Right Form of Verbs Exercise for HSC

The best IELTS Reading Tips and Strategies
The Best IELTS Reading Tips and Strategies
October 9, 2021
Transformation of Sentences with Answers
Transformation of Sentences with Answers
October 11, 2021

Right Form of Verbs Exercise for HSC

Right Form of Verbs Exercise for HSC

Right Form of Verbs Exercise for HSC

1. If all the children of Bangladesh (a) ____ (go) to school, the country (b) ____ (get) rid of the curse of illiteracy. To boost up education, the government (c) ____ (spend) more money. Subsidies must (d) _____ (give) in the education sector.

HSC English Suggestion All Board (2024 )

Teachers (e) ____ (need) to (f) ____ (train) for good teaching. The poor students can (g) ____ (bring) under “Food for Education” programme. We (h) ____ (take) care that no institution (i) ____ (close) down due to political clashes. All concerned (j) ____ (be) conscious about it.

Answer: (a ) go (b)will get (c)should spend (d) be given (e) need (f) be trained (g) be brought (h) must take (I) will be closed ( j) must be

2. Trees contribute a lot to maintain ecological balance. A month-long tree fair (a) ___ (begin) in Kurigram stadium recently. It (b) ____ (organize) by the local administration and the Department of Social Forestation. The fair (c) ____ (inaugurate) yesterday by the DC of Kurigram. It was also addressed by other speakers who (d) ____ (emphasize) the need for planting more trees. The chief guest in his speech (e) ____ (put) importance on planting trees so that we (f) ____ (save) our environment from other effects of climate change and natural disasters. A huge procession (g) ____ (parade) the streets of the town after the inauguration. Various government and non-government organizations (h) ____ (set) up stalls displaying saplings of different varieties. Cultural functions (i) ____ (arrange) every night (j) ____ (inspire) people to plant trees.

Answer : (a )has begun (b)is organized (c)was inaugurated (d)emphasized (e)put (f)could save (g)was paraded (h)have set (i) are arranged( j)to inspire

3. Road mishap (a) ____ (happen) in our country almost every day. Recently it (b) ____ (rise) to an alarming rate (c) ___ (take) a heavy toll on human lives. The members of a family remain anxious if someone (d) ____ (travel) in a bus. In most cases, reckless driving (e) ____ (cause) road accidents. The drivers are in the habit of (f) ____ (violate) traffic rules. Road accidents can be (g) ____ (lessen) if the drivers drive their vehicles carefully. People should be conscious in this respect. While (h) ____ (cross) the road, they should be careful. Some people travel (i) ___ (climb) on the roof of the buses and trains. Traffic rules must be maintained strictly with a view to (j) ____ (control) road accidents.

Answer: (a ) happens(b)has risen (c)taking (d)travels (e)causes (f)violating (g) lessened (h)crossing (i)climbing ( j)controlling

4. It has been over three hundred years since emperor Shah Jahan of Delhi (a) ____ (build) the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his wife in Agra. Architecturally, it (b) ____ (be) one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The building (c) ____ (make) of fine white marble with inlays of colored marble. It (d) ____ (have) eight sides and many open arches. It (d) ____ (have) eight sides and many open arches. It (e) ____ (rest) on a platform or terrace of red sandstone. Four slender white towers (f) ____ (rise) from the corners of the terrace. A large dome (g) ____ (stand) above the center of the building. Around this large dome there (h) ____ (be) four smaller domes. Just inside the outer walls, there is an open corridor from which the visitors (i) ____ (look) through carved marble screens into a central room. The bodies of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz (j) ____ (lie) in two graves below this room.

Answer : (a )built (b)is (c)was made (d)has (e)rests (f)have risen (g)stands (h) are(i) can look ( j)lie

5. Most of the people who (a) ____ (appear) most often and most gloriously in the pages of history (b) ____ (be) great conquerors and generals and soldiers, whereas the people who really (c) ____ (help) civilization forward are often never (d) ____ (mention) at all. We do not know who first (e) ____ (set a broken leg, or launched a seaworthy boat or (f) ____ (calculate) the length of a year, but we (g) _____ (know all about the killers and destroyers. People think a great deal of them, so much so that on all the highest pillars in the great cities of the world you (h) ____ (find) figures of a conqueror or a general or a soldier. And I think that most people (i) ____ (believe) that the battle the greatest number of countries and ruled over them as conquerors.

Answer: (a ) appear (b) are (c) help (d) mentioned (e) set (f) calculated (g) know (h) can find (i) believe ( j) beat

6. English (a) ____ (be) the most widely used international language. It (b) ____ (learn) to communicate with the foreigners for various purposes such as (c) ____ (maintain) co-operation, c-existence and exchanging business information. There are also certain jobs in which (d) ____ (require) good functional knowledge of English. The jobs of a pilot, a postman, a telephone operator, a tour guide, a mechanic, a receptionist of an international hotel, an executive of a multinational firm, etc. (e) ____ (be) a few of them. Besides, a student (f) ____ (wish) to go for higher studies must learn English because the books on advanced education are mostly (g) ____ (write) in English. So, the importance and demand of learning English in our country can, in no way, be (h) ____ (ignore). Rather, we should (i) ____ (put) high importance on (j) ____ (learn) English to make room for ourselves in the competitive world.

Answer: a ) is (b) is learnt (c) maintaining (d) require (e) are (f) wishing (g) written (h) ignored (i) put ( j) learning

7. The liberation war of Bangladesh inspired many artists, singers, and cultural activists. Eminent artiste Shaheen Samad (a) ____ (join) Bangladesh Mukti Sangram Shilpi Sangstha during the liberation war. She along with others (b) ____ (inspire) millions with her voice (c) ____ (raise) funds for the refugee camps. The cultural troupe used to (d) ____ (travel) to refugee camps and different areas in Mukta Anchal. They (e) ____ (perform) patriotic songs and arranged puppet shows, besides (f) ____ (stage) dramas. Shaheen Samad said, “Liberation war always (g) ____ (be) an inspiration for me”. She sang a lot of songs during that time and now (h) ____ (feel) honoured to have been able to inspire the freedom fighters. She has the memorable harmonium with which she sang in 1971. Now she (i) ____ (wish) to hand it over to liberation war museum. This eminent artiste wants live performance of those moving songs on TV channel, at least one song in a week and thus (j) ____ (cover) all the year-round.

Answer: (a ) joined (b) inspired (c) to raise (d) travel (e) performed (f) staging (g) has been (h) feels (i) wishes ( j) covers

8. Jerry is an orphan. He (a) ____ (come) to the orphanage at the age of four. He (b) ____ (lose) his parents in his infancy. Then, he (c) ____ (commit) to the care of the orphanage. He could hardly (d) ____ (recollect) his parents’ memory. In spite of (e) ____ (be) an orphan, he had developed a strong fabric of morality. His inimitable morality (f) ____ (draw) him close to the writer. The writer (g) ____ (impress) with him. She started (h) ____ (show) affection for him. Jerry (i) ____ (take) her for his mother. He fabricated a lie (j) ____ (win) her heart.

Answer: (a ) came (b) lost (c) was committed (d) recollect (e) being (f) drew (g) was impressed (h) showing (i) took ( j) to win

9. Air (a) ____ (be) an important element of the environment. But it is constantly being (b) ____ (pollute) in many works. This fire emits smoke which (d) ____ (contaminate) air. Vehicles pollute the air to a great extent by (e) ____ (burn) fuel. Air pollution also (f) ____ (happen) when coal and oil (g) ____ (burn). Mills and factories can be (h) ____ (hold) responsible for this pollution. It is high time we (i) ____ (check) air pollution. Otherwise we (j) ____ (suffer) a lot.

Answer: (a ) is(b) polluted (c) do (d) contaminates (e) burning (f) happens (g) are burnt (h) held (i) checked ( j) will suffer

10. In the last autumn vacation I (a) ____ (get) sufficient time. So I (b) ____ (make) up my mind to mind to make a journey by train from Dhaka to Chattogram. I (c) ____ (reach) the station about half an hour before the departure of the train. It (d) ____ (be) then a very busy time. Rickshaws, motorcars, and other vehicles (e) ____ (come) to the station with passengers and the coolies. After some time hearing a whistle, the passengers (h) ____ (stand) in a queue before the ticket counter. I also (i) ____ (stand) in the line and (j) ____ (buy) a second class ticket.

Answer: (a ) got (b)made (c) reached (d) was (e) came (f) ran (g) were (h) stood (i) stood ( j) bought

Right Form of Verbs

11. Football is a favourite game in our country. It (a) ____ (arrange) between two teams (b) ____ (contains) eleven players each. The captains of both teams (c) ____ (lead) their groups. This is the most exciting and enjoyable game ever (d) ____ (play) across the world. It (e) ____ (run) for an hour and a half with an interval after half of the time (f) ___ (be) over. Any football tournament (g) ____ (arrange) between two strong teams can be exciting. The result (h) ____ (remain) almost unpredictable till the end because any team might win the other team (i) ____ (score) a goal within seconds. The referee is to see whether rules and order (j) ____ (maintain) by the players.

Answer: (a )is arranged (b)containing (c)lead (d)played (e)runs (f)is (g)arranged (h)remains (i)scoring ( j) are maintained

12. Once there (a) ____ (live) an idle king. He (b) ____ (not undergo) physical labour. As a result, he (c) ___ (get) bulky and could not move from one place to another. He (d) ____ (call) in a doctor. The doctor (e) ____ (be) clever and wise. He did not (f) ____ (prescribe) any medicine for the king. He asked the king to buy a club and (g) ____ (move) it in the air till his hands (h) ____ (get) moistened. The king started (i) ____ (follow) the prescription. Thus, the king (j) ____ (relieve) of his problem.

Answer: (a ) lived (b) did not undergo (c)got (d)called (e)was (f)prescribe (g)move (h)got (i)to follow ( j) was relieved

13. Idle brain is devil’s workshop. If we (a) ____ (waste) our time in idleness, all sorts of evil thoughts will crowd our brain. Idle persons who (b) ____ (kill) their time are burdens of society. They (c) ____ (sit) idle and cherish no high ideal and lofty ambition in life. They (d) ____ (not support) themselves. They (e) ____ (lead) an unhappy life and (f) ____ (suffer) in the long run. There should be time for reading, for office or other work, time for physical exercise, time for recreation, and time for prayer. This (g) ____ (indicate) that we should do everything at the right moment. We (h) ____ (lead) a healthy and prosperous life only when we (i) ____ (follow) the routine which we (j) ____ (make) for our guidance.

Answer: (a ) waste (b) kill (c) sit (d) can not support (e) lead (f) suffer (g) indicates (h) may lead (i) will follow ( j) make

14. Parents (a) ____ (be) blessings of God to us. When a child (b) ____ (bear), their joys (c) ____ (know) no bounds. They (d) ____ (start) (e) ____ (think) of (f) ____ (nurse) and (g) ____ (bring) up their children. They (h) ____ (remain) safe under the custody of their parents since birth. Parents never mind (i) ____ (take) pains for the upbringing of their off-spring. We (j) ____ never (offend) our parents.

Answer: (a ) are(b)is born (c)know (d)start (e)thinking (f)nursing (g)bringing (h)remain (i)taking ( j)should never offend.

15. To err is human. If a man commits a crime anytime and repents truly for his misdeed, he may (a) ____ (forgive). But the man who (b) ____ (not, give up) the wrong, (c) ____ (suffer surely. In the long run, he (d) ___ (will take) to the land of death. The old sailor (e) ____ (be) a wrong-doer in his long journey. He committed a crime (f) ____ (kill) a sea bird (g) ____ (call) Albatross. That crime ultimately (h) ____ (bring) bad luck to them. The ship (i) _____ (leave) in the icy sea. The sun shone over their heads. The wind (j) ____ (drop) down. It was a great disaster.

Answer: (a )be forgiven (b)does not give up (c)will suffer (d) will be taken(e)was (f)killing (g)called (h) brought(i)was left ( j)dropped

16. One night the entire village was sleeping. The boy BayazidBustami was busy in the study. His mother (a) ____ (sleep). Suddenly she woke up and (b) ____ (feel) thirsty. (c) ____ (call) her son, she told her son to give her a glass of water and (d) ____ (fall) asleep again. When Bayazid went to the pitcher, he (e) ____ (find) it empty. So, he went out with the pitcher in search of water. After a while he (f) ___ (come) back home with water and found his mother (g) ____ (sleep). Then he waited (h) ____ (stand) by her bed with a glass of water. He did not make any sound lest she (i) ____ (wake) up. Suddenly his mother woke up and saw him with a glass of water. At once she (j) ____ (understand) what was the matter.

Answer: (a )was sleeping (b)felt (c)calling (d)fell (e)found (f)came (g)sleeping (h)standing (i)should wake ( j)understood

17. There are many people who (a) ____ (not take) physical exercise. They can hardly (b) ____ (realize) that they themselves (c) ___ (ruin) their health. They (d) ____ (fall) victim to many diseases. Life (e) ____ (become) dull to them. They (f) ____ (remain) always ill-tempered. We (g) ____ (build) good health and sound mind through physical exercise. Physical exercise (h) ____ (make) our body active and the muscles strong. It also (i) ___ (improve) our power of digestion and blood circulation. It (j) ____ (give) strength to our brain.

Answer: (a ) do not take(b)realize (c)ruin (d)fall (e)becomes (f)remain (g)can guild (h)makes (i)improves ( j) gives

18. Many events of great importance (a) ____ (take) place during the last century. Significant advances (b) ____ (make) in the field of science and technology. Many European colonies (c) ____ (gain) independence. The movement for democracy (d) ____ (become) prominent in many parts of the world. Two World Wars (e) ____ (break) out in this century. It also (f) ___ (witness) the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (g) ____ (destroy) as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation (h) ____ (become) a momentous event. After a bloody war of nine months Bangladesh (i) ____ (bear). Now we (j) ____ (hold) our heads high in the community of nations.

Answer: (a )have taken (b) have been made(c)have gained (d)has become (e)broke (f)witnessed (g)destroyed (h)has become (i)was born ( j) can hold

19. Deforestation (a) ____ (mean) making a land desert by cutting down trees indiscriminately and (b) ____ (grown) no tree plant there. There are several (c) ____ (cause) of deforestation. But it is also true that man (d) ____ (stop) it if he can control his luster. There (e) ___ (be) alternatives to wood whatever the purpose is. Deforestation (f) _____ (give) birth to deadly effect. Drought, global warming, cyclone, tidal bores, windstorm, sandstorm, soil erosion, etc are ultimately prone to perpetual desertification. Afforestation instead of deforestation (h) ____ (save) the country from this devastation. Forests should be (i) ____ (reserve) in every region of the country. The total forest area must not (j) ____ (be) less than 25% of the land area of the country.

Answer: (a )means (b)growing (c)causes (d)can stop (e)are (f)gives (g)are (h)can save (i)reserved ( j) be

20. Congratulations for (a) ___ (score) a good result in the examination. I (b) ____ (be) now in Chattogram. Next week I (c) ____ (go) to Dhaka. Then I (d) ____ (meet) you. You (e) ____ (choose) your career? I think you should (f) ____ (depend) on yourself for your own choice. If I were you, I (g) ____ (like) to be an agriculturist. Ours (h) ____ (be) an agricultural country. Most of the farmers (i) ____ (educate). They do not know how to cultivate good crops. They still depend on the plough. If they are given scientific instruments, they can grow more crops. Then our country (j) ___ (will) self-sufficient in food.

Answer: (a ) scoring(b) am(c)will go  (d) will meet(e) have chosen(f)depend (g)would like (h)is (i) are not educated ( j)will be

Right Form of Verbs Exercise with Answer

21. I am very happy (a) ____ (have) your sweet note and hope, you (b) ____ (write) to me from time to time. You (c) ____ (ask) me to tell you how I (d) ____ (spend) my summer vacation. It (e) ____ (be) sure that during this vacation both of us (f) ____ (get) enough time of our own. May I have the pleasure to invite you to (g) ____ (spend) a few days with us at my village home, Sonargaon. I believe your stay in the village (h) ____ (relieve) you of the boredom of city life. The rural environment (i) ____ (refresh) your mind and refresh your energy. If you want to come to your house, you will have to get to Gulistan for taking Dhaka-Sonargaon bound bus. Within an hour it (j) ____ (take) you there.

Answer: (a ) to having (b) will write (c) have asked (d) will spend (e) is(f) will get (g) spend (h) will relieve (i) will refresh ( j) will take

22. Books (a) ____ (possess) an essence of immortality. They (b) _____ (be) the most precious products of human efforts. Temples crumble into ashes. Pictures and statues decay but books (c) ____ (survive). Time is of no account for great thoughts which are as fresh today as they (d) ____ (be) when came through the authors’ minds ages ago. What (e) ____ (be) then thought or said still (f) _____ (speak) to us. Books (g) _____ (introduce) us to the best society, they bring us into the presence of the noblest minds that have ever (h) ____ (live). We hear what they (i) ____ (think) or said. We see them as if they (j) ____ (be) really alive.

Answer: (a ) posses (b)are (c) survive (d) were (e) was (f) is spoken (g) introduce (h) lived (i) thought ( j) were

23. The great leader of our country whom we love and admire is Sher-e-Bangla A.K. Fazlul Huq (a) ____ (mean) tiger. Fazlul Huq (b) ____ (fight) for the cause of the country as like as a tiger. So, he (c) ____ (call) Sher-a-Bangla. His father KaziWazed Ali (d) ____ (be) a renowned pleader in the Barishal Bar. From his boyhood, Fazlul Huq was very meritorious. One day the boy Fazlul Huq (e) ____ (read) in his room. His father (f) ____ (pass) by. He saw his son (g) ____ (read) his lessons and (h) ____ (tear) off the pages of his book one after another. He at once (i) ____ (enter) the room and said, “O my boy, why you (j) ____ (play) with your book?”

Answer: (a )meaning (b) fought (c) is called (d) was (e) was reading (f) was passing (g) reading (h) tearing (i) entered ( j) are playing

24. Nowadays choices of entertainment, especially for the youngsters, (a) ____ (undergo) a significant change. Instead of (b) ____ (play) outdoor games or (c) ____ (read) good books, their leisure activities (d) ____ (confine) to indoor activities. Health-friendly leisure pursuits (e) ____ (replace) by addiction to Facebook. Very often people (f) ____ (age) 13 to 20 or beyond are found (g) ____ (browse through Facebook page and thereby (h) ___ (spoil) their productive hours. Preference and addiction (i) ____ (not mean) the same. Addiction bars our view towards (j) ____ (make) better choices in life.

Answer: (a )are undergoing (b) playing (c) reading (d) are confined (e) are replaced (f) aged (g) browsing (h) spoiling (i) do not mean ( j) making

25. Deforestation (a) ____ (pose) a great threat to the ecological balance. Due to deforestation carbon-di-oxide (b) ____ (increase) worldwide. As a result, the world (c) ____ (become) warmer. The sea-level (d) ____ (rise) and many parts of the world are going to be (e) ____ (engulf) by the sea in recent future. On the other hand, new areas of the world are turning into deserts as a result of deforestation. The removal of trees (f) ____ (cause) birds and other animals living on them to leave the place. It also causes serious damage to the soil, as trees give protection to the soil as well. In the end soil (g) ____ (make) sediment in the riverbed and causes frequent floods. So if we destroy trees at random, one day the country (h) ____ (turn) into a great desert. All living animals and birds (i) ____ (not, find) any food or shelter to live in. There will be no rain and as a result, our agriculture (j) ____ (face) a great crisis.

Answer: (a ) poses (b) is increasing (c) is becoming (d) is rising (e) engulfed (f) causes (g) makes (h) will turn (i) won’t find ( j) will face

26. The news of your sudden admission into Chattogram Medical College and Hospital (a) ____ (take) me back. I have learnt that you (b) ____ (suffer) from gastric pain for about a week. I (c) ____ (be) beside you in the hospital. But you (d) ____ (know) hat my test examination (e) ____ (go) on. It (f) ____ (finish) on the 17th instant. Immediately after the examination I (g) ____ (come) to meet you. I (h) _____ (send) my younger brother Mukul to hand over you some books. They (i) ____ (help) you to remove your boredom. (j) ____ (not get) nervous.

Answer: (a ) has taken  (b) have been suffering (c) should be (d) know (e)is going (f) will be finished (g) am coming (h) am sending (i) will help ( j) do not get

27. Courtesy is a virtue in man. It goes without (a) ____ (say) that courtesy costs nothing but (b) ____ (give) a lot.So you (c) ___ (be) courteous. That you (d) ____ (have) politeness. People (e) ____ (disrespect) and dislike you if you are discourteous. Nobody likes discourtesy. Try to be gentle from your student life. You (f) ____ (win) the heart of your enemy by (g) ____ (be) courteous. You (h) _____ (ensure) the removal of hatred and anger by (i) ____ (embrace) your enemy. Courtesy (j) ____ (remove) the bitter relationship and improves mutual understanding.

Answer: (a   ) saying (b) gives (c) should be (d)should have (e) will disrespect (f) can with (g) being (h) can ensure (i) embracing ( j) removes

28. A proverb goes that time and tide wait for none. None (a) ____ (call) it back. A man (b) ____ (get) back his lost money and health but cannot get back his lost time. Time once lost (c) ____ (lose) forever. So we (d) ____ (make) the best use of our time. We (e) ___ (do) our work in time. If we put off our work for tomorrow, we may not get time to do it at all. There are some people who waste time for nothing. They cannot prosper in life. They (f) ____ (depend) on others. If we read the biography of the great men, we (g) ____ (realize) it. They (h) ___ (waste) a single moment uselessly. They (i) ____ (be) very industrious from their childhood. We can prosper in life only by (j) ___ (follow) their life.

Answer: (a ) can call  (b) can get (c)is  lost (d)should make (e)should do (f)have to depend (g)can realize (h)did not waste (i)were ( j) following

29. Examination plays an important role in student life. It (a) ____ (determine) the merit of the students. A pleasant performance in the examination (b) ____ (require) for students to be (c) ____ (promote) to the next class. Students (d) ____ (expect) to be precise and accurate while (e) ____ (answer) the questions in the examination. But the real scenario is different. Most of the students (f) ____ (write) their examination paper fairly well as they (g) ____ (understand) the questions properly. As a result they (h) ____ (cut) a very sorry figure in the examination. If they (i) ____ (be) correct in their answers, they certainly (j) ____ (secure) good marks in the examination.

Answer: (a   ) determines (b)is required (c) promoted (d)are expected (e) answering (f) can not write (g) do not understand (h) cut (i) were ( j) would secure

30. Dowry (a) ____ (regard) as a great curse in our society. It may (b) ____ (compare) to cancer that is (c) ____ (increase) in our society at a great speed. The fathers of the girls (d) ____ (victimize) for dowry. If steps (e) ____ (take) against those greedy people, it (f) ____ (grasp) our society. It is manly (g) ____ (see) in the rich and educated society who (h) ____ (take) dowry as their right. So, we have to (i) ____ (develop) our morality. The culprits should (j) ____ (punish) to control it. Otherwise, it will be a society.

Answer: (a ) is regarded  (b) be compared (c) increasing (d) are victimized (e) are not taken (f) will grasp (g) seen (h) take (i) develop ( j) be punished

This right form of verb exercise will help you greatly to get a good score in any competitive exam.

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