Tag Question for SSC Exam

Passage Narration Exercise for HSC English
Passage Narration Exercise for HSC English
October 6, 2021
Romancing the Sake-Land Japan
Romancing the Sake-Land Japan
October 8, 2021

Tag Question for SSC Exam

Tag Question for SSC Exam

Tag Question for SSC Exam


(a) Telling lies is a great sin, isn’t it?

(b) One lie begets hundreds lie, doesn’t it?

(c) Man hardly believes a liar, does he?

(d) A liar has to lead a miserable life, hasn’t he?

(e) So, all of us ought to refrain from telling lies, oughtn’t we?


(A) Most students who fail in English do not have a strong foundation in grammar, do they?

(b) No, they read-only to pass the examination, don’t they?

(c) Yes, teachers should motivate them to learn the basic things, shouldn’t they?

(d) Yes, they can not help learning grammar, can they?

(e) No, moreover, practice is essential too, isn’t it?

Tag Question Rules for SSC


(a) Patriotism is a great virtue, isn’t it?

(b) Every religion teaches us to be a patriot, doesn’t it?

(c) We all must remember that the country is above everything, mustn’t we?

(d) Why do some people forget it is really a question, isn’t it?

(e) We hope that nobody will derail from the right path, don’t we?


(a) Time and tide wait for none, do they?

(b) Unfortunately, many of us waste our time, don’t we?

(c) None can prosper in life without utilizing time, can they?

(d) So, everybody should realize this truth, shouldn’t they?

(e) Let’s make the best use of time, shall we?


(a) The freedom fighters are the real heroes, aren’t they?

(b) Nothing is greater than their sacrifice, is it?

(c)Their contribution to our country will always be remembered,won’t it?

(d)We should never neglect them, should we?

(e)Every citizen of Bangladesh must have due respect for them, mustn’t they?


(a)Fishes can swim, can’t they?

(b) Once our rivers, abounded with fishes, didn’t they?

(c) But at present, the water of most of the rivers has been polluted, hasn’t it?

(d)So, there is a scarcity of fish, isn’t there?

(e)We must take measures to protect the rivers from being polluted, mustn’t we?


(a)Mina is having a birthday party in the afternoon, isn’t she?

(b)Yes, she’s been busy cleaning and dusting the drawing-room, hasn’t she?

(c)Yesterday her father bought her a lovely dress, didn’t she?

(d)And her mother wants to give her a lovely dress, doesn’t she?

(e)Let’s buy a nice gift for her, shall we?


(a)Man is the best creature of God, isn’t he?

(b)But sometimes the beast in us comes out, doesn’t it?

(c)Some of us are known as good persons in society, aren’t we?

(d)Those who are involved to do harm to others should be avoided, shouldn’t they?

(e)Let’s make a peaceful and happy society, shall we?


(a)Success can not be achieved without efforts, can it?

(b)Everybody knows it, don’t they?

(c)The successful people are very industrious, aren’t they?

(d)Everything glorious is gained through hard labor, isn’t it?

(e)So, the industry is the key to success, isn’t it?


(a)I need a pen, don’t I?

(b)I must write a letter to my friend, mustn’t I?

(c)I have not written any letter to him for a long time, have I?

(d)As we are friends, I think we should keep in touch, shouldn’t we?

(e)I am irregular in writing but my friend is always regular in writing, isn’t he?


(a) Telling lies is a great sin, isn’t it?

(b) One lie begets hundreds lie, doesn’t it?

(c) Man hardly believes a liar, do they?

(d) A liar has to lead a miserable life, hasn’t he?

(e) So, all of us ought to refrain from telling lies, oughtn’t we?


(a)Shapna has little knowledge about computers,has she?

(b)But she can improve herself if she is interested in it, can’t she?

(c)I think she has no interest in it, has she?

(d)She should be motivated at all, shouldn’t she?

(e)Let’s talk to her, shall we?


(a)You saw the program on tv yesterday, didn’t you?

(b)It has already become a serious problem, hasn’t it?

(c)It enters into our body, doesn’t it?

(d)It can cause different diseases, can’t it?

(e)Every one must be careful about it, mustn’t they?


(a)The wind blows gently in the spring, doesn’t it?

(b)Let them do the work, will you?

(c)How nice the flowers are, aren’t they?

(d)Everything looks beautiful on a moonlit night, don’t they?

(e)Work hard to succeed,won’t you?


(a)Your letter gave me much pleasure, didn’t it?

(b)I am glad to inform you about our sports day, aren’t I?

(c) We decorated the school campus colorfully, didn’t we?

(d)Among the events, sack race and three leg race were interesting, weren’t they?

(e)None could resist laughter watching these events, could they?

Tag Question Practice for SSC

1. Nothing is impossible. ——–?

  1. I think everybody knows it. ——–?
  2. The idle always lag behind. ——–?
  3. Let’s motivate them. ——–?
  4. Motivation seldom goes in vain. ——–?
  5. Congratulations, you made an excellent result. ?
  6. Thanks. But my parents also deserve the credit. .?
  7. We ought to remain grateful them. ——–?
  8. You studied hard. ——–?
  9. It is our duty to study in a disciplined way.. ?
  10. Let us start our journey. ——–?
  11. They used to play football in the afternoon. ?
  12. Nobody should laugh at the blind. ——–?
  13. There is nothing for her to eat. ——–?
  14. Mina had better to stay at home. ——–?
  15. You aren’t doing the work. ——–?
  16. Somebody left their house yesterday. ——–?
  17. What a beautiful day it is. ——–?
  18. A cat catches a mouse. ——–?
  19. Bangladesh is our motherland. ——–?
  20. Something is burning. ——–?
  21. Rahim as well as his friends was present. —–?
  22. He did it. ——–?
  23. I know nothing about him. ——–?
  24. Let’s arrange a class party. ——–?
  25. The moon shines at night. ——–?
  26. Everybody loves flower. ——–?
  27. Nothing can satisfy him. ——–?
  28. He has few reasons for waiting. ——–?
  29. That was my pen. ——–?
  30. Nobody believes a liar. ——–?
  31. We have to study English. ——–?
  32. Let her solve the matter. ——–?
  33. You had better leave now. ——–?
  34. We ought to love our motherland. ——–?
  35. Look at this paper. ——–?
  36. Let’s phone. ——–?
  37. It is a beautiful afternoon. ——–?
  38. Let’s go out for a walk. ——–?
  39. The police arrested him. ——–?
  40. Both are responsible. ——–?
  41. Let’s take an oath today. ——–?
  42. This is the right way to do it.——–?
  43. Life is very busy in the big cities. ——–?
  44. We needed a change in thoughts. ——–?
  45. Let us make them realize it. ——–?
  46. Man is a social being. ——–?
  47. He cannot live alone. ——–?
  48. It is man who pollutes his environment. ——?
  49. Every mother loves her child. ——–?
  50. Don’t forget me.——–?
  51. My father and I are happy. ——–?
  52. Men should not tell a lie.——–?
  53. We live in Bangladesh. ——–?
  54. The weather was fine yesterday.—–?


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