Spoken English-Daily Conversations

US Tourist Visa Interview
US Tourist Visa Interview
February 18, 2021
Spoken English-Daily Conversation
Spoken English-Daily Conversation
February 19, 2021

Spoken English-Daily Conversations

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Hotel Receptionist and Guest

Receptionist: Good evening, Sir.  Can I help you?

Stranger: I want accommodation for a few days.

Receptionist: Welcome, sir. Your good name, please?

Stranger: David 

Receptionist: From where?

Stranger: From California.

Receptionist: What’s your occupation, sir?

Stranger: I am an executive in a multinational company.

Receptionist: What kind of accommodation do you need?

Stranger: A bedroom and a drawing-room.

Receptionist: On the ground floor or an upper floor?

Stranger: It doesn’t matter. What do you charge?

Receptionist: Ninety dollars for boarding and lodging. 

Stranger: That’s too much.

Receptionist: No, Sir. Considering the facilities it’s not much.

Stranger: May I see the room?

Receptionist: Yes Sir. We have efficient and prompt service. When do you like to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Stranger: Breakfast at 8.00 am lunch at 12 noon and dinner at 10 pm.

Receptionist: Anything special, Sir?

Stranger: No, thanks.

Receptionist: In the evening, our patrons are treated to magic shows. That should be interesting to you.

Stranger: Oh! Thanks. When does it start?

Receptionist: At 7.30 in the evening. 

Stranger: Thank you for telling me. I’ll try to come in time.

Receptionist: We hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.

English Conversation at a Restaurant

Waiter: Good evening, sir.

Customer: Good evening.

Waiter: What can I do for you, sir?

Customer: We will be having dinner. We are twelve in number. Do you have any table with twelve seats?

Waiter: Yes, sure. Over there, in the corner. That table has twelve seats.

Customer: Thank you.

Waiter: What would you like, sir?

Customer: Could you give us a menu?

Waiter: Yes, of course. Here you are.

Customer: We would like fried rice and fried chicken.

Waiter: Any, soup, sir?

Customer: Thai soup.

Waiter: Would you like any tea, coffee or soft drink after dinner?

Customer: We’d rather have ice cream. 

Waiter: By all means, sir.

Customer: Be a little prompt, will you?

Waiter: I’ll be right back, sir.

Conversation  between Salesman and Customer

Salesman: Good morning, sir

Customer: Good morning.

Salesman: How can I help you, sir?

Customer: Actually I would like to buy a cell phone for providing a gift.

Salesman: What’s the range of the price?

Customer: My price range is 12000-15000.

Salesman: Please look at this showcase where you will find the cell phones within your price range.

Customer: It is alright. Could you please show me the red one?

Salesman: Why not? Please take this

Customer: It is very splendid. What’s the price?

Salesman: It is 14000.

Customer: It is a little bit costly. Could you please reduce the price?

Salesman: sorry, I am unable to decrease the price. It is directly imported from the USA.

Customer: It is okay. No problem. I like to buy it. Pack this one.

Salesman: Sure. Here is your cell phone.

Customer: Thanks a lot.

Salesman: You are most welcome. Please visit us again.

Spoken English-Daily Conversations

1. What is your name?

My name is Ben Foster.

2. What do you like about living in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is my native country. So, this country, its people, and its language are the most familiar things to me.

I feel happy and satisfied living in this country. I like the country, its people and its language very much.

3. Do you have vacations very often?

Not really. I have vacations twice or thrice every year.

4. Can you tell me about your last vacation?

Last time I went to Cox’s Bazar on vacation. My wife was with me. We passed three days in Cox’s Bazar.

We stayed in a good hotel. We had a lot of fun. Every morning and afternoon we went to the beach and spent some time there.

5. Who do you like traveling with?

I like traveling with my wife because we have a good understanding and enjoy each other’s company.

6. What would be your dream destination in the future?

In the future, I would like to visit Tajmahal. There is no doubt that it is a wonder of the world.

Some of my friends have already visited the place and told me that it was really beautiful.

I have also seen the place on TV and in books and have found it interesting.

7. What type of music do you like?

 I like any music if it is melodious. In spite of that, I would like to mention gazals especially.

I like gazals by Pankaj Udas and Mehedi Hasan very much.

8. Is music important to you?

Yes, it is. I like music very much and it occupies an important place in my daily life.

Music is one of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time. I also take resort to music when I am exhausted, lonely, or in a downcast mood.

9. What type of music do your parents like?

My father likes Rabindra  Sangeet but my mother likes the folk songs.

Spoken English-Daily Conversations

Dolly: What do you think about his performance?

Jolly: I think his performance was not good.

Dolly: What is your opinion of the color of this room?

Jolly: In my opinion, the color of this room is very attractive.

Dolly: What are your views on the formation of a new executive committee?

Jolly: In my opinion, it will be an appropriate decision.

Dolly: What, in your opinion will be the best solution to our unemployment problem?

Jolly: In my opinion, we should establish more industries.

Dolly: What should we do to remove illiteracy from Bangladesh?

Jolly: We should set up more primary schools.

Dolly: How can we arrange capital for our new factory?

Jolly: In my opinion, we should borrow money from the bank.

Dolly: How should we utilize our vacation?

Jolly: We should arrange a study tour.

Dolly: Why in your opinion does lucky behave this way?

Jolly: In my opinion lucky is suffering from frustration and so he behaves this way.

Dolly: What do you think about the quality of these goods?

Jolly: I think the quality of these goods should be improved.

Dolly: What do you think about this cultural program?

Jolly: I didn’t like it because the performers were not good.

Dolly: How do you like this piece of jewelry?

Jolly: I think this is exquisite.

Dolly: How do you feel about his plan?

Jolly: Yes, I am.

Dolly: How do you evaluate his contribution?

Jolly: In my opinion, he did a great job for us.

Dolly: How can we solve this problem?

Jolly: In my opinion, we should try sincerely.

Dolly: How do you like this shirt I have just bought?

Jolly: I think this is very beautiful.

Dolly: What is your opinion will he do now?

Jolly: In my opinion, he will leave this company.


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