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Everyday Spoken English for Kids
Everyday Spoken English for Kids(2024)
June 10, 2021
IELTS Cue Card-A museum You Visited
IELTS Cue Card-A museum You Visited
June 18, 2021

English Courses Online Speaking-Family

English Courses Online Speaking-Family

Let’s learn English Courses Online Speaking-Family!

English Courses Online Speaking-Family

Dolly: This food smells very nice. Mom, what is this?

Jolly: I’ve made a special cake

Dolly: It seems that it’ll taste very nice. May I try this?

Jolly: Yes, have a little bit and tell me how you like it

Dolly: Oh, great! I like it. It’s really very tasty. Thank you, mom, for making a delicious cake.

Jolly: I’m happy that you like it

Dolly: I think it’s your special cake for my birthday

Jolly: You’re right.

Dolly: I’m sure everybody will like it.

Jolly: I also hope so.

Dolly: I think you have used a lot of cashews, almonds, and peanuts in the cake.

Jolly: You have guessed correctly. With the nuts and raisins, I have also used many fruits.

Dolly: What are they, mom?

Jolly: The fruits include papaya, pineapple, strawberry, pomegranate, and coconut.

Dolly: Where did you get the recipe? I think we haven’t had this cake before.

Jolly: That’s right. I haven’t prepared this cake before.  I have learned the recipe very recently from your Molly untie.

Dolly: The thank goes to Molly untie, as well. When did you learn it?

Jolly: A few days ago I went to meet her at her residence. At that time she served me this cake.

I liked it very much and she promised me to practically show how to make that.

At last, today she came and taught me how to make the cake. The credit actually goes to her.

Dolly: It is a great cake and it’ll make my birthday happier!

Jolly: You’re right.

English Conversation on Changing Money

Executive: Good morning, sir.

Customer: Good morning.

Executive: What can I do for you, sir?

Customer: I want to change some money into Bangladesh currency, please.

Executive: Have you brought cash?

Customer: No, I have traveler’s checks. Here they are.

Executive: May I see your passport, please?

Customer: Of course, here you are.

Executive: That adds up to 1200 US dollars.

Customer: What is the exchange rate between the US dollar and Bangladesh currency?

Executive: Today 1 US dollar is sold for 85.50 takas.

Customer: I also have 500 Canadian dollars in cash.

Executive: You’ll get 60.20 takas for every Canadian dollar.

Customer: So, how much Bangladeshi currency will I get in total?

Executive: You’ll get 100,500.00 takas for the 1200 US dollars and 30,100 takas for the 500.00 Canadian dollars. Hence, you are to get 1, 30,600 taka in total.

Customer: All right.

Executive: Here’s your money.

Customer: Thank you very much.

Executive: You’re welcome. Call again, sir.

English Courses Online Speaking-Examination

Dolly: Hi, Jolly, how are you?

Jolly: Fine. Thank you

Dolly: How was the exam today?

Jolly: My examination was well today though the question paper seemed very hard to me.

Dolly: Did you answer all the questions?

Jolly: Yes, I did.

Dolly: Prepare sincerely for the next exam. Work hard.

Jolly: I hope to do very well on the next test.

Dolly: What was the subject of examination today?

Jolly: Social Science.

Dolly: How many students attended the examination?

Jolly: About fifty students attended the examination.

Dolly: How long did the examination continue?

Jolly: The examination continued for three hours.

Dolly: When will your next examination take place?

Jolly: It will take place the day after tomorrow.

Dolly: How is your preparation?

Jolly: My preparation is not good. I could not study for the last few days.

Dolly: Did you answer all the questions in the last exam?

Jolly: I answered all the questions properly.

Dolly: How many marks do you hope to get?

Jolly: I hope to get 60 marks on this paper.

Dolly: How many examinations do you have this month?

Jolly: I have five exams this month.

Dolly: Do you study regularly?

Jolly: Yes, I do.

Dolly: How long do you study everyday?

Jolly: I study for four hours every day.

Dolly: What position do you expect in this examination?

Jolly: I will stand first in this examination. I am very confident about my good result.

Dolly: How will you spend the vacation after your examination?

Jolly: I would like to do many things. I will go to my grandma’s. I will also visit some tourist spots.

Then I will take some computer training and attend a spoken English course.

Dolly: Thank you very much.

Jolly: You are most welcome.

Basic English Speaking-Knowing about Direction

Brittney: Excuse me!

Jennifer: Yes. Please. How can I help you?

Brittney: I have lost my way.  Is it possible for you to help?

Jennifer: Sure. Where do you want to go?

Brittney: I am looking for David Mansion.

Jennifer: Go straight. At the end of the road turn right. That’s Johnson road.

Go along that road and take the first turning on the left. That’s Fooler Road.

Go straight for about 100 meters and you will find a convention center.

That will be on your right. David Mansion will be next to the convention center.

Brittney: That’s right.

Jennifer: Thank you very much.

Brittney: You’re most welcome.

English Courses Online Speaking-Knowing Time

Jolly: What time is it?

Molly: It is about 5 p.m. Six past five exactly.

Jolly: When did you come here?

Molly: Only a few minutes ago. It was 10 to 5 p.m. by my watch.

Jolly:  Did you go to David’s shop?

Molly: Yes, I did.

Jolly: What was the time exactly?

Molly: It was quarter past four.

Jolly: Did you talk to him?

Molly: No, I didn’t.  He wasn’t at his shop.

Jolly: Did you call Brittney?

Molly: No, I didn’t.

Jolly: When will you call her?

Molly: I will call her at 5.30 sharp.

Jolly: Then when will you inform me of the result?

Molly: At a quarter to six. Is that all right?

Jolly: Yes, that is right. Don’t forget to phone Ben. He will be available after half past six. He waiting very eagerly for the news

Molly: I know. I won’t forget that.

Jolly: Thanks a lot.

Molly: You are most welcome.


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