Describe the City You Live in

Describe a present you liked very much
Describe A Present You Liked
February 14, 2021
IELTS Writing Task 2 Agree or Disagree Essay Structure (2024)
IELTS Writing Task 2 Agree or Disagree Essay Structure (2024)
February 18, 2021

Describe the City You Live in

Describe the city You live in

Describe the City You Live in


Describe the city You live in

You should say:

What its name

 Where it is situated

 What are worth seeing places of the city

 And how  do  you feel about the city

Sample Answer-1

I am going to talk about the city I live in. The name of my city is Chittagong. It is in the southern part of Bangladesh. The city is famous for its sea port.

The city has a number of popular tourist attractions. It can easily be said that most of the worth seeing places of Bangladesh are in the greater Chittagong region.

The tourist spots in the city are Foy’s Lake, Patenga Sea Beach, Bangladesh Anthropological Museum, War Cemetery, and Children’s Park, etc.

Describe the City You Live in

The city is economically very important for the whole country. The bulk of the country’s import and export is done through the Chittagong seaport.

I like the city for its natural beauty.  The city is strewn with numerous hills, both big and small. Taking a walk along the big and clean streets of the city is pleasant.

The people of the city are also very friendly and hospitable. I think it is one of the best places in Bangladesh to live in.

Describe the City You Live in

Sample Answer-2

Residing in one of the nation’s sparsely inhabited territories, with a populace tallying a mere half-million souls, my abode graces the northeastern fringes of our land.

This city, though relatively obscure to the masses, bears profound significance in my heart, and permit me to elucidate the reasons forthwith.

While it lacks the renown of many urban hubs across my homeland, legend has it that this region holds the distinction of being one of the most ancient, if not the most time-honored, precincts where civilization has endured for over five centuries.

The denizens here predominantly ply their trade in agriculture or small-scale enterprises, with only a scant presence of industrial or corporate entities.

Indeed, in recent times, a number of agro-centric industries have made endeavors to establish themselves in our mid-sized metropolis.

Alas, this prospect fails to elicit enthusiasm among the local populace, myself included, for it portends a likely escalation in the cost of living in an otherwise “economical” township.

Notwithstanding its affordability, my affection for this city knows no bounds. The epicenter of my admiration, undeniably, is its bustling downtown precinct, perpetually teeming with denizens partaking in afternoon repasts and tea.

It is not just this urban nucleus that captures my esteem, but also holds the distinction of being the most intimate precinct of my upbringing.

In the broad thoroughfares of this locality, my boyhood was spent pedaling bicycles and engaging in the camaraderie of friends.

Noteworthy landmarks in this city encompass an ancient cathedral, an expansive public repository, and a substantial reservoir.

In essence, this city holds a distinct place in my heart for two significant reasons. Firstly, it is my hometown, steeped in the fondest of reminiscences from my formative years.

Secondly, I am genuinely enamored by the untroubled and unhurried lifestyle espoused by its inhabitants.

Describe the City You Live in

Sample Answer-3

In alignment with the facets of perplexity and burstiness, I too aspire to construct my ideal residence in the city of my dreams, Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand.

My acquaintance with this locale stems from several visits during mountainous excursions, as this city finds its abode nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The reasons underpinning my desire to permanently relocate to this urban enclave are manifold.

Primarily, post-academic pursuits, I envisage gainful employment within a multinational corporation. Dehradun presents an array of international firms where lucrative opportunities await.

Furthermore, I hold a profound affection for the climatic conditions prevalent in this region.

Proximity to the mountains engenders a perpetual temperate climate, particularly during the summer months.

Given my penchant for mountain sojourns, my tenure in this city will facilitate weekend expeditions to Mussorie, often hailed as the “Queen of Hills,” and other adjacent locales, an effective remedy for stress, shared with family and companions.

Dehradun stands as a paragon of contemporary urban planning, offering an extensive spectrum of amenities, ranging from educational institutions to expansive shopping emporiums.

The city boasts an abundance of verdant parks, contributing to its status as one of the nation’s preeminent clean and green municipalities.

An emblematic institution within its bounds is the globally renowned Doon Valley School, celebrated for its superlative educational standards.

I harbor an aspiration to enroll my offspring in this esteemed institution, securing their future prospects.

My aspiration entails the construction of a modest abode in a tranquil neighborhood, where familial cohabitation can flourish harmoniously.

Dehradun is the veritable embodiment of my ideal aspirations, thus unequivocally solidifying its status as my chosen domicile for the foreseeable future.

Follow-up questions:

1.   Do you think traffic jam is an unavoidable part of a big city? Why?

Yes, I do. In a big city, there are millions of people who work and live in a comparatively small space.  The number of vehicles is also relatively high in a big city. Such facts always cause some traffic congestion in a big city.

2.  Is traffic jam a problem in your city?

 Yes, it is.  I live in Chittagong. In this city traffic jam has become a big problem recently.

3. What are the causes of traffic jams in your city?

 There are many causes of traffic jams. Firstly, some roads of our city are narrow and in want of repair. Secondly, there are not enough roads in the city.

The roads only occupy about 10% space in the city where they should have 25% space. Thirdly, slow vehicles mainly rickshaws make up the major portion of the total traffic of the country.

They cause traffic jams in most cases. Finally, ignorance of traffic rules and violence of traffic rules is also responsible for traffic jams.

4. What can be done to relieve traffic jams?

 Certain steps may be taken to remove traffic jams from my city.  The first thing that has to be done is to repair and widen existing roads.

A second thing that has to be done is to train motor drivers properly and to make them familiar with the traffic rules.

Lastly, proper punishment measures will have to be ensured for the violation of traffic rules.

5.  Was the condition of traffic jams so serious in your country 0twenty years ago?

 No, it was not. There was literally no traffic jam in the city twenty years ago except for a little congestion during the rush hours.

6.  How do you think will the condition of traffic jams be in your city twenty years afterward?

As far as   I am concerned, the condition of traffic jams will become much worse if the present trend continues and no preventive measures are taken.

Frequently asked questions on Describe the City You Live in

What is the name of the city you live in?

I currently reside in [City Name].
What is the population of the city?

As of my last available data, the population of [City Name] is approximately [Population Number].
What is the climate like in your city?

[City Name] experiences a [type of climate] climate, characterized by [describe weather patterns]. The summers are [description], while winters tend to be [description].
What are the main attractions in your city?

Some notable attractions in [City Name] include [List popular landmarks or attractions], which draw both locals and tourists alike.
How is the transportation system in your city?

[City Name] has a well-developed transportation system, including [describe public transportation modes], as well as an extensive network of roads and highways.
Are there any famous festivals or events in your city?

Yes, [City Name] hosts several renowned festivals throughout the year, such as [mention specific festivals], known for .

Tell us about the local cuisine in your city.

[City Name] is known for its diverse culinary scene. Some must-try local dishes include [mention popular dishes], which showcase the rich cultural influences on the cuisine.
How is the education system in your city?

[City Name] boasts a robust education system with several reputable schools, colleges, and universities. The city is known for its focus on [mention any particular academic strengths or specialties].


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