Completing Story for HSC SSC JSC Examination

HSC English 2nd Paper Composition Suggestion
HSC English 2nd Paper Composition Suggestion
April 13, 2021
HSC & SSC English Paragraph
HSC English Paragraph | SSC Important Paragraph
April 14, 2021

Completing Story for HSC SSC JSC Examination

Completing Story for HSC and SSC Examination

Completing Story for HSC SSC JSC Examination

The Clever Astrologer

Once upon a time, there was a king who possessed an eccentric hobby. He was very fond of knowing his future from his astrologers.

So whenever he heard about an astrologer he was keen to make a test of his fortune.

Once he heard that a famous astrologer from another region stopped at the capital on his way to Banaras.

The king became delighted to hear that and wanted to know something exciting about his fate from the alien soothsayer.

The king called on him to his palace and asked him to predict his fortune. The astrologer read his palm and said something that shattered his mental condition.

At this the king got furious and, in a despotic judgment, he condemned him to death saying that man like him should not live to spoil the peace of the world.

The guards of the king were about to take the astrologer away for the execution but all on a sudden the king ordered them to stop.

He then asked the foreteller how long he would live. The astrologer had a good presence of mind.

He pondered for a while for some way of escape, as he was sure the king would prove him a liar putting him to death then and there if he would live no longer than that way.

With ready wit, he politely uttered with an air of confidence that the stars declared that he would die only a week before the benevolent king.

Then with a smile on his face, he bade the king goodbye and also assured him that he would wait for the king there where he was going to be sent by the majesty.

At this, the king turned pale as dead and ordered to drive the wretched astrologer away and not to let him come again in his kingdom.

Thus the prudent astrologer saved his life by using his quick intelligence.

The Nobleman and His Grand House

Once there lived a nobleman in a village. He was rich but never boasted of his riches. His wit and wisdom made him a well-known figure.

He loved to teach people but his method of teaching was rather exceptional.  He used to do some unusual deeds which contained a lesson for all.

People of the village were familiarized with the eccentricity of the nobleman. Once he builds a grand house.

He wrote on the gate, This house will be given to the first man who can prove he is satisfied.

Everyone in the village became stunned reading the peculiar condition. They knew that the nobleman was prudent and the message must have encompassed a lesson for the man who would long for that imposing house.

So they restrained their greed and didn’t claim themselves to be content.  Months after months passed but no one came to demand the ownership of the house.

Suddenly one day a stranger from another village knocked at the gate and desired to speak to the nobleman about the house.

The nobleman met the stranger and wanted to know about his desire. The stranger then said that he had come to claim the house because he was satisfied with what he had.

That made the nobleman inquisitive. He asked the stranger how he could prove that he was content.

The stranger replied that actually, it was his nature to be content whenever he found anything after his hope or expectation.

The nobleman then smiled and said the man who is happy with what he has and does not fancy to get anything more is a content man and if the stranger was really content, he wouldn’t come to have that house.

Hearing this stranger felt ashamed and left the place with a broken heart.

Completing Story for SSC and HSC-A Brave Deed

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Abul Khair. He was a Sheppard. He was known for his naughtiness and ready wit.

One day he was grazing the cattle along the railway track. His attention was suddenly drawn to something wrong on the track.

He discovered that the track was displaced at a point. He immediately became scared as he saw a train coming.

It was approaching nearer and taking a larger appearance. He thought if the train could not be stopped it was sure to meet a ruinous accident.

He was at a loss. His nerve was almost racking. While fighting in his mind about what he should do an idea came to his mind. He put off his shirt.

It was a maroon-colored shirt. He started to wave the shirt with the help of a small branch of a tree. In a mad pursuit to convince the driver of the train to halt, he continued to wave his shirt.

The train was proceeding speedily and he was getting disappointed and nervous.

But he did not give up. Suddenly he found that the train was getting slow and it stopped as if it had struck anything.

There occurred a harsh sound created from the collision among the compartments. To his great delight and happiness, the train stopped completely.

A large number of passengers as well the duty officers of the train cam down. Some were bearing the sign of boredom and some of the inquisition in the face. 

But when they learned what actually happened that heaved sigh of relief and thanked him very much.

An officer of the train wrote down his name and address. His face glowed with pride and joy as he was praised for saving many lives.

All the leading daily newspapers reported on his valiant act. Later he was awarded the National Bravery Award for this heroic humanitarian work.

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