HSC English Grammar -Synonym and Antonym

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February 23, 2021
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February 24, 2021

HSC English Grammar -Synonym and Antonym

HSC English Grammar -Synonym and Antonym

HSC English Grammar -Synonym and Antonym

HSC English Synonym and Antonym

Most Important HSC English Grammar -Synonym and Antonym

Word Direction Answer
Unique Antonym Common
Mighty Antonym Weak
Humanity Synonym Kindness
Reliable Antonym Unreliable
Valuable Antonym Valueless
Ritual Synonym Ceremony
Worthless Synonym Valueless
Loneliness Synonym Isolation
Ailment Synonym Disease
Happiness Antonym Sorrows

HSC English Suggestion All Board (2024 )


Word Direction Answer
Friend Antonym Enemy
Need Antonym Avoid
Sympathy Synonym Kindness
Prove Synonym Show
False Antonym True
Harm Antonym Help
Laugh Antonym Cry
Pleasure Synonym Delight
Bring Synonym Carry
Idea Synonym Concept
HSC English-Synonym and Antonym


Word Direction Answer
Popular Antonym Unpopular
Form Synonym Kind
Entertainment Synonym Recreation
Organize Synonym Arrange
Sponsor Synonym Patronize
Multinational Antonym National
Pay Antonym Receive
Watch Synonym See
Maximum Antonym Minimum
Recognition Antonym Refusal
HSC English Synonym and Antonym


Word Direction Answer
Obviously Synonym Certainly
Prestige Synonym Dignity
National Synonym Domestic
Unique Antonym Common
Native Antonym Foreign
Variety Synonym Diversity
Emerge Antonym Disappear
Control Antonym Freedom
Important Synonym Significant
Intelligibility Antonym Unintelligibility
HSC English Synonym and Antonym


Word Direction Answer
Success Antonym Failure
Job Synonym Service
Great Antonym Ordinary
Because Synonym Since/as
Know Synonym Recognize
Follow Antonym Disobey
Rule Synonym Law
Never Antonym Always
Victory Synonym Triumph
Desirable Antonym Unexpected


Word Direction Answer
People Synonym Public
Conservative Antonym Liberal
Early Antonym Late
Believe Synonym Trust
World Synonym Globe
All Antonym Nothing
Poverty Antonym Bounty/Richness
Sufferings Synonym Miseries
Overcome Synonym Succeed
Same Antonym Different
HSC English Synonym and Antonym


Word Direction Answer
Liberation Synonym Freedom
Brutal Antonym Kind
Massacre Synonym Genocide
Human Antonym Inhuman
Located Antonym Dislocated
Called Synonym Known
Surrounded Synonym Enclosed
Started Antonym Finished
Killed Synonym Murdered
Largest Antonym Smallest


Word Direction Answer
Fertile Synonym Alluvial
Industrious Antonym Idle
Ceaselessly Synonym Continuously
Lazy Synonym Idle
Love Antonym Hate
Strong Synonym Propound
Moving Antonym Still
Respect Synonym Honour
Grateful Antonym Ungrateful
Devotion Synonym Loyalty
HSC English Synonym and Antonym


Word Direction Answer
Perplexing Antonym Clear
Upsetting Antonym Undisturbed
Imperialism Synonym Colonialism
Evil Antonym Good
Sooner Antonym Later
Chucked Synonym Quitted
Better Antonym Worse
Theoretically Synonym Impractically
Secretly Synonym Privately
Oppressor Synonym Repressor


Word Direction Answer
Accepted Antonym Unaccepted
Sincerity Antonym Insincerity
Responsibility Synonym Dutifulness
Complexity Antonym Simplicity
Envy Antonym Kindness
Vice Antonym Virtue
Impact Synonym Influence
Outcome Synonym Result
Importance Synonym Significance
Awareness Synonym Consciousness
HSC English Synonym and Antonym


Word Direction Answer
Allow Synonym Permit
Freedom Synonym Liberty
Opinion Synonym Notion
Fair Antonym Unfair
Equal Antonym Unequal
Division Antonym Unification
Elect Synonym Select
System Synonym Method
Treatment Synonym Cure
Facility Synonym Advantage


Word Direction Answer
Never Antonym Always
Weaker Antonym Stronger
Discourage Antonym Encourage
Frustrating Synonym Hampering
Interest Synonym Willingness
Ability Synonym Capacity
Dream Synonym Goal
Best Antonym Worst
Success Antonym Failure
Achieve Synonym Attain


Word Direction Answer
Precious Antonym Valueless
Glitter   Coruscate
Attract Synonym Allure
Outward Antonym Inward
Recognize Synonym Acknowledge
Fascinate Synonym Charm
Glamour Antonym Ugliness
Shine Antonym Fade
Intrinsic Synonym Inborn
Morality Antonym Immorality


Word Direction Answer
Good Antonym Bad
Speaker Synonym Teller
Recitation Synonym Rendition
Impossible Antonym Possible
Lazy Antonym Industries
Sincerity Synonym Cordiality
Seriousness Synonym Thoughtfulness
Possible Antonym Impossible
Intention Synonym Willingness
Shine Synonym Prosper


Word Direction Answer
Curse Antonym Blessing
Cause Synonym Reason
Ignorance Synonym Knowledge
Frustrates Synonym Baffles
Development Synonym Advancement
Succeed Synonym Flourish
Eradicated Antonym Unremoved
Vast Antonym Few
Undoubtedly Synonym Certainly
Gigantic Antonym Tiny


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