Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done

Spoken English-Student Visa Interview
Spoken English-Student Visa Interview
February 7, 2021
Spoken English- Shop Assistant and Customer
Spoken English-Shop Assistant and Customer
February 8, 2021

Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done

Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done


Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done.

  • You should say:
  • When you did the job
  • What were your position and responsibility
  • What was the interesting  aspects of the job

Sample Answer-1

I am going to talk about a job I had done. Last year I participated in a UN project. 

It was a baseline survey on the healthcare services available to the tea garden workers in the Sylhet division of Bangladesh.

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The project was commissioned by a consultancy firm named Services and Solutions Internationals and I was appointed by the firm.

The project had three main components: literature review, physical survey, and preparation of the report.  

I was one of the three consultants of the project and actively participated in the overall execution of the project. 

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The project lasted for about four months.  The interesting aspect of the project was the survey.

I stayed for about one month in Sylhet during the survey and come to learn many things about the life of tea garden workers.  

The survey was carried out in twenty tea gardens of the Sylhet division.  It was indeed an interesting job.

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Sample Answer-2

Among several appealing career options, one that stands out is the role of a travel blogger.

This occupation holds particular intrigue for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, it offers a flexible schedule, liberating individuals from the conventional 9 to 5 routine.

This flexibility proves advantageous as bloggers can operate comfortably and efficiently from their preferred locations, harnessing the productivity that aligns with their peak hours.

Furthermore, the nature of a blogger’s work is predominantly online, facilitating the ability to assist clients globally.

This characteristic benefits both the employee and the employer, as geographical barriers become irrelevant.

The added perk for travel bloggers is the opportunity to explore the world at the expense of their employers.

Major organizations often allocate substantial funds to these bloggers to assess and showcase their properties and services, extending invitations for content creation.

Undoubtedly, the exposure to diverse locations comes with invaluable learning experiences, and travel bloggers have the privilege of doing so at minimal personal expense.

Notably, the financial rewards in this profession surpass those in many other fields.

My introduction to this enticing career path came through a YouTube video where a content creator elaborated on the intricacies of being a travel blogger.

Success in this role hinges on a genuine passion for travel, coupled with adept communication and writing skills.

Sample Answer-3

Securing a reputable job is crucial in today’s competitive world, as it not only enhances an individual’s self-esteem and confidence but also provides stability and peace of mind.

The job I aspire to discuss is one that holds great personal significance for me – volunteering.

Giving back to the community has always been a longstanding desire of mine, as it is a highly valued way to contribute to society and instills a sense of purpose.

Volunteering not only offers the gratification of making a positive impact on society but also provides an unparalleled sense of fulfillment.

The act of giving back and contributing to the community is a truly incredible experience.

There are numerous reasons why I am drawn to volunteering, including its altruistic nature, which provides individuals with a unique perspective on life.

Moreover, it offers opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals passionate about the same causes, fostering the creation of bonds and relationships while collectively working towards the greater good.

I firmly believe that engaging in volunteering activities would significantly enhance my quality of life, facilitating personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world around me.

To become a successful volunteer, I recognize the importance of possessing essential skills such as commitment, effective communication, compassion, adaptability, leadership, time management, and teamwork.

These skills are crucial for interacting with individuals of all ages, whether in a shelter home or a nursing home, and contribute to creating a positive and impactful volunteering experience.


Follow-up questions:

1.  What things do the people in your country consider in choosing a career?

In choosing a career most people consider the social status and prospective income. However, I believe, the prospect of future income gets preference in most cases.

2. What types of jobs are considered prestigious in your country?

The jobs of doctors, engineers, scientists, industrialists, civil servants of high posts, dentists, pilots, captains, a high post of armed forces, etc. are considered prestigious in our country.

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3. Do you support young people’s work? Why?

I think the most important thing for young people is to study. Young age is the most important time for acquiring knowledge. However, young people can do light and part-time jobs.

4. What types of part-time jobs do people of your country do?

People in our country do different types of part-time jobs.  Some of them are as a tourist guide, a computer operator, a private tutor, a salesman in supermarkets, a surveyor, and a part-time worker in hotels and restaurants.

5. What are the advantages of young people working?

There are some advantages of young people working.  Young people can earn for their families through paid work.

This earning may be essential for their families if the families are poor. Moreover, young people can grow into responsible citizens and gain much valuable experience by working.

6.  What is your opinion about motivating people to work?

I think most people do not need any outside motivation to work.  They do worthwhile jobs for themselves, their families, and society.  

Still, there are some people who need outside motivation and pressure for doing a job well.

7.  Nowadays many people hold more than one job. How do you justify their action?

Nowadays job market has become very competitive. Many people find it difficult to defray the cost of their families by only one job.  As a result, they have to take more than one job.

8. Do you think job security is necessary? Why?

I think job security is very important for a person. If the job of a person is secured, he can work more efficiently and with peace of mind.

Otherwise, he will always have to be on the lookout for a secured job.

Spoken English- Use of Internet

Rono: What would you say about the popularity of the internet in your country?

Vicky: I would say the internet is not very popular among the mass people of my country.

The reasons are a high rate of illiteracy and a very low rate of computer users.

But it is very popular among highly educated people and students of secondary and higher levels.

Rono: How was the use of the internet in your country 10 years ago?

Vicky: Ten years ago the number of internet users was certainly much fewer than that of the present users.

Rono: For what purposes do people of your country use the internet?

Vicky: People in my country use the internet for many reasons. Some of them are as follows: Receiving and sending emails

  1. Collecting information

2. Chatting

3. Making overseas phone calls

4. Getting news

5. Online banking

6. E-commerce

Rono: What do you think will be the uses of the internet after ten years?

Vicky: I think that the uses of the internet will continue to flourish into the future.

Internet is supposed to play a major role in communication, entertainment, and commerce.

People in far greater numbers will be using the internet.

Spoken English-Family and Hobby

1. What’ your full name?

My full name is Rina Barua.

2. What do your friends call you?

My friends call me Rina.

3. What part of the country are you from?

I am from Chittagong. It is in the southern part of Bangladesh.

4. Is your family small or quite large?

My family is quite large.

5. Who is in your family?

My family is an extended family. it includes my father, my mother, five brothers, four sisters, my grandmother, and three uncles and their wives and children.

6. What do you do when you are all together on your vacations?

During vacations, we go on picnics sometimes. However, we always have a lot of fun in our spare time when we are at home. We chat, eat and watch TV together.

7. Which of them is the most intimate with you?

I am the most intimate with my brothers, especially my immediate elder one because there is a similarity in our taste. We enjoy traveling, eating and chatting together.

8. Well, do you have any hobbies or interests? What are they?

Yes, I do. My hobby is collecting books.

9. How did the hobby start?

From a very early age, I had a habit of reading books. My parents regularly bought books for me.

When I began to grow up I also purchased books from the pocket money my parents gave me. In this way, my hobby grew up.

10. What things do you do in your spare time in your native village?

In my spare time in my native village, I like to chat with the villagers at the village tea stalls.

I also spend much time fishing, swimming, and walking by the seashore. Sometimes, I even have a boat journey on the Bay of Bengal.

11. How do you usually spend your holidays?

I usually spend my holidays with my family and visiting my relatives.

During the holidays I try to relax a little bit, watch TV and movies with my family members and play outdoor and indoor games. Sometimes we have picnics.

12. Is there anywhere you would particularly like to visit?

I have not yet visited the Tajmahal which I wish to visit as soon as possible.



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