physical activity I habitually engage in and derive immense pleasure from.

The exercise regimen that consistently occupies my daily routine is jogging. It represents a cardiovascular activity wherein the individual sustains a steady pace over a predetermined distance.

My preferred venue for this endeavor is the great outdoors, although I resort to a treadmill when meteorological conditions prove inhospitable.

My ritual commences in the early morning, serving as a prelude to the day’s responsibilities. Prior to embarking on the jog, I commence with a series of gentle warm-up maneuvers designed to mitigate the risk of injury.

Thereafter, I embark upon the run, sustaining a consistent tempo throughout. With each passing day, as familiarity with the activity deepens, I progressively extend the distance covered.

The locale I favor for my jogging escapades is a nearby park, specifically endowed with a dedicated track for this purpose.

It offers a serene ambiance, cocooned within verdant splendor and enriched by the invigorating embrace of fresh air. This picturesque setting grants me the opportunity to savor the natural surroundings while ardently pursuing my running regimen.

In circumstances where a visit to the park is not feasible, I avail myself of the treadmill within the precincts of my fitness facility.

This technologically-aided contraption affords me the dual benefits of replicating the outdoor experience while meticulously tracking my incremental progress.

Running, I ardently contend, furnishes a multitude of rewards, both in the physical and mental domains. It plays a pivotal role in bolstering my stamina, fortitude, and cardiovascular health.

Simultaneously, it functions as a potent stress-management tool, elevating my overall disposition. Running, in my estimation, serves as an invigorating launchpad for each day, propelling me with verve and vitality.

Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in regulating body weight and preserving a state of perpetual physical dynamism. These attributes coalesce in affirming its role as an indispensable cornerstone of a health-conscious lifestyle.”




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