US Tourist Visa Interview

IELTS Writing Task 2 Agree or Disagree Essay Structure (2024)
IELTS Writing Task 2 Agree or Disagree Essay Structure (2024)
February 18, 2021
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February 18, 2021

US Tourist Visa Interview

US Tourist Visa Interview

Let’s Learn-How to Talk in US Tourist Visa Interview

Tourist: Good morning, Sir.

Visa Officer: Good morning. Are you Mr. Atish?

Tourist: Yes.

Visa Officer: Why do you want to go to the USA?

Tourist: I want to visit some tourist spots in the USA. Besides, I will meet my friends and relatives.

Visa Officer: Do you have any specific travel plans?

Tourist: Yes, I do. At first, I will go to New York. There I will visit the museums and worth-seeing places.

I will also meet my friends and relatives there. I will stay there for five days.

Then I will go to Washington D.C. There I will visit the White House and the National Memorial.

Then I will go to Hollywood and visit the film studios. At last, I will go to Atlanta and then return to Bangladesh.

 Visa Officer: How long will you stay in the USA?

Tourist: I will stay in the USA for about one month.

Visa Officer: Have you ever visited any other countries?

 Tourist: Yes, I have.

Visa Officer: What are they?

Tourist: I have visited India, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

Visa Officer: Do you have any plans to stay permanently in the USA?

Tourist:  No, I don’t. I will return just after completing my planned visits.

Visa Officer: Who will bear your expenses?

Tourist: I, myself, will bear my expenses.

Visa Officer: Do you have any plans to work in the USA?

Tourist: No, I don’t.

Visa Officer: How much money will you take with you?

Tourist: I will take about 8,000 US dollars with me.

Visa Officer: Have you visited the US before?

Tourist: Yes, I have.

Visa Officer: When?

Tourist: In June 2015.

Visa Officer: Have you purchased your plane ticket?

Tourist: No, I haven’t. I will purchase my plane ticket after getting the visa.

Visa Officer: Thank you very much. Collect your passport with a visa at 5 P.M from this window. 

Tourist: You’re welcome.

US Tourist Visa Interview How to Talk

Basic English Speaking-Tourist & Tourism

1. What things would you suggest for a tourist to see in your country?

There are many worth-seeing places in our country. For a tourist, I would suggest the Sundarbans, Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Rangamati, Kaptai Lake, Foy’s Lake, St. Martin, The national zoo, The national museum, the national parliament building, Patenga sea beach, etc.  I think they enjoy the Cox’s Bazar most.

2. What traditional arts or music would you recommend for them?

We have a rich heritage of art and music in Bangladesh. Our traditional music includes Lalan Giti, Bhatialy Gan, Nazrul Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet, etc.

We also have very high-quality handicrafts. The items of handicrafts made from cane, bamboo, and wicker are indeed very beautiful. Such items are available almost everywhere in Bangladesh.

3. Tell me about the foreign visitors or tourists who go to your country.

Every year a lot of foreign visitors or tourists come to my country.

But I must admit that the number of tourists Bangladesh gets is than its potential.

The rate is relatively lower than in countries like India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Usually, tourists come from the U.S, Japan, Thailand, U.K, and other European countries.

People from other countries come as well but in fewer numbers.

4. What changes has the tourism industry in your country undergone in the last 25 years?

The tourism industry has undergone a lot of changes in the last 25 years.

Some of the major developments include the construction of big roads and highways, the establishment of many big good quality hotels and motels, beautification and renovation of different tourist spots, and construction of different tourist spots.

Moreover, the advertisement and propagation of tourism in Bangladesh have also increased.

Bangladeshi embassies abroad are playing an active role in this regard.

5. What changes do you foresee in the tourism industry in your country over the next 25 years?

 I foresee some likely changes in the tourism industry in my country over the next 25 years.

One thing is definite that the facilities and safety for the tourists will increase manifold.

6. How the tourism industry has changed your country?

The tourism industry has brought about some changes in our country, though they are not much radical.

The industry has brought much foreign exchange to Bangladesh.

The changes are more visible in tourist spots where the life of the local people has changed dramatically due to the tourism industry.

Tourism has brought many employment opportunities to the areas.

Daily English Conversation: Meeting a Friend

Adele: Hey Taylor, how are you?

Taylor: Fine. Thank you.

Adele: My friend Ariana is in New York. I’ll go to meet her in the afternoon.

Taylor: Your friend Ariana? Did I meet her before?

Adele: Don’t you remember her? We met her at Beyoncé’s birthday party two years ago.

Taylor: I don’t quite remember her. What does she look like?

Adele: She has long, black hair. She is kind of slender and is about your height.

Taylor: She wears glasses, right.

Adele: Yes, and she sang a pop song during the party.

Taylor: I remember her now. She is such a nice person and funny too.

Adele: Then go to see her with me. She will be happy to meet both of us again.

Taylor: What is she doing these days?

Adele: She graduated last June and she will start her teaching career next week when the new school term begins.

Taylor: Where is she going to teach?

Adele: She has joined Paramore.

Taylor: What songs will she sing there?

Adele: As she is pop singer, she will certainly sing pop songs there.

Taylor: Okay. Let’s hope for a successful career for her.

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