Basic English Speaking-Daily Activity

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IELTS Cue Card-A museum You Visited
June 18, 2021
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IELTS Cue Card -Favourite Music
June 25, 2021

Basic English Speaking-Daily Activity

Basic English Speaking-Daily Activity

Basic English Speaking-Daily Activity!!

Julia: When will you go to school tomorrow?

Nova: I will go to school at 10 am tomorrow.

Julia: When will you start your journey?

Nova: We will start our journey tomorrow afternoon.

Julia: When will you go to bed tonight?

Nova: At about 11 pm.

Julia: When will you get up tomorrow morning?

Nova: At about 7 am.

Julia: When will you come here?

Nova: The day after tomorrow.

Julia: When will you make breakfast?

Nova: After about an hour.

Julia: Where will you go?

Nova: To my work.

Julia: Where will you meet him?

Nova: At his office.

Julia: Where will you stay?

Nova: At my sister’s.

Julia: Where will you have lunch?

Nova: In a restaurant.

Julia: Why will you go there?

Nova: I need to meet him.

Julia: Why will you punish him?

Nova: He has caused me much trouble.

Julia: Why will you meet him?

Nova: I need to talk to him

Julia: How will you go there?

Nova: By bus.

Julia: How will you meet him?

Nova: I will go to his office.

Julia: How will you do this?

Nova: Lucky will help me.

Julia: Whom will you meet?

Nova: I will meet Lily.

Julia: Which will you choose?

Nova: The blue one.

Julia: What will you want to know?

Nova:  I will want to know about David.

Julia: What will you seek?

Nova: I will seek his help.

Julia: Who will help you?

Nova: My friends will help me.

Julia: Who will go with you?

Nova: Jeremy will go with me.

Julia: Who will go there?

Nova: I will go there.

Julia: How much money will you get?

Nova: I will get about $6000.

Julia: How many books will you buy?

Nova: I will buy ten books.

Julia: How far will you go?

 Nova: We will go to Dublin.

Julia: How long will you work?

 Nova: About eight hours.

Julia: How many prizes will you distribute?

 Nova: About twenty prizes.

Julia: Whom will you help?

Nova: I will help my sister.

Julia: Whom will you appoint?

Nova: The one with a master’s degree.

Julia: When will you ask him?

Nova: I will ask him tomorrow

Julia: How will you solve the problem?

Nova: I will my try best.

Julia: What will do for him?

Nova: I will provide him a loan?

Julia: Where will you try to go?

Nova: I will you try to go Denmark.

Julia: Where will you have your supper?

Nova: I will have my supper at a restaurant.

Julia: When will you invite Suha?

Nova: I will invite Suha the day after tomorrow.

Julia: How long will you think about this little problem?

Nova: I will make a decision soon.

Julia: How much salt will you need?

Nova: I will need two-pound salt.

Julia: What will you buy in New York?

Nova: I will buy some gifts for my friends.

Julia: Where will you go to arrest him? 

Nova: I will go to Dublin to arrest him.

Julia: How long will you annoy me?

 Nova: As long as you don’t give me the book.

Julia: Which train will you take?

Nova: I will take the 12-noon train.

Julia: Whose interview will you try to take?

Nova: I will try to take robin’s interview.

Basic English Speaking-Two Friends

George Michael: Hello, Richard how are you?

Richard Marx: I am fine. Thank you. It was 2 years since I had seen you last. When did you return?

George Michael: I returned home one week ago. Our college had been closed for summer vacation.

I tried to come a few days earlier but I could not manage time. Do you have any information about John?

Richard Marx: He is very busy with the premier league football tournament.

I think that he will get a chance on the national team soon.

George Michael: That sounds great. Don’t you play football nowadays?

Richard Marx: Actually I try my level best but I am a science student for which it is very difficult for me to manage time.

George Michael:  Exactly, we are now in HSC  2nd year. After few months we have to sit for the HSC exam.

When was the annual sports program held in your college?

Richard Marx: Our college authority had arranged it the last February. There were many great events where you could also join us.

George Michael: Did you get any prize this time?

Richard Marx: Sorry, I did not get any as I was in injury at that time.

George Michael: Are you fit right now?

Richard Marx: Yes, I am.

George Michael: Thank you very much for your valuable time.

Richard Marx: Please don’t mention it.

Basic English Speaking-Book Fair

Kareena Kapoor: How are you, Katrina?

Katrina Kaif: I am fine. Thank you. Did you go to the book fair yesterday?

Kareena Kapoor: Yes, I went. I look forward to this fair all year round.

Katrina Kaif: I told you not to go to the fair without me. Now I have to go to the book fair alone.

Kareena Kapoor: You know, I’ve been crazy about books since I was a child, I can dive into books for hours on end.

 Katrina Kaif: What is the rationale for organizing a book fair in such an intolerant and unstable situation of the country at present?

Kareena Kapoor: In fact, books can be the only help in overcoming such a situation. Because books guide people, spread people’s thoughts.

Katrina Kaif: Is there any other event organized in the book fair besides selling books?

Kareena Kapoor: Apart from selling books, various events are organized at the fair. Such as music shows, recitation of poems, reading of essays, quizzes, lectures, publication of new books, etc.

Katrina Kaif: What books did you buy from the fair?

Kareena Kapoor: I have bought several books by Joy Goswami, Samaresh Majumder, Sanjeev Chattopadhyay, Rabindranath Tagore, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, and others.

Katrina Kaif: Then take me with you if you go again.

Kareena Kapoor: I will definitely go. It will be a lot of fun if we two friends go to the book fair together.

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