University Admission English Suggestion (2024)

IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)
IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)
October 23, 2023
IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)
IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)
October 30, 2023

University Admission English Suggestion (2024)

University Admission English Suggestion (2024)

University Admission English Suggestion (2024)

Antonyms: Tick the correct word which is opposite in meaning:
1. Enormous: (a) Soft (b) Average (c) Tiny (d) Weak. Answer: (c)

2. Relinquish: (a) Abdicate (b) Renounce (c) Possess (d) Deny. Answer: (c)

3. Obscure: (a) Transparent (b) Dark (c) Doubtful. Answer: (a)

4. Mortal: (a) Divine (b) Immortal(c) Spiritual(d)Eternal. Answer: (b)

5. Practical: (a) unrealistic (b) sensible (c) workable (d) realistic. Answer: (a)

6. Victorious: (a) Defeated (b) Annexed (c) Destroyed (d) Vanquished. Answer: (a)

7. Vanity: (a) Pride (b) Humility (d) Conceit (d) Ostentatious. Answer: (b)

8. Capacious: (a) Limited (b) Caring (c) Foolish (d) Changeable. Answer: (a)


Synonyms: Tick the correct word which is similar in meaning:
1. Attempt: (a) Serve (b) Explore (c) Try (d) Explain. Answer: (c)

2. Pacify (a) Irritate (b) Annoy (c) Mitigate. Answer: (c)

3. Glorify (a) Adore (b) Abuse (c) Depress (d) degrade. Answer: (a)

4. Humorous: (a) Serious (b) dull (c) funny (d) gloomy. Answer: (c)

5. Retain (a) Preserve (b) give up (c) surrender (d) abandon. Answer: (a)

6. Brief: (a) Limited (b) Small (c) Little (d) Short. Answer: (d)

7. Embezzle: (a) Misappropriate (b) Balance (c) Remunerate (d) Clear. Answer: (a)

8. Canny: (a) Obstinate (b) Handsome (c) Clever (d) Stout. Answer: (c)

Correct the following sentences from the options provided (Questions 1-2):
1) As the rising toll of victims at Chernobyl made clear, neither the scientists nor the
ecologists knows how to deal with the lethal effects of nuclear power plant accidents.
A. Neither the scientists nor the ecologists knows
B. Neither the scientists nor the ecologists know
C. Neither the scientists or the ecologists know
D. Neither the scientists together with the ecologists knows
E. Not the scientist or the ecologists know
Answer: B

2) After battling hypertension for years, Mr. Khan was relieved by the results of his
doctor’s annual physical examination, which indicated his blood pressure was normal.
A. His doctor’s annual physical examination, which
B. His annual physical examination by which it was
C. His annual physical examination, which
D. An annual physical examination by his doctor, which
E. His doctor’s annual physical examination that
Answer: D

University Admission English Suggestion (2024)

Complete the sentence from the options provided (Questions 3-4):
3) Despite his best efforts to conceal his anger ……

A. We could detect that he was very happy
B. He failed to give us an impression of his agony
C. He succeeded in camouflaging his emotions
D. He could succeed in doing it easily
E. People came to know that he was annoyed
Answer: E

4) I felt somewhat more relaxed ……

A. But tense as compared to earlier
B. And tense as compared to earlier
C. As there was already no tension at all
D. And tension-free as compared to earlier
E. Because the worry had already captured by mind
Answer: D

Complete the sentence from the options provided

01. The number of drivers ———— called for a strike for an unknown period.
(a.) are (b.) is
(c.) have (d.) has

02. Because of his sudden richness, he cast ——— his old friends.
(a.) aside (b.) up
(c.) down (d.) off

03. When he faces a problem, he counts ————— my help.
(a.) after (b.) upon
(c.) for (d.) with

04. The boy had all eyes to see what they would do.
(a.) to try hard (b.) eagerly watching
(c.) failed (d.) being afraid

05. Napoleon ruled his subjects with a high hand in his times.
(a.) profits by them (b.) oppressively
(c.) on very intimate terms (d.) in conflict

06. Because of the fatal injury, he has —— expectation of recovery.
(a.) little (b.) few
(c.) some (d.) many

07. They composed the note in black and white.
(a.) noun (b.) verb
(c.) adjective (d.) adverb

08. The correct indirect speech of – He said to me,‘‘ Never run in the sun’’.
(a.) He forbade me to run in the sun.
(b.) He requested me not to run in the sun.
(c.) He said to me that I should not run in the sun.
(d.) He told me do not run in the sun.

09. Which one is the correct noun form of the word ‘‘Laugh’’?
(a.) laughing (b.) laugh
(c.) laughter (d.) laughf

10. If I had the news, I ———— appoint them duty.
(a.) would (b.) might
(c.) had (d.) would have

11. The man had the car ————– for the excursion.
(a.) fixed (b.) reparing
(c.) to fix (d.) to repair

12. I said to him that he ———— finish the project before period.
(a.) must (b.) had to
(c.) will (d.) can

13. Industry is indispensable ————– success.
(a.)under (b.)to
(c.)with (d.) for

14. They assured me of compensating me ———— my recent loss.
(a.)for (b.) in
(c.)over (d.)by

15. If all the politicians agree to the betterment of the people, the nation ———– develop quickly.
(a.) can (b.) will
(c.) would (d.) has been

16. You must hate and take action against the tradition of ——.
(a.)slave (b.)slaving
(c.)slavery (d.) slavious

17. He demands for the five ———– of the soap this year
(a.) ear (b.) slice
(c.) pane (d.)bars

18. There seems ———–traffic on the roads today.
(a.) too many (b.)too much
(c.) few (d.) several

19. Your elder brother became extremely ———— with your low graded result.
(a.)anxious (b.) pleased
(c.) horrible (d.) disturbed

20. The dog is barking so it ————— a terrible noise.
(a.)makes (b.) is making
(c.) has made (d.) make

21. Jerry ——— at an orphanage since he was four.
(a.) has been (b.) is being
(c.) was (d.) had been

University Admission English Suggestion (2024)

Read the passage and answer questions 1-4
Giving a presentation can be a worrying prospect. Nervous about the audience’s
reaction and anxious not to miss out on anything important, some speakers read
from a prepared text. Such occasions are rarely a success. A reader finds it
difficult to engage with an audience in the way that an unscripted speaker can.
When you read, your eyes are, much of the time, turned down towards your script
and thus away from the audience. You do not make eye contact and cannot be
properly aware of the way in which your listeners are responding to your words.
1. Choose a suitable title for the passage.
a. Problems of Presentation
b. Reading and Talking
c. Stage fright
d. Of Talkers and Listeners

2. “Engage with an audience” means-
a. to make contact with an audience

b. to invite an audience
c. to make an appointment with an audience
d. to encourage an audience

3. Who is an unscripted speaker?
a. A speaker whose name is not in the script
b. An unlisted speaker
c. A speaker without a written text
d. A speaker with no trust in script

4. “Rarely a success” means-
a. always a success

b. often a success
c. never a success
d. seldom a success

5. The test is going well. We _____ any problems.
a. didn’t have
b. haven’t had
c. might have
d. couldn’t have

6. What is the synonym of “Incredible”?
a. unlikely
b. unthinking
c. unacceptable
d. unbelievable

7. A fisherman earns his livelihood catching and selling fish.
a. by
b. for

c. at
d. in

8. In “Ozymandias” the poet says, “I met a traveller ___ an ___ land.”
a. by, old
b. going, ancient
c. from, antique
d. passing, antique

9. It____ known ____ the Toy Train.
a. popularly, as
b. popularly, by
c. popular, at
d. often, from

10. He _____ dress formally to work but he always _____
a. has not to, has
b. does not have to, does
c. has got it, would not
d. does not require to, would

11. The best translation of the sentence.

a. The problem is solved as per direction
b. The problem is finished properly
c. The problem has been solved in a befitting manner.
d. The problem is solved in a proper way.

12. It was ______ funny; I _____stop _____
a. too, cannot, laughing too
b. too, had not to, laugh
c. very, could not, laughing
d. very, would not, to laugh

13. “Subterfuge” means-
a. deception

b. smartness
c. very clever
d. frank

14. ‘Squander’ means-
a. improve

b. solve
c. travel
d. waste
15. I am to_____ the town to do some ______.
a. coming, working
b. going, shopping
c. sending, shopping
d. going, buy

16. In “I wandered Lonely As a Cloud” the daffodils the poet.
a. a great deal of pleasure
b. very pleasure
c. many pleasure
d. much pleasures

17. According to your English text, English is the official or semi-official

language in-
a. less than 50 countries

b. more than 80 countries
c. more than 100 countries
d. more than 60 countries

18. You should not take me for
a. wanted
b. granted
c. required
d. settled

19. The line’s busy——–do you want to ?
a. hold up
b. hold along
c. hold firm
d. hold on

20. ‘Epitome’ means-
a. Very strange

b. a perfect example of something
c. beauty
d. architecture

21. It has been over three centuries _______ Shahajahan _____ the
a. ago, build
b. when, has built
c. since, built
d. years, dreamt

22. I’ll write down the phone number _______ I forget
a. if
b. unless
c. even though
d. in case

23. In the past a large quantity of jute from Bangladesh
a. were being exported
b. exported
c. was exported
d. were exported

24. They gave me a form and told me to ________
a. fill on
b. fill in it
c. fill up it
d. fill it in

25. She tried to be serious but she couldn’t help ________
a. laughing
b. to laugh
c. laugh
d. that to laugh

University Admission English Suggestion Sample


Read the passage and answer questions 1-4

Since a writer’s main purpose is to explain things clearly, description is an
important aid. To add liveliness to an essay, descriptive details are necessary to
create a clear, unified impression of an object or a scene. As a technique in
writing, description matches the kinds of details we see in vivid and effective
photographs. Good descriptive writers help the reader to ‘see’ objects, scenes and
even moods by means of language.
1. “unified impression” meana. single thought
b. diverse thoughts.
c. single image
d. complete image.

2. Which mode is adopted by a successful would writer?
a. descriptive
b. argumentative
c. photographic
d. symbolic

3. The most suitable title for the passage would bea. Importance of Description in Writing
b. Good Writing
c. Technique of Writing
d. Effective Language in Writing

4. What helps a writer to make his writing interesting?
a. precision
b. description
c. objectivity
d. rationality

5. A writer’s main purpose is to
a. express himself
b. discuss his ideas.
c. explain things clearly
d. show things precisely.

6. “liveliness” in the paragraph stands fora.

b. charm

c. vividness
d. attractiveness.

7. “description” should be likea. photographic details.
b. nature.
c. a picture.
d. a painting.

8. She could have been more discreet, ______
a. didn’t she?
b. can’t she
c. won’t she?
d. couldn’t she?

9. He is______ punctual ______efficient.
a. neither, but
b. very, but
c. either, or
d. neither, nor

10. I _____ to meet you ever since I read your first novel.
a. hope
b. have hoped
c. have been hoping
d. am hoping

11. What part of speech is ‘extraordinary’?
a. noun
b. verb
c. adjective
d. adverb

12. In Shelly’s “Ozymandias” the words, ‘my name is Ozymandias, king of kings’
are inscribed on
a. the visage of the statue.
b. the pedestal of the statue.
c. the hand of the statue.
d. the sand of the antique land

13. The driver stopped the car just _____ time to avoid collision.
a. at
b. by
c. of
d. in

14. There is _____ hope of his recove

c. very
d. few

15. Noise pollution cannot be ______ ________.
a. easy, avoid
b. easily, avoided
c. easily, avoid
d. easier, avoided

16. Education_____ our mind.
a. Shrink
b. embolden
c. enlighten
d. ennobles

17. Frequent closures of universities badly_____ academic progress.
a. affect
b. effect
c. effects
d. damages

18. How many engineering ________ there in Bangladesh?
a. university, is
b. universities, are
c. universities, is
d. university, are

19. I will not go______ I am invite.
a. because
b. lest
c. unless
d. otherwise

20. “Lend me your ears” meansa. let me check your ears.
b. let me whisper into your ears.
c. listen to me.
d. come close to me

21. In “Under the Greenwood Tree” the ‘Tree’ refers to
a. nature
b. forest
c. sun
d. a big tree

22. Have you ever __ ___ __ Sundarbans?
a. looked, on, to
b. travelled, within, forest
c. seen, or, been
d. been, to, th

23. Which two things of nature does Robert Herrick find similar to human beings
and daffodils?
a. rising sun, moon
b. summers rain, morning’s dew
c. spring summer
d. hasting day, even song

24. Choose the paper translation of ‘ ” 
a. If I were in your shoes.
b. If I was in your condition.
c. If I was in your situation.
d. If I was in your place.

25. Choose the correct sentence.
a. Neither of the roads lead to the railway station.
b. Neither of the roads to the railway station.
c. Neither of the roads are leading to the railway station.
d. Neither roads are led to the railway station

University Admission English Test Sample


Answer questions 1-8 based on the following:
Making judgements about people is a common feature of everyday life. We are
continually evaluating what others say and do, in comments called for or not,
offering criticism and feedback informally to friends and colleagues about their
behaviour. Formal, institutional judgments figure prominently in our lives too.
For example: people pass driving tests, survive the probationary period in a new
job, get promotions at work, succeed at interviews, win Oscars for performances
in a film, win medals in driving competitions, and are released from prison for
good behaviour.
1. In the passage we get mainly ____ types of judgements.
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. Seven
answer : a. Two

2. According to the passage judgements are _______
a. Seldom made
b. Frequently made
c. Rarely made
d. Discouraged
answer : b. Frequently made

3. ‘figure’ stands for ______
a. Shape
b. Number
c. Occur
d. Picture
answer : c. Occur.

4. ‘the probationary period’ is the _____ period.
a. Learning
b. Trial
c. Leave
d. Service
answer : b. Trial.

5. ‘evaluating’ means
a. Recalling
b. Tasting
c. Assessing
d. Balancing
answer : c. Assessing.

6. ‘called for’ refers to
a. Asked for
b. Followed
c. Begged for
d. Summoned
answer : a. asked for

7. ‘feedback’ stands fora. Encouragement
c. Entertainment
d. Help
answer : b. Opinion

8. The term ‘institutional judgements’ means
a. Official judgements
b. Set judgements
c. Stereotyped judgements
d. Judging institutions
answer : a. Official judgements

9. Camping _____ usually provide facilities _____ entertainment.
a. Site, for
b. Sight, in
c. Sites, for
d. Sites, at
answer : c. Sites, for.

10. She took me _____ the hand, and led me _____ the dais.
a. At, over
b. In, on
c. On, from
d. By, to
answer : d. by, to

11. ____ there any nursing schools ____ Chittagong?
a. Is, at
b. Are, on
c. Was, in
d. Are, in
answer : d. Are, in.

12. Where ____ all the boys ____?
a. has, gone
b. have, gone
c. did, went
d. does, go
answer : b. have, gone.

13. The players are ____ tired ___ nervous.
a. very, but
b. neither, or
c. either, or
d. either, nor
answer : c. either, or

14. Choose the English translation of (আপনি কি কখনো কুয়াকাটা গেছেন?)
a. Have you ever gone to Kuakata?
b. Have you ever gone Kuakata?
c. Have you ever been to Kuakata?
d. Did you ever go to Kuakata?
answer : c. Have you ever been to Kuakata? 

15. Which pair of words is synonymous?
a. waste, trash
b. reduce, rubbish
c. recycle, destroy
d. conserve, consume
answer : a. waste, trash

16. ‘contaminate’ meansa. purify
b. pollute
c. corruption
d. think
answer : b. Pollute

17. Choose the correct sentence:
a. his hairs are not straight and curly
b. his hair is not straight but curly
c. his hairs are straight and curly
d. his hairs are not straight but curly
answer : b. hair

18. The man ____ down silently and ____ his food.
a. sits, took
b. sat, take
c. sat, had taken
d. sat, took

answer : d. sat, took

19. ‘niche’ means
a. surface
b. centre
c. edge
d. hollow
answer : c. edge

20. In Shelley’s ‘Ozymandias’ — ‘frown’, and ‘sneer of cold command’ are seen on
a. the pedestal of the statue
b. desert sand
c. two trunk-less legs
d. shattered visage
answer : d. shattered visage21.

21.The Taj Mahal is a/an _____ monument of the ____ century.
a. Indian, 18th
b. Indian, 16th
c. Moghal, 17th
d. Moghal, 18th
answer : c. Moghal, 17th

22. The word ‘substantiate’ is a/an _____
a. verb
b. adjective
c. noun
d. adverb
answer : a. verb.

23. He got a _____ of land ____ his village.
a. lease, on
b. slice, into
c. plot, through
d. lease, in
answer: d. lease, in

24. One of the ____ of globalization is cultural ______
a. effect, shock
b. affects, surprise
c. effects, assault
d. effect, confusion
answer : c.effects, assault

25. The team is qualified, ______?
a. isn’t it
b. wasn’t it
c. hasn’t it
d. doesn’t it
answer : a. isn’t it.

English Admission Test

Answer questions 1 ‒ 6 based on the following passage.
There are some qualities of a sonnet which make it different from other verse
forms. Its definite restrictions make it a challenge to the artistry of the poet and
call for all the technical skills at the poet’s command. The more or less set rhyme
patterns occurring regularly within the short space of fourteen lines afford a
pleasant effect on the ear of the reader, and can create truly musical effects. The
rigidity of the form precludes too great economy of too great prodigality of words.
Emphasis is placed on exactness and perfection of expression. The brevity of
form favours concentrated expression of ideas or passion.

1. The word ‘brevity’ means ——.
(a) shortness
(b) freedom
(c) conciseness
(d) permanence
Answer: (c) conciseness

2. What characteristic of a sonnet can create musical effects?
(a) form
(b) regular rhyme patterns
(c) suitable words
(d) verse form
Answer: (b) regular rhyme patterns

3. The author’s primary purpose is to
(a) identify the characteristics of a sonnet.
(b) contrast different types of sonnets.
(c) criticize the limitations of the sonnet.
(d) teach readers to compose proper sonnets.
Answer: (a) identify the characteristics of a sonnet.

4. The word ‘afford’ means ——.
(a) exaggerate
(b) charge
(c) able to pay
(d) provide
Answer: (d) provide

5. The author’s attitude towards the sonnet form can be best described as one of

(a) strong disapprobation
(b) effusive enthusiasm.
(c) scholarly appreciation.
(d) amused toletation.
Answer: (c) scholarly appreciation.

6. The adjective of ‘rigidity’ is ——.
(a) rigor
(b) rigid
(c) rigorous
(d) rigidness
Answer: (b) rigid

7. It was so dark that the security guard could not see ——.
(a) nobody
(b) somebody
(c) anyone
(d) none
Answer: (c) anyone

8. Choose the correct sentence.
(a) The children were delighted by the monkeys swinging through the
(b) Swinging of the monkeys through the trees, the children were
(c) The monkeys swinging through the trees, the children were delighted.
(d) Because the monkeys swinging through the trees, the children were
Answer: (a) The children were delighted by the monkeys swinging through the

9. ——- the rain, the cricket match was not cancelled.
(a) Due to
(b) Although
(c) Despite of
(d) In spite of

Answer: (d) In spite of
10. The proposal was tentative means, the proposal was ——.
(a) conclusive
(b) indefinite
(c) definite
(d) timely
Answer: (b) indefinite
11. ——- is it difficult —— dispose —— waste?
(a) Where, to, for
(b) When, for, such
(c) Why, with, in
(d) Why, to, of
Answer: (d) Why, to, of
12. If I had not intervened at the right moment, Jim ——- arrested.

(a) may have been
(b) can have been
(c) might have been
(d) could have
Answer: (c) might have been

13. The antonym of ‘dormant’ is ——-.
(a) latent
(b) active
(c) sluggish
(d) torpid.
Answer: (b) active

14. The synoym of ‘pandemonium’ is ——.
(a) order
(b) calm
(c) commotion
(d) peace

Answer: (c) commotion
15. ——- is considered a serious crime.
(a) Shoplift
(b) To shoplifting
(c) Shoplifter
(d) Shoplifting
Answer: (d) Shoplifting

16. ——– resigned, we would have been forced to sack him.
(a) Had he not
(b) He had
(c) Has he
(d) If he has not
Answer: (a) Had he not

17. The word ‘amenable’ means ——–.
(a) moveable
(b) durable
(c) agreeable
(d) answerable
Answer: (c) agreeable

18. Frequent ——- badly —— academic progress.
(a) closure, affect
(b) closures, effects
(c) closures, affects
(d) closures, affect
Answer: (d) closures, affect

19. The antonym of ‘blasphemous’ is ——-.
(a) irreverent
(b) respectful
(c) rigid
(d) frivolous
Answer: (b) respectful

20. Some of my relatives have left ——– Canada ——- to find jobs.
(a) to, expectation
(b) for, desire
(c) at, wishing
(d) for, hoping
Answer: (d) for, hoping

21. I’d ——- a blue bedcover ——- a green one.
(a) prefer, to
(b) like, to
(c) prefer, for
(d) buy, in
Answer: (a) prefer, to

22. What do you ——- is the ——- cause of air ——- ?
(a) say, chief, pollution
(b) consider, primary, scarcity
(c) think, main, pollution
(d) count, only, filth
Answer: (c) think, main, pollution

23. Jerry said, “I ——— the axe ——–.”
(a) put down, slow
(b) brought down, carelessly
(c) took away, now
(d) hit over, powerfully
Answer: (b) brought down, carelessly

24. In “I wondered Lonely As a Cloud” Wordsworth compares the daffodils with –
(a) the stars of the Milky Way
(b) the waves
(c) the trees
(d) the milky way
Answer: (a) the stars of the Milky Way

25. Choose the English translation of (ভাগ্যক্রমে আমি পরের বাসে উঠতে পেরেছি)
(a) Fortunately I could get into the next bus.
(b) Fortunate I managed the next bus.
(c) Luckily I entered the next bus.
(d) Luckily I rode the next bus.
Answer: (a) Fortunately I could get into the next bus.  124

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