Right Form of Verbs for SSC

The Grand Canyon- Mountain Lying Down
The Grand Canyon- Mountain Lying Down
October 21, 2021
Completing Sentence Exercise with Answer for SSC
Completing Sentence Exercise for SSC
October 22, 2021

Right Form of Verbs for SSC

right form of verbs exercise for ssc with answer

Dear Students, let’s learn Right Form of Verbs Exercise for SSC with Answer


Manage Invent Rescue Give Run
Acquire Teach Work print Go

Edison never (a)….to school.  All education that he ever got (b)….to him by his mother. At the age of twelve, he was put to(c)…on a railway. Having a great deal to do with newspapers, he (d)….to pick up the art of(e)…..and he printed a newspaper of his own name “The Weekly Herald. One day he (f)….a station master’s child which was nearly (g)…over by a train. The station master out of the gratitude, (h)…him how to use the telegraph. Young Edison soon (i)…great skill at the telegraph. When only twenty, Edison (j)…. a new telegraph which was extremely useful.

Answer: (a)went  (b)was given  (c) work   (d)managed   (e)printing   (f)rescued  (g)run  (h)taught  (i)acquired  (j)invented

SSC English Suggestion  All Board (2024)


Speak enable Live see Be
choose Give fail Suffer take

There are several reasons why friendship (a)…. so necessary in human life. a man without a friend is like a man(b) …. in the wilderness. Moreover, it    (c)….. him to understand his surrounding in a better way. By (d)…   to a friend, a man gets relief. The advice (e)…..  by a friend is sometimes more reliable than his own judgment. Thus, it is (f)…. that friendship is really important. But a man must (g)….. time while (h) a friend. If he (i)…. to select the right person as a friend, he (j)…..in the long run.

Answer: (a) is (b)living  (c)enables   (d)speaking   (e)given   (f)seen  (g)take  (h)choosing  (i)fails  (j) will suffer


Tremble say Ask Have Come
cross Drown begin Know be

One day a scholar (a)…..a river with a boat. Suddenly a ghastly wind(b)   ….to blow. The scholar(c)…..with fear. The boatman (d)…..him if he (e)   ……how to swim. The answer from the scholar (f)….negative. Then the boatman(g)…..very soon you are going to(h)…..You(i)….a a lot of knowledge but it (j)….to use at this moment.

Answer: (a) was crossing (b)began  (c)was trembling   (d)asked   (e)knew   (f)was  (g)said  (h)be drowned  (i)may have  (j)won’t come


Prepare maintain Form Succeed get
influence Should use be Call

Student life (a)…..a golden season of life. This (b)….the time when we should (c)….ourselves for future. The very habits (d)…..in the student life(e)…..the later phase of life. Right from the student life, they(f)…. be careful in(g)…..discipline. They should (h)…… their time properly. If they do not use their time, they will not (i)…..in life. They should (j)           …..punctual from the very beginning of their student life. 

Answer:  (a)  is called(b)is  (c)prepare   (d)formed   (e)influence   (f)should  (g)maintaining  (h)use  (i)succeed  (j) get    


Have Think try Be  
buy require Face cheat  

 Price hikes of household products (a)…..now a problem for us. every day we(b)    it. Most of our people(c)…..low income is in danger. they (d)…..of purchasing meat and fish as they(e)…….The price of vegetables is also high. We are to bargain (f)…..simple product. Many times the buyers (g)…..There (h)…..a fixed price for every time. Then it     (i)…..possible to make the buyers free from harassment. Government (j)…… to fulfill our expectations.

Answer: (a)is  (b)face  (c)having   (d)don’t think   (e)require   (f) to buy  (g)are cheated  (h)should be  (i)will be   (j) should try

Right Form of Verbs Exercise for SSC


Get be Refresh Enjoy Take
reap Walk avail keep do

A walk by the riverside in the evening (a)…..very useful and pleasant. One (b) not only a beautiful sight but also(c)……fresh air. It (d)…. the mind when one (e)…..a walk by the river. Bangladesh is a riverine country and you can (f)…..yourself of this opportunity of (g)…..by the riverside. In the cities, there are parks, where you can go for a walk. This will help you(h)…..fit. But if you (i)…..it regularly, you will not be able to(j)…..the benefit. 

Answer: (a) is (b)can enjoy  (c)get   (d)refreshes   (e)takes   (f)avail  (g)walking  (h)keep  (i)do not do  (j)reap 


Kill have Fly Get Carry
put Lay bite be Would be

Malaria (a)…..by a kind of mosquito. If a mosquito (b)….a man who       (c)…..malaria, it will carry away some of the germs of the disease . If this mosquito then bites a healthy man, the germs may (d)….. into his blood and he gets malaria. Mosquitoes (e)….their eggs in the standing water. If there was no standing water, there would be no mosquitoes and so there (f)…..no malaria. Sometimes people (g)….kerosene oil on standing water and this (h)…..the mosquitoes before they (i)…..big enough to (j)….. away.

Answer: (a) is carried (b)bites  (c)has   (d)get   (e)lay   (f)would be  (g)  put(h)kills  (i)are  (j)fly


Dissuade Carry go Employ work
address forbid Do be  

Child labor has (a)……internationally by the UN. To make a child(b)…..         the work that is suitable for a man is punishable. Yet in the third world countries, the number of child labor (c)……. up day by day. Bangladesh(                            d)….one of these countries .though the government is committed to(e)…  rich people to engage children in laborious work, things are not easy. Poverty (f)……the first impediment in this field. The poor countries want to get additional earning by (g)…..their children in work. Many children at(h)……different sectors now. But this should not be (i)…..on. We should immediately (j)…..this problem.

Answer: (a) been forbidden (b)do  (c)is going   (d)is   (e)dissuadsing   (f)is  (g)employing  (h)are working  (i) carried  (j) address


Build Idle remember Be Work
lag reach Depend lead Follow

Bangladesh is full of natural resources. The prosperity of the country (a)…on the proper utilization of the resources. We should not(b)…..a lazy life. We should all (c)…up our country. For this reason, we have to (d)…..hard. No nation can prosper without industry. it should be(e)….that industry is key to success. If we (f)….the days away, we (g)….behind. The nations that (h)…..industrious (i)…the pinnacle of development. So we (j)….them.

Answer: (a) depends (b)lead  (c)build   (d)work   (e)remembered   (f)idle  (g)will lag  (h)are  (i)have reached  (j)should follow


Live Vary can Have want
Live may Spend get Is

Happiness (a)…..a relative term. a person with a crown(b)……in a palace may not be happy whereas a day laborer may (c)…happiness(d)….in a shabby hut.  Again happiness (e)…..from person to person. a beggar(f)…..be happy if he (g)….a coin but a businessman who can (h)…….a huge sum of money a day(i)…..not be happy. everyone(j)….to be happy.

Answer: (a)is  (b)living  (c)have   (d)living   (e)varies   (f)can   (g)gets  (h)spend  (i)may  (j)wants


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