HSC English Paragraph | SSC Important Paragraph

Completing Story for HSC and SSC Examination
Completing Story for HSC SSC JSC Examination
April 14, 2021
SSC English Email Writing
SSC English Email Writing
April 14, 2021

HSC English Paragraph | SSC Important Paragraph

HSC & SSC English Paragraph

HSC English Important Paragraph

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a great social menace, which has assumed an alarming proportion in recent times. It is eating into the vitals an alarming proportion in recent times.  It is eating onto the vitals of the youths who are the future hopes of the country. This is now a worldwide phenomenon and Indian youths are also falling prey to its disastrous tentacles. Drugs like heroin, brown sugar, L.S.D become a habit to the people and once they have a taste of it, they become their slaves. The social malady has ruined millions of youths all over the world. Bangladesh also could not escape its growing clutches. The result of drug addiction is really dangerous. It not only ruins the health of the addict but also cuts down his life span. One may also die if one gives up taking drugs suddenly. The effect of drug addiction is just like slow poisoning. It is feared that if no corrective measures are taken by the government or by different social organizations immediately, it may be too late to save society from this destructive vice. The government of curve drug addiction should take all our measures. Drug peddlers should be heavily punished. Simultaneously, government and social organizations should take proper care to treat the drug addicts and rehabilitate them suitably in society.

HSC English Paragraph-Satellite TV Channels

Satellite TV channels are those channels that telecast television programs to different parts of the world via a satellite. Satellite telecasting has added a new dimension to television. Nowadays a huge number of Satellite channels telecast a wide range of programs of varied interest.  the programs of all the channels are not beneficial. Some channels like discovery, National Geographic, CNN, and BBC telecast highly informative programs and can enrich our minds with sage and sagacity.   On the contrary, some channels like TV-6,  MTV, HBO cause cultural decay and moral degeneration because they are full of nudism and vulgarism. Our National culture can be fostered and enriched by avoiding those channels and programs and having to keep the good and giving up the bad. Our own cultural programs and elements should be seen and enjoyed frequently.  it is true that the programs of some satellites are destructive. Those programs which are harmful should be avoided. That is to say, constructive the Satellite TV channels should be enjoyed. We also have to find out how to derive the best benefit from satellite TV channels keeping their evil up to the minimum limit. Otherwise, moral degradation will take place and social stability will be destroyed.

HSC English Paragraph-Eve Teasing

Eve teasing means harassment or sexual aggression or molestation of women by men defying women’s dignity and social values. Recently it has become a menace for our country where our womenfolk is being used and trapped in the school, workplace, and wherever they are.   The situation is getting worsened day by day. It happens when the womenfolk are treated less competent and useless as well as ignored by society depriving their basic rights. Ethical degradation, lack of family bonding, effects of western culture, and of course because of nasty inquisitiveness leads the boys to do so. Those who are teased do not like to go to school and sometimes guardians do not allow them to go to school for your safety and Honour. So the dropout rate of female students in many schools is increasing.  Another negative manifestation of the problem is the tendency of parents to push underage daughters into early marriages so that they can escape eve-teasing. Parents think that if their daughter has a husband, they will be saved from the dangers. It has become a vicious cycle.  Our so-called educated community also does not feel any hesitation or get tired of the stupidity of eve-teasers. Women here in our country, are thought to be destined to face such realities.  The total scenario can hardly be imagined but never be stipulated. Those who are seen to do this heinous thing are no better than a beast and deserve exemplary punishment. Our law-enforcing Agencies should keep the matter on their head firmly list and our political leaders should also go hand in hand showing zero tolerance to the issue. Above all the thing which is inevitable for us is a massive public awareness can throw a stone at them to death. 

HSC English Paragraph-Parenting

I agree completely with the argument that fathers should come forward to sharing the role of mothers in rearing children. In fact, women have been engaged in child-rearing and household activities from time immemorial. it has some valid reasons, too. Only women have the capacity to give birth to children. Their physical and mental characteristics are also suitable for child-rearing. Mothers can breastfeed their children which fathers cannot do. It has also been noticed that women have more patience in household and child-rearing activities than men. This may be due to the mental build-up of a woman for such work. From an early age, a girl plays with her dolls and pots pretending to be a woman doing household work. They find their mothers doing such work and infer that such work is their responsibility. Though traditionally women have been the primary caregiver in the family, parenting can be a shared responsibility. Even before the child is born, men in the household can bring the mother to the health centers or hospitals to find out whether everything is all right or if their birth complications. When children are very young they have to be taken care of constantly. Such responsibilities become very difficult for working mothers. Fathers can share the responsibilities of taking care of the children, helping mothers in bathing, feeding, and changing diapers of the children when they are very young as such things are very time-consuming. Moreover, fathers can play and pass time with their children which is really important for the mental growth of the children. With men and women sharing the responsibilities of parenting the caregiving can be more equitably distributed. Then everyone, especially the children will benefit.

My Childhood

Childhood is the sweetest period of human life. I often remember the days of my childhood. When I remember my childhood days I feel happy.  I cannot recall the day when I was named. as I have heard, there was a big feast in our house on that occasion. At an early age, I spent my time in high spirits.  All the members of our family loved Me very dearly. They gave me whatever I asked from them. They always took care to make me happy. A single drop of tears was enough to move them. My grandmother was very fond of me. She told me many amazing stories.I annoyed her but she was never angry with me. When I was five years old, I was sent to primary school. I recollect the day from my memory when I first went to ABC high School with my father. My teachers spoke kind and affectionate words to me. My classmates welcomed me with love and interest. I completed my primary education in the tenth year of my life. I began to grow both in body and mind and began to take more and more interest in my studies. My joys knew no bounds when I stood first in my class. I took part in various games and sports. The happy recollection of my childhood yet fills my heart with great joy.  I wish I could go back to those happy days again.

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