Spoken English-Student Visa Interview

Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done
Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done
February 7, 2021

Spoken English-Student Visa Interview

Spoken English-Student Visa Interview

Student Visa Interview

Visa Officer: Good morning. Welcome to the Student visa interview.

Student: Good Morning.

Visa Officer:  May I see your papers?

Student: Here you are.

Visa Officer: What’s your name?

Student: My name is Samadrita Barua.

Visa Officer: Your educational qualification?

Student: I have completed my BBA.

Visa Officer: Where did you take your degree?

Student: University of Chittagong.

Visa Officer: In what university in Canada do you want to study?
Student: I want to study at the University of British Columbia.

Visa Officer: What is your intended course of study?

Student: I want to have an MBA degree in Operation Management.

Visa Officer: How long do you want to stay in Canada?

Student: My course will take about two years. So, I will return after two years.

Visa Officer: Do you wish to overstay there?

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Student: No, I don’t.

Visa Officer: Do you have any plans to work in Canada?

Student: No, I don’t.

Visa Officer: Who will bear your educational expenses?

Student:  My father will bear all my educational expenses?

Visa Officer: How much money does he have in cash for your foreign education?

Student: My father has sixty lakh taka in Standard Chartered Bank for my education.

Besides, my family has different properties and regular income for my education. Here are my father’s bank statement and bank certificate.

Visa Officer: Why do you want to study in Canada?

Student: Canada is a developed country. Its educational system is also very good.  The standard of education in Canada is very high.

An MBA degree from Canada will be recognized everywhere in the world.

With such qualifications, I will be to compete in the job market effectively.

Besides, a good education will provide me necessary skills and efficiency for performing my job well. That is why I want to study in Canada. 

Visa Officer:  Why did you choose the University of British Columbia?

Student: I studied the information of some universities in Canada. I also visited their websites.

Besides, I read some articles about the universities in Canada.

In this way, I came to know that the universities in Canada. In this way, I came to know that the University of British Columbia is a good university.

It is considered one of the best universities in Canada. The MBA degree awarded by this university is accredited by different educational bodies of the world.

The teachers of the Business Administration Faculty are highly qualified.

Most of them possess doctoral degrees from renowned universities all over the world. My hope is that I will get an excellent education there. 

Visa Officer: Why don’t you attend an MBA course here in Bangladesh?

Student: I know that an MBA degree in Canada is better than one in Bangladesh.

The environment of study and the standard of teachers and students will be different.

I think an MBA degree attended in Canada will give me a better advantage and exposure to the international business environment and the job market.

Visa Officer: I think you won’t come back after your study.

Student: That can not be true. My family is well-established in this country.

My family has businesses and properties in this country that  I need to look after.

Besides, I have my family here. So, I don’t have any reason to stay illegally abroad. 

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Visa Officer: Did you take the IELTS?

Student: Yes, I did.

Visa Officer: What was your score?

Student: My band score was 7.

Visa Officer: May I have your passport?

Student: Here it is.

Visa Officer: Please collect your passport in the afternoon with your visa at 5 p.m.

Student: Thank you very much.

Visa Officer: Welcome.

Basic Speaking English-UK Student Visa Interview

Student: Good morning, sir.

Visa Officer: Good morning. Are you Mr. Ben?

Student: Yes.

Visa Officer: O.K. What is the status of your education visa application?

Student: I have already applied, sir.

Visa Officer: Did you bring any original certificates with you?

Student: Yes, here’s all.

Visa Officer: Oh yes. Have you completed the IELTS?

Student: Yes. It is here that you will receive the certificate.

Visa Officer: O.K, then You have graduated here. Do you have a plan for what you want to study next?

Student: The UK is my preferred location to complete my postgraduate studies.

Visa Officer: Wouldn’t it be easier if you did it from your own country?

Student: I can. However, I would like to do it at Oxford University. Having communicated with them, they accepted my application.  The papers are here for you to see.

Visa Officer: I understand, thanks. O.K. That means you have to stay for at least two years there.

Student: Yes Sir.

Visa officer: Will you stay in the UK after completing your study?

Student: Sorry, no. I will return to my country as I like to contribute to the overall development of my country through the gathered knowledge. Besides this, all our family members live in Bangladesh.

Visa Officer: Would you also like to complete your Ph.D. in the UK if you get the opportunity?

Student: Sure. If I get the opportunity, I will definitely grab it.

Visa Officer: Where would you like to stay during your study in the UK?

Student: Though I have many friends and relatives in the UK, I would like to stay in the student dormitory where I will undoubtedly find a congenial atmosphere for my study, which will undoubtedly boost my academic career.

Visa Officer: What are your plans for covering those expenses?

Student: Yes, My father is a businessman, so you can understand. I have attached his financial statement. All my expenses will be covered by him.

Visa Officer:  It’s very good to hear. I am very pleased with your papers. I’m going to see Youngman, and I thought you would get your visa.

Student: It is my pleasure. I appreciate your kindness, Sir.

Visa Officer: There’s nothing to worry about. There is no doubt you’ll succeed over there. I would appreciate it if you collected your visa in the afternoon.

Student: It’s great to hear from you. Sir, I must say goodbye.

Visa Officer: My best wishes to you as well.


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