IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website

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April 15, 2021
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April 27, 2021

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website

IELTS Cue Cards A Useful Website

Speaking about your Favourite Place

1. What place do you most like to visit?

I like to visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach very much. When I stand on the seashore I feel great joy in my heart.

 2. How often do you go to the place?

 I go there almost every year. I usually go there in winter.

 3.Why do you like it so much?

 I like the sea beach very much. To me, the best place for looking out at the sea and feel the greatness of the sea is Cox’s Bazar.

4. Is it popular with many other people?

 Yes, it is.  It is indeed a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. Many people regularly visit  Cox’s Bazar.

 5. Has it changed very much since you first went there?

In 1995 I visited Cox’s Bazar sea beach for the first time. Even then it was a very attractive place.

I was spellbound when I stood on the seashore and observed the greatness of the sea. Thenceforth I visited the place almost every year.

The government has taken many other development programs for creating tourist attractions.

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website


Describe A Useful Website you visited recently

  • You should say:
  • What was its address
  • What was the website about
  • how you found the address for the website, and
  • explain why it was useful to you

 I am going to talk about a useful website which I have visited recently.

A few days ago I visited a useful website named www In fact, I have known about the website for a long time, as I am a regular viewer of BBC News.

In spite of that, I have never felt much inclined to visit the website.  I thought I had everything I needed on TV. 

Suddenly a few days ago while I was surfing the internet, I felt like looking at the news of the day.

It was the first time I visited the website. I indeed liked the website. Here I found all the news I needed in lucid language. 

The arrangement of the items was also very good. I was completely satisfied with the website

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website-Follow-up Questions:

1.How the internet has changed the way people communicate with each other?

 The internet plays an important role in the modern communication system. It has made communication much easier and cheaper.

Now people can communicate with others via e-mail, voice over mail protocol(VOMP),  video conferencing, and chat at a very low cost.

It can be easily said that the internet has started a new epoch in the communication system of the world.

 2. Why you think the internet is being used more and more for communication?

 Internet is being used more and more for communication because it is quick, cheap, convenient, and risk-free.  There is also very little chance of information missing.

 3. How reliable do you think information from the internet is? Why? What about the news on the internet?

All the information from the internet is not reliable. It depends on the source of information you are getting.

If the website is an authentic website of a good reputation such as the websites of CNN, BBC, or other official websites of governmental agencies, then one can trust them.

However, sometimes hackers may change the correct information and cause much harm.

For reliable news on the internet, we should count only the official and reputed websites.

 4.Why do you think some people use the internet for shopping? Why does not everyone use it in this way?

 Some people use the internet for shopping. In most cases, they are busy people who do not have time to go to the market.

Moreover for some special and rare items internet is the most convenient medium for connecting prospective buyers with the sellers. Customers can find the sellers of those items by clicking.

5.What kinds of things are easy to buy and sell online? Can you give me some examples?

Things of specific description and things for which customers do not have many choices are easy to buy and sell online. Such things may include medicine, machinery items, land, computers, etc.

6. Do you think shopping on the internet will be more popular in the future? Why?

I think shopping on the internet will be more popular in the future. This may be because the number of internet users is increasing day by day.

People are getting accustomed to buying and selling on the internet. As a result, the internet will be more popular in the future.

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