Canada Immigration Visa -Interview

Spoken English-Everyday Conversation
Spoken English-Everyday Conversation
February 22, 2021
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HSC English Grammar -Synonym and Antonym
February 23, 2021

Canada Immigration Visa -Interview

Canada Immigration Visa -Interview

Canada Immigration Visa- Interview

Visa Officer: Good morning. Welcome to Canada Immigration Visa Interview.

Visa Applicant: Good morning.

Visa Officer: May I see your papers?

Visa Applicant: Here you are.

Visa Officer: Why would you like to immigrate to Canada?

Visa Applicant: I know Canada is a developed country. There I will have better opportunities for my professional career. Besides, my children will have a better standard of living.

Visa Officer: What is your educational qualification?

Visa Applicant: I am a BSc. Engineer in Mechanical Technology.

Visa Officer: Do you have any work experience?

Visa Applicant: Yes I do. I have been working in a steel factory as an engineer for the last eight years.

Visa Officer: What is your monthly salary?

Visa Applicant: My monthly salary is about taka 65,000 in total.

Visa Officer: It is okay. Do you pay income tax?

Visa Applicant: Yes, I do. My income tax is deducted at the source. Here are my documents of income tax.

Visa Officer: Who will bear your expenses for going to Canada?

Visa Applicant: I, myself, will bear my expenses for going to Canada.

Visa Officer: By the way, how much money have you collected for your expenses for going to Canada?

Visa Applicant: I have 55,000 U.S dollars in my bank accounts. Besides, I have a land property that I can sell if I need extra money.

Visa Officer: What research have you done for your immigration to Canada?

Visa Applicant: I have visited the website of the Canadian government. I have also browsed the website of the Canadian Embassy in Dhaka. I wrote to some universities in Canada asking for information about their studies.

I have also visited the websites of those universities. I have some friends and relatives in Canada. They have also sent much information about Canada.

Visa Officer: It sounds great! Have you managed any job in Canada?

Visa Applicant: No, I haven’t. But I have contacted some companies and firms. I have come to know that it is very difficult to get a good job without any Canadian Degree.

So, at first, I will get admitted into a university and have a university degree. Then I will try for a job. In the meantime, I will try to live on the money I will take from Bangladesh.

Visa Officer: Who will receive you at the airport?

Visa Applicant: One of my friends will receive me at the airport.

Visa Officer: Where will you live there?

Visa Applicant: At first I will put up at one of my relative’s houses and live there.

Visa Officer: Have you completed your travel arrangements?

Visa Applicant: No, I haven’t. I will finalize my travel arrangements after I get my visa.

Visa Officer: Thank you very much.

Visa Applicant: You are most welcome.

English Conversation-About an Old Friend

George: Hey Richard, what is going on?

Richard: I am fine. Thank you.

George: Do you know that Chester is in Dallas now?

Richard: Really? When did he come to the USA? I haven’t seen him for the last five years.

George: I spotted him in the Dallas Market Center yesterday when I was buying a dress for my daughter.

Richard: What was he doing then?

George: He was also in the same store buying some dresses for his wife.

Richard: So, his wife was also with him.

George: Yes, she was.

Richard: Did they have their children with them?

George: No, they didn’t

Richard: Don’t they have any children?

George: No, they don’t.

Richard: It’s pity. They got married about ten years ago, still, they haven’t got any children. No, they don’t.

George: Did you attend their wedding ceremony?

Richard: Yes, I did. The ceremony took place at The Carlisle Room. Now, have you collected his address and contact number?

George: Yes, I have.

Richard: Then, we’ll be able to go to his place someday for a chat.

George: That’ll be fine. How about tomorrow afternoon?

Richard: I’ll be free after my office hours.

George: Then come to my office around five in the afternoon and we’ll go to his house together.

Richard: That’s fine with me. See you tomorrow. Bye.

George: Bye.

Basic English Speaking-About Weekend Planning

George: Hey Chester, what is going on?

Chester: I am fine. Thank you.

George: What are your plans for this weekend?

Chester: I’ll spend the weekend with my family.

George: Don’t you have any special plan?

Chester: I’ll probably take my wife and children to some children’s park and then have dinner in a restaurant.

George: Which park is on your mind?

Chester: We usually go to the children’s park at Victorian Gardens. The children want a change. So, this weekend we’ll possibly go to the children’s park at 4 p.m.

George: In what restaurant will you have dinner?

Chester: We’ll probably have dinner in a restaurant besideVictorian Gardens.

George: Yes, there are many good restaurants around Victorian Gardens.

Chester: We hope to enjoy the dinner.

George: I’m quite sure you’ll have a good time there. Do you have any other plans?

Chester: I’ll have to go to visit one of my friends. My friend, Richard has recently come from Japan. I’ve planned to go to see him if I have the time.

George: Then

Chester: We’ll return home for a good night’s sleep.

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