English is spoken-Traveling Information

English Practice Speaking-Airport information
English Practice Speaking-Airport Information
May 13, 2021
Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities
Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities
May 30, 2021

English is spoken-Traveling Information

English is spoken-Traveling Information

Let’s learn English is spoken-Traveling Information!

Asking About Buses

Conversation A

David: Where do I get the downtown bus?

John: Walk straight ahead one block.

David: Thanks very much.

John: Don’t mention it.

Conversation B

David: Where does the bus stop?

John: At the next corner.

David: Does it go downtown?

John: Only the number 5 bus goes downtown.

Conversation C

David: Are there any bus stops along this street?

John: Yes. there are, there are quite a few.

David: Are they located at the corners?

John: Most of them are, but a few aren’t?

Conversation D

David: How do I get to the station?

John: Take the bus to the next corner.

David: Do you know which bus I take?

John: Watch for number 11.

Conversation E

David: How much is the fare on this bus?

John: It’s fifteen cents.

David: Do I give the money to you?

John: No. Just drop it in this machine.

Traveling by Bus

Conversation A

David: Does this bus go into the city?

John: Yes. Where do you want to go?

David:  I want to go to Sydney.

John: This is the right bus then.

Conversation B

David: Does this bus go to London?

John: Yes. You’ll have to transfer.

David: Where can I get it?

John: At the next corner.

Conversation C

David: Is this where I get off the bus?

John: No. Not here-at the next stop.

David: Can I catch a taxi right there?

John: Yes. There’s a taxi stand right by the bus stop.

Conversation D

David: Excuse me, but how do I get this address?

John: Get off the bus at zero points.

David: Thanks very much for your help.

John: Don’t mention it.

Conversation E

David: Is Johnson Street the next stop?

John: I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand you.

David: Does the bus stop at Johnson Street next?

John: Yes. Right at the next corner.

Going by Taxi

Conversation A

David: Where are you going now?

John: To the hotel

David: Are you going by bus or taxi?

John: Probably by taxi if I can get one.

Conversation B

David: I need a taxi

John: The taxis are by the entrance.

David: Thank you very much.

John: You’re welcome.

Conversation C

David: Is this taxi taken?

John: No. Where are you going?

David: I’m going to the KFC.

John: OK. I know right where it is.

Conversation D

David: How much is the fare?

John: Two dollars and fifty cents.

David: Here. keep the change.

John: Thank you very much.

Conversation E

David: It’s raining very hard right now.

John: Why don’t I get a taxi?

David: That’s a good idea.

John: Now. I only hope we can find one.

Taking a Trip by Car

Conversation A

David: Are you taking a trip today?

John: Yes. We’re going to Cox’sBazar.

David: It’s a good day for the trip.

John: I’m glad the sun is shining.

Conversation B

David: How far is from here to the coast?

John: It’s about 450 miles.

David: How long does it take to get there by car?

John: It needs car travel and train for about five hours.

Conversation C

David: How far is it to the next filling station?

John: There’s one two miles from here.

David: Is there a place to eat there?

John: Yes. There’s a restaurant next to the station.

Conversation D

David: What’s the best way to New York.

John: The highway, but it’s also the longest way.

David: How much longer is it that way?

John: About 10 or 12 miles.

Conversation E

David: Are they going by way of plains?

John: No. They are not taking that route.

David: How are they traveling then?

John: They are driving directly to New York.

Travel Plans

Conversation A

David: I have to take a trip by air next week.

John: Do you like to fly?

David: I don’t know because I’ve never flown before.

John: You’ll probably like it very much.

Conversation B

David: I have to go home next week.

John: How will you go by car?

David: I’ll probably go by air.

John: You’ll get there very fast then.

Conversation C

David: Are you going on a trip next Saturday?

John: Yes. We’re going to London.

David: Are you flying or going by bus?

John: We’re traveling by car.

Conversation D

David: How will you travel to London?

John: We’ll go by plane.

David: How long will it take?

John: It’ll take about one and half hours to get there.

Conversation E

David: What time will you leave your house?

John: I’ll leave around seven-thirty.

David: How are you going to go by car or by bus?

John: Neither. I’m going to drive.

English is spoken-Some Short Answers

David: Do you go to the market every day?

John: No, I don’t.

David: Did you go to market this morning?

John: Yes, I did.

David: Did you buy anything?

John: No, I didn’t. I wanted to buy a shirt but I didn’t find a good one.

David: Will you go to the market tomorrow?

John: Yes, I will.

David: Will you buy anything?

John: Yes, I will. I will buy some books.

David: Will you go there on foot?

John: No, I won’t. I will go there by rickshaw.

David: Would you like to go with me now? I am very interested to see your market.

John: Yes. I would. With much pleasure.

English is spoken-Some Requests

David: Could you give me a book, please?

John: Sure. Here it is.

David: I’m sorry. I don’t like it. Actually, I don’t read poetry. Would you please give me a novel?

John: By all means. Why not?

David: Please give me a book by Humayun Ahmed.

John: Here you are.

David: Thank you but….. I think I have already read it. Would you mind giving me another book?

John: I’m afraid. There’s no other book by Humayun Ahmed here.

David: Then will you give me a book by Jafar Iqbal?

John:  We have a book by Jafar Iqbal but it is now out. It will be back within a few days.

David: Do you think you could keep that for me I’ll come after a week. I would appreciate it if you do that for me.

John: I’ll keep the book for you if it is returned.

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