Describe an Interesting Competition

Everyday English Expressions
Everyday English Expressions
February 11, 2021
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Spoken English-Job Interview
February 13, 2021

Describe an Interesting Competition

Describe an Interesting Competition


Describe an Interesting Competition.

  • You should say:
  • When the competition was held
  • What you had to do there
  • How well you did in the competition

Sample Answer

I am going to talk about an interesting competition in which I took part last month. The competition was held on the occasion of our yearly picnic.

The picnic was organized by the company I work in.  We went to Kaptai for the picnic.

In the competition, one had to write as many words as one could in five minutes.

The words should not have fewer than four letters and more than seven letters. We were twenty participants in the competition.

But it took a long time to mark the answer sheets. The first, second, and third place holders were rewarded.

I stood second in the competition and got a mobile phone set as a prize.  The competition was indeed an interesting experience for me.

Follow-up questions:

1.   Do you think schools should hold regular competitions? Why?

I think schools should hold competitions regularly because competitions are very important for the students to prepare themselves for future life.  

They give the students the good feeling of winning a competition and encourage them to work hard for achieving something.

2.  Who is more interested in competitions..the young or the old?

 I think people of all ages like some competitions but young people like competitions more than the older ones.

They have a greater tendency to prove themselves. That is why they get involved in competitions frequently.

3. Why do you think people get involved in competitions?

 As far as I am concerned every person has a competitive tendency. Everyone wants to prove him or her to others and to get the satisfaction of superiority over others, such things lead people to competitions.

4. Why do you think schools are the best place for competitive activities?

 Student life is the best time for preparing oneself for the future life.

In schools, students can learn how to compete and take preparation for the competitions.

That is why I think schools are the best place for competitive activities.

5.  Do you think international competitions are important? Why?

 I think international competitions are important for improving international relations and relieving international tension.

6.  What things, do you think work behind a competitive attitude?

I think there is an inborn competitive attitude in a human being. It may be directly linked with the tendency to survive.

Man wants to overcome his weakness and vulnerability through a competitive attitude.

7.  Why do you think the competitive spirit is important?

In my view, the competitive spirit is necessary for the development of a man. Without competition, one cannot attain his potential.

8. Do you consider yourself competitive?

Yes, I do. I always like competition and want to involve myself in different types of competitions.

9. Do you think competition should be done among equals? Why?

 I think competition should take place among equals or almost equals. If there is a big difference among the competitors, the stronger will get undue advantages, and the competition can not be healthy.

Some Additional Questions

Jolly: How many hours do you work per week?

Molly: I am a service holder. At my job, I work 45 hours per week. Moreover, I do a lot of household work.

Jolly: Do you get enough leisure?

Molly: No, I don’t. During the week I remain much busy. At weekends I do some personal or household work and I have some leisure.

Jolly: Do you think that the amount of free time has changed much in the last fifty years?

Molly: I think the amount of free time has reduced to a great extent in the last fifty years. In the past, people had more leisure which they do not get now.

Jolly: Will people have more free time in the future?

Molly: If the present trend of competition in the professional arena continues, it is likely that people will get even less leisure in the future.

Jolly: Why do you think people need to have a hobby or pastime?

Molly: A hobby or pastime refreshes our mind and lets us be more attentive to our professional work or studies. 

If we do not have any hobby or pastime then our life will become monotonous.

Jolly: Do you think having a hobby is good for people’s social life?

Molly: Having a hobby is certainly good for people’s social life. Hobbies create similar minds and create opportunities for joint social work.

Jolly: Are there any negative consequences of spending too much time on hobbies?

Molly: Spending too much time on hobbies can not be supportable in any way. If we spend time excessively on the hobby, our professional activities or work will certainly be hampered.

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