HSC Completing Sentence Board Question

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HSC Completing Sentence Board Question

HSC Completing Sentence Board Question

Dear Student, let’s learn HSC Completing Sentence Board Question that will boost your HSC English.

1. (a) Industry is the key to success.

    (b) A man cannot succeed in life if he is not industrious.

HSC English Suggestion All Board (2024 )

    (c) The successful men of the world are industrious.

    (d) The man who is industrious can maintain sound health.

    (e) We should not like those persons who are idle.

    (f) I always try to be an industrious person.

    (g) I know the story of an industrious person who kept working hard.

    (h) That man always inspires me to be industrious.

    (i) I have a poor uncle. He could be rich if he worked hard with sincerity.

    (j) He has become poor because of his idleness.

2. (a) John is fond of reading. Whenever he goes to the book fair, he buys books of different types. He has a good collection of books now.

(b) Smoking is detrimental to health. It is high time you gave up smoking.

(c) The students saw the teacher. No sooner had the teacher entered the classroom than the students stood up.

(d) Birds fly in the sky. I wish I were a bird.

(e) My mother was a philanthropist. She loved to live among the poor villagers so that she could have heavenly bliss.

(f) Samia is good at all of her subjects except English. She cannot compete with her classmates because of her weakness in English.

(g) We had to walk through a jungle. We saw a snake while we were passing a bush.

(h) I don’t have enough money. Had I been a rich man I would have helped the poor.

(i) Death is inevitable. There is nobody who can escape death.

(j) Boys, I’m going to discuss an important topic today. Be attentive to my lecture, otherwise, you will miss something important.

3. (a) Trees are essential for our existence. So, we should plant more trees.

(b) English is an international language. Without knowing English you cannot get a good job.

(c) Corruption is an obstacle to our national development. It is high time we took effective measures.

(d) My childhood was full of joys and happiness. I wish I were a child again.

(e) Mobile phone is a wonder of modern science. But it has many disadvantages.

(f) He cannot run the business. So, he should find a job.

(g) He confessed that he had made a mistake. So, I forgave him.

(h) The students could not memorize the poem. It was too difficult for them to memorize.

(i)  Since there was no more question to discuss, the chairman declared the meeting over.

(j) Female education is a crying need for our country. It is a good sign that nowadays girls are getting educated.

4. (a) 21st February is a red-letter day in our life because some of our patriotic sons sacrificed their lives for our mother tongue. It is our Mother Language Day.

(b) Once there was a farmer who had three sons. They were so lazy that they would not do any work.

(c) I have to meet Raihan. Do you know where he lives?

(d) It is high time you stopped smoking. It is detrimental to health.

(e) English is an international language. If you want to go abroad for higher studies you should learn English.

(f) The bee is one of the busiest insects. It flies from flowers to collect honey.

(g) My friend lived in New Zealand. It is many years since we met last.

(h) We must grow the habit of getting up early in the morning. The sooner we get up the more we will get time.

(i) There goes the proverb, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. Unless we are united we will fall.

(j) Our country is beset with many problems. We all should come forward with a view to solving the problems.

5. (a) Last night I did not have a sound sleep. I feel sleepy because I could not sleep the last night.

(b) You cannot handle such a big responsibility if you don’t have prior experience in teaching.

(c) If the driver had been more careful, he could have avoided the fatal accident.

(d) We were supposed to start our journey the next day. But, it was so hot that we could not go outside.

(e) A village market is one of the many attractions of country life. It is a public place where people gather every day.

(f) The box is very heavy. Are you strong enough to carry it?

(g) Begging is not a profession. It is most disreputable. We must not encourage begging.

(h) Whenever he speaks in English he makes many mistakes. But it is natural that we learn through mistakes.

(i) The station is not far away from here. It will take you five minutes to reach there.

(j) One should bear in mind that forming bad habits is easy to do but difficult to give up.

English Completing Sentences Exercises with Answers

6. (a) He studies medicine so that he can serve the people.

(b) Time has its wings. It was five years since we had met last.

(c) The poor man knocked at my door. He came to me, with a view to getting some money.

(d) I found a box in the room. The box was too heavy for me to carry alone.

(e) I went to the market yesterday. Had you requested me, I would have come.

(f) Do not worry about me. I will take my supper after I shall have finished my study.

(g) They are very hard working. If the bank gives them a loan on easy terms, they will receive it.

(h) Unity is strength. United we stand, divided we fall.

(i) We had to walk through a jungle. We saw a snake while we were going to the house.

(j) Everybody will go to the graveyard after death. A graveyard is a place where dead bodies are buried.

7. (a) We are closely related to our environment. We should keep the environment free the environment from pollution so that we can live a healthy life.

(b) We must follow the rules of hygiene. Without following the rules of hygiene, we can not keep our body fit.

(c) He was very hopeful about winning the game. He had practiced a lot before he took part in the competition.

(d) He had a street accident and his mother injured herself falling on the stairs. To tell the truth, misfortune never comes alone.

(e) She has got GPA of 4.50. If she had studied more seriously, she would have got a GPA of 5 in the exam.

(f) The boy was playing when he heard the news. He stopped his playing at once.

(g) I feel a very bad headache. If I was not sick, I would continue my classes.

(h) Time plays a very crucial role in human life. We cannot prosper in life unless we work hard.

(i) He runs very fast. Last year he ran so swiftly that other competitors were left behind.

(j) Human body needs a balanced diet. If we take a balanced diet, it will keep us fit.

8. (a) Honesty is the best policy. If you maintain honesty, you can lead a happy life.

(b) Patriotism is a noble virtue. It is high time we gave up smoking.

(c) English is an international language. I wish I could be a child again.

(d) If I had much money, I would help the poor.

(e) There goes a proverb that all that glitters is not gold. So, you have to make a friendship with a gentleman.

(f) Hardly has he seen his friend when the train left.

(g) It is a long time since we met last.

(i) I was too young to say no to a woman.

(j) A student has to be punctual. He has to study regularly lest he should fail the exam.

9. (a) The job market is getting bad to worse day by day. If you don’t work hard in your student life, you can not shine in life.

(b) Trees are most important for our survival. They supply oxygen without which we can not survive.

(c) My HSC exam is knocking at the door. I have to study attentively so that I can do well in the exam.

(d) I have lost my cell phone. Would you mind giving me your cell phone so that I can talk to my mother?

(e) Last week my friend Hasan met with an accident. No sooner had I heard the news than I went to see him.

(f) Flower is a symbol of beauty, love, and purity. There is hardly anyone who does not love flowers.

(g) Walk fast lest you should miss the train.

(h) Jui is studying medicine. She wants to be a scientist.

(i) During recent years, most teenagers have become facebook freaks. They waste time for nothing. They should know that honesty is the best policy .

(j) He came to my room while I was reading. He did not wake me up.

10. (a) Rifat does not like rich food. He knows that rich food does not contain rich vitamins.

 (b) As Shafi is devoted to studies all his teachers love him. He hopes to secure a brilliant result.

 (c) Telling a lie is not good. We should give it up.

 (d) Reading for exams gives no pleasure. It is always painstaking.

 (e) There is nobody who does not want to be happy. Hence happiness is a relative term.

 (f) Birds that come to our country in winter are called migratory birds. We should not kill them.

 (g) People are careful enough living in Dhaka city. They don’t waste their resource.

 (h) Man is a social being. No man can do whatever he likes.

 (i) Robinson Crusoe was born in England.  His father wanted him to be a scientist.

 (j) Many people in Bangladesh are unemployed. Self-employment is a possible solution to this problem.

Completing Sentences Exercises with Answers

11. (a) The industry is the key to success. If you work hard, you will gain success in life.

 (b) Corruption is the main hindrance to development. It is high time we curved corruption.

 (c) Abdul is an HSC candidate. He is studying hard lest he should fail in the exam.

 (d) There are a good number of reasons why students fail in English. That English is a foreign language is the main reason.

 (e) Birds fly in the sky. I wish I could fly in the sky.

 (f) No sooner had we reached there than the program started. Unless we went there earlier, we would miss the beginning of the program.

 (g) It is not good to mix with bad guys. A man is known by the company he keeps.

 (h) Dulal Sheikh is a quack. He behaves as if he were a doctor.

 (i) It is very cold outside. You had better stay at home.

 (j) My childhood was full of joys and happiness. Would that I were a child again.

12. (a) Geometry is very much confusing to Zillur. He practices geometry a lot so that he can master the subject very well.

(b) I could not recognize you at first. It was five years since we had met.

(c) Sanjida was writing quite well in the exam when suddenly she felt a bad headache. As a result, she could not finish the exam with satisfaction.

(d) Don’t worry. I will be there after I shall have finished my study.

(e) Fateen was really in great danger. He came to you with a view to getting help from you, but you disappointed him.

(f) Sujon was very weak, but he had to carry a big box. The box was too heavy for him to carry.

(g) The farmers of our country are very poor, but they can work hard. If the bank gives them a loan on an easy term, they can receive it.

(h) Load-shedding occurs because we cannot produce adequate electricity. It is high time we gave up smoking.

(i) I requested him to join me in playing cricket. He joined me despite his unwillingness.

(j) He tried his best to get the job but he could not get it. Had he got the job, he would have been happy.

13. (a) 16th December is observed as Victory Day every year in Bangladesh. It is really a red-letter day in our national history because on this day we achieved victory.

 (b) A proverb goes that honesty is the best policy. So we must try to lead an honest life.

 (c) Courtesy means polite behavior. Courtesy costs nothing but brings a lot.

 (d) Bangladesh is an agricultural country. As her economy depends on agriculture we should put emphasis on it.

 (e) Time is very important in our life. You cannot prosper in life unless you utilize your time.

 (f) Bangladesh is our motherland. It is a small but beautiful country. Though it is a small country, it is blessed with natural resources.

 (g) Early rising gives a man enough free time. Since I am an early riser, I get enough time.

 (h) You must have confidence in your ability. If you work confidently, you will be successful.

 (i) My final examination is going on. I studied hard lest I should fail the exam.

 (j) His father has no ability to bear his son’s educational expenses. So the son takes up a part-time job so that he can bear his educational expenses.

14. (a) Garment industry in Bangladesh is one of the major sources of earning foreign exchange. But this sector is afflicted with many problems.

(b) Once Taimur attacked the province of a powerful prince. When the prince heard the news he became very sad.

(c) Mr. Karim is a hardworking man. Though he works hard, he cannot turn the wheels of his fortune.

(d) Success does not come to a man automatically. When a man works in a systematic way he is sure to shine in life.

(e) Female education is a crying need for our country. It is a good sign that nowadays more girls are getting educated.

(f) Motherland is like heaven. It is our sacred duty to defend the dignity of our motherland.

(g) Life should not be considered a bed of roses. It is full of sorrows and suffering.

(h) When you will complete work, you will go home.

(i) The thief was afraid of the police. He ran away lest he should be arrested.

(j) He is an honest worker. Despite his honest work, he is not promoted.

15. (a) The students were sympathetic and patriotic. That’s why they sacrificed their lives.

 (b) There were five boys. I took five books that each boy got one book.

 (c) When he came out, he was given a greeting. He was worthy of getting such greetings.

 (d) Though the pen writes well, it is very expensive. I can’t afford to use it.

 (e) The poem is too difficult for the students to understand. They couldn’t but memorize it.

 (f) If I had a camera, I could take some photos. I like photography.

 (g) He came to my room while I was sleeping. He didn’t wake me up.

 (h) Rina waited until she was given the money. She went after getting it.

 (i) He went to London so that he could study law. He was devoted to studying.

 (j) He confessed that he had done it. So, I forgave him.

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