IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answers

ELTS Cue Card Topics 2021
IELTS Cue Card Topics (2021)
August 26, 2021
IELTS Writing Task 2 Samples 2021
IELTS Writing Task 2 Samples 2021
September 13, 2021

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answers

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answers

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answers

It is the duty of the teachers to make lessons attractive and retain the interest of the pupils.

To what extent do you agree with the statement?

Education is the most important thing for the proper mental development of a person. Without proper education, a man can not developmentally and psychologically in the right way. Education is not confined to school. Anybody can play the role of a teacher for a man by imparting knowledge. Parents are also among the most important teachers for their children. From the very beginning of their lives, children learn many things from their parents.

I agree completely with the statement that it is the responsibility of the teachers to make lessons attractive and retain the interest of the pupils. Teachers, who impart education in schools or educational institutions, are given the responsibility of teaching their students in a formal way. Here teachers are well trained for their jobs and follow a certain syllabus or patterns for performing their responsibility. The environment of a school or educational institution is somewhat different from that of a student’s house. In the school or educational institution, a student has to obey certain rules and regulations. Such things can create much pressure on a student. So it is necessary for the teachers to make learning enjoyable so that the students want to go to school in spite of the rules and regulations. Besides we can also see that a lot of students drop out of schools every year as they dread their schools. This is mostly because they do not find school schools interesting. If the teaching method and lessons are interesting such dropouts can be prevented to a great extent. It is also argued that nowadays there are a lot of distractions such as numerous TV channels, computer games, interesting movies, narcotic drugs, the internet, mobile phones, and many more. Such distractions tend to take away the attention of the students. So positive steps on the part of the teachers to make lessons engaging and enchanting to the students are much required. Moreover, we can remember an interesting event or thing very easily and for a long period. Students also react to an interesting lesson the same way. Such interesting lessons and teaching methods can improve the performance of the students to a great extent. Furthermore, it can also be said that at present due to a tremendous improvement of science, many tools and techniques are available to the teachers to make the lessons interesting. Teachers can easily use those methods.

Hence, on the basis of the above discussions, we can say that teachers should play a proactive role in making things easy and interesting for the students. In this way, both the teachers and students will be benefited.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics 2021 with Answers

Nowadays computers are being used in every sphere of life. It is argued that computers can work as a medium of education and can replace pen, paper, and books.

To what extent do you agree with the statement?

The use of computers is growing day by day in every sort of work. Now computers are being used in many educational institutions as a medium of education. Many people believe that there is nothing that can replace the traditional means of education such as pen, paper, and printed books.

Those who advocate traditional means of education show some reasons. First of all, looking at books creates less pressure on the eyes. As a result of many people still like to read books or printed paper rather than things on the computer. Secondly, the best way to teach children the three R’s or basic education is still pen and paper. It is not possible to teach handwriting on a computer. Thirdly often a printed book can be lost very easily due to malfunction of the computer or attack of computer virus or worms as there are thousands of viruses and worms nowadays. Even many new viruses are created by crooked programmers every day. Fourthly it is easier to take care of books where people having special training and technological background are required for storing and re-storing e-books. Fifthly working with computers for an extended period of time can cause many health hazards such as muscles stiffness, backache, and the problem with eyesight. At last, it is also argued that holding a book with a beautiful cover, printed pages and even the smell that emanates from a printed book has a certain charm.

On the other hand e-books or electronic books also have some advantages. First, e-books or electronic books are easily transferable from one computer to another computer. Second users can store and find out e-books from computers more easily. Third, it is possible to modify, enlarge the view or put visual effects to e-books .fourth writing on a computer can be more legible and clear as a man with illegible handwriting can use a computer to type things clearly. Finally, computers can stimulate a man’s imagination quite perfectly. If one can imagine something, he can see the thing on a computer if he has the technological know-how.

I, myself am accustomed to using both computer and traditional means of education like a pen, paper, and printed books. Still, I feel more comfortable reading a book than reading an e-book on the screen of a computer, because I can handle a book with ease and carelessly –I can lie down while reading a book in my mind, I can write in a book with my pen, I can put my book in a small travel bag read while traveling in a train. Another important thing is that a hand-written book, letter, or postcard has a personal touch that cannot be felt in the case of an e-mail message or e-book. All these matters are very important to me. That is why I will always prefer a printed book to an e-book and traditional methods to electronic media for imparting education.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answers

Some people object to setting a specific age of retirement on the ground that there is all chance that a man will remain suitable for a job he has been asked to retire from for a few couples of years more.  A man’s unsuitability for a job can not be assessed by his age.

To what extent do you agree with the statement?

Mandatory retirement age varies from country to country. Somewhere it is 50, 55, or even 70. It is a matter of debate whether fixing such age of retirement is justifiable. There is no doubt that the physical condition and soundness of a man varies from person to person.  Someone may be in sound physical and mental health at the age of 75 while someone may be mentally derailed and physically debilitated at 50.

Chronological age is not always a true indicator of a man’s ability. The physical and mental soundness of a man depends on a number of issues such as physical work, eating habits, living under mental pressure, lifestyle and behavior pattern. So, there is nothing for sure that a man will become unable to work at a certain age. a man’s suitability for a position should be determined by his performance, not by the number of wrinkles on his face or gray hairs.

Life expectancy is rising in many countries. Where it was 50 years 20 years ago, now it is 65 or 70. in such circumstances if the retirement age is set at 50, the other 15 or 20 years of the economic contribution a man will be spoiled. Besides living long economic support for elderly people is available, retirement at an earlier age will create an extra burden for the government. Moreover, it is often economically feasible for companies to retain their old employees than to recruit and train up young employees.

Hence I think the age of retirement of a man should be determined by his physical and mental soundness or his suitability for a certain job.  In the present world, we even find heads of the state start their career as a president or prime minister at the age of retirement for the same country and still work fine. Instances of people working in responsible positions at higher ages are abundant. So, it is not true that people become unsuitable for a particular job at a certain age and should go to retirement.

In the last two decades, the examination system in educational institutions has been changed dramatically. Many institutions no longer use formal examinations for assessing students’ ability, as they believe that formal examinations do not reflect the students’ ability properly.

To what extent do you agree with the statement?

It can be seen that over the last two decades many educational institutions have limited the scope of formal examination and stress more on students’ performance in activities such as course work and oral presentation.

 Those who oppose formal examinations for assessing students’ ability cite certain limitations of the formal examination. To begin with, the result of a student for a certain level of education depends on what he does on a particular day. On the examination day, the student may not be physically well or under some mental trauma, which can adversely affect his performance though he had studied hard and was well prepared. Moreover, formal examinations can not properly evaluate students’ ability, diligence, initiative, critical reasoning, organizational skill, and creativity. Alternative types of examinations such as course work, oral presentation, tutorials, mock tests, project preparation, assignments, etc, can better reflect students’ ability. Furthermore, some candidates merely cram things just to perform quickly on the test.

However, some people believe that formal examination has some positive aspects. First of all, it makes students work harder and take the best preparation for the final day i.e. examination day. Secondly, stress and challenges are also part of human life. It is necessary to see how well a student can perform under stress and in the face of challenges so that a student can learn and cope with these things. Finally, for the formal examination, a student has to take preparation on the whole syllabus and write answers within a limited time. This makes a student take thorough preparation on the whole syllabus.

Considering all the above reasons and counter reasons, I believe that less formal means like classwork and oral presentation can be better indicators of a students’ ability in certain cases. Hence, educational institutions should not rely solely on formal examinations. In fact, there should be a proper balance between format and less formal assessment methods.

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