English Practice Speaking Online Everyday

SSC English Email Writing
SSC English Email Writing
April 14, 2021
IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website
IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website
April 22, 2021

English Practice Speaking Online Everyday

English Practice Speaking Online

English Practice Speaking Online Everyday!!

Meeting Someone

Conversation A

David: Hello! how are you?

John: Pretty well, thanks. And you?

David: I’m fine, thanks.

John: It’s good to see you again.

Conversation B

David: Where have you been lately?

John: I’ve been busy with extra work.

David: I’ve had a lot of work to do too.

John: Yes. I haven’t seen you for quite a while either.

Conversation C

David: Hello. How’s everything?

John: Fine, thanks.  How about you?

David: Just fine. What’s new?

John: Nothing much.

Conversation D

David: I’m pleased to meet you.

John: The pleasure is mine.

David: I’ve heard Brittney speaks about you often.

John: Only good thing, I hope.

Conversation E

David: Look who’s here!

John: Are you surprised to see me?

David: Sure. I thought you were in Europe.

John: I was, but I got back yesterday.

English Practice Speaking Online-Parting or Leave -Taking

Conversation A

David: Well, I have an appointment now.

John: I’ve got to be going now too.

David: In that case, I’ll be seeing you.

John: So long, see you later.

Conversation B

David: It’s getting late and I have to go now.

John: We’re sorry you have to leave.

David: Please excuse me, won’t you?

John: Certainly. Come back soon

Conversation C

David: I’m glad to have met you.

John: Thank you. It was nice to have seen you.

David: I hope we can get together again.

John: Yes. I’ll be looking forward to it.

Conversation D

David: I’m glad to have met you.

John: Thank you. It was nice to have seen you.

David: I hope we can get together again.

John: Yes, I’ll be looking forward to it.

Conversation E

David: I think I have to leave now

John: Must you go so soon?

David: I’m afraid I really have to.

John: Well, it was fun to get together again.

Do You Speak English?

Conversation A

David: Do you speak English?

John: Only a little and not very well.

David: Do you know many words?

John: No, I don’t. Only the important words.

Conversation B

David: Does your brother speak English?

John: Well, he speaks English a little.

David: Do your sisters speak English?

John: Yes, they do. They speak it very well.

Conversation C

David: Can I  help you?

John: Yes. I speak only French.

David: I’m sorry but I don’t understand French.

John: Please find someone who speaks French.

Conversation D

David: What’s the matter?

John: I don’t speak English.

 David: Do you need some kind of help?

John: Yes, but I can’t explain it in English.

Conversation E

David: Do you think English is easy?

John: No, I don’t.

David: Why don’t you think so?

John: Because I don’t understand it.

English Practice Speaking Online-Daily Activities

Conversation A

David: What time do you get up?

John: I get up about seven-fifteen.

 David: What time is breakfast at your house?

John: Breakfast is always at a quarter to eight.

Conversation B

David: What do you usually do in the afternoon?

John: We usually study or read.

David: What do you generally do over the weekend?

John: We generally enjoy sports and visit friends.

Conversation C

David: Do you ever go to museums?

John:  I go every now and then.

David: What kinds of things do you like to see?

John: I enjoy seeing statues and old paintings.

Conversation D

David: Do you watch television very often?

John: Well. I sometimes watch it in the evening.

David: Did you watch television last night?

John: Yes, I did.  I saw several good programs.

Conversation E

David: Do you ever listen to the radio?

John: Certainly, in fact, I listen practically every night.

David: What’s your favorite program?

John: I like the Eleven O’clock Theater best of all.

English is Spoken-Asking about Activities

Conversation A

David: When did you eat lunch today?

John: I ate from twelve to one.

David: Where did you have your lunch?

John:  I had it at the pacific restaurant today.

Conversation B

David: Did you have a good time at the party?

John: We had a wonderful time.

David: It was really a lot of fun.

John: We ought to have another party like that soon.

Conversation C

David: Did you work at home last night?

John: Yes. I washed the dishes and cleaned the house.

David: Did you do anything else?

John: Yes. I listened to the radio for a while.

Conversation D

David: Did you have a good time last night?

John: Yes. I had a wonderful time.

David: You’ll probably have fun tomorrow too.

John: I’m sure I’ll have an excellent time.

Conversation E

David: Where did you go?

John: We went to a beautiful beach.

David: Did you swim in the ocean?

John: Yes, but we swam close to the shore!

Basic English Speaking- At a Railway Station

Passenger: Hello, good morning.

Station Master: Good morning. How can I help you?

Passenger: I want to go to Sylhet. When will the next train go to Sylhet?

Station Master: The next train is at 10 a.m. Now it is 9 a.m. So the next train is just one hour away.

Passenger: How much is the ticket for Sylhet?

Station Master: First class is $100, second class is $75 and third class is $ 50.

Passenger: Please give me a one-second class ticket.

Station Master: Here you are.

Passenger: Here is your $75. When will the train arrive?

Station Master: Train will arrive at quarter to ten.  It will stop on platform-2 and will leave at 10 a.m sharp.

Passenger: When will the train reach Sylhet?

Station Master: The train will reach Sylhet at 7 p.m.

Passenger: Will it stop at many stations?

Station Master: No. It is an express train and will catch only a few stations. Actually, it will stop only at four stations.

Passenger: Thank you very much for your information.

Station Master: Welcome…. Excuse me; there is bad news for you. We have just received news that an accident has taken place at Camilla.

A train has got derailed. It will take about two hours to clear the mess. So, no train will run for the next two hours. I am sorry. You have to wait.

Passenger:  Okay, I‘ll wait.

Station Master: Thank you very much for your patience.


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