Everyday English Expressions

Spoken English-After Getting a Job
Spoken English-After Getting a Job
February 10, 2021
Describe an Interesting Competition
Describe an Interesting Competition
February 12, 2021

Everyday English Expressions

Everyday English Expressions

Let’s learn Everyday English Expressions!

I will see you laterNot too bad
That’s betterHave a good day
She is a very careful ladyBlah Blah Blah!
Let me help youI never want to do it again
What are you talking about?I am not sure.
It just feels warmAn idea can change your life
She is a very careful ladyWe need to be extra careful
Let me help youLiquidity crisis
What are you talking about?You are doing great
It is complicatedI am so proud of you
Back, get backHe will control
Very surprising comebackThis is really good.
The condition is improving slowlyDon’t get mad
You have no choiceThanks for asking
That’s against company policyHey, you okay
It sounds crazyYeah, maybe
Everything that happensI am scared
You look greatRelax people
You scared meHow can I explain
You have nothing to be worryYou are a great man
Great! Perfect!Follow me
What the hell is going onThanks, everybody
You look incredibleThat makes no sense
One moment, pleaseIt’s not a big deal
One more thingGive me a break
Is everything okayMeet me in the singing room
Hello, is anybody hereLook through them
Let me see thatThere was no trace of blood
Nice to meet youThat smells great
Glad to meet youNothing is visible
I don’t force youI am getting late
She is in troubleYou lied to me
I appreciate itGive me another chance
You want something to drinkWe should go now
Pardon meI am inspired
No, not thisThe problem is mutual

English Practice Speaking

What is going onMake the deal
Stop apologizingHe’s loyal as a dog
You are kidding meNot exactly
I feel horribleWhere is everybody
You are depressedCall you back
That’s awfulWell done everyone
We made the wrong decisionMove, keep moving
Forget itYou are the most capable
What does it sayWhat’s wrong
Call me backOf course not
No, I like itSo, how can I help you
All right, thanks to everybodyIt’s a big deal
Love to youGlad you back
Breakfast sounds great!Great job
Anyway, I should goHe is a bad guy
I need to talk to youNot for everyone
You don’t need to knowHe doesn’t know anything
Don’t be afraidOne-way or return
Where you beenNice to see you again
Times are changing!Got it
What’s happeningAnything else
Beyond your capabilityYou are crazy!
You are charmingYou man lost control
You like jazz, not muchYeah, it’s me
Keep knockingBetter than that
Well, I am sorryYou are out of control
Something like thatKeep talking
Save yourselfWho is next
Everybody doneOkay, looking good
Thanks for everythingYou are overreacting
Give me backGood job, thanks
He is loserTake it easy
I kept calling, nobody answeredStay in the car
Wait by my carGet the ball rolling

Most Important Everyday English Expressions

Firsthand experienceThanks for joining us
In fact everything greatI will make sure
I don’t think soCall me, bye
Feeling little betterThings have changed
Let me thinkHow about the kids
No, not yetYou hear me
I don’t carePersonally, I am with you
Where do we startSame thing as before
Let her relaxIt’s about six days
Absolutely delighted!I feel it home here
It faces a new challengeHow you doing
Make them accountableVery unusual weather
Life is beautiful & wonderful!What for dinner
It’s not a good timeI love you guy!
To highlight the successDiversity in our workforce
Lack of coordinationRising commodity prices
You are wasting my timeI got it
I don’t want to talk about itPlease be seated
Nothing at all!Nobody is perfect but everybody is unique
Blame gameLikeminded people
Homegrown talentFeedback from students
Creative mindsProbably true
The only luxuryJust a little bit
Good to see you againIt was amazing
Stick aroundNever mind
Drive the changeCan we go back now
Next weekendI can handle it
True enoughJust wait a minute
Pretty good reasonThat’s ridiculous
Out of sight out mindPay last respect to him
Make a new start here nowWe will do our best
Things are expensive hereStarting afresh
Middle of the runwayTo discover a new world
She just lost her dadDo it for me
Take notesI will do the same
This can’t happenIt will happen more and more
This is not fair!It matters to me.

Ghore Boshe Spoken English

I hope soGrowns-up sometimes need to lie
It came trueAre you ready to begin
You may proceedRaise your right hand
No further questionsNeed some change
Ready to goI am late but I made it
All right, go-aheadNo one can stop it
Most innovative thinkersIt’s a daily occurrence
I will never hurt you againI respect your thoughts
Hold on a secondGood for you
I come here now & thenSlowly dying tradition
It’s my very first timeHow you today
Break way the traditional mindsetNeed continuous effort
The most anticipated & favoriteAll over the globe
Yes, you didIt’s all my fault
It takes money to get thereI am sorry about you
Keep me informedWe should take a break
Thanks for a rideLet me get start
Attention back to the leaderI am happy to meet you
Lovely to meet you tooCatch you later
Move onKeep going
Sorry to bother youI need to get back
Good timingI need it to think it
Keep it onThat’s exactly
You did the right thingThe food will turn cold
I am not fit at the momentIt is a pleasure
Best of my knowledgeDo you know each other
You must be ClaireDon’t talk anymore
Get some sleepKeep doing it
You look greatStop, no more!
Just a little bitIt is a difficult time for you
Thanks for comingTake the driver seat
Please feel free to ask questionA blending of nature & modernity
With ill motiveRespect spectrum of society
Verbal and emotional abuseHe smashed my phone
Keep everything in orderPlease listen to my explanation

bbc janala english spoken course

Do yourselfCome closer
Becoming change agentMutual benefit& trust
Host the biggest business conferenceGreat inspiration for all of us
Should act prudentlyWork together to find a solution
To see a better futureThe solution lies somewhere else
Traffic gridlockWeeklong film festival
Despite repeated attemptsModern-day slaves rescued
Her statement provocativeDanger trends in the economy
Problems & prospectsEconomy under stress
You should pay attentionFeel at home
Everything is fineEnjoy yourself
Welcome backHi buddy!
I see you thereYou are freak
Sexy, beautiful & killerThey care about fashion
Global economic downturnDeep-rooted issue
Global shopping experience& ambiancePay close attention
Attention to detailIt was a brilliant idea!
This sounds very positiveIn the days to come!
Romance with musicPower abuse
A slow and painful deathChain of command
Blame & counter blameEnvironment friendly
It’s my businessGlad to meet you
Sustainable growthProper guidance
Token hungerProlonged stress
Daily hasslesRight time. Rightful place
A specific course of actionSocial challenge
Both domestic & international factorsWide range of products
Make your position clearFreedom of expression
Digital storageHuman trafficking. Social injustice
It’s a do or die situationYou have to think smart
Suffering from negligenceNo go area
Deadliest in the worldImage problem
Give some ideaWe cannot go beyond that
I love to see itNext door neighbor
Great demandAnything can happen
So humble. generousShe is incredibly strong
Wake up callGlobal energy map

10 minute school spoken english

Class and social bracketsExotic & magical
Gender-sensitive issuesSelf-contradictory
Ethical standardInternational flavor
Magical placeEnjoy equal status
Fashion is very dynamicTimeless. eternal beauty
A cool sunny morningBody language. Gesture. posture
Perfect balanceOne stop solution
Majestic & classyExtravagant taste
Vibrant .modern & edgy designLuster & elegant beauty
A global marketplaceInternational network
Upcoming & highly potentialA touch of classic attire
Thriving education sectorAn international platform
Spectacular gatheringAn incredible amount of stress
Explore talentsGreat ideas & grand promise
Corruption. Nepotism. Red tapismMerely as sexual objects
Virtual warzoneQuite impressive
Her soul mateReal values of life
Changes from time to timeGrab my attention
No longer visibleHonor his sacrifice
Inborn & inherited talentsUrban migration
Disaster-prone regionChronic & severe deprivation
A melting pot of culturesLittle chitchat
Have good rapportStress-free & comfortable
Just one of the million womenVery different story
Breathe & relaxChronic price rise
Personal enmitySame color. spirit & social values
Draw public attentionProfit-loss market economy
Happiest land on earthLet’s nip the problem in the bud
Needless to mentionSystematic deprivation
Freedom of choiceGetting tougher
Cross border managementMomentous

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