Describe A Present You Liked

Spoken English-Job Interview
Spoken English-Job Interview
February 13, 2021
Describe the city You live in
Describe the City You Live in
February 15, 2021

Describe A Present You Liked

Describe a present you liked very much

Describe A Present You Liked


Describe a present you liked very much.

You should say:

  • What it was
  • When  you received it
  • Who presented it to you?
  • And explain why you liked it so much

Sample Answer

I am going to talk about a present which I liked most. Last year one of my friends named David gifted me something very special.

The present was a pack of some very beautiful notebooks and pens.  David has been a friend of mine from school life. For the last five years, he had been living in the Netherlands.

While he was abroad we had regular contact over e-mail and phone. He knew that I like writing materials very much.

So, at the time of coming to Bangladesh, he brought the pens and the notebooks.

The notebooks were of different sizes and colors. The covers of the notebooks had striking designs.

I liked the gift very much and thanked David from the bottom of my heart.

Follow-up questions:
1.   On what occasions do people from your country give presents to each other?

The people of our country give gifts to each other mainly at religious festivals such as Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Azha, Durga Puja, Buddha Purnima, Xmas day, etc. They also exchange gifts on personal occasions such as birthdays, marriage days, etc.

2.  In your opinion what is the significance of giving gifts?

 In my opinion, giving gifts plays an important role in improving our mutual relationships.

 3.  Do you think that the commercialization of gift-giving has gone too far?

 Yes, I do. Nowadays gift-giving has become much commercialized. I personally believe that giving gifts should be more or less a personal event.

4. What types of gifts do people of your country mainly give each other?

 The people of our country mainly give clothes, books, toys, shoes, food, etc. as gifts.

5.  What things do you like to give others as gifts?

 I usually like to give others clothes or books as gifts. If the recipient is a child, then sometimes I choose toys for them as a present.

6.  What things do you like to receive as presents?

As presents for myself, I like books and writing materials. Collecting books is my hobby. So, books get preference over everything else.

English Conversation –Telephone Conversation about a Job

George: Hello, Just Works.

Richard: Hello, I’m calling about the vacant post in your firm.

George: You mean the post of “Sales Representative”?

Richard: Yes, that’s right. I’d like to have some information about the service.

George: Sure. What do you want to know?

Richard: I’d like to know about the working hours and salary.

George: There are no specific office hours. Usually, you’ll have to work from 11 a.m to 7 p.m. And the salary is $5000 with some other fringe benefits.

Richard: What other benefits?

George: You’ll get a 3% incentive bonus on sales and free treatment.

Richard: What qualifications do you require?

George: For this post, we are seeking an employee with minimum bachelors’ degree.

Richard: What documents should I submit for applying for the post?

George: You should bring a bio-data, two passport size photographs, a national ID card, birth certificate, your educational certificate, and two references.

Richard: At present, I am studying for my master’s degree. I have all the documents ready. Should I drop them at your office?

George: Well, you can come to our office tomorrow morning with your documents for an interview.

Richard: What time will be convenient?

George: Say about 11 a.m.

Richard: May I know the exact location of your office?

George: It is situated at Street:  3529 Alexander Drive, Dallas. The building is adjacent to HSBC Bank.

Richard: How can I go there from South Lake?

George: You can catch the buses of Route No.5, which run from South Lake to Alexander Drive.

Richard: I see. I have seen the buses. Then we are meeting tomorrow at 11 a.m.

George: Yes, we’ll be waiting for you.

Richard: Thank you, sir.

George: You’re welcome.

Basic English Speaking-Doctor and Patient

Patient: Good morning, doctor!

Doctor: Good morning. Please come in, Mrs.Jeremy. Take a seat.

Patient: Thank you.

Doctor: I hope you are fine, but nobody comes to the doctor without a problem.

Patient: Yes, doctor. You are right.

Doctor: Now tell me about your problems.

Patient: Nothing serious. Only a little headache, shoulder pain, and restlessness.

Doctor: It’s good that you have decided to consult a doctor. You know, you should not ignore these symptoms.

Patient: I also thought so.

Doctor: Let me measure your blood pressure and heartbeats. Oh, you have very high blood pressure.

Patient: Is it something serious, doctor?

Doctor: Yes, that’s certainly something to be worried about. You should handle your current condition seriously.

Patient: What should I do?

Doctor: You should not worry at all.

Patient: is it possible, doctor? You can not help worrying when there are so many problems.

Doctor: But you can certainly do something to remain carefree to a great extent.

Patient: What can I do doctor?  My husband’s financial condition is not so good. His business income is going down day by day; on the other hand, the family expenses are going up continuously.

There are some other family problems. Everything is in a dire situation.

Doctor: Whatever might be the situation, you’ll have to remain calm, especially, for the sake of your children.

You’ll have to look after them. If you break down, then they will have a bleak future. You have three children, don’t you?

Patient: Yes, doctor. The eldest one is 14, the second one is 11 and the last one is just 7 years old.

Doctor: You see, your children are still so young! So, you’ll have to save your health for the sake of their well-being.

Patient: You’re right, doctor. But sometimes things mess up and I fall into despair.

Doctor: Now I am prescribing two types of tablets.  Take this one before going to bed and this one in the morning after breakfast. Come and see me after seven days.

Patient: Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: You’re welcome.

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