Spoken English-Everyday Conversation

IELTS Writing Task 2 Discussion Essay(Updated 2024)
IELTS Writing Task 2 Discussion Essay(Updated 2024)
February 20, 2021
Canada Immigration Visa -Interview
Canada Immigration Visa -Interview
February 23, 2021

Spoken English-Everyday Conversation

Spoken English-Everyday Conversation

Spoken English-Everyday Conversation!

Spoken English-Conversation about Going to a Market

David: Hey John, how are you?  

John: Fine. Thank you.

David: I want to go to Mimi Super Market. How far is it?

John:  It is about five kilometers away from here.

David: Can you tell me how to go there?

John: Yes, sure.

David: You can use both public transport and private transport. The public transport will be cheap and the private transport will be costly.

John: What public transport can I take?

David: You can take a bus or a three-wheeler bound for Sholashahar No.2 Gate that will drop you in front of Mimi Super Market.

John: How much will be the fare?

David: The bus will charge you  10 taka and the three-wheeler will charge you 15  taka.

John: How about private transport?

David: You can hire a CNG autorickshaw or rickshaw to Mimi Super Market.

John: I think it will cost me a little bit more.

David: in fact, the cost will be much higher. The rickshaw will charge you about 50 takas and the autorickshaw will cost around 80 takas.

John: Then I think I will catch a bus. Where can I get the bus?

David: It is not very far. Go in this direction. The buses stop beside the traffic island in front of Chowrangee Restaurant.

John: Thank you so much.

David: Please don’t mention it.

Spoken English-Everyday Conversation

Spoken English Practice-About a Musical Program

George Michael: Do you know that Blue Hornet Musical Concert has started?

Richard Marx: No, I don’t. Where is it taking place?

George Michael: It’s going on D.C Park. It will last for three days.

Richard Marx: Do you want to attend the program?

George Michael: I went there yesterday and enjoyed the music.

Richard Marx: Really? Did you like it?

George Michael: Yes, I did. The music was really fine. In fact, I am going there now.

Richard Marx: Do you attend the program regularly?

George Michael: Yes, I do. For the last couple of years, I have never missed a concert. I have always arranged my schedule so that I could attend the event when the concert starts.

Richard Marx: That sounds amazing. How many years ago did the concert take place for the first time?

George Michael: The concert took place for the first time in 2008.it is about eight years ago. At that time it was for helping the flood-affected people.

From then on, it is taking place every year in November, when the winter begins.

Richard Marx : Sounds fine. That seems to be a big arrangement.

George Michael: Yes, it is. There you’ll find a festive environment. You’ll enjoy this evening for sure.

There will be good band music, folk songs, Lalon Getty, Rabindra Sangeet, and Nazrul Sangeet.

Richard Marx: It sounds like fun. My favorite is band music; however, I have to say that melodious Nazrul and Rabindra Sangeet can be quite enticing. I can listen to them all day long.  What kind of music do you like?

George Michael: Oh, I like all kinds of melodious music, especially folk songs. I’m sure we’ll have a good time there. I think it’s getting late. Do you want to go with me now?

Richard Marx: Let’s go, then.

Spoken English-Everyday Conversation

Spoken English- Conversation about Buying Precious Stones

Molly: Hey, Jolly how are you?

Jolly: I am fine. Thank you.

Molly: I want to buy some jewelry and gold ornaments for selling at my store.

Jolly: Where is your store?

Molly: My store is located at Bipani Bitan, Chittagong.

Jolly: Well, what types of jewelry do you want?

Molly: At first some pearls.

Jolly: Local or foreign?

Molly: First of all, please show me some local pearls.

Jolly: Here you are. These are good quality pearls produced in Cox’s Bazar.

Molly: Then show me some foreign pearls.

Jolly: These are from France.

Molly: I think these foreign pearls are costly.

Jolly: Yes, they are comparatively a little bit costly.

Molly: I want to buy some diamonds

Jolly: We have some diamonds rings, actually, diamond on silver rings.

Molly: Please show me.

Jolly: Here you are. These rings are not very costly. The price is range from 6000 to 25000

Molly: That’s okay. I want some diamond rings at an affordable price.

Jolly: What other jewelry do you want?

Molly: I want some diamond-shaped emerald pendants.

Jolly: Here are some emeralds. You may also see these sapphires and topazes.

Molly: Have you got studs with zircons, opals, and rubies on them?

Jolly: Yes, we have. Here are also some turquoises.

Molly: I see you have a very good collection. Now let me choose the jewels.

Jolly: Do you need any gold ornaments?

Molly: Oh, yes, please show me some bangles, earrings, and necklaces. In fact, I need some gold ornaments of new designs.

Jolly: Please look at these catalogs. Here are pictures of many new designs we have added recently.

Molly: Thank you so much.

Jolly: You are most welcome.

Spoken English-Everyday Conversation

Spoken English Practice-Conversation about of a Car

George: Hey Richard, what is going on?

Richard: I am fine. Thank you.

George: What materials have been used in this part of the car?

Richard: We have used aluminum and steel.

George: Why aluminum? Couldn’t you use only steel?

Richard: Because aluminum is light and steel is heavy. We needed to make this part light.

George: What have you used on the front side?

Richard: We have used plastic and steel.

George: Why?

Richard: The mainframe is made of steel only to make it strong.

English conversation hotel receptionist and customer

George: And plastic?

Richard: Other additional parts connected to the mainframe are made of plastic.

George: What other things have you used in this car?

Richard: This car is mainly made of steel, plastic, and aluminum. We have also used some iron, copper, rubber, bronze, and brass in making the machinery parts.

George: How about the seat covers and interior fittings?

Richard: We have used fine leather for making the seat covers. However, mainly plastic and rubber have been used for the inside decorations.

George: I see.

Richard: Besides, we have used rubber and glass in making other parts, as well.  For example, the tiers are made of main rubber and steel wires and glass have been used for making the windows, well, do you like the car?

George: Yes, I do. Now, how much is the price?

Richard: Please talk to the manager about the price.

George: Thank you so much.

Richard: You are most welcome.

Basic English Speaking-Between Two Friends

Jeremy: Good evening, Brittney.

Brittney: Good evening. How do you do

Jeremy: I am very well. It was a long time since I had met you last. I think that I say you one year ago.

Brittney: Exactly. When have you arrived in the book fair?

Jeremy: I have arrived in the book fair 30 minutes ago.

Brittney: When have you arrived?

Jeremy: I have arrived 15 minutes ago. what about Julia?

Brittney: She is fine. She is taking preparation for GMAT.

Jeremy: That sounds great. What have you bought?

Brittney: I have bought 3 books.

Jeremy: How much do they cost?

Brittney: They cost $500.

Jeremy: I would like to buy some books. Can you suggest any?

Brittney: Sure, you can buy Ulysses James by James Joyce and In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.

Jeremy: Great to see you again.

Brittney: Sure. Thank you very much.

Jeremy: You are most welcome.

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