IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- A Memorable Sporting Event
IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- A Memorable Sporting Event
July 21, 2021
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer
August 7, 2021

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021- Historical Place

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021

An Interesting Historical Place

A few months ago I along with some of my friends went to Sonargaon. We started from Dhaka and it took us about one and half hours to reach Sonargaon. In Sonargaon we found many old dilapidated houses. They bore the marks of their prosperous age. The walls of those houses had elaborate engagements and ornamentations. We were sorry to think that such treasures of the past were being destroyed for want of restoration. Homeless people live in those deserted houses that could break down at any moment. I was told that once Isa khan arranged a horse race in that city. We went to visit the Loko Shilpa Jadugar. There were many ancient historically important things on display. We were much impressed at their beauty and craftsmanship. We took many pictures of the city with our cameras. It was already noon and we were hungry. We took the food and drink we had taken with us. Then we visited the public library there. In the library, we found many important books on Sonargaon. After that, we visited the handicraft market where we found many beautiful things made by local weavers, potters, and craftsmen. I bought a shawl for my mother and a handbag for my sister. It was about 4 p.m when we started our return journey.

An Interesting Historical Place-Follow-Up Questions

1. Did you study history at school?

Yes, we did.

2. How were you taught history when you were at school?

History was a part of the syllabus in every class from class 3 to class six. In school, we had history textbooks and history teachers.

3. Are there other ways people can learn about history outside school?

I think people can learn history outside school by reading good books about history, visiting museums and going to places of historical importance.

4. Do you think history will still be a subject in the school syllabus after 25 years?

I think history will still be a subject in the school syllabus after 25 years because history is our link with the past and by deducting the past we can not expect a better future.

5. How do people in your country feel about protecting historic buildings?

The people of our country feel the need to protect the historic buildings. The government is also willing to save them but Bangladesh is a poor country.

Here the government can not even fulfill many basic needs of the people while restoration of historic buildings and places will need a lot of money.

I think the international community should come forward to helping our government in this respect.

6. Do you think an area can get benefit from having an interesting historic place in the vicinity?

An area can certainly get benefit from having an interesting historic place in the vicinity. For instance, if there is a historic place in the area, many tourists and visitors will go to the place.

They will spend money in the area.  As a result, there will be more employment opportunities and income for the local people.

Moreover, the government will take more development plans for the area if it has an interesting historic place.

7. What do you think will happen to historic places or buildings in the future?

I think people will become more conscious about restoring historic buildings and places. The international community will also work more actively for the restoration of such buildings and places.

I also hope that the world will get rid of poverty in the near future with the development of technology and an increase in industrial and agricultural production.

As a result, the government will take all possible measures for the restoration, renovation, repair, and preservation of places of historic importance.

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021-Your Favorite Game

I am going to talk about my favorite game. Kabadi is my favorite game that is also the national game of our country. it is assumed that  Kabadi was originated in south Asia about four thousand years ago. Some people connect the game with the Indian myths. This game is commonly played in rural areas of Bangladesh. Now Kabadi is played in international sports competitions like SAF Games and Asian Games. Kabadi is a game between two teams. Each team contains an equal number of players. The playground is divided into two equal parts. The teams stand in lines facing each other. One player of a team is allowed to enter the ground of the other team. He has to hold his breath and touch as many people of the opposite team as he can and return to his ground. If he can touch any player of the opponent team, the touched player becomes inactive. The game continues until all the players of a team become inactive. This game is very interesting and a source of entertainment for the rural people of Bangladesh. Rural youths play this game in their spare time while people encircle the playground and watch the game.

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021-Your Favorite Game-Follow-Up Questions

1. What do you consider more important in sport: winning or participating?

I consider participating in sports to be more important than winning. But when we participate we should try our best to win. However continuous losing without any win makes sport a matter of shame and irritation.

2. Do you support sportsmen taking drugs for improving their performance?

In my opinion, harmful drugs and narcotics should not be allowed in sports. However harmless drugs that may improve performance should not have any restrictions.

3. Why do you think some sportsmen take drugs for improving their performance?

Some sportsmen take illegal drugs for improving their performance thinking that they will get away with it.

4. Why are some countries more successful than others in international sports events like the world cup and the Olympic Games?

For being successful in international sports events, different things such as rigorous training, hard work, a good coach, and a conducive environment are required.

All the countries do not have such facilities and environments. I believe only those countries that have such facilities do well in the international competitions.


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