Spoken English-After Getting a Job

Spoken English-Personal Interview
Spoken English-A Personal Interview
February 8, 2021
Everyday English Expressions
Everyday English Expressions
February 11, 2021

Spoken English-After Getting a Job

Spoken English-After Getting a Job

Let’s Learn Spoken English-After Getting a Job!

Hemel: Hello, Pranta! How are you?

Pranta: Hello, I’m fine. How are you?

Hemel: I’m also fine.

Pranta: I’m glad to see you! Is everything all right?

Hemel: I’ve joined in the IFIC Bank.

Pranta: I am glad you surprised me! This is the first time you’ve told me.

Hemel: Please don’t take it otherwise. The truth is, I just recently joined. Sadly, I didn’t have time to tell all of you.

Pranta: Anyway. Actually, it’s very cool. It is a piece of good news for all of us. So, can you tell us when you will throw our party?

Hemel: Don’t hurry. Let me receive my first salary after some time.

 Pranta: O.K. Time granted.

Hemel: Is there anything about you that I should know? Would you mind telling me why you haven’t joined anywhere ?

Pranta: I am not lucky as you.

Hemel: Keep your hope alive. Keep going on. There is a good chance that you will find a job soon.

Pranta: Thank you, friend. I hope what you’ve said come true.

Hemel: Let’s move to a snack-bar.

Pranta: As you please.

Conversation  Between Salesman and Customer

Customer: Excuse me.

Salesman: Yes please, how can I help you?

Customer: I would like to buy a sewing machine.

Salesman: You can choose between small and medium-size.

Customer: I’d like a small size.

Salesman: Here’s a corner you should check out. A wide selection of sewing machines is on display.

Customer: I appreciate it. Please I’d like to see the fourth one.

Salesman: No problem. You can find it here.

Customer: That’s really nice! Can you tell me the price?

Salesman: It costs 15 thousand taka.

Customer: The price is extremely high.

Salesman: Absolutely not. It is an original German machine.

Customer: I’d rather have one that is cheaper. Are you not in possession of one?

Salesman: We have many cheaper sewing machines. Take a look at the right side. These are made in Korea.

Customer: What does the third one cost?

Salesman: The price of all the items in this row is the same and the cost per item is 10 thousand takas.

Customer: In general, Korean sewing machines don’t seem to be of high quality.

Salesman: There is nothing to worry about. Originating in Korea, they are made of steel.

Customer: That’s fine. This one is worth packing.

Salesman: Sure. It is my pleasure. We would appreciate your return visit.

Conversation Between two Friends

Jolly: What’s up with your mother?

Dolly: She is feeling well now.

Jolly: Are there any doctors treating her?

Dolly: Dr. Ben Foster is treating my mum.

Jolly: Can you tell me what he says?

Dolly: She has an abnormal kidney function, he says.

Jolly: Wouldn’t it be better if you took her to the hospital?

Dolly: Whenever we refer to the hospital, she becomes nervous.

Jolly: For how many days has she been ill?

Dolly: She has been ill for the last two months.

Jolly: The color of her face has turned very pale. I think you should consult a specialist.

Dolly: My mum trusts only Dr. Ben. Faith can sometimes perform miracles.

Jolly: Does she appear to be improving?

Dolly: She will need a while to recover completely, but I believe she will do well.

Jolly: She must take complete rest so that she can recover soon.

Dolly: That’s right. Why not?

Jolly: In some cases, patients who have recovered do things contrary to medical advice and become sick again.

Dolly: I appreciate the advice you provided.

Jolly: Is there anything that her doctor has forbidden her from doing?

Dolly: In fact, he has recommended complete bed rest and take sufficient water.

Jolly: Fine, if you need any assistance please let me know without hesitation.

Dolly: I appreciate you. Whenever I need assistance, I must notify you.

Conversation on Office Time Management

John: I would like to know what time it is, Mr. David?

David: It is ten-fifty, sir.

John: Is there an office time?

David: 10:00 a.m., sir.

John: Why do you arrive so late?

David: I am extremely sorry for this. There was a huge traffic jam on the road.

John: You show lame excuses everyday. Please give up your bad habit.

David: The road was extremely jammed!

John: And yesterday your wife was seriously ill, the day before yesterday your father in law was sick.

David: I will not make late from tomorrow. I promise you.

John: I am tired of hearing the same thing everyday.

David: I will never make it late.

John: I think that you get up from bed late in the morning.

David: I get up from bed at 8.30 am everyday.

John: That means you get up from bed late.

David: I try my level to get up early every day but I can not as I go to bed late every night.

John: You should go to bed early so that you can get up early.

David: I must go to bed early today.

John: Please keep your promise. This is the last warning for you.

David: Sir, I will not bother you anymore.

John:  You should be more punctual.

David: Sure. Thank you very much.

John: You are most welcome.

Basic English Speaking -Ceremonies and Events

Marcell Ozuna: What, in your opinion, is the importance of ceremonies in our lives?

Mark Eaton: Ceremonies are certainly important in our lives. Ceremonies bring color and joy to our personal lives.

They also strengthen and redefine our relationship with others.

Marcell Ozuna: Do you think that the role of private and public ceremonies is going to change in the country in the future?

Mark Eaton: I think the role of private and public ceremonies is going to change in the future. If we compare things with those of 20 years ago,

I can say that ceremonies are getting shorter day by day. I think this practice will continue in the future too and ultimately people will shun elaborate ceremonies.

Marcell Ozuna: Has the attitude of people towards marriage changed in recent years?

Mark Eaton: I would say it is quite visible that an attitude to marriage has changed in recent years. The age of marriage is getting higher day by day.

Fifty years ago girls got married within the age of 5 and boys between 20-25 years of age. 

Now very few girls get married before 18 and boys do not usually get married below the age of 25.

Marcell Ozuna: In what ways do men and women feel differently about marriage?

Mark Eaton: As far as I am concerned women want financial security, dependability, and support from their husbands.

On the other hand, males generally choose beautiful and attractive women for spouses.

Very few men value the educational qualifications, intelligence, and other qualities of women in this country.

Marcell Ozuna: What sort of national events make headlines in your country?

Mark Eaton: National events like national problems, political programs, accidents, and national achievements make headlines in our country.

Marcell Ozuna: What sort of international events make headlines in your country?

Mark Eaton: International events like international tension, wars, big catastrophe, accidents, and global achievements make headlines in our country.

Marcell Ozuna: Do the media in your country pay more attention to global or national events?

Mark Eaton: In our country, media pay more attention to national events than global ones. Our country is beset with many problems.

There are also regular accidents, natural disasters, and catastrophes.

However, sometimes we have some achievements and matters of hope.  

All these things get media attention. Global events of public interest also make headlines and receive media attention.


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