HSC English 2nd Paper Composition Suggestion

HSC English 2nd Paper Report Writing
HSC English 2nd Paper Report Writing
April 12, 2021
Completing Story for HSC and SSC Examination
Completing Story for HSC SSC JSC Examination
April 14, 2021

HSC English 2nd Paper Composition Suggestion

HSC English 2nd Paper Composition Suggestion

HSC English 2nd Paper Composition Suggestion

Road Accidents

Nowadays road accidents are one of the most talked-about subjects. but people’s opinions vary on whether the government should take full responsibility for reducing the number of road accidents or individuals should come forward to sharing the responsibility for this purpose.

Many people believe that it is the responsibility of the government to take complete charge of reducing accidents.  In fact, government represents its people. It is argued that the government has the resources and administrative power to take such responsibilities. Moreover, the government receives different kinds of tax, VAT, levy, duty, etc. from the mass people to ensure and improve safety. Furthermore, the government is an organized power. It can mobilize its different law enforcement agencies and media for this purpose.

 On the other hand, those who are against the statement think that the responsibility should also be shared by the individuals. Because it is not possible or, at least, very difficult for the government to monitor every movement of the people. An accident can take place at any moment. There are also many causes of accidents that the government cannot control. For example, a person who did not have the opportunity to sleep or is very tired is prone to cause an accident.  To take rest or sleep is his personal matter. Here the government can not coerce him to take a rest.  Moreover, alcoholism can also cause accidents. When a person is intoxicated or drunk he loses control over his body and actions. He can very easily be involved in an accident.

To sum up, I would say the government has a responsibility in this respect. It can take different measures to decrease the number of accidents. Making individuals aware of the obligations and safety measures is also a part of the government’s duty.

My Daily Life

A man with practical wisdom and intelligence always wants to follow a routine of his own which helps him to finish his daily activities accordingly and judiciously. A man without a timetable is like one who gropes in the darkness.  If a man follows a routine in his everyday life and makes the best use of time, he is sure to prosper in life. A regulated and disciplined life is a blessing while a life by fits and starts is a curse. So, everybody must follow a routine for his daily life.

I am a student.  It is the sowing season of my life. So I must work regularly according to a timetable. My daily life is very simple. I get up early in the morning. I brush my teeth and have a wash.  I say my morning prayers and then go out for a walk in the open air.  On returning, I go into my reading room and learn my lessons. After some time I have my breakfast. Then I do my home tasks.  I finish my Study in the morning at 9:30 a.m. then I bathe. I take my meals and rest for a while. Then I go to school.

I have never been considered a very good student. Still, I love to sit on the first bench and listen to what my teachers say. In this regard, I consider myself an attentive student. I am never inattentive in my class. But sometimes it appears very hard to pay deep attention to all the classes.  All the classes do not arouse same interest in me. Our school breaks up at 4 p.m. I come home directly after my school hours.  I never make a delay on my way back home. After coming back home, I wash my face, hands, and feet.  Then I take my Tiffin.

During the school days, life becomes very boring as I do not get time to play. I often take a walk and enjoy the sunset scene.  Just after sunset, I come back home.  After having a wash I say my evening prayers.  Then I devote myself to my study and go on doing my lessons till 10:30 p.m. I then take my supper, walk for some time and go to bed after saying my Esha prayers.

This is the routine I follow every day. There are slight changes in it on Fridays or on holidays and vacations. On some Fridays, I go to visit my friends and relatives.  During holidays I take part in social activities with my friends. During a long vacation, I go to my uncle’s house along with my younger brothers and sisters. Sometimes I make industrial tours with my friends too.

My parents keep watchful eye on my conduct and progress at School. This is what has enabled me to stick to the above routine and win the good opinion of my teachers.  I hope I shall continue to enjoy this all my student life.

This is the timetable that I usually follow in my daily life. I know that without following a routine none can shine in life.  A man has to do daily work sincerely and thus he can find at the end of the year that he has done many things. On the other hand, those who work without routine and waste time must fall in difficulty at the end of the year.  We should all remember:

 The heights by great men reached and kept,

Were not attained by sudden flight,

But they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upward in the night.

Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh

 Employment is an occupation that is a productive of wealth. Unemployment is the opposite of employment.  when a man is out of any kind of productive work he is said to be in a state of unemployment .now where in the world the unemployment problem is too acute as in our country. Thousands and thousands of people are out of work in this country. Bangladesh, a country with more people than jobs is facing this problem.

  Unemployment is a great social evil.  For the peace and prosperity of social life, it is imperative that every able-bodied person in a society should be employed. But finding a job is very tedious. a young man has to undergo a good deal of trouble,  anxiety, mortification, and humiliation to find out a job.

It is true that Bangladesh isn’t a rich country, but we claim to be developing. She has a high population density within a small area. This country faces many challenges related to unemployment.

 Birth rates in this country are too high.  It is increasing day by day.  It is beyond its capacity to give work to all of its people.  at present the [population is near about 17 crores. about more than 1000 people live per square kilometer. In fact, the country is feeding its people with the help of others. as we are in a poor country, after providing food, we cannot make scopes of jobs for the unemployed.  With many kinds of problems, this problem has become a dangerous problem to the country and its people.

 The reasons for the unemployment in our country are not far to seek. In the first place, our country is industrially very backward.  They are a few mills, factories, and firms in our country. Cottage industries are not in a flourishing condition. The mills and factories that we have can give employment to a limited number of people.  Similar is the case with agriculture. As the supply of land is limited it cannot employ a large number of people.

Secondly, our system of education and the attitude of our average students and youths are also responsible for this.  Our system of education fails to give a student an independent start in life. it has little provision for vocational training. Our students and youths have a false sense of dignity and Prestige in being officers. They think that thing that service is more honorable than an independent business. So they run madly after jobs the opportunity of which is necessarily limited.

Thirdly, inequitable distribution of national wealth and abnormal growth rate of population jointly or separately work to intensify the problem in our country.

 The unemployment problem is a very difficult problem that defies almost all solutions. Many ways have so long been devised to root it out but complete success has not yet been attained.

 However, was the first thing necessary for the solution to the problem is the industrialization of our country. These Industries will then be able to give employment to a large number of people.

 Secondary vocational education should be introduced and students should have some training in it. After the academic career, this will help them in earning a living.

Thirdly our students and youths should be made to change their attitude to life. They must give up their false sense of dignity in becoming officers and shake off their mania for jobs.  They should learn to choose an independent career having due respect for manual labor.  Last of all steps should be made to increase our national income to the maximum and distribute it equitably.   But all attempts will be fruitless if the population is not kept within a reasonable limit.

Bangladesh is the least developed country with its overpopulation.  The problem of unemployment is getting more and more acute in Bangladesh day by day.  Whatever may be its causes, timely and proper steps should be taken to eradicate its menace. With the help of modern technology, Bangladesh can face this problem.  But the consciousness of the people from all walks of life is a must to change the lot of our nation. Then we will be able to serve our country from the ultimate ruin. 

Importance of Reading Newspaper

Man has an inborn irresistible curiosity to know the unknown, to see the unseen, and to discover the undiscovered.

From such urge or bent of mind, he looks for something, which can satisfy his never-ending thirst for knowledge.

Newspaper is one such medium that brings us knowledge of the world eliminating the distance of place and people within the shortest possible time.

The newspaper tells us what we say, believe, and do. Modern life without a newspaper is bread without butter, a boy without soul, and a world without sun.

Newspaper is essential in modern life. A modern man relishes his breakfast with the newspaper.

He cannot start his morning work without a glance at the heading of a newspaper.

A newspaper covers a variety of news. It gives information about current affairs all over the world.

Newspapers satisfy our attraction for curiosity and sensationalism. They bring the world near to us. It gives us a feeling of one community of human beings all over the world.

We get an idea of the position and standard of living in our country in relation to that of the developed country. We get an incentive to improve our own condition.

We also get information about the position of food, population, poverty, price rise, corruption, inefficiency, etc. the advertisement columns are interesting.

The editorial columns are informative about the actual situation and position of the government. It also tells us about defects in government policies.

The letters to the editor column ventilate the views of the public. In short, we can say that newspaper reading is essential in modern life to keep pace with time, to keep oneself abreast with tradition and contemporary culture

It has news for a scientist for a student. It tells about scientific success. It tells us about a new invention.

For a politician, a newspaper is very useful. He ventilates his ideas, views, and ideology through newspapers.

Sometimes trade unions and different organizations express their demands to the government through a press release

Newspapers also give information about job opportunities.  It is an important medium for the publicity of trade and commerce. Advertisements cover a big space in the newspaper.

Businessmen get information from the newspaper and this cannot be procured personally. Government declares its policies internally or foreign through newspapers.

Government can hold a public opinion on a particular matter and communicate it through newspaper

The sportsman gets news of national international games and sports through newspapers.

From newspaper reading, he can ascertain his own standard in relation to other players in the world.

The weather forecast, news of damage after flood, cyclone, or fire is printed. So, government becomes aware of the damage and takes necessary action.  

A Railway Journey

I had recently an occasion to go from Calcutta to Madhupur. My train was to leave Howrah at 10.am.

As I was a second-class passenger, I reached the station about an hour earlier.

It was a scene of noise and bustle. Groups of people, sitting around their belongings, talked and laughed among themselves.

Hawkers were screaming with shrill voices to sell their goods. Porters pushed their way through with heavy loads on their heads and something additional to their hands.

As soon as the train was put on the platform, there began a tremendous rush for seats in second-class compartments.

I managed to get a seat on a side bench of a small compartment. But it became so crowded in a few minutes that there was hardly any moving space.

At last, the whistle blew and the train began to move. I stuck up an acquaintance with two young men sitting by me.

They were students of City College. And they were going to Deoghar. We soon became friends with one another. 

As the train moved on we enjoyed the sights on the way. Bullock carts laden with goods were moving on heavily along dusty roads.

Village girls were bathing or washing clothes in ponds full of moss and weeds.

Bare-bodied youngsters tended cows, while grown-ups were busy in their fields.

The train reached Asansol at about 1 pm. my new friends and I shared out Tiffin among us.

Leaving Asansol, we noticed the Indian iron and steelworkers at Burn pore, a short way off.

After Sitarampur, a distant change was noticed in the landscape. The fields were undulating and were full of shrubs and small trees here and there.

The soil was reddish. At Chittaranjan, we saw at a short distance the great Chittaranjan locomotive works that helped to make us self-sufficient in the matter of railway engines.

When the train reached Madhupur, I saw my friend Mahindra waiting on the platform with his brother.

They greet me heartily. Bidding farewell to my train friends, I got down with my luggage and reached Mahindra’s house at about five in the evening. Thus I came to my journey’s end.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has become a matter of concern in many countries as the instances of drug abuse among the youth are rising rapidly. I think certain causes are responsible for this situation.

One of the main reasons for drug abuse among youths is mental pressure and turbulence put on the youths of the broken families.

 When the parents get divorced or separated children can not accept such things. They feel certain anger towards everything and begin to pity themselves. In most cases, they are neglected or can not adjust to new conditions. As a result, they get frustrated very easily and fall a victim to drug addiction. Some youths also become addicted to narcotics due to bad company and very often such addiction starts from just a little dose out of curiosity which leads to complete submission to addiction.

 certain habits of both or any of the parents such as excessive smoking of cigarettes and taking alcohol can also make youths attracted to taking drugs. Because when children see their parents smoking cigarettes one after another or taking liquor regularly, such habits and actions seem natural to them and they can easily become addicted to more harmful drugs.

Another reason for drug addiction as cited by many people is the lack of healthy social life. This is also mostly a consequence of small, self-centered families of modern life. In the course of industrialization and urbanization, traditional joint families began to break up. Families consisting of only father, mother, and children began to relocate themselves to urban and industrial areas in search of jobs. In such families, children usually suffer from loneliness as they do not find close relatives like grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins nearby. Things like TV, movies, video games, computer games, social media, and indoor games become the main source of entertainment instead of outdoor games, conversation, and interactions in a family atmosphere. Such children get frustrated easily and become vulnerable to drug addiction. The media also play a role in spreading drug addiction. When children find TV and movie stars take drugs or smoke cigarettes in movies or TV programs, they also become attracted to such drugs and get addicted.

As far as I am concerned, certain things can be done to save the youths from harmful drug abuse. First of all interaction with the youths and supervision over them from the families will have to be ensured.  Parents have to grow a friendly relationship with their children and make sure that they do not get frustrated. Parents should also check into the friends of their children so that their children do not maintain bad company. It has also become necessary to guide the youths in watching TV and movies. The government may help the situation by strictly imposing censorship on injurious materials in movies and TV programs.


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