English Course Online Free Speaking

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website
IELTS Speaking Cue Cards-A Useful Website
April 22, 2021
English Practice Speaking-Airport information
English Practice Speaking-Airport Information
May 13, 2021

English Course Online Free Speaking

English Course Online Free Speaking

Let’s learn English Course Online Free Speaking

What did you do?

Conversation A

David: Where did you go after lunch?

John: I went to the public library.

David: Which one did you go to?

John: I went to the one at 42nd street.

Conversation B

David: What did you do last night?

John:  I watched television.

David: Where did you watch it?

John:  I watched it here in the recreation room.

Conversation C

David: Was the television program interesting?

John:  I thought it was very boring.

David: What did your friends think of it?

John: They were bored too.

Conversation D

David: I went to a lecture last night.

John: What was it about?

David: Society and Modern Art.

John: I wish I’d gone with you.

Conversation E

David: We went to the movies the night before last.

John: What did you see?

David: We saw a film about cowboys and Indians.

John:  Don’t you ever get tired of those westerns?

English Practice Speaking-Evening Activities

Conversation A

David:  Let’s go to the movies tonight.

John: Fine. I don’t have anything else to do.

David: What would you like to see?

John: Why don’t we look in the movie section of the newspaper?

Conversation B

David: Where are you going tonight?

John: I’m going to the political rally for a senator.

David: Sounds interesting. Can we go with you?

John: Certainly. Meet me here at eight-fifteen.

Conversation C

David: Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight?

John: Yes. Thank you very much.

David: Would you like to go at about eight o’clock?

John: That would be fine.

Conversation D

David: What are you going to do tonight?

John: I haven’t decided yet.

David: Would you like to go to the movies?

John: Can I  call you and tell you later?

Conversation E

David: Would you like to go to the movies tonight?

John: I’d rather stay home and watch television.

David: Are there going to be any good programs tonight?

John: Yes. There’s going to be a good play on channel 4.

English Course Online Speaking-Meeting at the Train Station

Conversation A

David: I’ve got to go to the train station.

John: What do you have to go for?

David: To meet my cousin from Washington.

John: Let me take you in my car.

Conversation B

David: Did you get to the station in time?

John: We did, but we were almost late.

David: How close was it?

John: We got on the train just as it was starting.

Conversation C

David: Did your cousin arrive in time?

John: No. He was an hour late.

David: Did you meet him at the station?

John:  I was right there on the platform when the train came.

Conversation D

David: Where’s my bag?

John: Here it is.

David: Where is my briefcase?

John: There it is over there.

Conversation E

David: Do you have your suitcases?

John: I’ve got one of them with me.

David: Where are the rest of them?

John: I checked my two other ones in the baggage room.

English Course Online Speaking-Asking Questions at the Train Station

Conversation A

David: How do you get home every day?

John: I take the commuter train.

David: Isn’t it rather expensive going by train

John: No. I buy a twenty-trip commuter ticket each month.

Conversation B

David: Can you give me some information?

John: You’re at the right place.

David: I want to go to Boston.

John: The next train leaves at four-thirty.

Conversation C

David: How soon does the train leave?

John: It leaves in ten minutes.

David: Do I have time to check my bags?

John: I don’t think you do.

Conversation D

David: At what time does the next train leave for the city?

John: There’s one at four and another at four forty-five.

David: What’s the fare?

John: It’s three fifty including tax.

Conversation E

David: How much is the fare to Dallas?

John: Eighty fifty dollars a round trip.

David: What time does the next train leave

John: The next one leaves at six-thirty.

English is Spoken-Meeting at the Airport

Conversation A

David: Where will you meet your friends?

John: I’ll meet them at the airport.

David: When will they get there?

John: I don’t know yet.

Conversation B

David: When are you meeting your friends?

John: I’m meeting them at eight o’clock tomorrow night.

David: How are they getting there?

John: They’re coming by air.

Conversation C

David: Is this Singapore Airlines?

John: Yes. May I help you?

David: Can you tell me when flight 439 will arrive?

John: One moment, please I’ll check.

Conversation D

David: All the incoming flights are listed on that board.

John: I see they expect bill’s flight to be twenty minutes late.

David: Do they have an arrival gate listed?

John: No. They’ll probably list it about ten minutes before arrival.

Conversation E

David: Well, how was your trip?

John: It was very smooth and fast

David: Could you see the mountains from the plane?

John: Yes. The visibility was excellent all the way.


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