IELTS Cue Card-A museum You Visited

English Courses Online Speaking-Family
English Courses Online Speaking-Family
June 15, 2021
Basic English Speaking-Daily Activity
Basic English Speaking-Daily Activity
June 22, 2021

IELTS Cue Card-A museum You Visited

IELTS Cue Card-A museum You Visited

IELTS Cue Card-A Museum You Visited

1.  What is your name?

My name is George Michael.

2.  What city do you come from?

I come from Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh.

3.  Can you describe your family home?

My family lives in a splendid two-story building erected on four decimals of land.  

The house has five bedrooms, one drawing room, one dining room, one kitchen, one guestroom, and one servants’ room.

The bedrooms have attached baths. The bedrooms are on the first floor and the other rooms are on the ground floor. There are gardens on the roof and in front of the house.

4.  What does your family usually do at the weekends?

At weekends my family usually goes to visit friends and relatives.

Sometimes we go to picnics and to different fairs and exhibitions.

However, there are some weekends when we do not go anywhere and spend our day at home watching TV and gossiping.

5.  Do you enjoy passing time or going out with your family?

The relationship among the members of my family is very intimate and nice. We love one another very much. That is why I enjoy spending time or going out with my family very much.

6.  Where would you like to take a holiday and why?

I would like to take a holiday in Bandarban. The area is very serene and beautiful. I find the peace of mind I want while I am there. That is why I would like to take a holiday there.

7.  Who would you most like to go on a holiday with?

I would like to go on a holiday with the members of my family.

8.  What was the best holiday you have ever had?

In 2005, I went on a holiday with my wife. We went to Bandarban. There we enjoyed ourselves in the afternoons by the riverside restaurant named Ri Song Pong.

We spent a lot of time walking and sightseeing. The hotel we stayed in was also at the bottom of a big hill.

We liked the scenic beauty of the area. To me, that is the best holiday I have ever had.

IELTS Cue Card Topics 2021-A Museum You Visited


I am going to talk about a museum. A few months ago I visited a museum named Chittagong archeological museum.

Many of my friends told me about the museum and I felt interested in visiting it.

It is situated at Agrabad, Chittagong. Here one can learn about the different tribal people of Bangladesh.

We can learn about their way of life and craftsmanship. Different household goods made by them such as cloth, wicker baskets, shawls, pots, and furniture made from cane and bamboo have been kept on display for the spectators.

There are also many paintings, statues, and murals in the museum. I found the items in the museum quite interesting.

IELTS Cue Card-A Museum You Visited


I had the opportunity to visit the British Museum in London about three years ago during my university study-abroad program. The British Museum is world-renowned for its extensive collection, which showcases over two million years of history and culture.

The architecture of the museum is a sight to behold, with the Great Court, Europe’s largest covered square, at its heart. My journey began from there, with extensive collections from Asia entering various categories such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Rome.

The Rosetta Stone and Elgin Marbles were particularly interesting. The museum’s layout and informative displays make it an educational and fascinating experience. I felt awe and deep respect for the vast tapestry of human history and achievement.


IELTS Cue Card-Follow Up Questions

1. In your opinion what is the need for museums in our society?

Ans: Museums are very important for our society. Very often they maintain a strong link with our past. We can learn history by visiting museums.

2. What things may be done to make museums more interesting?

 Ans: I think museums can be a good medium of education.  So it is necessary to make them interesting. Certain steps can be undertaken in this regard:

Museums should be housed in attractive buildings having enough space and modern architectural designs and situated at places having good communication facilities.

Museums may use modern technology for attractive display of items and dissemination of information.

Every museum should have a gift shop where replicas of attractive items and other gift items will be available.

3. What do you think are the roles of public artworks such as statues and buildings?

Ans: I think the roles of public artworks such as statues and buildings are important.

They are symbols of status and beauty. Public artworks make a city beautiful. They can be things of prestige for a city.

4. What is important art or popular art?

Ans: In my opinion museum art is more important than popular art because museum art has a deep and long-lasting effect on the development of art, culture, literature, and education of a nation. Museum art is a matter of pride and prestige for a nation.

5. Do you like graffiti? Can you consider it an object of art?

Ans: Yes, I do. I consider it an important form of modern art.


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