SSC Important Composition Writing

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SSC Important Composition Writing

SSC Important Composition Writing

Let’s learn SSC Important Composition Writing!

My Childhood Memories

“Time marches on but memories stay

Torturing silently the rest of our days”

With the passage of time, we grow older, and as go forward some shreds of memory come before our mind’s eyes with their might. They make us feel how better things were when we were completely free from all these oppressive burdens that we are to face now. Of all these inspiring moments of life, childhood appears to be the most enjoyable. This is the time when we are completely free from all cares, anxieties, and responsibilities.

I can hardly remember anything before I was five.  I was born in a small district town in Bangladesh, the mighty rivers, the Padma and Megna, flow beside it. The small river Dakatia flows beside our house. Every day we had a walk by the side of the river in the afternoon. Sometimes we played in the small field adjacent to our house. There was a big banyan tree; sometimes I went with other boys near that tree. But my mother got frightened when she heard about it. She said that snakes sometimes live in the holes of the tree. She forbade us to go there.

During holidays when my mother went to sleep at noon, we sometimes stole away and went to the railway line. There I together with other children gathered pebbles. We watched how the trains passed with innumerable unknown faces. Once the train went out of our sight, it passed on to an unknown world. I became eager to know what was there outside the horizon.  On holidays sometimes I went with other children to swim in the river. I felt a thrill of joy when I swam on the waves of the small river. People around us are prohibited from going further.

When I was a child I wrote one page every day and showed it to my father when he came back from his office. In spite of great fatigue, he used to cheer me up with small rewards like toffees or promised about something so that I could fare well in the examination. Whenever my father got the time he used to tell us about the life stories of great men in the world, how they became great by dint of preference and undaunted spirit.

Eventually, I neglected my studies. As a result, I cut a sorry figure in the examination. I got only ten in arithmetic. For this, I became very ashamed. My elder brother and sister used to tease me for this. I became furious with anger towards them. I decided not to talk to them ever. My father was very much amused. He called me and told me that I should not neglect any of my duties. he advised me to be particular in my studies. He encouraged me that in the future I would do well in the examination.

During the summer holidays, my father was away from the village home. We had lots of fun then. We climbed mango trees, picked ripe mangoes, and ate them to our heart’s content. We swam and played. We ran beside the cornfield. We were free like anything. The whole day we roamed about the village and collected blackberries, litchis, and whatever fruits we could get hold of. We came back home when we were extremely hungry. When my father came back from the town we had been really sorry.

These memories come into my memory off and on and it is a great memory to reminisce. These days cannot be restored only the memory it has left can be recalled for momentary relief and joy. Wherever I go whatever I do, I feel these things are always with me to cheer me in the mood of gloom and sorrow. I cannot help telling the greatest lines of Wordsworth:

   “Heavens lies about us in our infancy.”

SSC Important Composition Writing

Sports Day at Your School

Prize giving day is an important event in the life of every school or college. Sports in themselves are an indispensable part of the study. School or college life without sports would be dull and dreary.

This auspicious day brings joy and merriment to the heart of the young learners and helps them relax the burden of the tight school schedule.

The prize-giving day of our school was held last week. It was held on the spacious school grounds.

The deputy commissioner was the chief guest. A huge shamiana was pitched on one side of the ground to accommodate guests.

The whole playground was tastefully decorated. It had been decorated with flags, festoons, and balloons a day earlier. The school premise assumed a festive look.

The chief guest arrived in time. He took the salute. The sportsman and women and NCC cadets and NSS volunteers participated in the march past. Mila, the best athlete of the school, led the march past.

The first event was a hundred-meter race. It drew a large number of participants. There were three heats.

Then started long and high jumps. Simultaneously there were other actions like the javelin and the discus throw.

The members of the staff who acted as judges were seen moving to and fro along with coaches and ex-sportsmen of the school.

The events, which evoked the greatest interest, were the 400-meter race, bicycle race, Chati race, and hurdle race by girls.

The spectators went into peels of laughter when they saw boys running sack races. Some boys just fell down and could not move.

The tug of war between the science and art faculty members was very interesting. The art side won the war.

Dress as you like was the special event. Everybody was amused when a student of class ten dressed as our headmaster.

He was so good in his make-up that except for the difference in age we found it difficult to see who the real headmaster was. In the events, a few new records of the school were established.

In two cases, the students improved upon their own previous records.

The last item the musical chair’s race in which the guests participated was very amusing.

The headmaster read out the achievements of the school in sports during the year. At the day’s end, the time came for the prizes to be given away.

The chief guest gave away the prizes with words of encouragement for each of the winners.

He said that in a competition participation is more important than winning.

He highlighted the importance of sports in life and hinted at Bangladesh’s dismal performance at the Olympics. He promised all help to the school in the matter of sports.

The principal then thanked him and the other guests. The chief declared the sports meet closed and it was over.

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