Gap filling activities without Clues for SSC

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November 9, 2021
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November 13, 2021

Gap filling activities without Clues for SSC

Gap filling activities without Clues for SSC

Let’s learn Gap filling activities without Clues for SSC

1. Every student wants to do well(a)…the examination. But it is not(b)…easy task. a student has to work(c)…for this. From the very(d)….of the year, he must be serious. He should read the(e)….books again and again. He must not memorize answers(f)…understanding. He must not make note (g)….a common source. He should have a good command (h)….English. By doing all (i)….things, a student can hope to make (j)….excellent result.

SSC English Suggestion  All Board (2024)

Answer: (a) in (b)an (c) hard (d) beginning(e)text (f)without (g)from (h)over (i)the (j) an

2. The Eiffel tower was named(a)…Gustave Eiffel, a Frenchman who built (b)….Tower. He graduated from the central school of engineering  in Paris and went to work for railway(c)….company. For years gustave made plan (d)….of dams, factories, stations and structures of great size. All (e)…Europe engineers copied them. in the middle of 1880’s , a group of French industrialists persuaded the government to organize (f)….world’s fair(g)…Paris. Gustave Eiffel proposed  a 989-foot tower of iron as symbol of the (h)….Forty engineers and designers under Eiffel’s (i)….worked for two years. it was (j)…highest structures yet made by man.

Answer: (a)after  (b)the (c)construction (d)after (e)over (f)a (g)in (h)exhibition (i)direction (j)the

3. Man is the (a)…of his own fate. If he makes a proper (b)…of time and does his duties(c)…., he is sure to improve and (d)…in life. but if he does not(e)…it, he is sure to(f)…..then he will be(g)… to drag a miserable (h)…To spoil time is (i)…for a person. For our life is nothing (j)…the sum total of hours, days and years.

Answer: (a) maker (b)use (c)properly (d)succeed  (e)utilize (f)fail (g)bound (h)life (i)harmful (j)but

4. Trees are(a)…to man in many ways. They provide us(b)…Oxygen without which we can not live more than a few minutes. They supply(c)…with vitamins and food. Unfortunately, we can not realize(e)..importance of trees . We cut them(f)…in large numbers(g)…it is a suicidal attempt. (h)….we do not stop(i)….acts, soon our country will, no doubt, turn (j)…. a desert.

Answer: (a)useful (b)with (c)use (d)prevent (e)the (f)randomly (g)though (h)if (i)such (j)into

5. A great(a)…of people speak English all over (b)… world. Some people use(c)….as a first language and some people take it as(d)…second language. Many international organizations now(e)…on English to communicate with offices in different (f)….their advertisements published(g)…different newspapers are in English. They also want people who possess a good (h)….over English. People seeking(i)….can’t expect a good one(j)…knowing English.

Answer: (a) number (b)the (c)it (d)a (e)depend (f) countries(g)in (h)command (i)job (j)without

6. A man of (a)…is respected always(b)…after his death for his(c)…he is an (d)….education in the society. He always (f)….people how to(g)….between right and wrong.(h)…fact, he is the authentic person(i)…the world should (j)….

Answer: (a) letters(b)even (c) wisdom(d)educated (e)spreading (f)teaches (g)differentiate (h)in (i)whom (j)remember

7. Trees bear a great impact(a)….the climate. If we destroy trees (b)..random, one day the country will turn(c)….. a great desert. the country will bear the consequences of greenhouse(d)….again there will be no rain and as a result, the country will face a great crisis because ours is(e)….agricultural country and our economy is dependent on (f)….again our agriculture(g)….on rain. So trees have a (h)…effect on our climate. Trees keep the soil strong. Trees save us(i)…flood and many other natural(j)…

Answer: (a) on(b)at (c)into (d)effect (e)an (f)agriculture (g)depends (h)great (i)from (j)disasters

Fill in the Gaps without Clues for SSC

8. Sleep is one of(a)…. most important factors(b)….human life.(c)sound man cannot go(d)….sleeping. Sleep is(e)…healing medicine of the troubled(f)…it relieves physical and mental pain. Night is the proper time of (g)….but if(h)…man has to pass a sleepless night, he never feels well. He loses energy and peace of mind. As a result, he become indifferent(i)…his(j) and responsibilities.

Answer: (a) the (b)in (c)a (d)without (e)a (f)mind (g)sleep (h)a (i)to (j)duties

9. Illiteracy ‘is not (a) — to us. It is (b) —a curse. It hinders(c)– all kinds of development of a country. Illiteracy causes great harms (d) —  us. Since we do not know (e) — ways of development,  we cannot take steps to  (f) — our poor condition. As a result, we are (g) — behind. We have to depend (h) — the foreign aids. So, all should come forward (i) —-to remove illiteracy. Then, the (j) — of our country will be possible.

Answer: (a) a(b)curse (c)of (d)harm (e)aware (f)literacy (g)lagging (h)on (i)aiming (j)development

10. Honesty is(a)……to be(b)…best policy . an honest man never(c)….from the path(d)…morality. He is(e)….by(f)…..but hated by(g)…..(h)…enemies believe and respect an (i)…and truthful man. So, it is our duty to remain honest(J)…our life.

Answer: (a)considered (b)the (c)deviates (d)of (e)loved (f)all (g)none (h)even (i)honest (j)throughout

11. Time is very valuable. Time which is lost ….(a)….. is lost for ever. There is a ….(b)….. that ‘Time and tide wait for none.’ It is time which does not ….(c)….. any relative feelings. If it is not used properly, one must ….(d)….. in the long run. On the other hand, we can go a long way by being ….(e)….. of the value of time. Those who have ….(f)….. great, have made proper ….(g)….. of time. They never ….(i)….. off their work for tomorrow. As a result, they have ….(j)….. top position in society, so it is our duty to ….(j)….. them.

Answer: (a)precious (b)wait (c)properly (d)in (e)on (f)by (g)best (h)off (i)for (j)reached

12. Robert Bruce was a famous king of Scotland. England was a great (a)—- of his kingdom. So was driven (b) — from his kingdom by the English. For this, he had to fight against (c) – English for the defense of his country and (d) — men. But he was (e)— unfortunate fellow. He fought (f) — his kingdom several times but every time he was defeated. So, he was (g) —despair. One day while (h) — in a lonely cave, an incident drew his attention. He saw that a spider was trying to reach its target. Six times it tried and every time it failed. But it did not give (i) — its hope and finally at the seventh time, it was successful (j)— its attempt.

Answer:  (a) enemy (b) away (c) the; (d) country (e) an; (f) for; (g) in; (h) lying (i) up; (j) at/in.

13. A true friend is (a) — asset. He stands (b) — his friends in time (c) — danger. He is not (d) — greedy person. He (e) — wishes for the welfare of (f) — friend. But it is’ a matter (g) — regret that a true friend is very (h) — today. A selfish man cannot be a (i) — friend. He always thinks of his (j) — interest.

Answer:  (a) an; (b) by (c) of; (d) a; (e) always (f) his; (g) of: (h) rare; (i) true/real: (j) own/ personal.

14. An early (a) — can enjoy (b) — fresh air and oxygen (c) — the morning which refreshes both his body and mind. Moreover, he can finish his work early and as such he finds enough time to (d) — his work properly. (e) — the other hand, too much sleep makes (f) — man dull and lazy. A man who gets up late, wastes a lot of time (g) — sleep and idleness. He does not utilize time (h) — doing his work properly. So, everyone should make (i) — habit of early (j) —.

Answer:  (a) riser; (b) the; (c) in; (d) do/perform; (e) On; (f) a; (g) in; (h) by/for/in:  (i) the; (j) rising.

15. Housing is one of the (a) — problems of our (b) —. Thousands of people in big cities (c) —-Dhaka and Chattogram dwell (d) — the footpaths. In rural ,(e) — also there is (I) — acute shortage of houses. The cost of construction is (g) — everyday. At present it is very (h) — for the common people to afford (i) — cost of construction. This problem needs to be addressed (j) —.

Answer: (a) greatest (b) country (c) like (d) in (e) areas (f) an (g) increasing (h) impossible (i) the (j) soon

Fill in the Blanks with Suitable Words for SSC

16. Punctuality is of (a) — value to a student. An unpunctual (b) — who is (c) — in the class will miss a part of his/her lesson and (d) — lag behind. But (e) — punctual student will learn his/her lesson in time and do (f) — in the examination. Punctuality is (g)—– key (h)—- success. We all (i) — be punctual 0) — our day-to-day life.

Answer: (a) great; (b) student (c) late/Irregular (d) always; (e) a; (f) well (g) the: (h) to; (i) should (j) in.

17. Scientists have (a) — reported that the surface ice caps are (b) —. This is due to a rise (c) — atmospheric temperature known (d) — the greenhouse effect. According to the scientists, carbon dioxide is primarily responsible (e) — temperature rise in (f) —. The carbon dioxide is high (g) — coal and oil (h) — burnt. The gas is accumulating in the atmosphere and (i) — temperature to rise. As a result, the polar ice In the North and South poles ( j) — melting.

Answer:  (a) recently: (b) melting; (c) in; (d) as; (e) for; (f) atmosphere; (g) as; (h) are; (i) helping; (j) is.

18. English is regarded as (a) — international language. It is spoken all (b) — the world. So, the importance (c) — this language can hardly be exaggerated. Almost all the books (d)—- higher education are written (e) — English. Today every organization needs employees who can speak and write (f) — standard form of English. English is spoken (g) — with the mother tongue almost everywhere. Ours is (h) — age of globalization. We need to (i) — English to join (j) — advanced world.

Answer:  (a) an (b) over (c) of (d) of (e) in (f) the; (g) along/together; (h) an/the: (i) learn/know:  (j) the.

19. Modern civilization is the (a) — of science. Science has worked (b) — a magician in the world. We can’t do even a (c) — day without the help of science. Many quick means (d) — communication like telephone, telex, fax, telegram, satellite etc. are (e) — greatest wonders of science. Nowadays, a message can be sent from one corner to another in the twinkle of (f) — eye. Science has brought a revolutionary (g)—- in all fields. In the field of medical science (h) — has got eyes, lame has got legs, deaf has got hearing power. (i)  — diseases which were incurable in the past are now easily (j) —.

Answer: (a) blessing (b) like (c) single (d)of (e) the (f) an (g) change (h) blind (i) Some (j) curable

20. Students should (a) — the rules of health. They should rise (b) — bed early in the morning and go out for (c) — walk. Besides, they should have to perform all those things which are necessary for (d) — preservation of health. They should take part (e) — sports and games regularly. They are essential (f) — their physical and (g) — health. They should also follow (h) — rules (i) — cleanliness because it is as (j) — as physical exercise.

Answer:  (a) follow (b) from; (c) a/morning; (d) the (e) in: (f) for/ to; (g) mental; (h) the: (i) of; (j)useful.

21. Bangladesh is a land of (a) —. It got (b)—- in 1971 (c) — a Liberation War. It is located (d) — South Asia. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is also known as the city of mosques. About 14 crore people live here. Most of them are poor and (e) —. They earn their livelihood (f) — agriculture. But educated and skilled people work (g) — offices and factories. Our main food is rice and fish. It is a country of beauty. Its flora and fauna attract everyone’s eyes. It is, in fact, (h) —— large village. The people of Bangladesh are very (i) —. There are many beautiful things here that attract the travellers and the (j)—.

Answer: (a) river/villages; (b) independence/ freedom (c) after: (d) in; (e) farmers/ illiterate; (f) on/by/with; (g) in; (h) a; (i) simple/peace loving/ friendly/ hospitable (j) tourists/ foreigners/visitors.

22. Once there lived (a) — poor man. He could hardly maintain his family (b)—- he did not have any land (c) — cultivation. One day, he bought (d )—- wonderful goose. The goose laid a (e) — egg every day. In a few months, he became rich. But he was a (f) — greedy man. He thought that there (g) — more eggs in the belly of the goose. He wanted to get all the eggs (h) — a time. So, one day he killed the goose and cut its belly open with (I) — knife. But alas! there was no egg. Thus, the greedy farmer (j) — the useful goose.

Answer:  (a) a; (b) because; (c) for/of; (d) a; (e) golden; (I) very; (g) were/would be; (h) at; (i) a; (j) lost

23. We live in an age of (a) —. We can see (b) — influence of science in all spheres of life. Science is a constant (c)— of our daily life. We have (d) — the impossible things possible by means (e) — science. The modern civilization is a (f) — of science. At present, we can (g) — travel from one place to another. (h) — ancient time, journey was difficult. (i) — had to spend much (j) — and money for travelling. But we should remember that science has to be exploited for the greater welfare of mankind.

Answer:  (a) science; (b) the; (c) companion (d) made; (e) of; (f) gift (g) easily (h) in; (i) We (j) time

24. Freedom does not descend upon (a) — people. They must raise themselves (b) — it. It is a fruit that must be earned (c) — it can be enjoyed. According to (d) — old idea; freedom means freedom means foreign (e) —. But no freedom has its real meaning (f) — it means freedom (g) — want, disease and ignorance. So we must (h) — our people from all these factors. We must (i)—— our rightful place in the world by (j) — all our resources.

Answer:  (a) a (b) to (c) before; (d) an (e) domination (f) unless; (g) from; (h) free; (i) ensure; (j) utilizing.

25. Truthfulness means the (a) of speaking (b) — truth. Truthfulness is (c) of the greatest virtues in manes life. The true (d) — and prosperity of man entirely depends (e) — it. It ennobles ones character (f) — gives one a high position in society. It may not make one rich (g) — brings peace of mind. All religions teach us to be (h) —. By dint (i) — truthfulness al can shine in life. It may lead the (j) — world to peace and prosperity.

Answer: (a) habit; (b) the; (c) one: (d) development; (e) on; (f) and; (g) but; (h) truthful; (i) of; (j) whole.

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