Prepositions Exercises with Answers HSC English

A Day with Nature in Autumn
A Day with Nature in Autumn
October 1, 2021
Passage Narration Exercise for HSC English
Passage Narration Exercise for HSC English
October 6, 2021

Prepositions Exercises with Answers HSC English

Prepositions Exercises with Answers HSC English

 Prepositions Exercises with Answers

1. Trees are very useful (a) ____ man. They are highly essential (b) ____ our existence. They protect the rich topsoil (c) ____ getting washed away (d) ____ rainwater and floods. We can see trees being grown along the mountain slopes, (e) ____ the roadsides, (f) ____ the parks and gardens. They add beauty (g) ____ our lives. They provide us (h) ____ food, wood, shade, shelter, and so on. They take (i) ____ carbon-di-oxide to produce oxygen. So we should take care (j) ____ trees.

Answer:(a ) to(b)for (c)from (d)by (e)by (f)in (g)to (h)with (i)in ( j)of

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Passage Narration Exercise for HSC English

Pronoun Reference HSC Board Question


Tree Plantation HSC-JSC) Paragraph

2.Do you have any idea (a) ____ a cyber café? It is a place teeming (b) ____ information. It is a network (c) ____ all networks. It is a place (d) ____ computers (e) ____ which customers can use the internet and send e-mails and so on. A cyber café is closely associated (f) ____ internet communication system. A customer sitting (g) ____ the café can communication (h) ____ people (i) ____ the world. In fact, a cyber café is not prejudicial (j) ____ our development.

Answer: (a ) of(b)with (c)of (d)with (e)at (f)with (g)in (h)with (i)around ( j)against

3. The environment plays an important role (a) ____ our life. (b) ____ short, what we have (c) ____ us including people, houses, air, water, etc. is called environment. These are the main elements (d) ____ our environment. (e) ____ ensuring sound life the balance (f) ____ the natural elements are very significant. Sometimes (g) ____ lack of knowledge, we don’t realize the importance (h) ____ it. As a result, we are polluting our environment unknowingly. Living (i) ____ a polluted environment is undoubtedly a matter (j) ____ great regret.

Answer: (a ) in(b)in (c)around (d)of (e)for (f)among (g)for (h)of (i)in ( j)of

4. Ours is a riverine country. Rivers are everywhere (a) ____ our life literature, economy, and culture. But are the rivers (b) ____ good shape? Unfortunately, they are not. A few are already dead and several are going (c) ____ the pangs of death. The river Buriganga is an example (d) ____ a dying river. A report published in ‘The Daily Sun’ describes what has happened (e) ____ the river Buriganga and why. Its water is polluted and a perpetual stench fills the air (f) ___ it. The report says that the river had a glorious past. Once it was a tributary (g) ___ the Ganges and flowed (h) ____ the Bay of Bengal (i) ____ the river Dhaleswari. Gradually, it lost its link (j) ____ the Ganges and got the name Buriganga.

Answer: (a )in (b)in (c)through (d)of (e)to (f)around (g)of (h)into (i)through ( j)with

5. It would be impossible (a) ____ us to continue living in this world if each of us knew exactly what fate had (b) ____ store for us. So, Allah in His mercy conceals the future (c) ____ all His creatures and reveals only the present. He hides from the animals what men know and He hides from men what the angels know. For example, if a lamb had a reason (d) ____ a man, it could not gamble happily knowing it was destined to be killed (e) ____ human food. But, being quite ignorant. (f) ____ its fate, it is happy to the last minute of its short life contentedly grazing (g) ____ the flowery meadow, and even in its innocence licks the hands (h) ____ the butcher who is about to slaughter it. What a blessing it is that we are ignorant (i) ____ the future! Allah, to whom the death of a sparrow is of equal importance with the death of a hero, has in His mercy, thus limited our knowledge so that we might fulfill our duty in the sphere (j) ____ which He has appointed us.

Answer: (a ) for(b)in (c)of (d)like (e)for (f)of (g)on (h)of (i)of ( j)for

The best Prepositions Exercises with Answers

6. We got our freedom (a) ____ the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands (b) ____ lives. The patriots (c) ____ our land fought (d) ____ the oppression of the west Pakistani rules. Finally, the oppressors were bound to surrender (e) ____ our freedom fighters. But a great number (f) ____ the sons of the land died (g) ____ the war. Soon (h) ____ the war, the government (i) ____ Bangladesh founded the National Memorial (j) ____ memory of the martyrs.

Answer: (a ) at(b)of (c)of (d)against (e)to (f)of (g)in (h)after (i)of ( j)in

7. Syed Shamsul Haq, a legendary litterateur, was born in kurigram (a) ____ 1935. He received the Bangla Academy Award (b) ____ the age of twenty-nine. It is noteworthy that he was the youngest (c) ____ all who got the Bangla Academy Award. He was awarded the Swadhinata Padak in 2000 (d) ____ his contributions (e) ____ Bangla literature. His literary works are included (f) ____ the curricula of secondary, higher secondary, and graduation level (g) ____ Bangladesh. Syed Haq who is a member (i) ____ the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London. This renowned intellectual passed away (j) ____ September in 2016 at the age of 81.

Answer: (a )in (b)at (c)of (d)for (e)in (f)in (g)of (h)to (i)of ( j) on

8. I caught sight (a) ____ him while crossing the road. I tried to talk (b) ____ him. But he was (c) ____ a hurry. He was one (d) ____ my best friends. Both of us studied (e) ____ the same school. I had an intimacy (f) ____ him. Both of us got separated (g) ____ each other after the completion (h) ____ SSC Examination. Though my heart bleeds (i) ____ him, I hardly meet (j) ____ him. This is the go of the world.

Answer: (a )of (b)to (c)in (d)of (e)in (f)with (g)from (h)of (i) for( j)with

9. I am glad to receive your letter. You have wanted to know (a) ____ the picnic that we made. I am now writing (b) ____ you about it. It was winter vacation. Our college was closed. I (c) ____ some of my friends arranged the picnic. We selected Sonargaon (d) ____ the picnic spot. It is some twenty miles from Dhaka. We got (e) ____ the bus (f) ____ about 9 am (g) ____ all necessary utensils and materials. (h) ____ reaching Sonargaon, we finished our breakfast (i) ____ about 9:30 am. We did not take any cook (j) ____ us.

Answer: (a )about (b)to (c)with (d)for (e)on (f)at (g)with (h)after (i)at ( j)with

10. Badal lived (a) ____ a village of Bangladesh. He was a schoolboy. There was a canal (b) ____ his way (c) ____ school. An old bridge was (d) ____ that canal. It was useful to one and all of the villagers. Yet none cared (e) ____ its repair. So one day it broke (f) ____ and caused a good deal (g) ____ hardship to the villagers. They were (h) ____ difficulty. They could not go to the town (i) ____ the other side of the canal to sell their fruits and vegetables profitably. They sold their production (j) ____ local market at a nominal price.

Answer: (a ) in(b)on (c)to (d)over (e)for (f)down (g)of (h)in (i)on ( j) in

11. A good stock (a) ____ words is necessary (b) ____ anybody who wants to use a language. Vocabulary is an essential component (c) ____ successful communication. It is an integral part (d) ____ reading skill. While grammar is important, a lack (e) ____ vocabulary may result (f) ____ complete failure to convey a message. Vocabulary includes conceptual knowledge (g) ____ words that go well (h) ____ an ordinary dictionary meaning. Students’ vocabulary knowledge is a building process that occurs (i) ____ time as they tend to make connections (j) ____ other words.

Answer: (a ) of(b)for (c)of (d)of (e)of (f)in (g)of (h)with (i)in ( j) to

12. Once an English and a Bengali gentleman were traveling (a) ____ the same train and they were in the same compartment. The Englishman was very proud (b) _____ himself because he was an Englishman. He looked (c) ____ upon the Bengali gentleman who, however, took no notice (d) ____ it and went to sleep (e) ____ peace. As soon as the Bengali gentleman was asleep, the Englishman picked (f) ____ the gentleman’s shoes and threw them (g) ____ the window and went to sleep. When the Bengali gentlemen woke up, he looked for his shoes and understood it. Then he took the Englishman’s long coat (h) ____ the wall and threw it outside the window and returned (i) ____ bed laughingly. The next morning the Englishman became startled and shouted, “Where’s my coat gone? Your coat has gone to fetch my shoes,” said the gentlemen (j) ____ a smile. The Bengali gentleman was Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee.

Answer: (a )by (b)of (c)down (d)of (e)in (f)up (g)outside (h)from (i)to ( j)with

13. A teacher is an architect (a) ____ a nation. He plays an important role (b) ____ building up an educated nation. He dispels the darkness (c) ____ ignorance (d) ____ the lot of a nation. He is an actor, so to speak. He has to suit his act according (e) ____ the need of his audience which is his class. He is a clear speaker (f) ____ good, strong, and pleasing voice which is (g) ____ his control. He does not sit motionless (h) ____ his class. Everybody has something valuable (i) ____ him. A good teacher discovers the treasure hidden inside each student. He also wants the students to be happy and for this, he keeps them busy. A good teacher never hankers (j) ____ money.

Answer: (a )of (b)in (c)of (d)from (e)to (f)with (g)under (h)before (i)in ( j)after

14. A good student is never indifferent (a) ____ his studies. He always adheres (b) ____ his studies. He does not learn things (c) ____ rote. He does not hunt (d) ____ traditional guide books. Moreover, he has a great thirst (e) ____ knowledge. For this, he does not confine himself (f) ____ the traditional studies. He is always aware (g) ____ the current affairs (h) ____ the world. He abides (i) ____ his teachers’ advice and jots (j) ____ their lectures.

Answer: (a ) to(b)to (c)by (d)for (e)for (f)to (g)of (h)of (i)by ( j)down

15. Flowers are an excellent gift of nature. They have existed (a) ____ the earth (b) ____ prehistoric time. Since then they have been treated (c) ____ the symbol of beauty. It is an undeniable fact that flowers are used (d) ____ various spheres (e) ____ our life. It is used mostly (f) ____ decoration. People (g) ____ all walks of life use flowers usually (h) ____ national occasion and (i) ____ wedding. Everyone prefers flowers (j) ____ expressing their love and devotion.

Answer: (a ) on(b)from (c)as (d)in (e)of (f) for (g)from (h)on (i)in ( j)for

16. The science fair held (a) ___ our college paved a new way for us to gather practical knowledge. Many of our friends took part (b) ____ the fair (c) ____ their projects. We showed genuine interest (d) ____ them. Most of the projects were made (e) ____ consistence (f) ____ the prevailing world situation. They were intended (g) ____ acquaint us (h) ____ the solutions (i) ____ some common problems we are facing especially in regard to the environment we live in. We were sanguine (j) ____ achieving success and we really achieved it.

Answer: (a )in (b)in (c)with (d)in (e)in (f)with (g)to (h)with (i)to ( j)about

17.  During the holidays when my mother went to sleep (a) ____ noon, we went to the railway line. There, along with other children I watched how the trains passed (b) ____ innumerable unknown facts. My father got an appointment (c) ____ a town school and he moved (d) ____ the town immediately (e) ____ my father’s school. I felt that my school fellows had no feeling (f) ____ one another as we had in the village. However, I gradually adjusted myself (g) ____ town life. I am happy with my new friends but my heart aches (h) ____ the happy childhood days. Childhood is free (i) ____ worries and has an infinite capacity (j) ____ enjoyment.

Answer: (a )at (b)on (c)at (d)to (e)into (f)about (g)to (h)for (i)from ( j)for

18. Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming (a) ____ the air surrounding the earth as a result of heat being trapped (b) ____ environment pollution. This is exemplified (c) ____ the destruction and burning (d) ____ of tropical rain forests, (e) ____ traffic that clogs (f) ____ city streets, (g) ____ the rapid growth of industry, the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) (h) ____ packaging and manufacturing commercial products, the use of detergents like washing (i) ____ liquids and so (j) ____.

Answer: (a ) of(b)by (c)by (d)down (e)by (f)up (g)by (h)in (i)up ( j) on

19. Patriotism is great quality (a) ____ human being. It creates (b) ____ a man true love (c) ____ his motherland. Patriotism is older than civilization. The man who loves his own country does his duties and works (d) ____ the welfare (e) ____ his country is a patriot. Even the ancient tribes had a fondness (f) ____ the place where they were born and sacrificed their lives to save them. A student, an artist, or a politician may be a patriot (g) ____ usual way (h) ____ life. If he does his duties honestly and sincerely (i) ____ his own field, he can be a patriot, If he does not do so, he will be a traitor. We must not have hatred or bitterness (j) ____ anyone. But chauvinist patriotism is very bad.

Answer: (a ) of(b)in (c)for (d)for (e)of (f) for (g)in (h)of (i)in ( j)for

20. The cyber café is a place teeming (a) ____ information. It is a network (b) ____ all networks. It is a place (c) ____ computers (d) ____ which customers can use the internet associated (e) ____ internet communication system. A customer sitting (f) ____ the café can communicate (g) ____ people (h) ____ the world. In fact, it is not prejudicial (i) ____ our development and essential (j) ____ easier communication.

Answer: (a ) with(b)of (c)with (d)by (e)with (f)in (g)with (h)around (i)to ( j) for


21. The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious prize (a) ____ the world. The prize is awarded (b) ____ the persons (c) ____ outstanding contribution (d) ____ specific six fields. Economics was included (e) ____ the list in 1969 (f) ____ the first time. One prize is awarded (g) ____ each field. But, if there is more than one recipient (h) ____ the prize (i) ____ one field, the prize money is equally distributed (j) ____ all the winners.

Answer: (a ) in(b)to (c)for (d)in (e)in (f)for (g)in (h)for (i)in ( j) among

22. A good student never learns things (a) ____ rote. He is very cautious (b) ____ his studies and always adheres (c) ____ his lessons and texts. He does not learn (d) ____ traditional guide books. He prepares notes (e) ____ taking help (f) ____ his teachers. He abides (g) ____ his teachers’ advice and jots (h) ____ their lectures. He makes the best use (i) _____ his time and concentrate (j) ____ his studies according to his daily routine.

Answer: (a ) by(b)about (c)to (d)from (e)by (f)from (g)by (h)down (i)of ( j) on

23. The food we eat seems to have profound effects (a) _____ our health. Although science has made enormous steps (b) ____ making food more fit to eat, it has (c) ____ the same time made many foods unfit to eat. Some research has shown that eighty percent (d) ____ all human diseases are related (e) ____ diet. People (f) ____ different culture are more prone (g) ____ contact certain illness because (h) ____ the characteristics (i) ____ the foods they consume. So we should give (j) ____ the habit of taking bad foods.

Answer: (a ) on(b)in (c)at (d)of (e)to (f)of (g)to (h)of (i)of ( j) up

24. I’d like (a) ____ let you know the importance of tourism. Man often takes a ride (b) ____ various types of transports (c) ____ having any pressing business to attend (d) ____. Being weary of the strains and stresses (e) ____ modern life, he, (f) ____ times, wants to get (g) ____ from them (h) ____ a few days. Man makes a tour just for pleasure too. If anybody does so we call him a tourist. But the place he goes (i) ____ must abound (j) ____ such comforts and pleasures as would make him really happy. No more today.

Answer: (a ) to(b)on (c)for (d)to (e)of (f)at (g)away (h)for (i)two ( j)with

25.  Man abides (a) ____ society. So he has to abide (b) ____ the social rules. He cannot do anything in accordance (c) ____ his sweet will. He is to show respect (d) ____ other’s life and property. He cannot go (e) ____ social rules. He cannot be indifferent (f) ____ other’s interest. He is to take other’s matter (g) ____ account. Since he has to take other’s help, he has to depend (h) ____ other. If he stands (i) ____ others, Allah will abide (j) ____ him.

Answer: (a ) in(b)by (c)with (d)to (e)against (f) to (g)in (h) on(i) by ( j) with

26.Dear John,

Your letter is just (a) ____ hand. I am (b) ____ myself (c) ____ joy learning that you have cut a good figure in the admission test. I know that you have longed (d) ____ studying a good subject (e) ____ a renowned university. A good university is a university equipped (f) ____ a bunch of good teachers who will provide you (g) ____ quality education and at the same time instill (h) ____ you a spirit that will shape your personality (i) ____ an admirable level. Probably you are (j) ____ the threshold of the fulfillment of your dream.

Answer: (a ) to(b)by (c)in (d)for (e)in (f)with (g)with (h)in (i)to ( j)on

27.The Freedom Fighters are the pride of the nation. In 1971, many of these great sons (a) ____ the soil sacrificed their lives (b) ____ the cause of the country and the countrymen. They were so deeply devoted (c) ____ the war of liberation that they had no time to complain (d) ____ the odds they had to go (e) ____. They are the martyrs. Death is a must (f) ____ all. Everyone has to yield (g) ____ death. Man may die (h) ____ a disease or (i) ____ an accident. He may also die (j) ____ overworking. But martyrdom differs from these types of ordinary death.

Answer: (a ) of(b)for (c)to (d)against (e)through (f)for (g)to (h)of (i)by ( j)from

28. Patriotism is the quality inherent (a) ____ man. He feels a natural attachment (b) ____ his motherland. It is essential (c) ____ the progress of a country. The patriotic people are noted (d) ____ their patriotic zeal. They are different (e) ____ other people. Their memories don’t sink (f) ____ oblivion. They are worthy (g) ____ praise. They lay (h) ____ their lives for the good of the country. They are aware (i) ____ their position in society. They are celebrated all (j) _____ the world.

Answer: (a )in (b)to (c)for (d)for (e)from (f)into (g)of (h)down (i)of ( j)over

29. Communicative language teaching requires students’ active involvement (a) ____ developing skill, but here it is absent (b) ____ the classroom. The learners want to study (c) ____ the cause (d) ____ examination preparation. The teachers (e) ____ the classroom are also (f) ____ favour (g) ___ it. They talk (h) ____ the examination and teach them how (i) ____ prepare (j) ____ the test. Eventually, it cannot help the students acquire language skills.

Answer: (a ) in(b)from (c)for (d)of (e)in (f)in (g)of (h)about (i)to ( j)for

30. The boy is proud (a) ____ his talents. But none should take pride (b) ____ his talents. Pride results (c) ____ misery. Those who have prided themselves (d) ____ their talents have been subjected (e) ____ humiliation. A proud man has to feel sorry (f) ____ his pride. Also, he has to atone (g) ____ his pride. A proud man should apologize (h) ____ his pride. He is not acceptable (i) ____ anyone. He is not useful (j) ____ the society.

Answer: (a ) of(b) in(c)in (d)in (e)to (f)for (g)for (h)for (i)to ( j)to

31. During the last four years, several devastating cyclones swept (a) ___ Bangladesh and caused immense harm (b) ____ the people. A cyclone may occur at any time and (c) ____ any place. The cyclone of Bangladesh generally originates (d) ____ the Bay of Bengal, and blows (e) ____ the land. It is often accompanied (f) ____ thunders and heavy showers. Before a cyclone commences unbearable heat is felt (g) ____ a few days. Then suddenly one day the sky becomes terribly dark (h) ____ clouds and strong winds begin to blow with flashes (i) ____ lightning and the rumbling of thunders It causes great havoc. A lot of people and other animals die. Dwelling houses are blown (j) ____.

Answer: (a ) over(b) to (c)at (d)from (e)across (f)by (g)for (h)with (i)of ( j) away

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