Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities

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May 20, 2021
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June 6, 2021

Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities

Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities

Let’s Learn Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities

Lily: What do you do in the morning?

Bella: I go to the market in the morning.

Lily: What do you do after lunch?

Bella: After lunch, I take a rest for a while.

Lily: What do you do on weekends?

Bella: On weekends I go to visit my sisters.

Lily: What do you do in your spare time?

Bella: I play chess in my spare time.

Lily: What do you do when you are lonely?

Bella: I watch movies when I am lonely.

Lily: What do you do when you are depressed?

Bella: When I am depressed I listen to music?

Lily: When do you go to the office?

Bella: I go to the office at 9 am.

Lily: When do you get up in the morning?

Bella: I get up at 7 in the morning.

Lily: When do you go to bed every day?

Bella: I go to bed at 11 pm every day.

Lily: When do you study?

Bella: I study at 7 in the evening

Lily: What do you do in the afternoon?

Bella: In the afternoon I chat with my friends.

Lily: How do you spend your leisure hours?

Bella: I spend my leisure hours with my computers.

Lily: Why do you do this?

Bella: I think it is good for me.

Lily: Why do you help him?

Bella: Because he is my cousin.

Lily: Why don’t you call him?

Bella: I will call him soon.

Lily: Whom do you like?

Bella: I like the man in the white shirt.

Lily: Who do you want?

Bella: I want Resell.

Lily: Whom do you trust?

Bella: I trust only you.

Lily: How do you know?

Bella: My friend called me yesterday.

Lily: How do you do this?

Bella: It is very easy. Just be patient.

Lily: How do you pronounce it?

Bella: Try to imitate me.

Lily: Where do you go everyday?

Bella: I go to my work.

Lily: Where do you meet him?

Bella: I meet him in the market.

Lily: Where do you have your lunch?

Bella: At a restaurant.

Lily: How long do you work everyday?

Bella: About eight hours.

Lily: How far do you go everyday?

Bella: About 10 miles.

Lily: How much rice do you buy weekly?

Bella: About 40 kilos.

Lily: Where do you study?

Bella: In a university.

Lily: Why do you work so late?

Bella: Because I have to do a lot of work.

Lily: Why do you like this car?

Bella: I think it is very beautiful.

Lily: Why do you mix with him?

Bella: He is one of my good friends.

Lily: Why do you call him regularly?

Bella: I have business with him.

Lily: Why do you stay up so late?

Bella: I have to study for a long.

Lily: Where do you want to meet me?

Bella: At my house.

Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities

Julia: What did you do at the university the day before yesterday?

Nova: I attended some classes.

Julia: What did you have for breakfast?

Nova: I had bread and coffee.

Julia: What did you find out?

Nova: I found that he had no plan.

Julia: What did you see there?

Nova: I saw one of my friends there.

Julia: Where did you go last night?

Nova: To my cousin’s.

Julia: Where did you meet him?

Nova: In a hotel.

Julia: Where did you see her?

Nova: I saw her in an office.

Julia: Where did you want to go?

Nova: I wanted to go to Dublin.

Julia: When did you receive the letter?

Nova: I received the letter the day before yesterday?

Julia:  When did you see Lucy?

Nova: I saw her last week.

Julia: When did you have your breakfast?

Nova: At about 9 a.m.

Julia: How did you do this?

Nova: It was very easy.

Julia: How did you know this?

Nova: My brother told me.

Julia: How did you find out?

Nova: I made several inquiries.

Julia: Which book did you choose?

Nova: The red one.

Julia: Which shirt did you prefer?

Nova: The striped one.

Julia: Which pen did you like?

Nova: The blue one.

Julia: When did you go to America?

Nova: A few years ago.

Julia: When did you go shopping?

Nova: Last night.

Julia: When did you receive his call?

Nova: Yesterday.

Julia: Whom did you want?

Nova: I wanted Ben.

Julia: Who did you meet?

Nova: I met his brother.

Julia: Why did you laugh?

Nova: It was a very funny incident.

Julia: Why did you do this?

Nova: I tried to help him.

Julia: Why did you want to go to Dublin?

Nova: Because my friend was having treatment there.

Julia: What did you do in the morning?

Nova: I worked in my office.

Julia: When did you beat him?

Nova: I beat him yesterday.

Julia: When did you break the vase

Nova: In the morning.

Julia: What did you tell her?

Nova: I told her to be patient.

Julia: Why did you call me in the morning?

Nova: I wanted to give you a message.

Julia: Why did you make a delay?

Nova: Because I missed the bus.

Julia: How did you help him?

Nova: I lent him a book.

Julia: How did you perform it?

Nova: I tried very hard.

Julia: When did you do your homework?

Nova: About an hour ago?

Julia: How many did you buy?

Nova: About thirty pieces.

Julia: How many books did you get?

Nova: I got ten books.

Julia: How long did you talk?

Nova: For four hours.

Julia: When did you detect the problem?

Nova: Only a few days ago.

Julia: Why did you organize the meeting?

Nova: We wanted to make a decision about the recent problems.

Julia: What did you want to do with the criminal?

Nova: We wanted to hand him over to the police.

Julia: How long did you discuss yesterday?

Nova: Yesterday we discussed for about two hours.

Basic English Speaking-Daily Activities

Dolly: What’s your name?

Jolly: My name is Jolly.

Dolly: Where do you live?

Jolly: I live in Kadalpur.

Dolly: How long have you been living there?

Jolly: I have been living there for twelve years.

Dolly: In what types of houses do people of your city live?

Jolly: Most of the people of my city live in thatched houses with tin roof.

Some of the people live in sod houses. There are also many people who live in concrete houses.

Dolly: Are there many homeless people in your city?

Jolly: There are a few homeless people in the city. I think the number is not significant.

Dolly: Why do you think people become homeless in your city?

Jolly: Some people take loans for some emergency purposes and then cannot repay the loan.

Subsequently, they have to sell their houses. Land erosion by rivers is one of the main reasons for homeless people.


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