Spoken English-Shop Assistant and Customer

Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done
Describe an Interesting Job You Had Done
February 7, 2021
Spoken English-Personal Interview
Spoken English-A Personal Interview
February 8, 2021

Spoken English-Shop Assistant and Customer

Spoken English- Shop Assistant and Customer

Let’s learn Spoken English-Shop Assistant and Customer!

Shop Assistant: Good morning, Sir.

Customer: Good morning.

IELTS Speaking Topics with Answers (2024)

Shop Assistant: How can I help you, sir?

Customer: I want to buy a shirt. Do you have any white shirts?

Shop Assistant: Sure, sir. We have a lot of white shirts. Come over here, sir. These are new arrivals.

Customer: How much is it?

Shop Assistant: It is eight hundred fifty takas.

IELTS Speaking Practice Test (2024)

Customer: That’s too much.  Can you reduce the price?

Shop Assistant: How much do you want to pay?

Customer: Seven hundred taka.

Shop Assistant: That’s quite impossible. You can pay eight hundred takas.

Customer:  Well, I’ll take it. Here’s one thousand takas.

Shop Assistant: Two hundred taka change.

Customer: Thank you very much.

Shop Assistant: You’re welcome.

 Customer: Good bye.

Shop Assistant: Goodbye, sir. Come again.

Shop Assistant and Customer

Spoken English -Patient and Nurse

Patient: Excuse me!

Nurse: Yes, please.

Patient: Would you mind providing me with information about the hospital?

Nurse: Sure.

Patient: What are the visiting hours?

Nurse: Visiting hours are 10 am to 12 noon and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. No visitors are allowed beyond these hours.

Patient: Is there any phone in the room?

Nurse: No, there isn’t. But there is a pay-phone in the corridor outside your room.

Besides, our office receives messages from patients. Our office numbers are…

Patient: How much is the room charge per night?

Nurse: There is a list of charges outside our office.

Patient: Do you provide meals for the patients?

University Admission English Suggestion (2024)

Nurse: Yes, we do.

Patient: What time do you serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Nurse: Breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 2 pm, and dinner at 8 pm.

Patient: What should I bring with me?

Nurse: You should bring extra clothes and towels.

Patient: When will the doctors come for regular checking?

Nurse: The doctors will come at 9 am 1 pm and 9 pm. Besides, there will be doctors available for any kind of emergency.

Patient: Where should I buy the medicines? Is there any medicine store inside the hospital compound?

Nurse: Yes, there is. There is a medicine store on the ground floor next to our office.

The store is run by the hospital authority. All kinds of medicine are available there at reasonable prices.

Patient: Whom should I call in case of an emergency?

Nurse: There is a nurses’ office near your room.  You should inform there in case of an emergency.

Patient: Thank you for your help.

Nurse: You’re welcome.

Spoken English-Doctor and Patient

Doctor: Please sit down. What’s your name?

Patient: My name’s  Rumi.

Doctor: How old are you?

Patient: I’m thirty-two.

Doctor: Well, what’s your trouble?

Patient: Many troubles I have, I have been suffering much from a bad headache, indigestion, insomnia, pain in the lower part of my stomach, chronic dysentery, and constipation.

Doctor: Very good. You have described so many problems that I am rather puzzled.

However, don’t worry. Everything shall be okay. Now lie down on the bed. I shall check you all through.

Patient: Check me well, Sir. I’m really frustrated with my disease and ill health.

Doctor: Don’t worry. I have found no critical problem in you. Just you are mentally weak. Weakness is your only disease.

Take this prescription and use these medicines for seven days. After that come to me again and report. 

Patient: How much do you take for your fee, Sir?

Doctor: Not much. Only eight hundred takas.

Patient: Here is your fee, Sir.

Doctor: Okay. Take these medicines and take exercise that will make you fit soon.

Patient: Thank you.

Spoken English-Visiting Foreign Country

1. What is your name?

My name is Atish.

2. What countries have you ever visited?

I have visited India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Srilanka.

3. Which country would you especially like to visit?

 I would especially like to visit Egypt because I want to see the pyramid and sphinx there.

4. What are the best ways to know about a foreign country?

In my opinion, there are some effective ways to know about a foreign. Firstly one can visit a country as extensively as possible.

Secondly, he can visit the museums of that country. Thirdly he can study the literature, magazine, and periodicals published in that country.

5. In what ways the English-speaking countries are different from your country?

There are some differences between my country and the English-speaking countries.

Firstly, the language is different. Secondly, English-speaking countries are culturally more diversified.  

Thirdly they are industrially more developed than Bangladesh.

Fourthly societies in English-speaking countries are more liberal than those in Bangladesh as personal freedom gets more preference in those countries.

Spoken English-Friends and Friendships

1. What is your name?

My name is Ben Foster.

2. Do you have many friends?

No, not really. Actually, I have a few intimate friends with whom I spend a lot of time.

3. Does your peer group have a majority of people who are your age or a diverse range of ages?

My friends are of different ages. Some of them are senior to me and some of them are even junior to me in age. I believe friendship flourishes when we find a singleness of mind.

4. How often do you see your friends?

Some of my friends live in short distance from my residence. I typically see them once every week.

There are also some friends who live in distant places. I do not see them very often. I meet some of them every few months.

5. On weekends or during the week, do you typically hang out with your friends?

Weekdays are usually when I see most of my friends.  Sometimes I also go to the houses of my friends at weekends and during different holidays.

6. Did you do anything together when you last saw your friends?

 I met some of my friends the last Friday. The occasion was the marriage ceremony of one of my friends.

Among the guests, there were many friends of mine. I chat with my friends for a long time and had a feast together.

7. Is it important to you to keep in touch with your friends?

My friends are really important to me. They give me much pleasure and mental support.

Whenever I suffer from a downcast mood, I try to see a friend. Usually, only the presence of a good friend can change my mood.

8. What factors do you think influence people to make friendships?

People want to share their inner feelings with someone else. They also want to seek support from somebody else. That is why people make friends.

9. People should attach greater importance to family or friends?

I think family members should get preference over friends to people. This is because friends can turn foes very easily whereas the bond of family relationship is far stronger in most cases as family members get more chances of mutual interaction than friends.

10. How do you define the qualities that make someone a friend?

 I think a friend should have some qualities. The most important matter for a person to be a good friend is the sameness of mind and choice.

He should be trustworthy, honest, and sincere. He also needs to be selfless and compassionate to his friend.

11. What factors do you believe contribute to the breakup of friendships in your opinion?

In my opinion, there are some matters that make friendship break up. Some of them are selfishness, inconsiderate behavior, and irresponsibility.

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